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In The Kitchen

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You are so far away from me today. I miss you.

I am looking at a photo of you, the one taken in your friend’s kitchen. You told me you were drunk that night. You are dressed in a white t-shirt and jeans. My eyes feed on your brown skin, your black hair all messed up, standing out in a hundred different directions. You are looking at the camera with a look in your eyes that excites me. It is how you look at me when you want me.

I am there, in the kitchen with you, hungry, but food is the furthest thing from my mind. My hunger is for you. Your eyes are calling me to you. You set me on fire with those eyes and my body responds to you before I have even taken a breath. My legs turn to nothing, they cannot support me any longer, and heat shoots up between my legs and into the small of my back, right up my spine and into my cheeks until my face is hot with wanting, the heat of my longing.

So I move towards you, lean into you and rub my cheek against yours. I am standing so close but not touching you and I feel the current pass between us. I brush my lips over yours, and you feel my warm, cinnamon breath. I take your bottom lip between my teeth and pull gently on it. You turn slightly and I reach up and kiss you just above the neck of your white t-shirt.

Now I touch you, wrap my arms around your neck, and pull you up against me. I feel you hard between us, straining at your jeans. I reach an arm down between us and I squeeze you gently through the material. You move my hair over my shoulder and sink your teeth into my neck. You kiss me there, bite gently, and suck on my skin as my hand increases the pressure on your cock.

Your face Escort bayan is unshaven and rough against my soft skin, and I moan as you rub against me, my nipples so hard you can feel them against your chest. Suddenly you pull me hard into you, and slide down on the floor with me. You are on top of me, sliding my skirt up my legs as I open them for you. You reach a hand between my legs and push a finger into me.

I am so ready for you, and your finger slides into my warmth, my deep, salty wetness. I moan and you kiss me to keep me quiet so that no one will hear us. You push my skirt up around my waist and bend my legs, part them as you kneel between me. I am not wearing panties and my pussy shines wetly for you. Waiting for you. You bend down and kiss me there. My hips raise involuntarily towards your mouth.

My hands are in your beautiful black hair, my fingers gripping you gently. I try not to moan but I am delirious for you. I bite my lip as I try to be quiet, knowing that someone could walk in any minute, even though they should all be in bed. Again I feel your rough beard against my skin as your tongue moves up the inside of my thigh to that triangle of heat between my legs. You are driving me crazy with pleasure. Sweet pleasure.

Your tongue tastes me at last, pushing aside the petals that hide my clit. Your tongue pushes deeper, flicking, licking, and sucking the essence of me into your mouth until the juices of my pussy and your mouth mix. I am so high on you, the sensations you are creating with your sweet mouth and tongue. I can barely breathe, my head is thrown back as I pull on my nipples and squeeze my breasts together. Bayan Escort Then your hand reaches up to join me explore my breasts, so warm as you cover my hand with yours.

I can no longer wait. I beg you. Beg you to fuck me. I want to feel your hardness inside me, filling me and stretching me. But you tease me, blowing on my pussy, pushing the tips of your two fingers inside me and then out again. I am now begging you, Then I hear you unzip your jeans. I see you big and hard, the head of your cock wet with pre cum. I want to taste you, to take you into my mouth and feel you swollen and hard for me.

Now you want to be inside me as much as I want you inside me. You move over me, your eyes looking into mine and I get lost in the ocean of your dark eyes. You lift my legs onto your shoulders, and we stare at each other, breathing in each other’s heat, until then I reach down and wrap my hand around you. You are so hot and hard. I gently rub my hand over the head of your cock and with my thumb I feel the ridges, the wetness there. I lift my hand to my mouth and lick your juice off my skin.

You kiss me then. It’s a hot and hungry kiss, as I taste my wetness transferred from my pussy to your lips and then mine. I want you more than ever in this moment, this kiss we share. I wrap my hand around your hardness, and I move your cock to the warm entrance of my pussy. I feel the head of you there pushing into me and then you slide so easily into me.

“Slowly, slowly baby”, I hear you say in some distant universe, as my legs wrap around your waist and pull you into me. You are now as deep as you can be inside me. My skin is wet Escort like yours, the fire from my face spreading down my throat and breasts until I look as if I have been running, pink, flushed, and happy. You lie still inside me, watching me while I squeeze you gently with my pussy, my muscles embracing your hardness. I have you in the sweetest trap, my sweet enemy, my prisoner. As you trail kisses down my throat you raise yourself on your arms above me.

You look at me, see wanting in my eyes, and you pull back until your cock is almost free and push back towards my centre. You slowly build a pressure, in and out of me, sliding up and down the soft tunnel of my sex. I raise my hips to meet you as you slide back inside me. Each time I dig my fingers into your back, urging you to go deeper and faster. As the speed builds we are both breathing hard, whispering sweet words in each other’s ears. But soon we cannot speak and I am near the point of orgasm. You see this in my face and you grind into me faster and harder, your balls slapping against me, as the wet sound of our fucking echoes in the kitchen.

I start to cum on your cock. I say your name over, and over, my muscles releasing all their tension against you, gripping you, squeezing you. I open my eyes so that you can see my pleasure as you pump in and out of me. You can’t hold back any longer. You whisper to me as you bury your face in my neck. ” I am cumming. ” I feel your spasm, your cock release its hot load inside my pussy, your cum mixing with mine. Wave after wave of your heat empties into me, and I hold you tightly, milking every, last drop of you with my pussy.

You lie heavy on top of me, our hearts beating drums against each other’s skin. The fire is getting dimmer as we lie there trying to breath normally again. Your cock still inside me, my legs around your waist digging into you as if I want to keep you there forever, like this.

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