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Indoctrination 03: Starlet

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“Ya know,” I said to my wife, “I’ll bet this movie was a little controversial in its time. The premise of a woman sleeping with two separate men that knew about one another had to be pretty risqué back then.”

We were sitting on the sofa watching Paint Your Wagon, an old musical comedy in which two unlikely prospector partners share the same wife in a California gold rush mining town.

“MmHmm,” my wife concurred. “When was it made? 60s? 70s?”

“Late 60s, I think. Eastwood looks pretty young in it. I think this is the only movie he sang in, too, thank God. He’s a great actor, but can’t sing worth a fuck.”

“1969,” my wife said after punching a few things into her phone. “I wonder if because of that whole sexual revolution thing going on during then, it wasn’t all that big of a deal.”

“Could be. Kinda like that one we saw a couple weeks ago with Jimmy Stewart in it, about that whorehouse he inherited; Cody Cathouse, or something like that.”

“Cheyenne Social Club,” she corrected.

“Yeah, that one. I think that one was made about the same time. Remember that one scene where you could clearly see full naked breasts underneath the sheer chiffon blouse on that prostitute? I would think that caused a little controversy when it was on TV.”

“Mmm. God, those were nice, too. I wish I had tits like that.”

“Honey, your boobs are fine,” I said and kissed her on the top of the head.

“Plus it’s a comedy,” I continued, “They probably had more latitude with subjects that went against social norms and mores. Like that one with Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds, that musical about the whorehouse…”

“Best Little Whorehouse in Texas?”

“Yeah. That had all kinds of debauchery in it. And good music. But in that one Burt Reynolds actually falls in love and marries the head whore. I mean, could you imagine that shit happening in real life? Imagine what they’d say if that happened today. Shit, look at what they say about guys dating Miley Cyrus, and she’s just a slut. Imagine what they’d say if she actually got paid to fuck all those guys,” I laughed. “But then no one really said shit about Jenna Jameson’s husband, and she was a porn star, and artist. Which is technically different than a whore because she’s paid to be filmed while fucking, not paid to be fucked. Technically speaking.”

“Yes, dear,” she giggled a scoff.

This is how we spend a lot of our weekend nights, snuggled together watching old movies, and just enjoying the close proximity of one another. My wife, Traci, has recently developed this wonderful character trait of being a touchy-feely snuggler and absentmindedly caresses particular parts of me softly while melded against my body. I like wearing loose fitting athletic shorts, so her hand usually finds its way inside where she fondles me tenderly, keeping me semi-erect throughout the evening. During these summer months she’s most comfortable lounging in nothing but a long t-shirt, which allows me access to her pleasure parts, as well. This particular Saturday evening, however, my hand was playing in her long golden tresses, feeling the silky strands slide between my fingers as I gently massaged her head that lay resting on my chest.

The last few months have been the most amazing and unique since we married. This is our first summer as empty-nesters, the kids deciding to stay away at college the entire year. This has allowed us to explore and engage in a multitude of recreational activities in every facet of our lives, including the intimate aspects. With the kids out of the house, and her turning 40 earlier this year, my wife seems to be opening up and evolving. Since she no longer has to play the role of mom 24/7, she has become more sexually curious, more aggressive, more outspoken in what she desires and more in tune with her needs.

Already this summer she has had some experiences that surprised not only her, but me as well. It began with her giving a blow job to a complete stranger in the bathroom of our friend’s house during a BBQ. That event left her with a whirlwind of emotions and self-reflective questions. It was so outside her persona, she didn’t know how to react to her own aggressiveness. She did fuck the daylights out of me later that day, so I was pretty okay with her reaction, to be honest.

It didn’t take long for her to overcome her conflictions, however, as she soon brought that same guy–John, I later learned–to our house and fucked him while I was tied to our bed and more or less forced to listen to her sexual escapade in the guest room. Afterwards I was used for cleanup services on her cum filled pussy before I was untied and fucked with a frenzy by her. Again, I didn’t have any particular complaints.

Several weeks after that she caught me watching porn on my computer, my cock in my hand just as it erupted with cum. Surprisingly she wasn’t upset in the least that I was masturbating to porn, or that the porn was of the cuckold sissy genre. No, her seething kocaeli escort anger derived from me not inviting her to watch and enjoy the porn together. She accused me of selfishly denying her an opportunity for mutual orgasm. To say I was surprised by her reaction and rationale for it is an understatement.

But even more surprising was the punishment she dished out for my transgression. She encapsulated my cock in a cage for a week to deprive me of orgasm, and kept me in satin panties to remind me of her silky smoothness I’d be missing. Of course she was not to be deprived of her own orgasms; my tongue was kept busy all week ensuring she was kept sated.

It was at the end of that week long penile incarceration that things really grew into a blossoming exploration of boundaries and self-discovery.

During our annual Summer BBQ, she allowed herself to be seduced (according to her, but I believe she did most of the seducing) after having a few too many drinks. Because I had been caged all week, she was craving something other than my tongue between her legs. She invited her partner-in-seduction into the bedroom where she had already placed our GoPro camera on the dresser, locked me into the adjoining bathroom with my tablet, and instructed me to watch through the remote connection to the camera. When she brought him into the bedroom, she hardened him between her lips, then bent over the side of the bed, lifted her dress and coaxed him into a quickie.

It was a quickie true to form, and after he finished and she shooed him out the door, she brought me into the room, and I was again used for cleanup duty.

But she wasn’t done with my services for that night. She later had me suck the creampie out of her best friend’s pussy that was left there by I-have-no-idea-who. She let me out of the cage the following morning–a day early–time off for good behavior, she said. After watching her be fucked and eating two creampies, she felt I had been properly rehabilitated and paid adequate restitution.

That was a month ago, and things have since reverted back to our normal sex life, for the time being.

We sat quietly again watching the movie, me still playing with her hair while she continued to fondle me down there. I could spend the next three lifetimes cuddled up with her just like this.

“Who’s that guy with the white hair, again?” she asked pointing to the TV.

“Lee Marvin.”

“I’ll bet he peeked through the window while Eastwood was fucking her,” she said matter of factly. “I mean, why wouldn’t he? I’ll bet he was standing outside the window stroking his pecker while Eastwood banged the shit outta that bitch.” I was honestly surprised–and tickled–by her comment, never hearing that sort of language from her before in that context; no doubt it was the wine she’d been drinking. Then she continued, “I’ll bet you would, too, wouldn’t you? You’d be outside peeking through that window watching Eastwood slide his cock into my wet pussy. And I sure hope you’d be playing with your hard cock the whole time, enjoying the show I was putting on for you.”

“Mmmm,” I moaned. “You’d put on a show for me?”

“Damn straight, baby. I’d be your whore-slash-porn star.” She turned and looked up at me with a smile that faded to a serious expression and softly asked, “Would you still fall in love with me if I was a fancy whore or a porn star?”

“Damn straight, baby,” I echoed, smiling down at her. I leaned down and our lips met softly for just a moment, then she turned with a warm smile and nestled her head back snugly against my chest as before.

We returned to watching the movie in silence, but obviously her mind was further contemplating what we’d just said. She was fantasizing and conjuring up the respective roles we would play in her scenarios. She drained another glass of wine.

“You could be like that pervy Lee Marvin and leer through the window while some Eastwood-looking stud is stuffing your slut-wife with hard cock. You could be my little perv,” she said acceptingly. I could hear the smile in her voice. “I’d know you were there, too. I’d see you peeking around the corner of the window, watching me, and I’d put on such a show for you, knowing you were stroking your cock the whole time. I’d do lots of moaning and talking dirty and screaming orgasms. Just like a porn star. You’d be like a private audience at a live porn show.”

“Mmm, damn, that sounds sexy,” I said as I felt a little twitch down there.

“I felt that,” she giggled, and then added matter-of-factly, “You liked watching Tom fuck me at our party didn’t you.”

“Yeah, I did, that was hot as fuck. God, I so wanted to touch myself…:”

“I bet you did,” she giggled.

“…but you had that fucking cage on me.”

“Ya know, I gotta confess I really liked having you caged and wearing panties that week. I mean, I’m not into that whole femdom thing where I’m totally controlling you, but there was something kolej escort sexy and kinky about punishing and having that little bit of control over you.” Again she turned and looked up at me with a concerned expression. “That’s not bad, is it?”

“No, honey, that’s not bad at all,” I said as I slid a lock of hair from her face and lodged it behind her ear. “I get what you’re saying, and it was kinda sexy.”

She broke out in a wide grin. “You looked pretty fucking sexy wearing panties, by the way. I wouldn’t be disappointed at all if you decided to wear them more often. Just sayin’.”

She turned and snuggled her head to my chest again.

“I would have loved being in the room watching you and Tom, in person,” I quietly said.

She laid there silently for a moment, and then offered, “Well, you know that he knew you recorded us on the GoPro, and he did say he’d love to have a video of his own to enjoy, and that we should go over to his place for dinner sometime. I’m sure you know what he was implying.”

“Do you want to fuck him again?”

She took a moment, considering or measuring her answer. “Yeah, I would, if you were there. I mean, it felt good… no, it felt great to have a strange thick cock in me, but it was only sexy because I knew you were in the bathroom watching on the tablet. I don’t know if I’d like it by myself, without you being with me. I’d feel too guilty.

“And, ya know, if he does invite us over and wants to make a video, I could play the porn star whore and you can be my pimp, director, cameraman and pervy voyeur all at the same time,” she said with a wide grin. “Would you enjoy that?”

“Yeah, I’d fucking love that, but I might have trouble operating a camera one handed,” I said with a laugh.

“I’m sure we could figure out some way to keep you from touching yourself,” she said with a lilt.

Damn, I’m not sure I like that sound of that.

“Oh,” she continued, “if I’m going to be a porn star, I might need a fluffer, too.”

“A fluffer.”

“Yeah, someone that keeps my porn co-star hard between scenes.” She had a huge grin on her face.

“Yes, dear, I know what a fluffer is.”

She turned and looked up at me with a sly smile and twinkle in her eye. Her voice was soft and a little husky. “So you could be my pimp, director, cameraman, pervy voyeur and fluffer all wrapped up into one. You can deliver me to the stud that’s gonna have me that day, and tell me how you want me to fuck him; you want me to be a screamer? A moaner? Do I give him a sloppy blowjob first while I finger my pussy? And then do you want me on top, cowgirl? Or doggy so you can really hear the slapping of his balls against me, baby? What about missionary; it could be slow and romantic with lots of kissing while his huge cock is slowly sliding in and out of my wet married cunt and I’m moaning orgasms into his mouth.

“And then you’ll be capturing it all with a camera, a perfect excuse to be a voyeur. You can focus on all those things you like most, like the swollen wet lips of my pussy clamped tight around his huge cock as it slams in and out of me. Or the look on my face as I moan and scream through orgasm after orgasm. The way my fingers dig into his ass cheeks as I try to get even more of him in me, with my knees pulled nearly up to my shoulders.

“When he finally finishes and pulls out you can zoom in on the gaping wide hole he just left with the thick pool of cum puddled inside. You’ll watch it start to ooze out and drip down the crack of my ass, soaking the bed sheets under me. That makes you hungry just thinking about it, doesn’t it? Seeing all that delicious sweet cum dripping out of me, just begging for your tongue to lap it all up.

“Now it’s the fluffer’s turn. After you’ve cleaned me up you can be my fluffer and clean up my co-star, get him hard and ready for the next scene. Take his cock in your mouth and lick all his cum off, savor the taste of my juices mixed with his. I know there’s a lot because I came really hard from his fucking. You can smell my pussy with his musky scent in his pubic hair. Keep sucking him while he hardens and grows. It’ll get longer and harder until it touches the back of your throat, and then you’ll know he’s ready to fuck your wife again. And you gotta stop and let him, baby. I know you want to finish him off and taste his fresh cum, but you’ll have to wait until he’s finished with me again.

“Do you like that idea, honey? Could you be my fluffer?”

“Fuck that sounds so goddamn hot right now. But I dunno…”

She nodded at my erect cock and said with a sly smile, “Sure looks to me like you think it’s a fun idea.”

“Well, he’s just hard because you’ve been stroking me all evening.”

She had a crooked smile on her face and said as a matter of fact, “Honey, I quit touching you 10 minutes ago. That’s all you, baby.”

Damn, I realized then she was right. My cock was harder than hell. But she hadn’t konak escort been stroking me at all, it was all from listening to her describing me sucking a cock. What was that all about? Sure stuff like that has crossed my mind a time or two, but I never got an erection from it, never went into detail about it in my mind. Could I do something like that?

“I dunno, baby. I dunno if I could do it or not. It would definitely depend on the situation. I’d have to be pretty horny, for one. And I don’t know if I could just voluntarily do it the first time, ya know? I’d be self-conscious and worried that I didn’t do it right. Damn, I can’t believe I just said that.”

“I get it, honey, but you’d be fine. You’re a giver; you like giving pleasure to others. And I suspect with the way you eat pussy, you’d give great head.” She beamed a beautiful heartwarming smile. “I’ve given you enough blowjobs that you should know all my tricks by now; just do what I do. Like this…”

She turned and lowered her pursed lips to my engorged cock, resting them on the swollen head in a long sensuous kiss. She allowed the crown to begin slowly parting her plump lips as it began entry into her mouth, continuing down until she was touching my scrotum. I could feel her throat contract around the head as she made swallowing motions, while her tongue caressed the bottom, even reaching out to lick my nut sack. As she slowly pulled up, her tongue was massaging my hard shaft the entire length. When she reached the top, she swirled her tongue around the head and proceeded back down again.

Holy shit, she gives amazing head. It’s clear how much she enjoys it. She always pays attention to the little things, like teasing the head by gingerly raking her teeth across, deep throating and holding it there while her throat muscles massage the head, running her tongue up the underside, massaging my balls with a free hand. All the while making little noises of moans and grunts and sighs of contentment and passion. She shows me that she loves sucking my cock–any cock?–as much as I love being sucked.

She continued pleasuring me, and I could tell she was really getting into it and enjoying it. She was involuntarily moving her hips around and rubbing her thighs together. I was holding her long hair out of the way with one hand on the back of her head, just following her rhythm as her head bobbed up and down. She was making a range of noises from low guttural moans to higher pitched mewls.

Suddenly she sprang up and grabbed a handful of my T-shirt at the collar and pulled my face to hers, smashing our lips together. She kissed me hard, driving her tongue deep into my mouth; I could taste my precum on her tongue. She began to lay back, pulling me with her when she broke the kiss.

“Baby, I’m so horny my pussy hurts. I need you inside me…. NOW!”

Far be it for me to argue with my lust-crazed wife. She laid back with legs splayed, pulling me to her with a hand around the base of my cock, guiding me like a hard missile. I could clearly see the damp sheen around her vulva, with a noticeable wet drop at the bottom of her slit. She placed the head right on that drop, and as I continued to lean into her she arched her pelvis to meet me, driving me to the depths in one thrust.

She let loose a throaty moan, “Ohmyfuckinggod that feels good!”

Instantly her fingers were dug into both cheeks of my ass, holding me there while I was buried deep inside her. Her eyes were half closed and she was slack-jawed while she kept her back arched and ass suspended so she should grind her pussy against the base of my cock.

When she finally relaxed her grip I slowly pulled nearly all the way out and again slowly sunk back in. I continued in a smooth rhythm for a few minutes while she moaned a few whispers of appreciation.

“Gawd, that feels so good. Yeah. Oh, fuck, yeah, that feels good.”

After less than a dozen more strokes her needs became more urgent, apparent in her throaty whispers.

“Harder. Fuck me harder, baby. Please, fuck me harder!”

I placed my feet against the far armrest of the sofa for leverage and drove myself into her until I bottomed out. Quickly pulling back, I thrust in again… and again… and again. I was fucking her fiercely with abandon. Her moans had elevated first to grunts, then yelps, and finally a scream as her orgasm took over her body. Her fingers dug into my ass again as she arched her back and thrust her pussy against me while her legs shook uncontrollably. Three more hard thrusts and I fell over the edge, spewing my cum into her depths with a satisfied roar.

We laid there like two Olympic sprinters catching our breath. That was intense, and our labored struggle for air was indicative of just how fervid we had fucked. We panted and she muttered incoherently for several minutes until our breathing returned to normal. She took a deep breath and exhaled making her lips flutter, “Pppppppppppppp.”

“Gawd, I love how you fuck me. No one will ever know me like you.” She kissed me deeply.

We laid there for several more minutes exchanging little kisses and nibbles and whispers of “I love you.” Eventually I softened to the point that I was nearly slipping out of her wet canal.

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