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Inn Keep-Her Ch. 01: Noise Complaint

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Big Dicks

I got what I wanted most of the time growing up. I was cute, I knew how to play the game so that I never got into any real trouble and I had a trust fund. I had a net to catch me sort of speak so I had fun in school. Lots of fun. I earned a business degree as part of getting the money from my trust fund. It was set up so that I wouldn’t waste my time in college and then blow my money in my 20s. So I went to school to learn how to keep and make money but instead of money I learned how to give the best blow jobs. I liked school but I loved sex. After I graduated while I was trying to figure out what to do is when it dawned on me. I was going to buy my own hotel. I realized it standing on the balcony one morning looking over the pool and the half-naked bodies that were starting to line it. Every few days I could have a brand new crop of potential partners if I wanted.

I found a property that was in a good location for business travelers during the week and leisure travelers on the weekends. I made sure to get affiliated with one of the major hotel chains so that I would get maximum exposure to all types. My tastes changed often so I wanted a variety of guests. Young and old. Men and women. Straight, bi or gay. Married and single. I liked the way the salesman would try to get me with their smooth talking. The engineers and tradesman who worked in the elements would handle me rough with their strong hands they got from working all day. The couples who were out of town who let their freak flags fly. Best of all once they were a happy customer they would be a repeat customer.

We had only been open a few weeks but Dean and his crew had been staying at our hotel during the week the last few. Dean was in his late 30s, only a few years Samsun Escort older than me, but with a solid build that came from more than just some gym sessions thru the week. One of the upgrades I did right away was to install a state of the art camera system. It was good for security but more importantly it satisfied part of my voyeuristic itch. I learned his routine and kept an eye on the cameras around 3 when he’d hit the hotel gym. He had on his board shorts today so I knew he’d head out to the pool next. I got up from my desk and went up to my suite to change into a bathing suit that would get his attention. Crossfit keeps me in shape and with the right curves in all the right places. I admired my 34c chest and I should for the money I spent on them and smiled at the product all the squats at the gym got me.

“Hi, Dean, nice out today isn’t it?” I asked him as we passed each other wading in the water. I knew I caught him off guard and told him how I worked at the hotel and that’s how I knew his name even though he didn’t know me. I walked up the stairs out of the pool exaggerating the sway of my hips knowing his eyes were on me. I looked at my phone while drying my legs as an excuse to be bent over longer than necessary so he had a view down the top of my bikini. As I sit down in my chair and apply extra sun screen Dean finally comes over to talk to me.

“Must have a nice boss that let’s you come out here in the middle of the afternoon”. I smile and sit up straddling the chair. The already small bottoms are working as hard as they can to keep me covered. Dean and I are both hoping for a malfunction. As I spread the lines of white lotion over the inside of my golden thighs I explain to him that I am the Samsun Escort Bayan owner and get certain benefits. We chit chat a few minutes like that my legs spread his eyes taking me in and his breathing heavy. My phone goes off, it’s only a junk email but the excuse I need to leave anyway. I pretend it’s important and get up. Sitting like that then getting up my bikini has nearly turned into a thong and I make sure Dean sees. “Oh sorry” I giggle as I pull it out giving him a clear shot of my naked ass.

I go back upstairs and change then sit at my desk keeping and eye on Dean. He’s floating in the pool thinking about what he’s just seen. I can tell by the way he’s fidgeting he can’t get out of the water just yet until everything calms down. I also know he can’t wait to jerk off to the nearly fulfilled fantasy.

I wait a little while until I’m sure he’s settled back in his room before I grab my master key and head that way. I open the door to his suite slowly and hear the shower running. Looking at the movie that’s paused but still open in his private browser window and the used rag next to it I can see it didn’t take long to seek relief. I walk towards the bathroom and push open the unlatched door.

“Dean,” I announce, “management reserves the right to investigate any complaints from any room at any time.” Scared he almost falls through the curtain out of the tub. Embarrassed and stammering he tries to figure out what’s going on. I explain to him how there’s been a complaint of sexual noises in his room and I came to investigate. He wraps a towel around himself and tries to say something but I lead him back to the living room where the porn is still up.

“She does look kinda like me doesn’t Escort Samsun she? Skinnier, not as athletic but close. Of course her tits look cheap. Were you thinking of me just a little while ago while you jerked off to her? Do you know what the complaint is now?”

‘No’ is all Dean can come up with he tries to say it couldn’t have been very loud, how he turned up the tv to muffle it out.

“Dean, the complaint is from me. You’re not making me moan and that’s a problem right now. The last time we saw each other I don’t think that towel could have hidden much.” I rub down the front of his towel patting his cock. “Do you think my tits look cheap like hers?” I smile as I unbutton my blouse and take off my bra. “Maybe if we’re both naked you’ll be less shy?” I pull down his towel and then pull off my pants. With Dean wide eyed I get down on my knees. I smile up at him and start to lick the head of his dick. As it starts to grow I play with it and lick underneath. I greedily take him into my mouth; tongue swirling sucking away at it sliding down until my nose is nearly touch his stomach. Butt clenching I love the way he pushes his cock into my mouth feeding it to me.

My jaw is getting tired so I stand up and lead him to the bed. I lay back legs bent up and spread. “I couldn’t wait to get you like this earlier now come up here and fuck me.” I’m so wet he slides into me with no effort. His warm cock fills me and makes me feel good. I pull my legs back inviting him deeper and he obliges with harder and harder thrusts. It feels so good slapping together I yell out in orgasm. As I squeeze around him I feel him on top of me start to tense up right before he cums inside of me. I feel the warmth in me him laying on top and it feels so good.

“I needed that after watching you the last couple days” I tell him. But, I’m not gonna sleep in the wet spot. I hope you’ll come back to stay here with us. Who knows maybe you’ll get another complaint.” I wink as I get up and get dressed before I walk out of the room.

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