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In the Dark: Darleen’s Revenge

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And the Truth Will Set You Free

© 2013 Scalia

Editing by TeNderLoin

This is my very first story submitted to Literotica. It is my ending to Saxon Hart’s story, In the Dark, http://www..com/s/in-the-dark-30. It was written with his permission. If you haven’t read his story, this story will make no sense. In my story, there are no ex-Navy Seals, Secret Agents and the like. Rather my series of events include things that are legally possible. Oh, it does end with the total destruction of Ken Ingalls and the BTB brigade will absolutely hate this story.


My name is Darleen Ingalls. You might have read about what happened to me in Saxon Hart’s story: In the Dark. In that story, you learned how that bastard of my ex-husband, Ken Ingalls, and his employers framed me for drug smuggling in Thailand. I was sentenced to forty years of imprisonment and that’s where I learned that sometimes life could be worse than death.

Well, here is the story of my redemption. This is from the diary I kept. There is not much conversation in it, nor is there any sex, per se.

Oh, and by the way- Scalia (who helped me get my diary ready for your reading enjoyment) wants you to know that everything written here about the law can and has happened in real life.

June 1, 2008: Another date with Eric. It went well until he spent the night. At 3:00 AM, I awakened him by screaming ‘NO’ over and over again. The fact that my arms and legs were flailing, and I repeatedly hit him, did not help. When I finally woke, he asked what the fuck just happened. When I told him the truth, he just got dressed and left. Fuck, fuck, fuck, and fuck again.

June 15, 2008: Another nightmare about my imprisonment. It started like all the rest: I wasn’t imprisoned for drug smuggling. No, it was for cheating on Ken. Then, every time I was beat up, sent to the hole, etc., Ken would appear and say, “See, bitch? This is what you get for cheating on me.” This must have been the 15th night in a row. If I don’t do something soon, I will go crazy.

July 1,2008: My therapist recommended I join a self-help group of ex-cons telling their stories. A Professor at a local college ran it. I told mine, swore it was the truth, and that night I did not have the nightmare.

July 3, 2008: Professor called and asked if I would tell my story to his class on the 15th. Said I would. Again no nightmare!! Third night in a row!!!

July 7, 2008: Went on my third date with John last night. We ended up in bed and falling asleep together. Again no nightmare or flailing: seventh nights without the nightmare. YIPPEE. Also, I’d had the first major orgasm since I got back from Thailand. I don’t know what is more exciting; that I had an earth shattering orgasm, that I hadn’t had my nightmare in seven days, or that John and I are going to meet again on the 10th.

July 15, 2008: Gave a 30-minute talk to the Professor’s college class dealing with imprisonment around the world. Three students walked out, and another two vomited in class. One student asked me a question, “So what kind of punishment do you think is fair for drug smuggling?” When I replied, “The funny part is that I did not smuggle drugs. This was for cheating on my husband,” you could see the smirk on everybody’s face like, “Yea, your husband went to all this trouble to nail your cheating ass. Give me a break.”

July 17, 2008: Professor Jameson called and thanked me for my presentation. He asked if I would be willing to speak to other groups about my experience. I said, “Yes.”

August 15, 2008 – December 1, 2010: Thus began my lectures. I talked to any group that would have me. Primarily it was college students, but sometimes it was high school kids, and occasionally professional groups. When asked if I had actually dealt drugs, I answered ‘no.’ I said that it was a set-up, and left it at that. By the time two years were over, I was giving the same canned lecture to groups in an eight-county area.

September 1, 2010: Gave a lecture to a class. One student asked if I had ever seen Ken again. I said I thought I had, but the SOB seemed to have vanished into the wind.

September 3, 2010: Came home and found an envelope taped to my door. Inside were Ken’s current home and work address, phone numbers, social security numbers, credit reports, and the like. Ken is currently living a Portland, Oregon. Also attached was his Linked-In and Facebook profiles along with a notation I was now Friended by Ken. I went onto the computer and sure enough there was my SOB ex-husband, with pictures of his wife, my sister Louise, and their daughters. I found out what church they went to, and the civic groups they were involved with. I even saw a picture of their homes (one primary and two vacation condos, one in Maui and the other in Paris France) along with pictures from their last three trips. One look and realizing what my cheating had cost me, I immediately ran to the bathroom and puked my guts out.

December 1, 2010: Gave a lecture at “Women’s Empowerment: Women Escort İstanbul Helping Women in the Work-Place.” Met Ms. Alicia Keys, Attorney at Law. At the coffee and Danish meet and greet afterwards, she asked, “Well Darleen, if your husband set this whole thing up to punish you, where did he get the money? It must have cost at least a hundred, to a hundred and twenty thousand to buy and waste one kilo of heroin. Where did he get the money?” I stood there mute as I had an epiphany. Finally Alicia asked if I was ok. I snapped out of it and said out-loud, “Where did the fucking money come from? We were the average upper middle class family. We didn’t have that kind of money and I could not see his employer giving Ken the money to set me up. Where the fuck did the money come from!”

December 15, 2010: Alicia called. She wants me to meet her old college roommate, Michele Zambraski. She said Michele’s an agent at the local office of the Drug Enforcement Agency. She said I should just tell my story truthfully, and leave it at that.

Dealing with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)

December 21, 2010: I met with Michele, and immediately got the impression that she too thought I was just a ‘drug mule’ who got caught. The only spark in her eyes was when I told her I had no idea where Ken got the money. I gave all the contact information the unknown party left on my door.

April 1, 2011: Something weird was going on. Michele asked me, no demanded, that I come back for a second interview. When I told her I was too busy, she said if I came, I might ultimately get some closure.

April 2, 2011: Called Alicia and asked her, “What the ‘F’ is going on? Michele wants me to return.” She said she would check into it, and call me back.

April 15, 2011: Had an appointment with Alicia. She first said, “You have to hire me as your attorney. Give me a dollar.” I did and she then said. “As your attorney, all I know is that Michele followed through, and Ken’s name is flagged, or something. From here on out, tell the DEA the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Also, I will be at your next interview.”

May 7, 2011: Went for the second interview. Besides Alicia and Michele, three other men were present. Two introduced themselves. The third, the oldest, just sat in the back and never said anything to me. He just scribbled notes, which he passed on to the two others. This time the questions were detailed. They included details about my Thai visit, my arrest, and the imprisonment; details that I never mentioned to anyone. Then I was shown pictures of Ken’s Thai “employers.” The men were obviously a few years older, but I could clearly identify them. I was then asked if I had ever been to their homes (I hadn’t) or their place of work (I hadn’t). Finally, I was asked if I knew what Ken’s employers did or where Ken fit into the organization. I was shocked, but I realized I really did not know what Ken did. It took most of the day to complete, and I was emotionally drained by the end.

June 15, 2011: Alicia called. This time the DEA wanted me to take a polygraph exam. I told Alicia I wouldn’t do anything unless I knew what was going on and I was protected.

June 22, 2011: Alicia received a letter from the DEA. It asked for my cooperation in an on-going investigation. Further I was not the target and to remind me that lying to the DEA was a federal felony.

July 15, 2011: Took the damn polygraph.

July 29, 2011: Alicia calls and tells me we have to meet for lunch the next day. . When I told her I was already scheduled to work, she said: “Trust me you really, really have to be there. This is very important.”

July 30, 2011: Went to lunch and somehow Alicia and another man were seated in a deserted corner. Alicia said, “Darlene, this is Mike Kane. He’s an attorney. You need to give him a dollar and hire him.” I looked at her and said, “What is going on?” As soon as I finished she replied, “Give him the damn dollar!” I did and then she introduced him as Mike Kane.

Turns out Mike is a former DEA prosecutor, and is now a criminal defense lawyer. When I heard the words “criminal defense attorney,” I nearly peed in my panties. Once the pleasantries were done, Alicia looked at her watch and said, “Damn it, Darlene. I forgot I have another appointment. I’ll just leave you with Mike.”

The moment she left Mike lowered the boom. “The DEA wants you to testify before a grand jury investigating drug trafficking from Thailand. You can appear voluntarily or you can be compelled to testify. Trust me, you want to be on the DEA’s good side, so you need to agree to voluntarily testify.” All this time I was thinking, “Oh shit, what the fuck have I gotten myself into.” He ended up by saying he would represent me for the $1 only, provided that I follow his rules. First and foremost, I was to tell him the truth and only the truth. If he ever caught me in a lie, he would walk away! The second rule was to follow the first rule. Over the next week, we would meet in his office. We’d go İstanbul Escort Bayan over my story, time and time again. On the last day, there was an investigator present.

Both think that my question as to where the money came from must have gotten to someone in the DEA. So, they just followed it. And it ultimately led to something that was far bigger than ‘cheating on your spouse.’

July 26, 2011: I testified before the grand jury. In addition to every thing that was covered in my earlier meetings, I was asked to identify my old tax returns. Afterwards, I was warned not to discuss my presence before the grand jury, or the testimony I gave, with anyone other than my attorney.

September 15, 2011: Once again Mike called me into his office. He was ecstatic. “We’ve got Ken by the short hairs. The investigator discovered the following facts:

1. Before the fateful trip, Ken and I had initially filed a joint dissolution of marriage giving each 50% of the marriage assets, but that we had withdrawn it. My “signature” was on that petition. The trouble is that it was not my signature and anyways on that date I allegedly “signed” before a Notary, I was across the country visiting my sister, Louise.

2. During the second divorce, Ken told the court:

a. He had visited me numerous times in jail;

b. He had hired me a local Thai lawyer; and

c. He had personally seen me sign the divorce papers and it was I who had wanted the 5%, not Ken.

According to the San Diego investigator, there was evidence that would prove those statements false. And then it got worse:

1. Neither our lifestyle in San Diego nor his present lifestyle could be supported by an upper middle management employee’s salary;

2. Ken mislead the court as to our assets ? we were really very wealthy but Ken made out we were the typical living paycheck to paycheck couple;

3. Ken really owned the company he “worked” for;

4. We had owned a number of companies and real estate throughout Southern California; and

5. Ken provided copies of our tax returns to the court. The investigator said there was something wrong with the returns; he just did not know what it was.

This is when I had my second epiphany: My arrest and imprisonment was not for cheating, but so Ken could keep me quiet and hide these assets. He was afraid what else might come out in a divorce, like questions as to where the money came from to buy these companies and real estate.

Finally and with great fanfare, Mike says: “If we can prove that Mike misled the divorce court about major portions of his testimony we might be able convince it to reopen your divorce, based upon fraud upon the court.” I was ecstatic. If I could reopen the divorce, I might be able to stick it to the SOB. The kicker was that I had 18 months from today to file suit. Otherwise the statute of limitations would prevent me from filing the suit.

Mike also suggested I talk to a criminal tax expert, John March, and have him examine the returns. Turns out if Ken prepared fraudulent tax returns, and I signed them, I could be held liable. So once again I hired another lawyer for $1. By this time, I was both ecstatic and scared. If Ken would have me framed in Thailand, what would he do now?

Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

October 2011 to June 2012: So off it was to the IRS. Mr. March made all the arrangements. But this time we started off with agents who were experienced and one even had a gun. I later learned the gun meant he was a criminal tax investigator. The deal John structured was that I would get protection as an “innocent spouse” if I would testify against Ken for tax fraud when the time came. It appears that if you knowingly under report your income by 25% in any year, the IRS can come against you at any time for that year. In this instance there is no statute of limitations.

The IRS moved much more quickly than the DEA. As with the DEA, I ended up testifying before a Grand Jury. And I was again advised not to discuss the fact that I gave testimony, or what I testified about, with anyone other than my attorney.

Moving to Portland

June to mid-August, 2012: Silence, absolute silence. No word from the DEA, IRS, or anyone. So I decided to move to Portland and tell my truthful story there. Once in Portland, I joined Ken’s church and the civic organizations he and Louise belonged to. Then I started my public speaking all over again. I never publicly let on that Ken and his wife were the other parties to my imprisonment. However I did tell the minister and the president of the church of the relationship. However once people realized we had the same last name, the strong family resemblance between Louise and myself, and my cool demeanor toward them, they started drawing their own conclusion. The fact that I accidentally got “tipsy” at another post lecture ‘meet and greet’ and disclosed his name and some of the details about my divorce, probably helped stir the pot.

September Anadolu Yakası Escort 15, 2012: I was hurting Ken and my sister’s reputation. My sister was getting strange looks, and some people had actually asked her if she married Ken the day the divorce was final. Other people were asking Ken if he truly left me to languish in a Thai prison, without ever visiting me or hiring a local lawyer. I even overheard some people say if Ken would do that to his wife, what would he do in a business deal. And best of all, I heard rumors that Ken’s family had heard of my stories and were starting to ask him questions. It was wonderful.

September 21, 2012: Ken and my sister approached me and asked me what the fuck I was doing. I replied, “Merely telling the truth.” They asked me to stop and I asked why should I. Hadn’t I paid the price? Forty years in a hellhole so as Louise aptly put it Ken “could divorce me without losing everything to my cheating ass.” Wasn’t everything I said truthful? Ken finally asked me how much it would cost them for me to leave town. I asked him, “How much you think my lost years, the indignities and torture I suffered were worth? Once you figure that out, get back to me. Until then,” I said with a smile on my face, “Portland is a marvelous town and a lot of people here respect me for what I have undergone. I don’t think I will ever move.”

September 25, 2012: Taylor Jones, Ken’s attorney called me and threatened to sue me on behalf of Ken and my sister for slander. I pleaded with him to do that. The resulting publicity would be far more damaging that my truthful lectures. I never heard from him again.

October 25, 2012: A motion was filed before the San Diego divorce judge asking to reopen the divorce. I claimed that Ken had arranged for my false arrest and imprisonment in Thailand, so I could not be present to challenge the proposed ‘distribution of marital assets’ and in order to support his proposed distribution he made numerous false statements to get 90% of the assets the court ultimately awarded him. The judge put the motion down for a hearing in three months.

January 25, 2013: The hearing was held. In my direct testimony, I went through all of Ken’s false statements, and what had happened to me in the Thai prison.

Right after the break and right before Ken was going to testify, I did a very bad thing. I asked to speak with him alone and mentioned that the DEA and IRS had talked to me about him. Then I took a calculated risk and pointed out a couple of well-dressed women and said they were from both agencies. They were here to hear him cross-examined. Actually they were two corporate lawyers from Missouri (heard one talk to the other while in the little girl’s room), but I figured that Ken wouldn’t know. Next thing I know, Ken has disappeared. A few minutes later, his lawyer informs the judge that Ken will not be testifying at all. Both the judge and my attorney had an incredulous look on their faces.

Unfortunately the Court refused to order my divorce set aside then and there, but said it would take the matter under advisement.


February 11, 2013: Still waiting for the decision. My lawyer tells me it is a good sign. Normally if a judge is going to dismiss this type of suit, the ruling comes fast and furious.

February 15, 2013: My lawyer calls me and tells me my case is effectively over. Yesterday a joint task force of DEA, FBI, and IRS agent’s raided Ken’s home and “place of employment.” Ken was arrested and is being held on a $20 million bond. Also a $20 million tax lien had been filed against him, my darling sister Louise, and his “employer.”

August 1, 2013: BPI news report: “Local businessman, Ken Ingalls pled guilty to 10 counts of criminal tax fraud. Mr. Ingalls knowingly evaded federal income tax laws by not reporting $25 million in income over the past 10 years. Mr. Ingalls was immediately sentenced to 15-years imprisonment. Part of the plea agreement included no criminal charges against his wife, Louise Ingalls.” My lawyer tells me that Ken will serve the entire 15-years since there is no parole in the Federal system.

September 4, 2013: Ken pled to two counts of drug trafficking plus forfeiture of all assets. Another eight counts were dismissed. Again no charges were filed against my sister. But nevertheless she has to vacate their home in 30 days. Other than her clothes and some household goods, she got to keep nothing. And who says there is no justice in the world?

October 4, 2013: At sentencing, the court noted that Ken’s downfall began when he had me framed in a Thai court for drug trafficking and sentenced to 40 years imprisonment. So the judge was going to be magnanimous. Instead of sentencing Ken to life imprisonment, he got 40 years and a day with the sentence to be served concurrently with his tax sentence. The judge also recommended that Ken serve the entire 40 years in a maximum-security prison.

January 15, 2014: BPI News Report: ” Former local businessman, Ken Ingalls who last year plead guilty to criminal tax evasion and drug trafficking was killed today during a riot in the yard at Scottsboro Federal Penitentiary. During the brief riot, Mr. Ingalls was stabbed numerous times in the kidneys, heart, throat and eyes. It is believed the riot was a cover for his murder.”

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