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I Dream of Kathy, My Teacher

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This story is largely based upon my love for voyeurism and exhibitionism, and is predominately focused on my desire around masturbation experiences, specifically about women performing the act on men. By now you would know its my favorite subject.

It was the end of my year 12 at high school. Like everyone I was on edge on how my exams will go. I have turned 18 a few weeks ago and already feel the time has come to step up and leave the school that I have studied at for the last few years. If I do well in my exams, I hope to go to varsity next year and study law. I am reasonably confident as I have done well in previous exams during the year plus my assignments I managed to obtain good grades thanks to science subjects taught by my favorite teacher Kathy. Yes throughout the year, its help when you like the teacher.

If there ever was one attractive looking teacher, it was her. Now Kathy Lee Smith was stunning to a point of distraction even to her follow teachers. She always dressed nicely, professional, not like she was after attention but she got it anyway. Biology wasn’t my favourite subject although this year the main subject was divided further into several more specifics.

Kathy at a guess was probably in her mid thirties. She was a brunette with shoulder length wavy hair and beautiful fair complexion. Physically she was shorter then myself but had this amazing figure. She was very nice, quiet personality but charming lady.

It was at her class that somehow I managed to excel in her teachings and assignments and I wasn’t the only student to have done well in her class. Plus I attended every class of her’s. It was nice to see her in class three times per week.

But over time like every male student and some female to be frank, I became fond of her and desired her not only for her teaching ability but gradually sexually. There was definitely something there. Kathy had some charisma and charm, add it with that stunning appearance and you have the “perfect teacher.” It was during this time I started to dream about her. Mainly centred around what she’s like. Her interest and what she does after she leaves the school at end of day. Is she in fact married but I don’t see any ring on her finger.

I know that this is just schoolboy fantasy. I have had one girlfriend before. Her name was Katy but that was brief and unfortunately rather dull. But when I see our sexy looking biology teacher my mind began to wonder endlessly. And now after a class, I volunteered the other day to help her carry some books to her car, I am getting the odd stare back as she teaches her class. I am sure she likes me, cause I sure do like her.

And she knows she attracts a lot of male attention from students to male teachers, but I wanted to be Kathy’s favorite. So I intentionally helped her and stayed behind in class quite often actually.

Anyway I would help her take her books back to her car after each class and I am pretty sure she was onto me now even after the first occasion. So I thought about her a fair bit, especially at nights when I supposedly meant to be asleep.

The next day that was when it happened. I was caught by surprise by her. Again I was helping her take books to her car, when she offered me a ride home. Of course I said yes. I thought nothing of it, except feeling special. While in her car, she thanked me for my help and wanted to return the favor. As she spoke her right hand touched my left thigh. Suddenly I felt aroused and nervous. In an instant I was swelling rapidly. I wanted to conceal the embarrassing lump between my legs but could only control it slightly, as I frantically try to control my thoughts. She smiles knowingly, then she starts the car and we leave the car park.

We arrive at an unknown destination. I knew we were not going to my address but I didn’t say anything. I was now rock hard, not knowing what my teacher was planning. We were in a carpark somewhere but it was quiet and I couldn’t see anyone else around.

“I have a surprise for you.” She smiled wide. “You’re going really like this.”

I was stunned silent. More like petrified nervous but highly turned on at the same time. I can smell her presence. It was electrifying.

“Let’s go to the back seat.” She motioned with the hottest smile.

Kathy then opens her door and proceeds outside before opening the door to the back.

I follow her, shaking with excitement. This is truly a dream, as I pinched myself in disbelief.

I enter the back on the other side, completely oblivious to what was going to happen. My mind raced with thoughts and images as I tried to take in what was happening. My god are we going to have sex together? I have never had sex with any female, even with Katy. She stopped me every time I tried. I seen many porn movies but the reality is so much more incredible. I feel like the luckiest student around.

So here we were, Kathy and myself. Then she placed her right hand on my thigh just inches from my fully erect cock. She stares at me, looking at my awkwardness but her beautiful escort bayan sexy smile melts me. I wanted her.

“I promise you that are you going to really enjoy this.” She whispered with a smirk while stroking my inner thigh. “It will be unforgettable.”

I couldn’t say anything, my heart was beating loud and forcefully, as I looked at her pretty face. I was clearly overwhelmed with excitement being with her. I just want to be close to her. I just wanted to “eat her.”

I involuntarily open my thighs as she moved closer until she was able to place her right leg over mine. Immediately I smell her perfume and see her extraordinary pretty face close up. She smiles beautifully, staring at my innocence. Her right hand now resting on my erection, lightly touching and gripping. Oh god…oh god, I was in heaven. Then incredibly Kathy starts to tease me, talking dirty. It was unbelievable, something that happens in some of those movies I thought. And the image of her stroking me in this classic position appears. The thought drives me insane with that schoolboy fantasy.

“Have you ever been masturbated by a woman?…wildly masturbated until you explode in her hand…yeah.” She deliberately teased with a hot smirk. “You know what, I have masturbated lots of guys and I think every one of them still remembers me.” She continues with a hot smirk. “They tell me how good I was.” She added whilst biting her lower lip.

Oh my god, I could never have imagined Kathy being so hot like that, and talking like that. It was an incredible admission from her. I have seem many women in porn giving handjobs. Watched how they masturbated a man and their individual techniques. Their excitement during the act. Some were just quiet but incredibly sexy, others liked to talk dirty during the act, whereas others were very intense, focused, but enthusiastic and excited. I wondered what Kathy was like, what she was really like in the led up, during and the end.

I wanted to be close to a beautiful woman who will to go crazy on me with her hand. It was the whole experience of the act. Seeing her excitement. The buildup and then the finale. I believe Kathy is that type of woman I have fantasied about.

It was just in that moment that I feel her hand slip under my school pants. Them that amazing feeling of someone else’s hand masturbating me. Oh god..oh god, I am feeling extremely good now. Then the blurred image of her right hand pumping me furiously appears along with the sounds of her excited moans. An image of her beautiful face staring intensely at me appears, then a wave of pleasure sweeps over my mind and body. My pelvis thrust up and down rapidly, then I felt my body convulse and then it was over. I blank out.

I wake up immediately in my bed, my underwear soaked in my own ejaculate. My god that was very hot. It was a dream, a bloody good one at that. I feel embarrassed at my predicament. My god I will be looking at Kathy differently now.

The next day was the test. I was overwhelmed by the dream last night. I wanted it to become real so I can enjoy what she is truly like or maybe she isn’t really what I dreamt about. Either way I don’t think I will be disappointed.

So then in the next few classes I just watched her. Then one day after class, she asked me whether everything was ok at home. I told her everything couldn’t be better. I am studying really well and she knows I get good marks for this subject. She smiles and again “I melt like ice cream” in a hot sun. I didn’t say I liked her class better than other subjects but I am sure she knows I pay extra attention in her class. Then I stood there like an idiot…loss for words, just looking at her.

“Are you OK? Do you want me to take you home? She asked.

“No I am ok, sorry just tired. I mumbled slowly.

So I slowly shuffled out, after saying goodbye.

Outside the classroom, I took a huge breath and told myself. “Damn it, I should have taken a ride with her. You never know.” I muttered under my breath.

Then that very night, I couldn’t take my young inquisitive mind off her. Damn, this can’t be any good, as I try to sleep.

The next day played like clockwork. Again I listened and followed her every step. Quite frankly I loved the subject she is teaching now. It was Anatomy. At the end of class, again I approach her to help carry her things. She chatted with me as we walked to the car. Again she offered me a ride home. This time, I answered yes straightaway. It was a chance to be with her. I am sure she didn’t care what others maybe thinking, since I was the only student “hanging around her” I think.

But in the car she surprised me by asking a personal question.

“Do you really like my subjects, I am teaching or is there anything else you like?” She asked with a suggestive amile.

I feel growing hard now. I mumbled that I like her subjects and I was doing ok.

But she pressed further.

“Do you like to be with me?

I swallowed the large lump in my throat and nodded my head in embarrassment.

“Lets bursa vip escort stop somewhere.” She suggested.

She drove to a quiet carpark somewhere as she said. I didn’t know where but I didn’t care.

We stopped and she suggested I get out for some “fresh air” and she appeared to go to the back of her SUV to open the back to get something.

When I walked back to the car she wasn’t outside but appeared to be in the backseat. I opened the back door and immediately I was confronted with the most highly erotic scene I have witnessed in my life. Kathy was lying back on the corner between the back door and backseat. Her legs wide open and her knees spreadeagled drawn upwards. Her dress pulled up above her knees. She was completely exposed to me. She had this highly aroused look on her pretty blushing face. Her perfume lingered in the confined space. I can see she’s wearing a sexy pair of pink panties. They were damp looking at its centre. I sit on the seat, my eyes looking intensely at her crotch. I could even see strands of her pubic hairs on the edge of her panties. My heart pounded hard in my chest. I was breathless, in complete aroused shock. My cock fully hard, throbbing beneath my pants. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Jason please come closer…you like what you see?” She teased.

I nervously moved closer and nodded my head in disbelief. I was shaking like a leaf.

My god..my god…I can even hear her excited breathing. She highly aroused.

“Have you ever see a woman private parts before. “She whispered between heavy breaths.

I shook my head indicating that I never have, not in real time. I have seen naked woman many times in movies and seen their pussies being exposed like they don’t have the care in the world. But not like this. I held my breath and kept swallowing the lumps developing in my throat. I was highly turned on by what I saw…it was a complete understatement coming from a young man.

Then Kathy began whispering again.

“Keep watching me…its makes me so horny…oh god I’m so hot, knowing you are seeing me like this.” She continued to tease, while lightly stroking the front of her underwear.

As I stared at her, she closes her eyes and her right hand then pulls aside her panties, revealing her hairy pussy for the first time. Immediately I see the outline of the folds of her private parts beneath the pubic hairs. Wetness of her inner folds glistened a little in the light.

“Oh yeah…oh god I’m feel so hot, have you smelt pussy before…yeah…do you want to know what I smell like?…yeahh…Ever tasted pussy before?” She continued further, taking deep breaths between her words.

By now I was really shaking nervously, the reality is starting to hit me. I was with my beautiful teacher Kathy and she was going to expose herself completely and she was trying her best to turn me into a pile of jelly with her hot talk. Right now, it wasn’t difficult to do.

Then she begins moaning quietly. Oh god…it was just like in the porn I have been watching too much of.

“Come closer…oh yeahh.” She whispered before blushing red, her eyes close up and her head begins to roll side to side as she moans in excitement.

Oh god…as I stare at her contorted face. Her tongue begins licking her lips and the she lets out a resignated moan. I watched incredibly as she moves her hands to either side of her open thighs and begins to pull wide open her pussy. Her inner labia lips fall apart, finally exposing her inner vulva to my innocent eyes. Immediately a pungent musky odor, unfamiliar to me drifts into my nostrils. It was the odor of Kathy’s pussy. The smell of her private parts, then completely seduces me. It was the smell of sex.

For the first time I see inside a beautiful woman’s pussy. I see her clitoris and the wet chunky lips of her labia. It was like a scene from a hot porn, that I have seen before. I stared in complete shock as Kathy held open her private parts for me to observe and all the time, she softly moans, in complete utter abandonment. It was incredibly erotic and hot listening to a woman feeling so aroused to the point of having little shame.

For a few long seconds, I stared at her inner vulva, observing in stunned silence, as I listened to her. She was very moist. What appears to be specks of a creamy substance, lies scattered around her folds and creases and around her clitoris, which is now sticking out beckoning to be touched. The highly graphic image was both “disgusting” and extremely erotic but was accentuated by the musky scent and her soft moans. It was the hottest image I have ever seen. I couldn’t help but take in a deep breath.

I was completely overwhelmed with arousal and so was she. I felt the natural inclination to put my hands on her inner thighs forcing them apart and go down on her so as to really smell and taste her. But then she whispers again.

“Oh god I feel so hot…I need to masturbate myself…oh god…have you seen a woman masturbate bursa elit escort before?” She teased again…oh god Jason watch me, oh watch me…watch how I masturbate myself!”

Again in stunned silence, I stared at her reactions, she is completely overwhelmed by me watching her. Her face blushing red with nervous excitement.

Then it begins. She closes her eyes and brings her right hand to her mouth and licks her fingers before running them through the inner surface of her vulva and smearing the creamy secretions around her outer and inner labia. Oh my god, it was so raw…I felt like I should not be here watching her masturbate.

“Oh god yeahhh.” She moans in pleasure.

Then she brings her fingers to her mouth and licks them again, tasting herself before returning them to her now swollen clitoris. Then her fingers begin rubbing furiously her clitoris and she goes crazy. Her body convulses and heaves. She begins moaning loud. The sound of her furious rubbing of her little button and hot moans really get to me. She appears to let go. Her face goes deep red as her head rolls in pure pleasure. Oh my god…I am about to witness Kathy orgasm in front of me. Her eyes roll back, her tongue sticks out licking her lips, foreshadowing just that and she does…and…suddenly a wave of euphoric pleasure swamps over me physically, mentally and emotionally and then I blank out.

Again I sit up in my bed. My crotch soaking wet. My heart pounds rapidly in my chest. I am sweating all over. Oh god that was an incredible dream. It was so real. I really thought it was another fantasy come true. I sit there for a moment trying to recollect my thoughts, my emotions. I felt even closer to my teacher. Now I have to control myself when I see her again in a couple of days. My groin throbbed, drowned in its own wetness, rearing to go again. Needless to say, I sent myself to another climax that night.

In a couple of days time, I will see her again. For obvious reasons I am more attracted to her, yet she was the same in every way. She says hello and smiled like every other occasion. It was just me, me liking her more.

So as the days and weeks went by, I could only watch and listen to her. I did the same thing at the end of class, by helping her where required with her things. And over this time, I had a few highly erotic dreams about her. Her relationship with me was the same as before, in other words it wasn’t proceeding the way I wanted it to. But I sense she knows that I wanted something. She probably had many possible suitors, so be stupid, I tell myself.

Then that ultimate dream, to see her work through several guys one after another. I fell asleep one night and dreamt of her taking me out to a blue movie theater…but then.

Then suddenly I was in her classroom watching her teach. It was just us male students and her. We watched and listened to her teach Biology 405. About a few minutes into the class the male students surrounded her, forcing her to the ground. One muffled her protests and the others pinned her to the floor. She struggled, thrashing her legs and arms but she was held tight. Then they torn her top off exposing her bra and chest. She struggled more when someone start to undo her skirt. Then she was half naked. We can all see her sexy white knickers. She laid there trying desperately to kick her way out but the strength of a few male students was all too much for her small frame. Animalistic lust takes over and they could not stop themselves now. Then they force her legs wide apart, as she continued struggling.

Immediately everyone can see she had a hairy unshaven pussy as her legs were forced wide open. Her pubic hairs appeared from the edge of her panties. Then someone pulls out his mobile and begins filming. It was like a scene from a really hot porn. By now I was overwhelmed by my own animalistic lust, like the others, I was fully aroused. Then someone moves in and graps her knickers and in one quick movement pulls them off, exposing her. He takes a quick sniff then pockets the trophy.

Then there was moment everyone went quiet, as they stared in awe at her. Our teacher’s pussy exposed in front of us in all its hairy glory. Her inner labia visible beneath the dark curly hairs. Just the sound of her quiet struggle remained. Then the guy with her knickers pulls his mobile out and began taking snaps.

Another eager guy then moves in and with his two hands spreads wide open her pussy, exposing in explicit detail her inner vulva. Suddenly my heart skips a beat. Oh my god, everything is so raw as I looked on in stunned disbelief. It was completely forbidden. Her inner labia were thick and crusty, the surface of her vulva slightly moist, deep pink in color covered in a thin layer of her secretions in and around her protruding clitoris. It was just indescribable. I just was so overwhelmed with arousal at the sight now. It’s strange, I just felt the urge to go down on her. Just a few minutes earlier she was teaching us, now her pussy has been fully exposed to us.

The guy with the mobile takes a few shots as Kathy squeals and squirms as the others held her firmly, but her attempts were muffled and resisted. But we all stared in lustiful silence at the highly erotic sight before us. Our hearts racing, thumping hard as our breathing becomes deep and shallow.

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