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This is a scenario proposed by my lover, who is deeply into anal sex and totally unafraid of pushing its boundaries. It contains an act that few find erotic although her intention was to make it so, and she succeeded. Be forewarned; read something else if bathroom intimacy offends you.


I had just finished with my shower when I heard the bathroom door open and quickly close. Pulling back the curtain, I was treated to the sight of my lover nude, except for a turquoise garter belt and dark nylon stockings. Clearly, a treat was in store as she knows how much I love her in that outfit.

She was standing at the vanity in the warm, richly appointed bathroom. The carpet, warm wood and skylight make it a great place for sex, and it was one of our favorites.

As I toweled off, she turned her back to me, knowingly displaying her ample, creamy ass — my favorite part of her beautiful anatomy. She shared my sentiment, and that made for exceptionally erotic sex of the most intimate kind.

Our eyes met in the mirror and she smiled slyly, deftly fixing her thick, chestnut hair into a pony tail.

“I have something for you,” she said.

“Oh?” I asked, reaching for a towel. The sight of her ass made my penis swell.

“Come here,” she said, winking and gesturing at the big laundry hamper next to the toilet. Closing the wooden lid, she added, “Sit.”

I did as I was told, my cock stiffening at the sight of this luscious, wide-hipped woman in her garter belt. Her muscular thighs, slight belly and triangle of reddish pubic hair only added to her allure. The pink, pebbled nipples on her full, round breasts were erect. She was already excited and I soon knew why.

She lifted the lid of the large white toilet and sat down, straddling the bowl. My heart began to race. She’d proposed this narlıdere escort fantasy several times, curious to see what far out things would turn us both on, and while I know she has a very kinky exhibitionist streak, I didn’t think she’d ever go through with it. We’d always been extremely open and comfortable, even when it came to using the toilet in front of each other, but this was to be a whole new level of sharing.

Leaning back against the toilet tank, she spread her legs wide, revealing her swollen pussy, the delicate pink lips slightly open and moist, and her sexy dark anus.

“Jerk off while you watch, babe,” she said as I sat transfixed as she lightly fingered her pussy and asshole. “I think you’re going to like this…”

I began stroking my erection, which was already aching. She watched me with great lust and after a few minutes, her anus began to flex and bulge. Slowly it opened and dark brown emerged.

“Like it, babe?” she asked, her voice husky. “Does it turn you on?”

“Oh, yeah,” I said, stroking harder and faster. The scent that filled the air was rich, but not unpleasant. It, and the sight of her rubbing her pussy with her middle finger as she went, left me feeling indescribably horny.

Cupping her cunt, she tossed her head back in obvious pleasure. She was in the throes of orgasm now, her chest pink, her nipples hard as her stockinged legs quivered. I marveled at her beauty and once her release passed, she stood up and turned around, cocking her nude ass just so.

“Wipe me,” she said, over her shoulder as she bent to thrust her luscious rear in my direction. “Or lick me if you dare.”

I grabbed some toilet tissue and she moaned as I ran the wad between her cheeks. It came up almost totally clean. I gently and lovingly ödemiş escort repeated the act with another wad, and then another, taking care to let it linger on and massage her anus.

“Ohhh fuck yeah,” she sighed. “That feels so good…”

I was gone in a wave of lust.

Dropping to my knees, I palmed her bare ass cheeks and parted them.

“Oh, yeah, babe. Lick my asshole,” she said, her voice slightly breathless and trembling with anticipation. “Taste it. Stick your tongue in. Slowly…”

The scent between her cheeks was an intoxicating musk. She’d worked out and hadn’t bathed yet that day. Being in that state always made her horny and eager to have me lick and taste her ass. This was the ultimate.

Trembling in my arousal, I ran my tongue over her pucker. The bitterness was strong but overwhelmingly erotic. “Mmmmmmmm,” she purred.

“So good,” I sighed, eagerly licking everywhere in the valley of her ass, my tongue seeking her electrifying flavor. She was beyond delicious.

Pushing her nude rear into my face, she moaned as my tongue entered her asshole and I began slowly moving it in and out, getting deeper each time. Within seconds, she came again. Crying out, shaking. Her anus spasmed and clenched my tongue. I would have come, too, if only she’d touched my aching penis.

Sucking and kissing her asshole, I waited until her ecstasy subsided. Then I stood up.

“Put your dick in my ass…”

“Gladly,” I said, kissing her neck and gently running my hands over her hips.

Taking the shaft of my erection in one hand, I pressed the purpling head between her cheeks. She reached back with her left hand and parted her buttocks.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” she sighed.

With a little pressure, the head of my stiff penis slid into seferihisar escort her anus, which was already slick with my saliva. I entered her gently, pulled out a bit, then pressed deeper. With each slow, smooth stroke, my erection went further. She was beside herself with pleasure. So was I.

Few things turn me on like the sight of my cock in her sweet asshole. I could barely watch, as I was on the verge of orgasm and fighting to prolong this moment. Gazing up through the skylight, I tried to focus on the drifting clouds in the bright blue summer sky, but her moans and sexy whimpers only brought me back.

My cock was fully inside her tight, hot anus and I was savoring the feeling of her plump ass against my pelvis when she came yet again. I stopped moving and let her just absorb the full sensation of my hard, bulging erection deep in her rectum.

Sensing her orgasm fading, I started to ease out again. I could feel my own release on the way.

“Gonna come,” I groaned, and she suddenly pulled away.

My penis slid from her ass. To my surprise, she pushed me back a bit with one hand and turned around. Sitting on the still open toilet, she hungrily took my erection in her mouth. The sensation of warm softness was almost shocking.

Sucking, then wetly licking the head while rapidly stroking my cock, she drove me right into the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had.

The first watery spurt of my hot, white semen coated her tongue. The next ran down her chin, leaving a thick, pearly glob on her bottom lip. Eagerly, she took the head in her mouth, sucking the remainder of my juice as I came and came and came and came. Her mouth was full of my cream and it coated the shaft of my cock as she moved her head back and forth, making little whimpers of lust and occasionally swallowing.

My brave and generous lover spent the next few minutes worshipping my spent, slowly softening penis with her tongue, licking it clean. I stroked her hair while I watched. Finally, she planted a kiss on the head, looked up, and smiled. Our eyes met. There was no need for words. It had been better than we’d even imagined.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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