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I Violate Devon’s Ass

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Devon arrived at 9:30PM last evening. He literally filled my doorway, and glistened with sweat. He had on a sweated through white tank top, that clung to his athletic chest and abs. His sagging gym shorts were uniform for the college team he currently played for, and his enormous Jordans chirped on the tiled floor, as he stood at attention. I got off the sofa, and walked slowly toward him, my patent Daffodile Loubis clicking along the tile as I strutted toward him. I paired them with a sheer drop waist DVF sheath, and Derek Lam structured blazer. He gazed upon my naked flesh, beneath the nude fabric.

I stopped in front of him, and gazed up into his gorgeous brown eyes. Lashes for days, thick brows, and perfect mocha skin. Delicious.

I tucked my fingers under the sweaty, clingy fabric of his tank top, and pulled it up. Even in 6″ heels, He towered over me. I pushed it up to just beneath his hairy armpits, and sighed out loud.


He flashed a gleaming, toothy smile, and pulled his tank over his head, dropping it onto the tiled floor. I gazed upon him, and reached out, to run my hands down his sweaty torso. He had shortly buzzed chest hair, between his massive pecs. His abs were so chiseled, I felt my fingernails catch in between the muscular lines, and over the short, prickly hairs that coated them. He flexed, while I did this, and licked his lower lip.

I ran my hands down the front of his sagging gym shorts, and felt a large mass of cock beneath them. I cupped my right hand under his crotch, and felt his large balls, hanging loosely below the shaft. I pulled at the waistband of his boxers, and shorts, pulling them both down, together. I squatted down, as the fabric slid down his buzzed crotch, and meaty shaft. His dick and balls were a lighter shade of mocha, from the rest of his muscular body. I pulled his shorts down, completely, and stared at his dick for a moment. It was shiny, and thick, and I had a moment of thirstiness, as I stood back up.

“You may finish undressing.”

He flashed another smile, as he squatted down to unlace his shoes. He smelled of musk, body odor, and cocoa butter. I walked toward the sofa, and turned to wait for him. He stood back up, kicking off his shoes, and pulling his socks off, leaving them in the pile of sweaty workout wear. He slowly walked toward me, like a God, with his magnificent dick swinging proudly, back and forth, like a pendulum. He stood before me, a giant. My 5’9″ frame (6’3″ in these heels), felt petite, and small before him. He looked down with those big brown eyes, and thick lashes, waiting for my next command. I slowly walked around him, taking note of his large biceps, and forearms, covered in ink. He had a full sleeve on his left arm, which wrapped around the back of his shoulder, and down to his side. His back was also chiseled, and he had a large, muscular ass. I grabbed his cheeks, and spread them. He had a shaved inner ass, and dark brown hole, with inner pink. I got a wiff of his ass stench, and felt my nipples begin to harden. I let his ass close, and trailed my left finger nails along his cheek, and side, as I walked completely around his back end.

I stood before him again, and he cocked an eyebrow, inquisitively.

“You may undress me.”

He slid his large hands up my chest, and under the shoulders of my blazer, lifting it up, and over my shoulders, dropping it behind me. I put my arms up, and he slowly, and carefully ran his fingers down both sides of my body, sending a shiver up my spine. He stooped, and lifted the dress up, at the hem, slowly raising it above my arms, and dropping it to the floor. I put my arms down, and allowed him a moment to take me in.

“Carry me to the bedroom.”

He scooped me up, as if I were a large doll, and carried me in to my room, instinctively laying me on the bed. I slid off the side, and motioned for him to lie down. He obeyed, as I walked Çankaya Escort to my ottoman, at the foot of the bed. I retrieved some strawberry lubricant, a vibrating cock ring, and a strand of glass anal beads, with a fringed end. I crawled back onto the bed, and straddled his thighs. He reached up, to place his hands on me, and I slapped them away. He bit his lip and put his hands to his sides. I squirted some lube onto his enormous dick, and slowly massaged him to erection. He closed his eyes, still biting his lip. I formed a ring with my right hand, swirling it up his shaft, and over his head, while pulling tightly on his balls, with my left. I continued this for a few minutes. He was rock hard, with very little skin allowance. I slipped the cock ring over his head, and adjusted it at the base of his shaft. I turned it on.

“AhhMmm…oooh, aha-ha…”

He was squirming beneath me, as I tightened my grip on his shaft. He had a sheepish grin on his face, as he tried to contain himself, and not shudder. I reached down, sticking my middle finger into his ass, with my left hand. He jumped slightly, and raised his hands to protest.

“Don’t say a fucking word.”

He dropped his hands to his side, and furrowed his brows.

“You’re going to enjoy this. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Ms. G.”

“Now turn over.”

I slid off of him, as he turned his large frame over. It was then, that I realized his feet were hanging off the edge of my king size bed. Poor Bastard. I was going to have fun teaching this God a lesson in submission.

I crawled back onto the bed, and straddled the back of his thighs. My pussy was wet, and my lips were engorged. I wanted him inside of me, but I had to establish my dominance. I squirted some strawberry lube onto each cheek, and down the center crevice. It gathered at the top of his ass, where it met his lower back, and some dripped down to his thighs, and into the darkness. I slowly massaged his ass cheeks, and worked my way up, and down, slowly. Occasionally I would spread his cheeks, slipping a couple of fingers between them. He would squirm slightly, and then settle back in. I could feel the vibrations from the cock ring, even with his weight on top of it. I slid my way down, as I continue to massage his ass, and spread his cheeks wide, exposing his dark, smooth hole. I work my fingers in between his cheeks, spreading his flesh as I approach the hole. I poke it a couple of times, while massaging the surrounding tissue, and watch as it eventually opens a little for me. I circle his hole with my two indiex fingers, while spreading his inner cheeks with the rest of my lubed fingers. This creates a sort of friction, and soothing massage, while you attempt entry.

I slide a finger in, as he squirms, and then two. I hear a loud sigh escape him, and I slap his ass as hard as I can.

“What was that?”

“Nothing Ms. G.”

“I thought so.”

I continue to finger his ass, with three of my fingers inside of him. I move them in and out, slowly, as I reach for my anal beads. I sit back, with my ass cheeks resting on the backs of his calves, and slip off my Loubis, letting them drop to the rug. I use my feet to spread his ass cheeks, as I lube up the beads. I put the first one to his hole, and it clamps shut. His whole ass is a tight bundle of muscular tissue. I slowly slide the beads up and down his crack, between his cheeks. He doesn’t budge, for a few minutes.

“You.Will. Let me in.”

He loosens his ass, and I’m able to fit the first bead in. His legs move, as his feet curl, and I hear alow whimper. I slap his ass again.

After a few minutes, I have all of the beads inserted, with the fringe hanging out of his ass, like a horse tail. I get off of him, and stand beside the bed.

“You may turn over.”

Slowly, and awkwardly, he turns over, his dick Keçiören Escort raging hard, with the glow of the cockring power light, reflecting off his oily crotch and abs. He lays back down, as I watch his dick move up and down, up and down. He’s looking sideways at me, awaiting my next move. I motion for him to get off of the bed, and he slowly moves his way over, sliding both legs off the bed, and getting up to stand before me.

“You may follow me”

I walk back toward the lounge, and hear the soft thuds of his bare feet, walking behind me.

“On all fours.”

He gets down on all fours, obediently, and plants both hands firmly before him. I straddle him, and lean back, working my hands over his tail. I pull and push lightly, back and forth, into his ass. I can feel his body shift, and his back muscles flex beneath my juicy pussy. I’m so thick and wet. I lean forward, sliding a little on my juices. I swoop off of him, and position myself under his arched body. I wrap my legs around his waist, and pull myself up with my arms around his neck. He shifts slightly, but remains strong, and still. I thrust my hips up a little, until I feel his hard, vibrating shaft. Slowly, I pull myself onto him. The feeling is so strong, and so intense. My body aches, from hanging on, and my pussy is thirsty for his meaty dick, to plunge deep into me. I let out a sigh, and I feel his dick shift up, against my clit. I bit my lip, to keep from cursing.

He stays still, except for his dick throbbing up and down inside of me. I keep myself still, for the most part. I slowly start to massage my pussy, with the vibrations from his dick. I work my hips from side to side, hitting every angle, massaging the tissue, excreting more juices. I feel complete wetness seep out of me, and drip down to my ass. I’m literally shaking, as my ass gapes open, soaking up my pussy juice. I’m shuddering from head to toe, as I work my pussy over and around his vibrating dick. He’s breathing heavily into my hair, and neck. I feel myself cumming, but I remain on edge, for a tantalizing few minutes. My mouth is wide open, and my eyes are rolling back into my head. I let out a low, choppy moan, as I gush to orgasm. One foot slips around his waist, and I find my position against the tiled floor. I’m cumming over and over again, as I drip down my thigh, knee, and down my leg, puddling at my planted foot. I’m thrusting myself up, over his vibrating dick, again and again. I keep cumming, until I feel I may pass out, and slowly lower myself onto the tiled floor. I’m completely wet. I can feel my pussy lips trembling, as I clench my fists at my sides. I’ve cum a pool beneath me, and I look down to watch my engorged, shiny lips spasm.

Devon is still breathing heavily, and now staring down, directly into my eyes. He opens his mouth to speak, but just as I see his tongue move, to form the words, I feel him cum. His head tilts back up, as he lets out a low growl. I watch as his throbbing dick shoots wad after wad of creamy, thick cum, clear up to my neck. His dick throbs violently, occasionally slapping against the underside of his abs, dripping cum everywhere. I slide down, and grab his dick with one hand, milking it furiously. He oozes out more cum drops, which splatter against my cheek and chin. I close my eyes, and lick around my lips, tasting a little bit of his sweet cum.

I let go of his vibrating dick, and lay back. I open my eyes, and watch his chest and abs flex, in and out with his heavy breathing. Magnificent man.

“Come to me.”

He lowers himself onto me, and I hold him in my arms, running my hands up and down his back. He’s shaking over me, propping himself up on his forearms, so as not to suffocate me. He’s whimpering like a child, and I feel his dick throbbing against my pussy, and thighs. I wrap my legs around his lower waist, as his vibrating Etimesgut Escort shaft rests against my engorged lips. I hold on tightly, and pull myself to him, even tighter. I dig my nails into his back, and press my mouth against his oily, sweaty shoulder. I let out a muffled moan, as I cum again. I work my hips as much as possible, grinding myself up and down his shaft. I push him away, as he rolls onto his back, and I climb on top of him, sliding my pussy down over his vibrating shaft. I ride him, while my orgasm subsides. His eyes are closed, and his mouth is open. His hands are at his sides, and his fists are clenching. I finish myself off, and stand over him.


He slowly stands, still shaking, and biting his lip. His dick is throbbing, and pulsating, as I reach forward, and turn off the cock ring. His dick is still spasming, while I slide the ring over his cum covered shaft and head. I drop it to the floor, as I walk around him. I reach around, and hold his lower abs with my left arm, as I slowly pull the anal beads from his ass, one bead at a time. He’s shaky, and slightly hunched over, as I get the last bead out, and set them on the cocktail table. I walk back around, and take his softening dick in my hand, and start to jerk him off, slowly. He bites his lip again, and furrows his brows. I quicken my pace, and his hands instinctively rise, as he holds back, clenching them in tight fists. I heard the loud squishing sounds as I jerk his thick dick. He’s hardening again beneath my hand, and I reach out with the other, and double hand him. He hunching over, lower to me, until his head is resting on my shoulder. He’s breathing loudly, as I continue to jerk him, and I hear him sobb softly against my neck, his breath in short spurts.

“M-m-m-mMs. G-g-g-g-g-G…P-p-p-pllllee…”

I feel wetness, as his dick cums again. He shoots shorter ropes of cum, across my forearms, and gets come on my breasts. He’s slumped over, and starts to pull away from me, toward the floor.

“No…Not yet.”

He tries to regain his composure, but he’s heaving, and moaning loudly, as I continue to jerk him, oozing out the last drops of cum. I let go of his shaft, and watch it spasm freely. His balls look small, as they tightly hug the base of his shaft. I push against him, leading him to stand upright. He clenches his fists tightly, and forces himself up.


He whispers out loud. I slap his face, and his eyes open slightly. He’s trembling all over, and I cross my arms, and watch as he tries to compose himself. He looks pathetic, and pitiful, shaking and whimpering like this. I love it.

He’s covered in sweat, and cum. I give him a few more minutes of standing, until I motion for him to get on the ground. He drops quickly, and gets into the fetal position. His shaking as lessened, and his whimpering has stopped. He looks exhausted and helpless.

“Once you’ve licked me clean, you may leave.”

He looks up at me, almost in anger, and pleasure. His eyes glaze over, as he sits up, emotionless, and proceeds to lick my pussy, and thighs. His tongue is long, and sensual. The playfulness he displayed earlier, has hardened into a mechanical, obedient calm. He methodically licks my pussy, as I feel myself become aroused, and then he moves on to my abs, and even sucks the cum from my naval. He holds each of my hands in his large fists, and licks the undersides of my forearms, and palms. I imagine his sweet cum taste, while I watch. He cleans every bit of cum and juice off of me, and stands. His cum is drying against his dark skin, and he’s still sweating from every pore in his body.

The cocoa butter smell is non-existent in the presence of his musk and cum. He looks humiliated, and tired, as he slowly walks back toward the door. He pulls on his boxers and shorts, and the, now dry, tank top over his head, slipping on his shoes. He opens the door, and closes it quickly behind him. I walk to my room, and slide into a pair of panties. I emerge from my room, and notice a pair of wrinkled socks. I walk slowly to them, and stop. I pick them up, and unfold them. They’re moist, and heavy in my hands. I raise them slowly to my nostrils, and breathe in. Damn, that cock…

Ms. G

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