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In Public Ch. 04

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Although Bruce was left blushing for a week every time he went to work, both of the men felt that their escapade there was well spent. Even if they were pretty sure Bruce’s secretary knew exactly what they’d been doing… it had still be extremely fun.

They were left wondering where else they might be able to go and have fun, running the risk without getting caught… their close brush at Bruce’s office had convinced them that while they enjoyed the risk, they didn’t want anyone to actually catch them. Never mind the fact that they might get into trouble, they also didn’t want to lose this fabulous new part of their sex lives, and both of them were pretty sure that if they got caught their enthusiasm would suffer. And both of them liked this so much… it was such a fantastic way to do so many new things with sex, how could anyone be in a rut when they’re constantly looking for new places and new situations?!

A few times Jeff gave Bruce a hand job under the table in the restaurant, with Bruce later returning the favor – either under the table or in the bathroom, but both of them were longing for something more. And they couldn’t help but blush whenever their server walked up, so they knew that they weren’t being completely discreet. Especially the first time when Jeff had actually pulled his hand away and it was made very obvious where it had been; fortunately that particular server seemed to be very understanding and had just given them a wink. She’d even stayed away from their table in order to give them privacy for the most part, and made sure she was always very visible long before she approached them… but both of them had been so mortified that Jeff hadn’t wanted to try again and Bruce wasn’t sure he’d be “up” for it either.

Still, it had been very exciting, and when they’d gotten the nerve up to try again – at a different restaurant – it had gone much more successfuly. They found that if they didn’t act as though they were doing anything wrong, then people just assumed that Jeff had his hand on Bruce’s thigh or something. Etiler Escort The trick was to try and make it look normal, so Bruce would put his arm around Jeff’s shoulders as Jeff leaned into him, his hand sliding into the unzipped portion of Bruce’s pants. It helped when there was a long table cloth and if they kept Bruce’s pants buttoned.

A few times though, they’d had suspicious servers who were NOT as accommodating as that first girl, and they’d just gone off to the bathroom and had sex in the stalls there. There was even an art to that, making sure that they could keep going even when someone walked in. It was easiest if Jeff was facing Bruce while Bruce fucked him, since Jeff was the lighter of the two, and then if someone walked in he could just wrap his legs around Bruce’s waist and they could keep going until the person left. In fact, it gave the experience a little bit of an extra thrill when that happened. One time they were pretty sure that the person who came in was their overzealous waiter…

Of course, since he left Jeff his phone number on the check that might not have been because of the reaons they originally thought. Both of them had a good laugh over that one… the guy had looked so suspicious when they’d both come out of the bathroom. Sometimes it was fun when someone knew what was going on but couldn’t prove it… still, both of them got a rush of fear and their stomachs fluttered whenever they thought they might be well and truly caught.

Now they were sitting in one of those very fancy restaurants where the tables were spaced out, and they were in a very secluded booth. The server couldn’t see their laps at all because of the way the semi-circular booth was positioned, and the tablecloths draped down to the floor… it had to be their ideal situation.

Jeff’s hand slid up and down Bruce’s dick seductively, squeezing and caressing as he moved slowly but firmly. Leaning over to whisper in Bruce’s ear, his breath tickled Bruce’s neck and made him shiver with lust as Jeff whispered, Escort Etiler “You know… the tablecloths DO go down to the floor….”

And before Bruce’s mind could realize that implications of that, Jeff had looked around to make sure that no one was watching (they weren’t and their server was in the kitchen) and then slipped under the table. A moment later a warm wet mouth engulfed Bruce and he gasped, his hips thrusting upwards as Jeff’s mouth slid down his dick, tongue licking and caressing.

His hands gripped the sides of the table as he hissed, “What are you DOING?!”

In response, Jeff’s hands slid under his balls, squeezing them gently as a finger pressed against his ass. Bruce would have said more except that their waitress was walking towards the table, their salads in hand.

“Here you go,” she said, sliding the salad in front of him as he practically sweated, Jeff’s finger stabbed deep into his ass.

“Thank you,” he said, struggling to keep his voice normal, although to him it sounded a little hoarse, but she didn’t seem to notice.

Jeff’s suction increased, the warmth and wetness going all the way down Bruce’s shaft until he felt Jeff’s lips press up against his groin.

“Can I get you anything else?” the pretty waitress asked, smiling at him brightly. Bruce wished that she would just go away… the whole situation was getting to him in more ways than one. And it didn’t help that Jeff seemed particularly enthusiastic since there was someone there talking to Bruce… he must be feeling awfully secure down under that concealing tablecloth.

“No thank you,” Bruce smiled as normally as he could. It probably wasn’t normal enough, because she did give him an odd and questioning look before walking away, she kinda shrugged to herself and kept going.

If his dick hadn’t been in Jeff’s mouth, sending such wonderful sensations up and down his spine, Bruce would have been able to relax.

“You enjoyed that,” he hissed down at his lap, where he could see movement underneath Etiler Escort Bayan the tablecloth. Jeff’s head bobbed up and down, swallowing him whole over and over so that Bruce had to stifle a lustful groan. The finger in his ass pressed inwards, making his hips jerk a little so that his dick went even deeper into Jeff’s throat, he hissed a warning to his boyfriend, “I’m gonna cum…”

Jeff’s tongue laved the underside of his dick all the way up to the sensitive head and Bruce gasped, closing his eyes against the world as his orgasm flowed upwards and into Jeff’s mouth, his ass clenching down on the pressing finger. Shuddering a little, he managed to keep most outward signs of his passion from being too noticeable; his hands gripped the table tightly and his breathing deepened, but other than that, only Jeff got the physical reaction.

It was the mental that was the most incredible. A restaurant full of people, any of them could look over at their table at any moment, walk by to go to the bathroom, and not one of them knew that his boyfriend was blowing him under the table. It was a heady rush of emotion and adrenaline.

When he relaxed, his dick softening in Jeff’s mouth, Bruce opened his eyes and scanned the restaurant. He’d almost feared doing that, thinking that everyone would be staring, but not one person was even looking his way. His whole body relaxed.

“Is anyone looking?” whispered his boyfriend.

“Nope,” said Bruce, and Jeff popped back up beside him, looking completely normal except that his hair was a bit tousled. Bruce smiled at him and leaned forward for a kiss as their waitress came back with their food.

Jeff pushed his salad at her, “Here, I don’t really need this.”

“Oh, did you not like it?” she asked, looking concerned as she put down their dinners.

“Oh no, it’s not that,” he assured her, “I just want to make sure that I save room for dessert.”

He shot a sly look at his boyfriend that nearly made Bruce choke on his first bite of steak.

“Oh ok,” the girl dimpled and walked away with their salad plates.

Later, when she took their dessert order and walked away, it was Bruce that slid under the table. Jeff just sighed and reached his hand under to wrap his hand in Bruce’s hair as his dick slowly hardened in Bruce’s eager mouth.

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