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I Would…

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I sat on the beach towel watching Lucy. She wore a loose, flimsy t-shirt, its neck stretched out, its hem grazing her upper thighs. She laughed behind her giant sunglasses, while playing with a dog from another party. Lucy waved a stick in her hand and threw it – the motion lifting the shirt just shy of her ample bottom, revealing her blue bikini.

Lucy was my girlfriend of about, god – 10 months now I guess. I had met her a few months into her separation from her husband. They married young, and as it turns out stupidly. While the split wasn’t entirely hostile – it had taken its toll on her. I loved to see her smiling and happy.

It was wretchedly hot this July, and a group of us twenty-somethings headed out to a lake about an hour out of town. It wasn’t too crowded, just enough to give the beach a festive feel. Our friends had brought enough food and drink to fuel us into the evening, and as soon as the sun dropped, the bonfires were lit. I sipped at my fourth beer, a distance from the fire as Lucy slowly approached.

She had a bad week, getting passed over from her promotion, and I could tell that it still clouded her head. At the same time, I had noticed that she hadn’t taken the t-shirt off all day.

“Hey babe, not going to sit by the fire?” She asked, kneeling down on the beach towel.

“Nah, I hate smelling like smoke afterwards,”

“Is it okay if I smell like smoke?”

I smiled and her and pulled her in close for a kiss. “I like how you smell any which way,” I gave her another quick peck before pulling a face, and smiling at her.

“Rance is driving back shortly, I thought maybe we’d catch a ride with him, is that cool with you?”

“Cool,” I responded, looking down at her face. “We should pack up,”

* * * * * *

Taking the back seat in the minivan, Lucy and I were crammed in amongst coolers and blankets and other junk. She laid her left leg over mind, and cuddled under my arm. The van rocked as it rolled down the highway, lights zipping Escort bayan by monotonously. Some of our other friends in the car listened to music on their headphones, or fell asleep. Rance put on some old ‘Blues Traveller’, and I watched Lucy’s face as she stared blankly out the window.

I pulled her further onto my lap and kissed her neck, before whispering into her ear.

“y’know what I’d love to do when we get home?”

She sunk into my body, eyes still elsewhere. “Chocolate cake?”

“Maybe after — but I was thinking of something else. Wanna hear?”

“Shoot,” I nibbled at her neck and moved my arm across her belly.

“I would love to get home, and leave everything in the hallway, then take you into the bedroom,” She momentarily tightened on my lap as the music in the background filled in the empty spaces. Her hand caressed my arm.

“I want to take you into that bedroom, and take your shirt off so I can see that full bikini I missed out on today,” Lucy stayed silent. Every since the separation had begun, the stress had gotten to her in all manners, she ate and drank for comfort, started smoking again, kinda let things get out of control. Just before she met me, she had begun to get things back on track, working her way out of the bad habits, and getting herself back together. The more I learned about her experiences, the more I marvelled at her strength. Despite her work though, she was often shy and felt shameful about her body. Despite being wildly willing in bed, she would never have sex without the lights off. Seeing her today remain all covered up, well, I don’t know for sure, but I felt like she was being self-conscious. I squeezed her tighter before continuing my story.

“I would throw you onto our bed, and tie…you…up.”

Lucy to look at me with a mischievous smirk. “Really know eh? Handcuffs? Some sort of rope you’ve got hidden?” I shushed her. “Go on,”

“I would tie you up, and maybe gag you, now that I think about it, just Bayan Escort so I could savour you without any interruption,” There was a slight giggle out of her.

“I would run my hands up over your ankles, and your calves, and take my time going up over your thighs. I would graze my thumbs over the inside of your thighs until they touched the fabric of that little blue bikini. I would run my hands up over stomach, across your ribs, and then your breasts. And I would rip that top off and suck your nipples.”

Lucy squirmed on my lap, gripping the arm across her midsection. She hadn’t bothered putting shorts on, so it was mainly skin on skin in the backseat there.

“Then what?” She whispered.

“I would kiss my way down your stomach, untie your bottoms, and drag them off with my teeth. I’d spread your pussy open and lick you until you forgot your name.”

Her butt ground hard against my crotch, and she spread her legs so she could reach down and feel the stiffness in my shorts.

“Put it in you,” I quietly demanded of her. There was a pause in her action, and she seemed to turn her head, as if to ask if I was being serious. I moved my own hand down, feeling for the fabric of her bikini bottoms, which I pulled aside to expose her hairy cunt. Crudely, I rubbed the area with my hand, until she lifted up slightly to unzip me and pull out my rigid 7″ cock. Our eyes darted up ahead, to see if anyone was watching. I felt her pussy lips envelop me before she planted herself on my lap. I nearly groaned the moment I felt my penis push inside her fully, her muscles opening and closing around my piece. She wiggled and rocked, careful not to make too much noise, or to make our movements obvious. My mouth went to her ear yet again.

“I’d have you laid out in bed completely naked, so I can love every part of you. Your perfect breasts, your little belly I love to kiss, your wide and beautiful hips I love to bite at, your gorgeous thighs I love to lick.”

I moved my Escort hand to her clit, and targeted my efforts. She painfully struggled to keep her composure as I strum away at her bits.

“I’d want you in bed all naked so I could take your entire body in, enjoy for real what I masturbate about when I’m away,” She mewed and whimpered. “I’d put my lips on every inch of skin I could, just to taste you. I would eat you out and I would fuck you until I passed out.”

I began to lose focus as Lucy’s cunt massaged my cock and I edged closer to orgasm. I furiously tickled her clit in a race against each other, but ended up losing. I grunted, and then tried to disguise my noises with a cough as I filled Lucy with my cum. Whether Rance caught anything when he glanced back, I had no idea, but the rest of the van seemed to be asleep and unaware. I continued to flutter away on Lucy, until she physically forced me to stop. I could feel her insides twitch and quiver moments after. I buried my face into the back of her neck, smelling her suntan lotion, sweat and smoke. I kissed her repeatedly from behind.

“I love your entire body, I love you so much, I would do just about anything I could to make you happy… You know that right?” I continued to kiss around her ear.

Lucy turned her head to look me in the eye – her damp eyes instantly making me tear up myself – and kissed me deeply. He hand went to cradle my face as we made out.

“I know,” She shyly responded. We kissed and hugged tightly.

Before too long, we realized we were almost home and began to extricate ourselves from one another. Her pussy leaked, and we looked for something to clean up with. Unable to find anything, Lucy stripped off her t-shirt and cleaned us both up. I was put away by the time we pulled up to our apartment complex, and Lucy stuffed the dirty shirt into her oversized bag. I thanked Rance for the ride as we disembarked, grabbing our gear before he drove away with a honk. Lucy stood in the parking lot in nothing but her blue bikini and an unbeatable grin.

“We’re home now,” she said warmly. “I think there were some things you promised you would do as soon as we got in, no?”

I grinned and watched her turn to go inside, my beautiful Lucy.

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