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“I’ll go first,” Donnie said

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“I’ll go first,” Donnie said

This is the fourth story in this series. You will want to read the other three.




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“I’ll go first,” Donnie said

Thursday night my parents hosted Jake’s ‘rents to dinner at our house. Jake’s aunt and uncle, and cousins, were of course warmly included. The evening was, to my pleasant surprise, completely uneventful. Neither Jake nor his cousins did or said anything to cause me any embarrassment or discomfort in front of the olds, and the three adult couples hit it off well.

When I came down to breakfast the next morning, however, I heard my mom and dad talking at the kitchen table. I probably would have just blundered in, but I caught myself and eavesdropped for a minute when I heard my mother say “Samantha.” I hung back and listened as they discussed a missing pair of Mom’s earrings. She’d taken them off at one point while cooking, and hadn’t found them again. Mom and Dad were discussing the remote chance that one of last night’s guests had taken them. I guess Samantha was Mom’s prime suspect.

I coughed so they’d know I was coming and then entered the room. Of course, the conversation was stopped for a little while, but towards the end of the meal Mom asked me how well I knew John and Samantha. Mom might have tried to play me without telling me what was going on, but Dad came right out with it and said jewelry was missing and he and mom thought perhaps Samantha might have been tempted.

I really didn’t want to talk to my parents about John or Samantha, and I said that I barely knew them and couldn’t say one way or the other if they were trustworthy. I got the impression Mom herself wasn’t happy about suspecting a dinner guest, and the topic was dropped as we talked about the family’s plans for the rest of the holiday season.

By 9:00 they’d both dressed and gone to work. I had the house to myself, and right away thought I’d see if I could get Jake to come over – alone. I didn’t want to see John and Samantha again, not because of Mom’s earrings, but because of how they had abused me at Jake’s house two days ago.

And I told him exactly that when I called him. He made all the right noises, and assured me that he understood my hesitance to have another group session with everybody. He told me that he would find a way to slip out and come spend an hour or two alone with me. His exact words were “I want to spend some ‘us’ time with my girlfriend,” which made my lips smile and my penis twitch.

As soon as I got off the phone with Jake, I got a call from my mom. She wanted to arrange with a contractor to stop by the house, and she needed me to be present while he was in the home. I told her that I had no plans, and that I’d be here alone all day. I didn’t see any reason to mention that Jake would come by. Mom said the worker would need access to their bedroom, and asked me to stay with him while he was in their room. I’m pretty sure she was thinking about the missing jewelry, although she didn’t mention it.

Very quickly after my Mom’s call the workman phoned and told me he was ten minutes away. I met him at the front door and he explained that he’d need less than an hour to repair a ceiling fixture in my parents’ bedroom. eryaman escort True to his word, he was long gone by the time Jake showed up, just before lunchtime.

Neither Jake nor I had food on our minds, and we went directly to my bedroom to make out. I was struck by how nice it was that we were both thinking the same thing, that we wanted some intimate time without racing to take our clothes off. We laid on my bed for about 15 minutes, just kissing and touching each other. I loved it every time that Jake made “girlfriend” references, and I felt comfortable in his arms, in my bed, as we stroked each other.

But we were young, and horny, and both wanted to get naked sooner rather than later. I made the first move, when I went to lower his zipper. “Let’s undress each other, Jake. We’ve never done that before. I’ll go first.”

I had to pull away from Jake to unfasten his belt, and I fell right out of my narrow bed onto the floor. Jake laughed his ass off at “my clumsy girlfriend,” and reached over to “help the lady up.”

Feeling playful, I let him take my upstretched hand but then pulled him down onto the floor with me. He asked me why we couldn’t find “a real bed” and I got up and led him to my parents’ bedroom, where I’d spent most of the morning.

I ran a step or two ahead of him and threw myself onto the Queen-size bed. Jake was right behind me, we were instantly rolling around and laughing, tearing each other’s clothes off. So much for me going first to undress him. Jake was in a hurry to get me naked!

I soon had the tip of his cock in my mouth, and he was stroking my head, calling me his “sweetheart.” Jake had been using this kind of language more and more frequently. We were “going steady”, and I was his “best girl,” and things like that.

Neither one of us was comfortable with the notion that we were “in love.” And we weren’t, not really; our relationship was all about sex. Until our relationship became sexual months ago, we weren’t even each other’s best friend, just classmates and neighbors. But now we were each the person the other most wanted to spend time with. Especially naked in a huge bed!

Our whole affair had started with a plan to exchange blowjobs, but for a variety of reasons Jake had never actually followed through. It would be more accurate, maybe, to say that I had never let him.

Both of us had quickly become comfortable with my being his submissive ball drainer. Today in my parents’ bed, we got into a 69 position and I vigorously sucked his rampant boner. He, meanwhile, was sometimes fondling my only half-hard cock, sometimes rubbing my head.

“You really are kind of a girl, Donnie,” Jake said, as I sucked on him. “John can be a jerk, but you really do love being cummed in, don’t you? You’re like a total fag for cocks.”

There was no reason for me to answer him, what with his first ejaculation soon to be in my stomach and all. I nibbled and nursed on the head of his dick as he continued to talk. “Let’s find some lotion or something, OK? I want to touch your pussy again.”

I really didn’t want to interrupt what we were doing. As willing as I was to be fucked again, this tender sucking was like my very favorite thing, mostly because I’d come to love the taste of his loads. Or, as I’d discovered when John joined us, anybody’s loads, really.

So I ignored him for a while and just kept moving my lips and tongue over the head of Jake’s erection. Soon I felt his balls tighten sincan escort in his scrotum. I did take a moment to suck his ball sack a little, and to work his balls into my mouth one at a time while moaning loudly, which Jake loved. I went from ball to dickhead to other ball to dickhead, again and again, until I was rewarded with a loud groan from Jake and a mouthful of seminal fluid.

Like I always did, I kept on sucking past his cum shot, and we were quiet for a few moments. Only then did I stir from the bed and fetch some Vaseline from my parent’s bathroom cabinet. Coming back I made some lame joke about this being a waste of time because he’d never be able to get hard a second time.

“You’re confused, baby. You’re the girl who never gets hard, and I’m your lord and master who never gets soft. Right? But let’s make sure I get stiff for your sissy ass cunt — get one of your mom’s bras and put it on. I want you to look like a real girlfriend.”

I shivered a little inside at the thought of wearing girl’s underwear. It didn’t take me long to get one of mom’s sexier black bras from her dresser. Even before I could fasten it properly, my cock started to harden. Without being prompted, I also grabbed a short nightie of Mom’s and threw that on over the top of the bra. I turned to the bed and pointed my now rock-hard dick at Jake. “Look what’s happening, boyfriend,” I said to him. “Your girlfriend is loving this.”

Almost every minute Jake or John was with me they were hard as stone and ready to fuck anything with a hole. I was the passive, accepting dude who tried (and happily failed) to make their big cocks go down, and my smaller endowment to get hard. I never had any trouble cumming when we fucked, but I rarely got hard. Cum just sort of shot from my dick when one of them came in my mouth or, as we recently discovered, my ass. It’s like I needed one of them to fuck it out of me.

But now, in my mother’s sexy underwear, I was as stiff as I had ever been. The nonsensical thought popped into my head that to be some sort of a real boy I had to be some sort of a make-believe woman.

I kind of wiggled over to the bed and got up again. Jake had already greased up his right index finger and was soon slicking my ass. I rolled closer to get a better position and he fingered my anus slowly and gently. Soon he was able to squeeze in a second finger and he loosened my sphincter to take his re-erect penis.

I told him how wonderful it felt as he moved his body into position to make love to me from behind. “Oh god, Jake, I love it when you do that to my pussy place.”

He entered me slowly and a fraction of an inch at a time, twice using the head of his dick to push more lube into my rectum. It didn’t hurt, but it would be another minute or two before my own sensation went from the natural feeling – “there’s something in my ass” – to the unnatural – “Jesus I love having my asshole fucked.”

When we got there — when I was completely comfortable and beginning to relish having my ass stretched, I suggested I roll over onto my back. It felt even better for me to be on my back, thighs spread wide, with my lower legs wrapped around Jake’s ass and pulling him in to me. When I was being pounded on my hands and knees I felt like I was being used, which I liked, but in this position I felt like I was being loved.

Jake felt the stronger connection, too, and as he writhed in my embrace he said how happy he was to have a “faggy girlfriend etlik escort like you, Donnie”.

I’m not sure where it came from, but I pulled his head closer and almost whispered to him, “I don’t like being called ‘Donnie’ anymore. Can you call me ‘Donna'”? Then I pulled his head lower and forced his lips onto my mother’s brassiere. He immediately started to nibble and bite my nipples as if I was really a girl, mumbling about “Donna’s fine tits,” and my body hummed with excitement.

He paused chewing my underwear and replied “Donna? I like that. You’re Donna for me from now on, OK?” And he kissed me, sloppy and wet and with a lot of tongue. I’d had a lot of sexual experiences in the last few days, but today, on this big bed, cross-dressed, was unlike everything before.

For one thing, the brassiere and sheer nightie drove Jake insane. He not only nuzzled the cups and kissed them tenderly, but he bit and gnawed my nipples as if he would eat them. He reached down with first one hand, then the other, and tried to knead my tits as if I actually had some. At one point he lifted the front of the bra upwards, towards my chin, as if he was uncovering real tits on a real girl, and smashed his mouth against my exposed nipples. Then he pulled the bra back into position, and then raised it again. Jake’s insanity was contagious, and the more he worked my nipples the hotter I got.

The bed also added to my enjoyment. Jake’s cock pointed upwards when he was erect. If he was standing upright, his boner pointed at the ceiling, not the far wall. Even with no one touching it, Jake’s hard-on was so vertical that it almost touched his abs. When Jake fucked me missionary-style his taut-angled cock raked across my prostate. Thrust in, jab prostate. Withdraw, caress prostate. The back wall of my rectum was almost untouched as “my boyfriend’s” shaft nailed me to the bed. Jab, caress, repeat.

With so much room to move around in my parents’ bed, Jake was able to withdraw completely from my anus every four or five strokes, plunging back in on the down strokes. The prominent bulge of his cock head compared to his thinner shaft was smashing my sphincter open on the instroke and then closing it with a pop on the outstroke. The whole fuck was sphincter and prostate, unlike anything we had experienced before, and my own little dick achieved an unfamiliar hardness of its own.

I hugged him as tightly as I could while he heaved between my thighs and thrust his perfect cock in and out of my clinging anus. He French kissed me, and as our tongues pushed each other around in my mouth he mumbled “my sweet sissy Donna”. He thrust his powerful hips one last time, hard, as he came in my rectum, and my own small cock blasted my own cum shot all over my chest, and mom’s underwear.


My mother had been busier than expected in her office that morning. As soon as she arrived, her boss dragged her down to the Conference Room for a series of important presentations. It was now well into the lunch hour, but she was finally in her office with the door closed, ready to catch up with her other work.

Those unexpected meetings had caused her to miss the chance to monitor the electrician’s activities herself using the old nanny-cam she had placed on the dresser in her bedroom this morning.

‘No big deal,’ she thought about her failed security plan; after all, her son had been there to make sure nothing went wrong during the man’s visit. She picked up her personal cell to turn off the nanny-cam remotely.

She was still staring at the phone five minutes later, one hand in her panties, rubbing her clitoris, as she watched Jake and I, naked, arms and legs entangled, shouting out our orgasms into each other’s mouths. She’d first thought I was screwing some girl, but finally realized I was getting fucked wearing her underwear, and she orgasmed, too.

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