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Investments Pays Rich Dividends

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I reached Hyderabad in the morning flight. I had made some investments into a software co. there and wanted to know the progress. As I walked into the lounge I was received by the company’s VP and was taken to their guesthouse. The guesthouse was really posh and had 5-star hotel facilities.

I took a quick wash, changed to my formals and came out the guesthouse. A car was waiting for me and within 20 minutes I was in their office. All the board members welcomed me and soon we all were seated in the boardroom. I was introduced to some of new team & board members and soon the Managing Director of the company give talk on the progress made and also on future plans. The Finance Director gave full details of the financials, which to me was not satisfactory.

During the luncheon I informed the finance director that I had some doubts and wanted clarifications. So by around 4.00 PM the finance director and myself had discussions and I once again reviewed the found that the papers were not in order. I was really upset with this. The finance director then took some time and soon the managing director joined me also. They tried to clarify and informed me that they would be speaking to the auditors and would send all the details to be in the evening. I agreed and reached the guesthouse by 6.00 PM.

I took a shower and walked to the bar. The bar was stocked with variety of Scotch, Rum, Vodka and beer. Being a Vodka lover I pulled out a bottle of Sky and made a drink for myself. I called the cook (the kitchen was a separate places to serve all the guesthouses) and asked him to make some short eats and very soon he served me with delicious Panner, Baby Corn and Chicken. I told him not to disturb me till I called him and waited for the financial paper’s arrival, as I need to really check and understand the expenditure of money. I did not want my money to be misused.

By around 7.30 I heard the bell and soon the security guard came in and told me that the auditor had arrived. I told the security guard to leave. I picked up my drink and went to the living room where the auditor was seated and waiting for me.

I was surprised to see that the auditor was a lady. She welcomed me with a smile and put her hand out to shake mine.

“Hello Sir, I am Natasha…I am here to discuss and clarify few of the entries in the Balance Sheet” she said. I nodded and we sat on the sofa. She started to pull out her laptop and arrange her papers…this gave me time to have a detailed look at Natasha.

She must have been around 5.4, slim and around 30 years in age. She was fair and had brown hair cut till her shoulders, she was in a Sari, which was cream in color and a sleeveless blouse, she had her makeup on. She looked neat, clean and really sexy…as the sari was a bit too transparent and I could see her bust line and her navel.

She was now ready and started to explain all the entries. As I was finding it very difficult to see them she invited me to sit next to her…and I was more then happy to do that. She started to explain. I was trying my best to concentrate but the aroma of her RIPE body was irresistible. She really smelled nice and above all her lovely bust line and the top part of her breasts were clearly visible…soon I felt my Manhood was Erect creating a major tent in my Shorts…which was clearly visible. I felt that she would mistake me and started to push my COCK…

She saw me struggling, “Sir, any problems??” she questioned…I did not know what to say…”Well nothing…go on” I said…she continued to explain…but every now and then through the corner of the eye she was eying me between my legs…I am sure that she knew that I was concentrating more on her and not on her financial presentation.

As she explained…I caught her on the wrong foot…there were some disturbances in a particular transaction and she had to really make a Herculean effort to explain and prove that she was right, but unfortunately I was not ready to agree with her…this argument went on for nearly 10 minutes…her face was turning read, her eyes were filled with tears…

“OK…Its Ok…please…” I said as tears rolled down her cheeks. I took the tissues and gave it to her… “Thanks…and I am sorry…indeed you are right…there is a mistake and it would be corrected” she said…during this process the sari she was wearing had slid and her lovely, firm,

ripe melons were protruding out from her blouse….

“You are really beautiful….” I said and she gave me a amazed look, “…and sexy” I continued and I could see her blushing…she caught me gazing at her tits…she pulled her sari and adjusted herself…

“Well, I think I need to leave” she said packing her laptop and putting the papers back into the files.

“ I thought you would like to have dinner with me” I said

“No thanks…I am really sorry…I need to go” she said

“Well…what is the hurry…no one would be waiting for you at home…I know you stay alone” I said

She gave me a stunned look. “How did you know about Şanlıurfa Escort that” she asked “Well…before I meet a person I have a tendency of collecting information about them…bad habit…but it helps…” I said

She was still amazed and did not know what to say, “Well…can I make you a drink?” I asked and there was no answer…she was still staring at me…I made her drink and handed over the glass…she took the glass from me…I knew she would stay back now…

I sat opposite to her “Cheers” I said… “You are too much…who told you about me?” she asked and I smiled… “Well…that’s a secret…” I said and she laughed

We talked about various subjects…my COCK was still hard…and it was very much evident on my Shorts…which was a bit wet due to Pre-Cum…as we talked she was gazing at my crotch… “Looks like you are not very comfortable…” she said still her eyes on my Erect Manhood, “Yeah…you are looking so sexy and bitchy that I can’t control it any more” I said…she blushed and put her glass on the table and walked towards me

“Open you legs” she ordered and I did as she said….she slowly kneeled between my legs and fondled and rubbed my COCK…more Pre-Cum flowed soaking my Shorts…she unbuttoned my shorts and very carefully pulled it down….

My COCK was now free…Fully Erect…the tip was covered with pre-cum, “mmmmm….look at that…its so nice and hard” she said and wrapped her fingers around my COCK…and slowly she began to wack it. More pre-cum was flowing and she slowly started to use her tongue…she start to lick my COCK…

I just grunted as Natasha continued to rub and massage my COCK in her hand. Then Natasha leaned forward and licked the end of my COCK where a drop of pre-cum had formed. I groaned as I felt her tongue on the tip of his cock. Then Natasha opened her mouth and slid her mouth down on his cock, not stopping until it pushed against the back of her throat. Then she closed her mouth around his cock and gently sucked. I could feel her tongue sliding around my cock tasting it. Then Natasha slowly slid her mouth back off of my cock, stopping only when her lips smacked together as the head of his cock slid from her mouth.

“It sure does taste yummy,” she said, once more sucking his cock into her mouth.

I just lay there watching her as she continued to suck his cock, sliding her mouth up and down on it as she sucked. The entire time Natasha was gently rolling his balls around in her hand. I quickly felt that I was approaching orgasm. Natasha too felt my COCK swell as my orgasm began and jets of CUM began to spurt into her mouth. Gripping my COCK even tighter and pumping it, Natasha sucked and swallowed all of the CUM that filled her mouth, sucking long after I had finished cumming in an attempt to get the last of the CUM from my cock…”I like that,” Natasha said, smacking her lips.

Natasha now stood up and pulled her sari off and shrugged off her other clothes standing naked. Her big full tits with hardened nipples and her bright red pussy mesmerized me. My COCK had grown to its full size…

Climbing up on the sofa, Natasha said, “Let is 69…..Pleaseeeeeeee” and pulled my head between her legs and brought her pussy right over my mouth. Immediately I slide my tongue into her pussy. She sighed as she felt my tongue begin its explorations and fell forward to engulf my cock with her mouth. She could feel me Eat, Suck and Lick into her pussy as she began to suck my cock. We were both going crazy with delight as we sucked each other. I licked and sucked her, and Natasha had my cock sucked deep into her throat, milking it as she sucked. Soon Natasha started to cum first, bathing my face with her juices, and then very soon my cock was exploding in her mouth, filling it with cum. Natasha eagerly gulped down my cum, eagerly sucking for more as I continued to slurp the juices from her pussy.

When I finished cumming, Natasha still continued to suck my cock, coaxing it to stay hard and erect. I was going crazy from this treatment and took it out on Natasha’s pussy, grasping her clit between my teeth and teasing it with my tongue as I sucked on it.

“God, this is great,” Natasha gasped, raising her face from my cock for a moment. “I love your cock.”

I just lay there panting as Natasha rolled off and my cock standing straight up in the air. Before I even realized what was happening, Natasha had spun around and mounted on me grabbing my cock and easily guiding it to her pussy where she lowered herself onto me, my cock easily disappearing into her pussy.

“Oh, God, Nats,” I gasped as I felt her pussy enveloping my cock.

“This is what I needed,” Natasha said, riding up and down on my cock.

I reached up and grasped her tits, squeezing them and pulling on her nipples as Natasha continued to ride up and down on my cock. After almost fifteen minutes, I groaned that I was about to cum. Quickly jumping off my cock, Nats eagerly swooped down on my cock, sucking it into her mouth, tasting her Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan own juices smeared all over it as I began to dump yet another load of cum into her mouth. Nats sucked and sucked, swallowing all of my CUM and licking my cock clean before stopping…she had a wild and happy look on her face.

She took a shower and came back wrapped in a towel. I followed suit. When I washed and came out I saw her laying on the bed. She looked so sexy that my COCK stood up…Quietly tiptoeing I pushed the towel aside and pushed her legs apart, which exposed her pussy.

Carefully getting on the bed and trying not to wake her, I lowered my face to her pussy and stuck my nose and tongue into it, licking her and inhaling a big breath of her aroma. Almost immediately Natasha groaned and her pussy began to flow, juices running into my eager sucking mouth.

She woke up, pulling her knees up and holding them, giving me even better access to her pussy as I sucked her. Then Nats reached down and grabbed me by the hair, gently pulling me upwards towards her, wrapping her legs around me. I immediately fell onto her tits, sucking first one, then the other into his mouth, sucking and chewing on her nipples. She sighed, squeezing me tightly, then reached down between my legs and grabbed my cock, which by now was fully hard and standing out. She slowly guided it to her pussy.

She felt her pussy stuffed with my COCK, her mouth hanging open, she reached up and pulled my head down to hers, kissing me fully on the mouth as we began to hump against one another. She felt the strangest thrill as my cock slid in and out of her pussy and she kissed me. She stuck her tongue into my mouth.

When I groaned, she knew that I was about to CUM, so breaking off her kiss, she dislodged me from her pussy and slid down the bed under him so that she could suck my cock into her mouth. As she sucked my cock into her mouth, even she began to cum, her pussy flowing. At the same time she urged me to begin to fuck her mouth and he began to slide his hips back and forth, sliding my cock in and out of her mouth, banging it against the back of her throat. Then I groaned again and his balls exploded, cum shooting from my cock into her mouth. I sat up and watched as my cock pulsated, gobs of cum shooting into Nat’s open mouth, filling it.

When I finally finished cumming, Nat’s mouth was almost completely full of cum, closing her mouth, she gulped it, swallowing it and some CUM overflowed from her mouth then opened her mouth and sucked his cock back in, sucking it clean and dry.

We crashed next to each other exhausted. By around 5.00 AM in the morning I woke up and saw that Nats was not there and the bed was empty…

As usually I got up still tired and my COCK aching…did my exercises by 8.00 AM I was ready. The office car again picked me up. I reached the office and had a discussion with the Finance Director and informed him that my doubts were clarified. He was very happy and called Nats and asked her to come to his office.

Nats came in and looked really gorgeous in a suit. She behaved as though nothing has transpired between us. As we discussed I informed the company officials to postpone my air ticket by a day…and Nats gave me an odd look…and blushed…

In the evening as usual made my drink and was thinking about Nats…I really did not know whether she has understood my point of overstaying in Hyderabad…I waited but she did not run up…by around 9.30 PM there was a knock…

I slowly walked up to the door and opened it…I was stunned, surprised and pleased to see Natasha…She was in a figure hugging jeans and t-shirt…She stepped in and push the door…and put her arms around me and placed her soft lips over mine…we kissed and chewed each others mouth and lips for nearly 3-4 minutes….

I lifted her and carried her to the bed and placed her on it. She got up and pulled her t-shirt and undid bra. She pulled her jeans and threw it away…she was not wearing a panty and above all she has shaved her pussy… My COCK was now out of my Control….

Taking a deep breath, I dropped my shorts to the floor and stepped out of them, my cock standing out in front of her already hard from the excitement of seeing Natasha naked in front of him and her shaved pussy I grasped my cock, squeezing it in my fist, and then began to slowly pump it.

Dropping to my knees, I leaned forward to fasten my mouth on Natasha’s pussy sliding my tongue in and out of her hole. Very soon she exploded shooting her SUM and wetting my face…she came up and kissed my lips and sucked her juices from my mouth…

Natasha reached out and grabbed my and engulfed it in to her mouth, sucking it deeply into her throat teasing the head of my cock with the tip of her tongue. I groaned and squirmed on my cock thrust pumping my cock in and out of her hot, sticky mouth. Very soon I shot loads of CUM as Natasha sucked my spurting cock, slurping the juices from it as she gulped Escort Şanlıurfa my CUM down her throat.

We washed each other and had a drink. Soon Natasha with a soft laugh sank to her knees grabbed my COCK and began to lick & suck. Soon I groaned and she felt that I had begin to cum, she held my cock on the end of her tongue, letting me shoot my cum into her mouth. When he had finished cumming, Natasha gulped my cum down, then sucked my cock back into her mouth, sucking the last of the cum from it before relinquishing it and standing up, licking her lips.

“ I want you to Fuck me” Natasha said as she slide her fingers between her thighs and fingered herself…see this my COCK began to grow and very soon…it was back in action. I slowly put my face between her legs and started to lick her lovely pussy… “Fuck me Please…really Hard and Deep…Pleaseeeee” she groaned…I asked her to stand up and turn around…she knew what was coming and turned around and leaned on the sofa and lifted her ass…exposing both her holes to me….I pulled my huge COCK and slowly inserted into her pussy from behind…she moaned as my massive COCK entered her pussy from behind…I slowly moved in & out of her wet pussy….her moans increased, “Faster, Faster…Fuck me Harder….oooooohhhhhhh…..” She moaned….I was ramming my COCK…she gave loud cry and her juices poured out of her pussy….within a few seconds I groaned and pulled my COCK out her wet pussy….Hot, Thick strings of my CUM flew all over her ass…even covering her ass-hole…I collapsed on the sofa…

Natasha took a shower and came into my arms…she kissed me…and her left hand was playing with COCK… “I has never got fucked like this before….I have got addicted to you…and your COCK…Can you please stuff your COCK in my ASS…This is something I wanted to try…please…” she begged….I was more then happy to do that…

Very soon Natasha was sucking my COCK…and cleaning all the CUM…using her saliva…my COCK was now hard and red…ready to ride her Ass…

As I parted her thighs and licked her pussy. Slowly, I slid my tongue around the edge of Natasha’s labia, enjoying the taste of her juices. She moaned softly and wriggled, but I held her hips firmly and continued my exploration. Deftly, I slithered my tongue across her pussy, briefly sliding it inside her like a miniature cock, before flicking it across her clitoris, still swollen after our earlier passion. She moaned louder, and arched her back, pushing her mound against my mouth as if offering herself to me. As I gently sucked on her clit, I slid a finger inside her, working it around as she writhed with pleasure. As I continued to suck and lick her clitoris, her breathing came faster and faster, until she cried out, and I felt a fresh flood of juice against my tongue. Before she finished coming, I slowly slid my lubricated finger up her ass. The effect was electric. She gasped, pulling my head closer to her bucking pussy, grinding herself against my mouth while I finger-fucked her ass.

I began to work it into Natasha’s asshole with my fingers. She moaned softly as I did so, and pushed her ass back onto my hands. “God, I feel so hot,” she whispered. I knew how she felt. My cock had begun to ooze with pre-cum.

Kneeling behind her, greased my COCK with some cream and then I took its hot weight in my hand, and pressed it gently against her asshole. She jumped, and for a second I thought she was going to back out. Then she relaxed, and I felt her puckered hole open slightly, grasping at my COCK. “Do it,” she pleaded, looking back at me and licking the full lips I’d so often seen clamped tightly around my spurting cock.

Slowly, gently, I pressed the head of my penis into her asshole. She pressed back against me as I pushed, and the sensation was so delicious I thought I was going to burst. Then, suddenly, the COCK was inside her, being gripped by her tight Ass-Holer. She was breathing heavily, and the insides of her thighs were trembling. I looked down, and the sight of my cock partially inside her sexy ass made me harder still. I was beginning to get dizzy, and it felt as if every drop of blood in my body was rushing towards my cock and balls

I pushed slowly forward, burying more and more of my swollen dick inside her. I ran my hands across her back and rested them on her taut buttocks, watching amazed as she claimed more and more of me. The sensation was exquisite, like nothing I’ve ever felt before. She was soft inside, slick and hot, and incredibly tight. I could feel her internal muscles gripping me, almost pulling me in. I could feel my orgasm closing in, like a distant storm, and sweat was pouring down my back and thighs. Natasha was sweating too, and I could feel her asshole starting to try and squeeze me out.

“Does it hurt” I asked and she nodded, “ But so not stop” she said

I slid my hand under her belly and up her thigh. As I found her pussy I realized it was literally dripping. I slid another half-inch of cock into her and flicked my fingertip across her clitoris. Natasha moaned, and pushed back onto me. As I stroked her clit she started to rock backwards and forwards, her tight little butt flexing as I slid more and more cock into her asshole. She was trembling as I pressed my balls against her, and her breathing was ragged.

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