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In Your Room

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Sorry I just snuck in for a moment, I couldn’t help being away from you… I needed to touch you, to smell you, to hear you breathing… I entered your house. I began walking down your hallway in the dark, walking towards your bedroom door. I stand outside your door, looking in at you, then slowly pushing your door open ever so slightly and to see you there, sleeping in your bed. You have the sheets pushed back a little, exposing your beautiful tush and lilac panties that I oooohhh so love to see you in!! I walk quietly to the side of your bed, almost on tip toe. I stand next to you, listening I hear you breathing, your leg twitches, are you dreaming of me?

I lean in and reach over and gently run my fingers across your back, over your shoulder and down your tush onto your leg. You stir ever so slightly, as I gently touch your breast and caress your nipple, teasing it, I see it get hard under your top… The white lingerie top your wearing is so shear I can see the dark circle of your nipple. I gently begin to kiss your hip near your lilac colored panties and down onto your leg, you flinch, must of tickled a bit… As I kiss your leg you begin to move. You roll over onto your back, better yet…

I Samsun Escort gently kiss your tummy around your naval and you start to waken, you sit up in fright not knowing who it is until I grab you and kiss your lips!! Then you realize who it is and you pull yourself into me, tiny tits brushing against me I feel your nipples rub me through my shirt. Embracing one another we kiss and feel each other’s heat. I rub your breasts and gently squeeze your firm younger tush. Feeling your tush I slide my hand back towards your wetness, I can feel it through your panties, so damp. As I rub you begin to moan so slightly, breathing harder as I rub you more… You whisper in my ear “Make love to me” I slide your panties off. I drop them to the floor. As I look at you, seeing your wetness glimmer in the moonlight, I kneel down, push your knees outward, kneeling farther I bend over and gently kiss your wet lips. Licking the folds of flesh around your sweet spot, hearing you moan…

I stand up to release my pants and then as I begin to undo them you stop me, you say “I want to do that” I lower my hands as you sit up and slide to the edge of the bed grabbing my pants. As you begin to unzip you Samsun Escort Bayan look up into my eyes and smile an innocent smile… I touch your cheek as you continue, watching hands unzip and drop my pants down along with my shorts. You sit and look what is before you, you lick your lips and then you reach out and grab my hard shaft and begin to stroke it, teasing, playing… You kiss it all the while looking up at me. Eyes begging for more of me as you take me in. After a few moments you whisper again, “I want you in me” I quiver at the excitement of finally have the chance of being inside you, with you…

I lay you back down onto your bed and spread your legs again, kissing your tummy as I work my way to your soft lips. Stopping to kiss and suck on your hard nipples… As I reach your mouth and give you a kiss, my hardness can feel the wetness of you and begins to twitch, anxiously wanting to be in you!! As I kiss you I gently begin to slide it into you, one hand guiding my shaft, sliding up and down to open your wet soft lips. Taking it slow and easy as not to hurt you… I push a little and bring him back close to being out of you. I then slowly slide it back into you, Escort Samsun feeling you get so wet!! Watching you enjoy the feeling of my thick hard shaft becoming part of you, deeper I go feeling the tightness of your small clitty.

Slowly sliding in and out I finally have it all the way into you, your moaning has escalated and you are breathing harder. You gasp for air and kiss my neck. I kiss your shoulder and hear you breathe into my ear, “Take me all the way” you say, “Make me cum” you add on. I slide it in slow and oh so easy until I feel your body tense, you begin to pant and moan louder, my cock is on the verge of cumming and a few pumps later you rock back onto your bed, back arched and you call out my name as you begin to cum. You pant hard, saying my name, almost a scream! Feeling your wetness pushes me over the edge and I cum inside of you… Our bodies twitch with pleasure and delight.

We begin to breathe slower, my softening cock still inside you, you wrap your arms around me and say “Hold me tight tonight” and we cuddle as we drift off to sleep and dreams. I hold you watching you drift into dreams, I watch your naked body in the moonlight, chest rising and lowering, nipples still hard. You lay there with your leg over mine, still feeling the dampness from your sweet spot against it.

Having not been able to meet with you before and finally having the chance has been a treat! This will be a night I will never forget, making love to you like I have never before!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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