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Inter-Office Angst

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Big Tits

Is it possible to have an overactive libido? Savannah repeatedly had this thought return to her while shopping for lingerie. Just looking in the mirror with the skimpy bra and garters had her nipples erect and pussy anticipating a hard cock.

“Excuse me, Miss? Are you doing alright in there?”

“Yes,” Savannah replied, “Thank you. It all fits perfectly.”

Hm, odd, she thought. For her unique body type, the 34 DD and small panties fit her frame almost too well. Being only 5’2″, usually the thigh highs were too long and fit awkwardly, but these gorgeous lacy thigh highs hugged her curves in just the right spots and made her ass look bigger than normal. With her libido screaming at her to pleasure herself, Savannah remembered she was just in a small boutique downtown on her lunch break.

“Shit, I’m late.”

Removing the bra, her breasts spilled out, making her pussy clench at the sight. Why do boobs turn me on so much? Hurrying to snap on her full coverage bra in place of the see-through lacy pushup, she covered her hard nipples with a sharp intake of breath. Sliding the garters over her ass and down her thighs, she felt herself growing wetter, yearning for touch. For the third Samsun Escort time today. Damn this is getting annoying.

Hitching up her pencil skirt and tucking in her blouse, she made her way out of the confining dressing room. After buying the sexy outfit, she made her way back to work.

Arriving earlier than usual, due to her ‘discomfort,’ she got back to work in hopes of distracting herself from the growing pressure in her pussy. After an hour of filing, she realized there was no hope. She quietly made her way to her office door, and shut it so that no one realized the secret reason as to her privacy. Sitting back at her desk, she opened her legs and spread her heels to opposite ends of her chair. Arching her back, she unbuttoned her blouse and felt her still-hard nipples. Squeezing her tits, she moved her hands down to her throbbing clit. Under her lacy thong she flicked at her wetness, already close. Heavily breathing, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of her clit throbbing in wait of a prolonged release. Moaning at the slip of her finger in her soaking folds, she didn’t hear the click of her door. Reaching her peak, she shuddered at the intensity of her Samsun Escort Bayan clit stimulation and the feeling of her finger deep inside her.

“Well, that might have been the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”



“No worries, Savannah. Since I’m just your coworker and not your boss, I can say that without any remorse.”

“Shane, you didn’t knock.”

“I did, and after no response I became worried and decided to let myself in. And boy am I glad I did.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Don’t say anything, just feel.”

Shane said this as he motioned toward the bulge of his tight trousers. Grinning back at her office crush, Savannah moved herself to finger inside her and let out another moan as an answer to his obvious question. Shane fumbled with his pants and immediately made his way to her desk. Within minutes, Savannah’s panties were torn off and Shane’s mouth was pressed upon her wet pussy. Licking, sucking, pressing his tongue deep inside her, Savannah tried to keep as quiet as possible. Finally, after another shuddering orgasm, Savannah grabbed Shane’s head.

“I want your cock inside me. Now.”

With a Escort Samsun sexy grin, he didn’t need to say anything back. Instead, he removed his pants over his sensitive erect cock and took a condom out of his pocket. Sucking his cock, furthering the need for it inside her, she tugged on his balls letting him know she was ready for him.

“Oh god, Shane, now.”

“Fuck yes.”

Shane grabbed Savannah and placed her on the floor. Pressing his body against hers, he slid his cock, wet from her mouth, inside her with force. Squeezing her pussy around it, Savannah let out a moan and bit his neck with intensity.


Thrusting deep within her, it was only a few seconds until they both exploded. After collapsing on top of her, a knock was heard at her door.

“Fuck. Get under my desk, now.”

“Yes, mistress,” Shane whispered with a mischievous grin.

Pulling her blouse and skirt back into place, she brushed her hair back and told the unexpected person to enter.

“Yes, hello Savannah. We need you to come in tomorrow a little early. Would you mind telling Shane? I thought I saw him come in here…”

“Um, yes, Sir. Of course. Hm, really? He must have gone to the restroom. I’ll let him know.”

“Thank you.”

Blushing brightly, she rolled her chair back to reveal a smiling Shane.

“Were we just caught?”

“Seems like it. He winked at me on the way out.”

“Looks like I do have an overactive libido…”

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