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I’m Dreaming of a Hot Christmas

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This one is for the Literotica 2021 Winter Holidays Story Contest and as always, your votes and comments are much appreciated.

Everyone in this story is over the age of eighteen and more than happy with everything that’s going on.


Best New Year’s party ever!

The girls and I were having a blast. Singing at the top of our lungs, mostly off-key, dancing on my mother’s antique table in the middle of the dining room, and shaking the hell out of our booties.

All of us laughed our asses off as we watched Keisha trying to get her drink to her mouth. Obviously not having much success. We all giggled, watching it dribble down over her chin and soak through her red silk slip dress, plastering it to her body like a second skin.

Okay, so it looks like we might have had a few too many. But tonight, was a night to celebrate. As well as a night to try and forget. Keisha and I were both flying solo since we’d broken up with our boyfriends. So, who could blame us for partying like it was 1999.

Even the guys were singing along and rockin’ to Gloria Gaynor’s anthem, I Will Survive. Until I gasped and I let out a squeal, as it suddenly occurred to me that I should have ditched my six-inch heels before I got up on the table, when I twisted my ankle and felt myself falling.

Thankfully someone caught me, when I landed hard in the arms of something as big and solid as a tree trunk. Wrapping my arms tight around his neck, I looked into his deep brown eyes, and could tell he wasn’t the least bit amused, and actually looked a little annoyed.

He might be big and brawny and sort of handsome if you were into cavemen, but Dash was such a kill joy. If he wasn’t my brother’s best friend, I don’t know if I’d have anything to do with him.

“I think you’ve had enough,” he said in a deep rumble as he turned on his heel and started carrying me down the hallway and up the stairs towards my bedroom.

“Says who?” I tried to wiggle free, but he hung on tight. No freaking way was I leaving my own party, just because this big brute decided to ruin everything, show up and tell me it was time for bed.

“Says, me. I think you’ve had enough fun for one night.” He cocked an eyebrow glaring me down, daring me to disagree. “Your brother asked me to drop in and see how things were going. And you’re just lucky I walked in when I did, or you might have broken your pretty little neck falling off that table. How much have you had to drink tonight, Peyton?”

I wrinkled my nose wondering what business it was of his as I shrugged and told him, “I had a few shots.”

He chuckled, though he didn’t seem to think it was funny, that I’d had a little too much to drink. “I’d say you’ve had a helluva lot more than a few. So, I think it’s time you called it a night, Princess.”

I was so shocked, my mouth fell open. The nerve of the guy, trying to tell me what to do in my own house. “You can’t tell me what to do,” I blurted, not really caring what he thought.

His grin was positively feral as he lowered his voice, leaned in and whispered against my lips, “You ever been spanked?”

Staring into the heat in his eyes, I swallowed hard and shook my head, knowing he’d be the type to do it, too.

One thing about Dash, he always followed through when he said he was going to do something. Which normally was a good thing, like the times he’d been kind enough to offer to pick me up from school when it was snowing. But not so much now when he was threatening to tan my ass.

Crazy thing was, I realized I was equally annoyed at the idea of him thinking he could man handle me, as I was turned on. Already imaging him sitting on the edge of my bed with me bent over his thickly muscled thighs, sliding my dress up over my back, and tugging my panties down, till he was smiling down at my bare ass ready to swat it.

I could actually feel my chest heaving as my sex nearly flooded, thinking how hot it would be to have him sliding his big, strong hand over my bare backside, giving me a little message before he lifted his hand and gave me a smack. And if I was lucky, he’d slip a finger into me while he was at it.

Though I knew I shouldn’t be getting excited, considering I didn’t even like him, he was so bossy. And yet, maybe because he was such a control freak, I had a pretty strong feeling he’d be dynamite in bed.

One thing I knew for sure, he was well hung. I’d seen him in a bathing suit, and I remembered my eyes almost bugging out of my head, when I realized he was big all over. Really big, from what I could tell from the huge bulge he was rocking in his board shorts.

Forcing aside the kinky thoughts filling my head, I wasn’t above begging, if it meant I got to stay at my party. I looked into his eyes, pleadingly. “Dash, I promise I won’t have any more to drink, okay? And no more dancing on the furniture.”

“Yeah, I can just imagine how pissed your mother would be if she caught you messing up her precious Duncan Phyfe dining table.”

I gave him an eyeroll, because Yeşilköy escort bayan we both knew my mother didn’t give a shit what I did, as long as I stayed in school and out of her hair.

And I told him so, too. “If she ever gets back from Europe, probably just for a touch up with her plastic surgeon, I doubt she’ll give a damn what’s happened around the house while she’s been gone, because she’s never cared before.”

Dash stopped in the doorway of my room, and I instantly averted my gaze, hating the pity I could see in his eyes.

Everyone knew I was a mistake, and my parents only had me to try and save their marriage. Though they were basically done with each other before I came along. And when they accepted defeat and went their separate ways, neither of them was all that interested in getting overly involved with the kid they’d left behind.

Though there was never any love, but always plenty of money, with both of them coming from uber wealthy backgrounds, I was sent to loads of fancy boarding schools almost from the time I could walk.

Now I was going to an Ivy League college, so I could graduate and go off and lead a life of my own. Undoubtedly, so they could wash their hands of me for good, feeling like they’d done their duty.

Hating to see me abandoned, my older brother and sister stepped up and tried their best to take a hand in raising me.

Though I’d never really had much to do with my parents, I don’t think I turned out too badly. I’ve never tried drugs, or ever been in trouble with the law. And I got excellent grades, usually top of my class. Although, I think I tried a little harder just to prove I could do it without the help of the people who were supposed to have been taking an interest in me, but never did.

Dash rested his forehead against mine, and with me still cradled in his arms, chest to chest, it did feel pretty intimate, though I knew he was just thinking. Probably wondering if he could actually trust me to behave.

“Okay,” I told him, “I know things got a little crazy tonight. But I’m not a baby anymore, that needs minding. I’m twenty-one now. And I’m a full-grown woman with a mind of my own. You might not believe it, but I’m not the party girl everyone thinks I am. I’ve got plans. I’ve got a seed of an idea that could help a lot of people.”

He shrugged. “Then why don’t you stop acting silly and prove it.”

I thrust out my chin and looked him right in the eye. “I will, just as soon as I’ve graduated. It’s just that all of us have been studying really hard. And this is New Year’s Eve. So, what better time to kick back and have a little fun, if not tonight?”

When he didn’t say anything, I decided a little teasing wouldn’t hurt as I pleaded my case. Stroking my hand along his strong, bristled jaw, playfully rubbing my nose against his I whispered, close to his lips, “I’ll tell everyone to tone it down, okay? No more dancing on anything but the floor. If you think it’s too loud, I’ll even turn the music down. And I’ll take their keys and call everyone an Uber when it’s time to go home. I won’t let anyone drive home drunk, I promise.”

Holding my gaze, he gave me a little squeeze as he let out a breath. “Peyton, I just don’t want anything to happen to you on my watch. With your brother off in Asia and your sister home with her new baby, they’re counting on me to look out for you. So, you’d better behave yourself. I was young once. And I know you’re just having fun. But don’t do anything crazy you might regret, okay?”

I knew he was the same age as my brother, who’d just turned thirty-seven. So, Dash was hardly what I’d call ancient. Ignoring the bit about him being young once, I nodded. “Okay, I promise.”

Since he still had me in his arms, unable to resist, I cupped the back of his head and brushed a quick kiss across his beautifully shaped mouth, just to see what it would feel like. Ooh, and it really did feel nice, even to just barely feel his soft, warm lips against mine.

Dash was so shocked he almost dropped me.

“You shouldn’t be kissing me,” he muttered, sounding gruff again, as he cleared his throat and set me back down on my feet.

I just smirked, finding it kind of funny. “Relax Dash, that was just a little thank you peck, for accepting the fact I’m an adult now, all grown up. No big deal.”

His gaze slid over me and he slowly began to nod. “Yeah. I can tell you’re not a kid anymore, especially when you’re dressed like that.”

I looked down at myself in my short, black body-hugging sheath dress. The way it showed off my girls with a nice display cleavage, with my back bare, I guess it was little on the sexy side. Especially with my long blonde hair up in a pretty updo for a change, along with my come fuck me heels making my legs look like they went on for miles.

Now that that was cleared up, I took his big paw of a hand in mine and led him back downstairs to the party, and suggested, “Why don’t you stay for a drink, Dash?”

He shrugged. “Yeah, I Escort Yeşilyurt might.”


As I sat down with a beer and started talking with a couple of guys who were watching the countdown celebration at Times Square on TV, my gaze kept drifting over to Peyton, laughing and dancing with her friends.

It was well over a year since I’d seen her, and I don’t remember her ever looking this sexy.

All I knew was, considering that she was my best friend’s kid sister, I had no business getting aroused when I had her in my arms. Even now, I could feel my cock twitching, as I imagined what it would feel like to peel her out that little black dress so I could explore every inch of her smokin’ little body.

Though in a dress like that, I didn’t have to imagine much. Her tits looked amazing, high and perky, a perfect handful. Perfect, nice round booty, and long lean legs, I could almost feel wrapped around my waist as I sank into her nice and deep.

I was so lost in my thoughts, I actually jumped, feeling guilty, when the guy next to me called out to the room, “Hey, they’re starting the countdown! Quick, everyone grab a drink to toast the New Year.”

I got up and poured a glass of champagne for Peyton and one for myself and passed the bottle along. We smiled into each other’s eyes as we counted down, “…5, 4, 3, 2, 1!” Everyone yelling Happy New Year! as we clinked glasses. Then she shocked the hell out of me when she wrapped her arm around my neck, tugged my head down and really laid one on me.

I know I should have pulled away, but I just couldn’t hold back. Though it started off slow, the longer we kissed the heat kept building. Till I had my hand on her ass, and my cock pulsing like a bitch as she wrapped her arms tight around my neck, pulling me as close as she could, her leg sliding up my thigh, with her taut little nipples grazing my chest. Our tongues tangling, both of us moaning, we kissed for what felt like hours, though it was probably only a few minutes of pure heaven.

Cupping her face in my hands, I studied her eyes when I pulled back, wondering what she was thinking.

Her big blue eyes dark with arousal, she gave me a sultry smile. “I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to really kiss you,” she whispered, turning her head and pressing a kiss into my palm.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” I said, dropping my hands as I stared mesmerized into her eyes. Even as my body begged me to pick her up and carry her back to her bedroom so we could finish what we started.

She nodded and looked a little disappointed as she agreed, “I know.”


That was the last time I saw her, till I heard through her brother that she’d graduated from college top of her class and started a business working with women trying to get back in the work force.

Finding myself with a little time on my hands, driving by her brother’s building, I stopped and went up to see him. I’d just walked into his office, and he laughed when he saw me and got up and shook my hand. “Hey, good to see again, stranger.” Then he noticed my smile, and remarked, “You look happy.”

I gave him a shrug as I took the seat across from him at his desk. “I just sold that house I’d been working on for the last four months, well above asking.”

“Good for you, glad to hear it. I don’t think I’d have it in me to work that hard to get those places ship shape, and then just list them and sell them off and go onto the next one.”

“I like house flipping. It’s a fun way to make a living. I’m my own boss, set my own hours. It’s never easy, but it pays off in the end. Like I told you, it runs in the family. My dad used to do it with my uncle. And growing up working with them every summer, I got the bug.” I reached for the bottle of water he handed me, nodded thanks, and took a gulp. Wiping a hand across my mouth, I shrugged. “It is hard work. But it’s rewarding to transform these places into homes for families that I know are going to enjoy living in them.”

“I’m sure they will. Because I know you don’t cut corners.”

“No. Never.”

“Hey, now that you’re between projects, since I’ve got a few meetings overseas, I wondered if you’d mind looking over my sister Peyton’s new place to see what you think.” He explained her plan to help give women that needed a leg up, a chance to get back in the work force.

“She’s got good people assembled to help her, working with resumes and job searches, even make- overs and new clothes. Basically, providing everything they need to give them the confidence to land a job.”

I smiled, pleased to hear that she’d followed through and done what she’d said she was going to do. Knowing after she’d finished college, she’d want to do something worthwhile with her life, I was more than willing to help her any way I could.

I often worked with her brother Josh, and whenever he mentioned his sister Peyton, I stopped whatever I was doing, curious to know how she was making out.

Proud that she’d turned her focus to Zeytinburnu escort something worthwhile where she knew she could help women at a crossroads in their life, Josh was eager to do whatever he could to help her succeed. And feeling the same way, I was more than willing to do whatever she needed of me, even if it meant working to get her office up and running.


When I pulled up in my old beater of a truck, Peyton was standing outside looking over the building, talking to one of the workmen.

I laughed at the way her face lit up when she saw me. And I gotta say I felt a little glow inside, the moment I saw her again, too. Pretty as ever, pale blonde hair back in a ponytail, dressed in skin tight jeans and white tank top covered in a dark blue plaid shirt, she had tied around her waist. Because it was a hot one today, especially for early September. Even dressed down, she still looked pretty enticing.

As exuberant as ever, she ran up to me laughing and threw her arms around my neck and pressed a big noisy, smacking kiss to my cheek, as I lifted her off her feet and hugged her back.

“It’s so good to see you again, Dash.”

Somehow, she seemed more mature, probably because she’d finished with school, and had taken on a job that meant something to her.

“Just came by to see if I could help.”

As we both looked over the old abandoned supermarket, she let out a sigh. It wasn’t exactly pretty, and looked even sadder with some of the neon lettering gone, so it read, “ood art,” instead of what I assumed was Food Mart, when it was up and running.

Eyeing the sign that needed to come down, she muttered more or less to her herself, “There’s just so much to do, I don’t know where to start.”

“Mind if ask? Did you buy this place, or are you renting?”

“Oh, I’m just renting for now. I think it’s big enough for what I need, and right on the bus line, which is what I wanted. But until I know if it’s going to work in this location, I thought I’d better just pay month to month for now.”

I nodded, taking a longer look at it, thinking at least it looked pretty solid. “Good idea. Well, I guess I’d better get up and have a look at the roof.”

She touched my arm. “Dash, only way I’ll let you help, is if I get a bill for every minute you spend here, okay?”

I just smiled and said, “Sure.”

Not that I looked it, because I’d never been one to be flashy, but I had plenty of money socked away. On my own, I didn’t need much to get by. Nearly every cent I made I invested, so I was doing way more than okay. And I sure as hell didn’t need anything from her.

I was helping her as a friend, and not looking for a pay check.

I was on the roof, pleased to see it looked okay, and the vents looked to be in pretty good shape, too. At least she wouldn’t have to do anything up top.

A young guy followed me up, and asked, “What do you think of the roof?”

I explained that it would still be a few years till she’d have to worry about replacing it. Then looking over the side, I noticed a couple of workmen down below on the street elbowing each other and smiling their asses off as they watched Peyton bending over in her car to get something.

The young guy beside me was grinning, too. He shrugged as he eyed her cute little ass. “One of the perks of this job has got to be working for a woman as good looking as Peyton.”

Obviously, he didn’t know that she and I were friends. I didn’t say anything. But he might have figured out from the narrow-eyed look I gave him that I didn’t like the idea that it seemed like her whole crew was just itching to get at her. Especially since she was paying them to work, and not to stare at her ass.

When I got back down, Peyton showed me around inside and I took a long look at the floors, checking for cracks and chips and obvious signs of wear.

She looked a little anxious as she cast her gaze around the big, cavernous space. “So, what do you think, Dash? Will I have to replace the floors?”

“Actually, this old terrazzo flooring is in pretty good shape, considering the age of the building. Once I give it a good cleaning, sand it down, and give it a polish, I think you’ll be surprised at how good it’ll look.”

She let out the breath she’d been holding and managed a smile. “Well, that’s good news. To know that the roof’s good and so are the floors. Now, let’s go look in the back.”

She walked me through a set of double doors, to what I imagined was the stock room when it was a grocery store.

Stopping and looking around, Peyton said, “I think this would be a perfect place to hang the clothes.” She pointed at the wall by the door. “I imagine I could get at least four fitting rooms against that wall, and it wouldn’t be too cramped.”

I nodded as I looked around. “I think it’ll look pretty good when it’s all cleaned up and painted.”

She wiggled her eyebrows. “I think it’ll look great.”

She pointed back at the big room we’d just walked through. “I’ll have desks set up in there for the staff to work on our client’s resumes, to help match them up with jobs. And in here, they can get some new clothes and even have their hair styled and get some tips on makeup, to get themselves work ready. Thankfully, there’s already plumbing back here, so I think it’ll work, without having to dig up the floors.”

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