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I’m Not Like Most Girls

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I’m not like most other girls. Alright, I can shop forever, spend hours getting ready to go out, and love my shoes as much as any other girl, but when it comes to sex I’m more like a man. I don’t want a relationship, I don’t want love or to be taken out for dinner, I just want cock. In my pussy, arse or mouth, or preferably all three holes at once, then I want to go home to my own bed, or find another cock. That is after all what men want isn’t it.

I’m not sure why I’m like this, it is partly the physical feeling of a cock inside me, but also a power thing, as however much of a slut I become, I know I am like a drug and nearly every man I have every fucked would love to fuck me again.

I love the feeling of a large thick cock inside me, the pleasure as it stretches me is indescribable. I’m sorry boys, I don’t care what they say in magazines, size does matter. I don’t want a cock that is going to feel like a bit of finger, I want it to feel like a whole fist inside me. Although I must admit a small cock does fit into my arse nicely, so I would never turn one away, just direct it to another opening.

I first discovered my effect on men while I as still at school. I developed at a very early age and used to travel to school on the underground. As all schoolgirls I thought I was the bee knees, pretty, shoulder length blonde hair, and as short a skirt as I could make it by rolling up the waistband as I left school. On starting work I needed to commute on the underground, and my first sexy encounter on the underground wasn’t long in coming.

I was standing in a crowded carriage holding onto the strap above my head. It was summer so my tits were pushed against my white blouse, and my already shortened skirt was riding up a bit. In the crush I felt something brush my thigh nothing unusual in a crowded carriage, until I felt a hand slide round to my bum. I screamed and dashed along the carriage. I made my way home thinking about the mysterious hand, wondering how far he would have got if I hadn’t stopped him. I got so hot thinking about this, I ended up in my bedroom, legs spread wide, fucking myself with the handle of a hairbrush.

It was months later I had the next experience, when I again felt a hand brushing my thigh. I stood very still as the hand moved until it was resting against my bum. My heart began to race as the hand started caressing my bum. God, I felt dirty, but I loved it. I pushed my bum against his hand, and after a brief pause he started caressing me again, his fingers tracing my bum down to the bottom of my mini skirt. His fingers gently touched the inside of my legs just below my skirt. I moved my position slightly, changing my stance so my legs were slightly parted. He needed no more encouragement, his hand shot up my inner thighs until his fingers found my knickers. I felt so excited I was getting damp, a fact he must have noticed on my panties. After teasing me for a few seconds, his finger eased my panties aside, and he slipped a finger into my now dripping wet cunt. I needed more, and lowered my body onto his fingers. I had to see who he was, and turned to look into his face. As I started to turn the hand was gone in an instance. Who was it? There was an elderly man with his back to me, could he have done it from that position? There was a young boy holding a couple of bags, but he would have needed another hand. There was a very attractive lady, was it her? Had I been touched up so delightfully by another female? I was dripping wet, and it was back home to the hairbrush handle for another dose of self pleasure

Whenever I changed jobs I deliberately looked for a job in London so I could travel on the underground. I had several little interludes that I really enjoyed. I started removing my knickers before I left work, and took great pleasure in finding a seat opposite a man, so I could tease him. I went home and played with myself, imagining the men wanking themselves of thinking of me, and that little glimpse they got of my pussy.

One day I was in a crowded train and felt the back of a hand on my thigh, just resting lightly against me. I knew the score by know, he as testing the ground to see if I pulled away. I didn’t, I leant against him to increase the pressure, at the same time turning my whole body to face him, so his hand was now resting against my pussy. I gyrated my lower body even harder against him, so there was no mistaking I was enjoying his attention. His hand turned, and I felt his fingers caressing my pussy. I looked him straight in the face and just mouthed the words “go on.” As the train rocked us together his fingers slipped down the front of my skirt to my bare legs, and traced them upwards. I was still looking into his eyes as his fingers found my pussy, and I could see he was shocked at the fact I had no knickers on. His fingers were deep inside me, and I used the movement of the train to get as much pleasure as possible from him.

As the train came into my station, I eased myself away from him, and gave him a sweet smile. I took the hand that escort bayan had been inside me and lightly kissed his fingertips, tasting myself as I did so. I turned on my heels and left the carriage, anticipating the vibrator sitting in my bedroom cupboard draw, I had progressed from my hairbrush handle.

I walked along the platform feeling very pleased with myself, I loved teasing men and making them lust after me. I was suddenly aware of someone alongside me, pushing me aside. I glanced up to see the man from the train as he propelled me through a door into the men’s toilets, and straight into a cubicle. He didn’t say a word, but span me round and pushed me down onto the toilet seat. Still in silence he unzipped his trousers and let them fall to his feet. In the position I was in his cock, which was rock hard, was inches from my face. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me towards him. His other hand fed his cock into my mouth and started to fuck my mouth hard. There was nothing gentle about him, he just rammed his cock in a far as he could. I started to choke and tried to pull away, but both his hands held the back of my head as he continued to pound me. The whole scenario only lasted a couple of minutes before he shot his load into my mouth. He continued pounding me until very drop of his cum was spent. He grabbed a handful of my hair and used it to wipe his cock clean, before pulling up his trousers and leaving. I was sitting on the seat in the men’s toilet, my skirt had ridden right up showing my pussy, I had cum in my hair and mouth, with some dripping down my chin onto my blouse and bare legs. I felt absolutely amazing, shoving three fingers straight into my sopping wet cunt I started to pleasure myself. The door was briefly pushed open and something was thrown onto the cubicle floor. I picked up two £20 notes. I had just become a whore.

That night I used my vibrator so much, I actually fell asleep with it inside me, waking up in the early hours to use it again. I was truly addicted to sex, and couldn’t get enough. Over the next few months I fucked everybody I could get hold off, and loved it. I got the reputation of a slut at work, the positive side of that was at least once a week one of the men would use me and give me a seeing too. I started dressing like a real tart and going out to pubs, I can’t remember how many times I have been fucked in an alleyway behind a pub, or in the gents toilet. The more I got fucked the more I wanted it. It was like scratching an itch, it just itched more.

I’m not sure when the idea came to me, but I remembered the incident in the toilet. I would become a whore, then I would have men fucking me all day. It seemed the perfect solution. I gave up my job and put a card in a couple of shop windows, offering personal massage services.

It wasn’t quite as good as I had hoped. I visualised all these studs with 8″ cocks queuing up to fuck me, in reality I got everyone from 18 to 80 wanting to visit me.

Some had problems getting hard or had very small cocks, some just wanted a blow job, one man just wanted to talk to me. However, during the course of a day I was getting fucked several times, and some of them were good.

I first tried anal working as a prostitute. A man I had seen a few times asked if he could fuck me up the arse. Now my pussy gets so wet, and so loves a cock inside it, I hadn’t really thought a lot about anal until then. It took a few visits, the first time he bought a load of lubricant and a butt plug. He spent a lot of time licking my pussy until I was panting, then he started tonguing my arse while using his fingers deep inside me. Then lots of lubricant was used, until the plug was right in my arse. It hurt a bit, but I was fine with it, as he was giving my pussy so much attention. When he put his cock in my pussy I thought I was going to explode with pleasure, the butt plug seemed to make him bigger and harder and I screamed at him to fuck me harder and harder. His next visit we did the same, although he bought a larger plug, and it was just as enjoyable. When he phoned for the third date, he asked me to slip the plug in before he arrived, as he intended to fuck my arse. I must admit I was a bit apprehensive, although excited at the same time. He didn’t have the largest cock in the world, but it was about 6″ with a reasonable girth.

As instructed, an hour before his arrival, I lubed up my arse and slipped in the butt plug. He just couldn’t wait when he arrived, he was so excited. Instead of our normal long foreplay, he spent about two minutes licking my cunt before he wanted to fuck me, not that this was a problem, my juices were practically running down my legs. He got me into a doggy position and started fucking my pussy, but it wasn’t long before he removed the butt plug and pulled out of my pussy and I could feel his cock against my arse. He held my hips and pulled me back towards him as he pushed forward. I felt his cock, it felt like there was no way it would go inside me, but he persevered, and I felt it slip in a little kocaeli escort bayan way. He ran some lubricant down my bum crack, and slid his right hand round to play with my pussy. My pussy felt so good, I was in heaven ‘Oh shit’ He had pushed his cock further into me, tears welled up in my eyes and I tried to pull away. He held me firm, but stopped pushing, and let me recover. He must have stretched my arse, because in a short time he again eased into my arse, and this time his cock when into me right up to the hilt. He pulled me tight against him, just gyrating sideways slowly so I could feel his cock moving. Then he started to slowly fuck me, gradually getting faster. He had certainly done this before, as he knew how to give me pleasure. The butt plug was shoved into my cunt, but I was so wet it just slipped out. He pushed it back into me, using his hand to keep it there, while other fingers danced over my clit. I felt him tense, before he shot his cum up my arse. I didn’t want him to stop, I was grinding my arse back against him, I think I was in heaven.

I was sore for a few days, but I knew I would have to do this again, and I was soon offering ‘A’ as a regular service. Often at night I would have a vibrator up my pussy, and a plug up my arse pleasuring myself.

Although I had good days, I still frequently pleasured myself, both during the days and evenings. The problem was it was over too quick. Some men just weren’t any good, but nearly all of them, once they had shot their load couldn’t get out of the door quick enough. The best ones were the few who paid for two hours, because by the time I got them hard for a third fuck, they could really pound my for ages before they came again, but unfortunately these were few and far between.

Another escort who I had befriended once said to me, at least you’re making a lot of money. I told her the money was nice, but I was actually in it for the sex and cock.

She laughed “Perhaps you should fuck a football team.” That night in bed, with my two toys in place, I started to fantasize about fucking a team, or a gang bang, surely that would satisfy my itch. I paid for an advert in a mens magazine. It read:

‘Charly – 22yo pretty blonde wishes to meet groups of men for mutual pleasure. Anything considered’

I waited expectantly for my first gang bang. All I got was phone calls from losers. “Can I just talk to you?” ” Can you arrange the other men?” “I’m so good you won’t need anyone else” etc. I was really getting quite depressed

One evening after about two weeks I received a call from a man who introduced himself as David. He sounded very uncertain, but enquired about my advert. Not wanting to give cheap pleasure to another timewaster, I just said I enjoy the company of groups of men. He really didn’t know what to say, and suddenly blurted out “Will you fuck a rugby team?” I was suddenly interested. He continued “I play in a rugby team in Surbiton, it is the captains 30th birthday, and we are arranging a stag do for him, would you come along and strip etc.”

Now I was getting interested. “I don’t do striptease” I said, “but I would happily fuck all of your brains out”

“How much?” Was the stuttering question after a brief delay. I asked him for more details. He said it was a party at a private house, there would be about 18 men there, mainly between 19 and 35, and they just wanted fun. I was getting hot thinking about it, 18 hard cocks attached to fit young men, this was my dream. I could feel my pussy getting wet. “How Much?” he asked again.

My brain raced, mustn’t appear too cheap or I would appear a loser. I made a decision. “I’ll arrive at 9pm and stop all-night. I will be happy to fuck all night if required, anal is at my discretion, but will be included for some. All penetration is with a condom, although I do love to suck cocks without. I will let them cum in my mouth if they wish, and will happily swallow all they can give me. I will be happy to fuck anywhere in the house, but will require a room of my own, with a shower, that is out of bounds to everyone but me. The cost would be £1500, and I require a £100 deposit.” I blurted out

“That’s fine.” he answered almost immediately. I was obviously a lot cheaper than he expected. He told me later that the team had agreed to go up to £2500 for the right girl.

The night couldn’t come quick enough. I spent hours getting ready, had my hair done, and left the house looking a picture. I had shaved my pussy, which was perfectly smooth. My body is always tanned all over, so I wore no tight, just the briefest pair of red knickers I could find, with a matching bra. I had a red silken dress with a V neck, that just gave a suggestion of breasts showing at the top. With my matching shoes and small clutch bag and even my lipstick, I looked like I was going to a very select venue, not to a gang bang in Surbiton.

The taxi dropped me out side and I nervously walked up to the door. The door opened before I reached it. The man standing there kocaeli escort was about 6’2″, 15 stone odd, with jet black hair. I couldn’t stop myself thinking I wonder what his cock is like. “Hi, I’m David, you must be Charly” He led me in and took me up to my room. Making small talk all the time, he followed me up the stairs. I exaggerated the roll of my hips as I walked up the stairs, imagining him trying to see up my skirt. He showed me into a bedroom that had an en-suite bathroom. “You are absolutely stunning” he said, and I was glad I had gone to all the trouble. “We have three more men than we arranged, I hope that’s OK, there are 21 of us know. I have charged them a bit extra, £200 each, so I have £2000 for you”. He handed over an envelope stuffed with money. It will be perfectly safe here, we all know each other. He went to the door. Come down when you’re ready he said, and was gone. I went in the bathroom, fluffed up my hair, dabbed some perfume on my breasts and between my legs, and went downstairs.

As I walked into the large lounge you could have heard a pin drop. The patio doors were still open and some of the team were on the patio drinking, but they all shuffled in as they became aware of my entrance. Nobody said a word as they all eyed me up and down, but I could see some of them already had cocks that were getting hard. I decided to break the silence “Hi I’m Charly, who is going to get me a drink?”

Within minutes I had a bottle of Bacardi breezer in my hand, and I was surrounded by a wonderful selection of strong, horny men. I had a mouthful of drink from the bottle, and sucked suggestively as I withdrew it from my mouth. I then rang my tongue up the bottle length. “Has anyone got something like this for me?” I felt a hand caress my bum, and I used my spare hand to find a pair of trousers that were bursting at the front, and ran my hand over the bulge. I was beginning to feel very brave, these men were lusting after me and it may me feel so good. “Who’s the birthday boy?” I asked

A six foot plus, real hunk of a man stepped forward, “That’s me” he urrered. I put both hands around his neck and started kissing him, pushing my tongue into his mouth. I pushed my body hard against him, I could feel his hard cock in his trousers. His two large hands grabbed my bum cheeks and pulled me tighter against him, making the lump in his trousers more obvious. I slid a hand down to the front of his trousers and started to massage his cock.

“I intend to fuck your brains out, but first I want to taste your cock. I brushed past the others and went over to one of the armchairs, still holding the hand of the birthday boy. Sitting in the seat I hooked one leg over each arm, and watched twenty pairs of eyes follow my long legs up to my red knickers, stretch tight over my mound. I slipped one hand into the top of my dress and fingered my breasts, the other hand using the bottle to push my knickers aside and insert the bottle into my pussy.

“Who’s the youngest here”? After a brief discussion a boy stepped forward “I’m 18”

“Cmon boy” I said , “I want your tongue in my cunt and I want birthday boys cock in my mouth.

The youngster happily dropped between my legs and started licking the juices from my cunt. Birthday boy had unzipped his trousers and a massive cock was inches from my mouth. I didn’t need an invite, I wrapped my lips around it sucked like fuck. He didn’t last long, within a couple of minutes he was emptying his cum into my mouth. I did my porn star bit, having watched a few in my time, and worked it onto my tongue before letting it drip out onto my dress and run down my boobs. Another cock took its place and slipped into my mouth. A man came up the other side of me and rubbed his cock against my cheek. Hands were all over the place, as the top of my cum soaked dress was pulled down to my waist. Other hands were trying to undo my bra in vain, he being unable to get to my back as it was being rammed backwards into the cushion by a throbbing cock in my mouth. I managed through a cock filled mouth to say “rip it off”, I had to repeat myself a few times, but eventually he got the message and ripped my bra off me. It may me feel such a slut, but I loved it. It was too much for the man fucking my mouth as he exploded into my mouth and over my face I turned my head to the left and was greeted by yet another cock which slipped straight into me.

I felt hands pick me up like I was a feather, and they carried me over to a large table, and laid me on it with my legs hanging over the edge. I couldn’t see who, but there was no mistaking that a cock was being shoved into me. The next 5 hours were absolute bliss. I don’t know how many times I was fucked, or how much cum I swallowed. I don’t know if they all fucked me, I’m sure some fucked me several times. The highlights, a really hard fuck that lasted about 15 minutes and made me cum several times by an extremely well endowed man, I think I had already swallowed his cum a little earlier, so he had a lot of staying power. My first double entry, up my cunt and arse at the same time, although I should say my first, second, third etc. I lost count as cock was swapped around I’m not sure how many combinations there were. The time I got about 5 faceloads of cum at once, and actually gargled with cum.

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