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Introducing Summer and Winter

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The first time I saw Winter she was riding Summer into the cold concrete floored antechamber. Winter was tall and thin and had shoulder length hair the color of pearl. She wore a noose around her neck that ran down between her jutting collar bones, the hard nipples of her flat chest, the blue veined abdomen and sharp pelvic girdle. The frayed rope ended between her legs and when she stood up it shielded her shaved genitals from view. She was tall, nearly six feet, and thin yet her hips were wide and her legs powerful and soft.

Summer, on the other hand was an endomorph with pendulous saggy breasts that nearly dragged on the floor as she crawled along with Winter on the convex of her hourglass torso. Her thighs were thick and rubbed together, wearing holes in the black and red striped stockings. When she stood her breasts hung near her navel and her shaved vagina could not be seen. She had matching black and red stockings that started near her shoulders and ended in mittens that contained her four fingers but left her long nailed thumbs out. She creaked her neck and pulled her long black hair back between her fingers and looked at Winter tentatively.

“In order to leave the antechamber we are going to need five ounces,” Winter said authoritatively.

“Pardon?” I asked.

“Five ounces,” Summer said. The look in her eyes was like a warning not to ask again. She got back down on all fours, her ass facing me as if in disrespect. I felt a tingling in my testicles now that I could see the folds of her vagina between her thick legs. Winter İstanbul Escort began to re-mount her with a snide smile.

I looked down at my semi erect penis and began to stroke it, guessing at what Winter had been getting at, and wondered how many times I would have to cum in order to produce the five ounces. The cold air felt really good against my skin as I pumped my cock with my right hand and pulled on my scrotum with my left. My cock became hard quite quickly and I was confident I would cum my first very soon.

Winter suddenly dropped off of Summer’s back when she saw what I was doing and walked briskly toward me. I let go of my cock nervously and took a few steps back.

“Not yours stupid!” She said and pushed me backward.

Summer stood up quickly and was on me with surprising speed. Her breasts swinging back and forth as she ran, her thighs rippling with each step. Before I could react she was holding me down on the cold floor, her weight making it difficult for me to breathe.

Winter gestured for Summer to bring me to my feet and slid behind me, letting the frayed knot of her noose brush against my thigh as she did so. She pulled the noose from around her neck and tightened it around my wrists which were now behind my back. She guided the noose between my legs and Summer tied the frayed ends around the base of my cock and balls.

Summer got back down on her knees, this time right in front of me, and Winter climbed back on her back.

“You’ll get a turn eventually,” she said.

“But Escort Bayan we’re going to need five ounces first,” Summer added.

I watched as the now completely nude Winter rode her companion out of the room through the same door they had come in. I hobbled painfully to the door and saw that there was a small glass marked ‘5 oz’ to the side of the doorknob. I looked around the room and a stirring in the shadows made me finally realize what Winter had intended me to do.

The glass near the door needed to be filled with semen and while I had initially thought that that would be nothing but a time consuming act to be completed by myself I now realized that the source was embodied by five blind folded young men who were now kneeling in a line about fifteen feet away from me and the door. Worse yet, it was obvious that they were not going to be ejaculating into the glass itself, for as I got closer to them I could see that their wrists were tied behind their backs to their ankles.

The first man had long dark hair and a rock hard cock jutting forward.

I got down on my knees in front of him, my heart beating faster, and closed my eyes. I felt as though I might get sick but then realized that their was really no point in postponing the inevitable. I lowered my head towards his knob and closed my lips around it. He exhaled loudly and I felt a surprising tingle in my balls. I tried very hard to remain still as any major movement of my arms yanked painfully on my cock.

I thought back to the times I had been Eskort on the receiving end of a blow job and tried to replicate the motion. I tried hard not to let my teeth rub against the sensitive skin. I let the saliva build up in my mouth and rode the cock up and down as fast as I could without gagging. He seemed to like it and after a few back and forth motions he began thrusting. The rope binding my wrists to my cock rubbed back and forth on my anus and I found myself jutting my ass into the air behind me. I found this disturbing but then forced myself to focus on the task at hand.

Before I expected it he exploded into my mouth and I had to be careful not to swallow any of it. He smiled and fell over to his side. I wondered what sort of trial he was a part of, apparently forbidden to speak but a recipient of such sordid pleasure that he was able to lay on the cold floor.

I got back to my feet with some difficulty and hobbled back to the door with the hot seminal fluid in my mouth. The taste was different than I had expected. Hard to describe but not wholly bad. I had tried tasting my own cum on a few occasions but was never able to actually get more than a small drop into my mouth before I thought better of it.

I held my face over the cup at the door and slowly let the semen drain out of my mouth into the glass, being careful not to get too much saliva mixed in as I knew that Winter would most likely frown upon that. When I was finally satisfied that I had gotten as much out as I could I bent closer to see the glass. There was about an ounce and a half of semen in the glass. As I made my way back to the line of kneeling men I found myself jutting my ass out so that the rope would rub me again. I was confident that I would produce the remaining three and a half ounces rather quickly.

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