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I Caught Mom! Or Did She Catch Me

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The story will slowly introduce then the plot will shape itself out enjoy!

I Caught Mom! Or Did She Catch Me?

They say when you’re a 13 year old you temporarily lose your mind and your parents have a hard time finding out how to deal with you. Just the opposite seems to have happened in my life. My name is Eric Schroder the second (II) and this is the story of how I caught my mother cheating.

It was a normal Sunday morning. As usual, my dad was at the morning church service and mom (Vanessa) made a big breakfast way too early so it was cold by the time anyone else got up. I got up groggily from my bed and stumbled over my twin sister Lydia’s bed as I made my way out of our shared room.

We weren’t the richest of all families. My father met my mother at age 20 when she was only 17. His rich family employed hers as a maid service and before they knew it, she was pregnant with twins. His side of the family disowned him when he wouldn’t terminate the pregnancy, and he was forced to get a day job just to survive.

I walked into the kitchen and prepared to scarf down some of my mom’s famous sausage, eggs, hash browns and pancakes when I heard a weird noise. At this point I’d never gotten anywhere past a girl’s lips and porn was strictly forbidden in my house so I had little to no clue what the source could have been. I kept hearing the faint noise and determined it was coming from outside or in the garage. I walked to the back of the house and was greeted by a faint musky smell. It smelled like sweat and something else but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I slowly opened the door to the garage so that I could peer through without being noticed and I was horrified at what I saw.

Mother was on top of the washer, her robe open and her tiny G-string pulled to the side. Her legs were tightly wrapped around a stranger as he shoved his 5 inch cock inside of her over and over. She was panting and trying to bite her lips so she wouldn’t make any noise. She was the first woman I’d ever seen almost fully naked, aside from the times I’ve accidently seen Lydia coming out of our shower. I took a second to just soak her beauty in. At the ripe age of 30, she still looked like a goddess. Her long black hair flowed carelessly over her big bouncing 34c breasts. Even after having twins, she quickly got back into shape and it showed with her tight stomach. It all led down to her long legs and those thick juicy thighs.
I guess I had never noticed how sexy she was before because she’s usually all covered up, but seeing her in all of her curvaceous glory in front of me made me hard. I had just started jerking off a year ago when I found a hustler on the street and made it my first jerk-off fuel source, but the scene going on in front of me gave me more fuel than I ever had with a magazine.

I realized that I had gotten lost in my thoughts and my hand had found its way into my boxers and pulled out my 5 ½ inch cock. Luckily I only had boxers and a shirt on or it would be difficult to run away. I began to slowly pump my dick all the way up and down as I watched my mother get fucked by a stranger. I decided not to let her know I had caught her… yet.

As I started to pump my cock harder, my mom started saying dirty things I’d never heard her say before. Even when I had “accidently” heard her going at it with my dad. In her sexy Spanish accent she kept begging for more. Begging to be pounded and smacked and treated like the slut she is. Hearing her talk like that was too much for me as I blew my load all over the walls of the small room. I had to stifle my groans as I had the best orgasm of my life. I took off my shirt and used it to wipe up the cum on the walls. At the same time, the mystery man had just gotten finished cumming all over my mother’s face and she was licking the rest up. I caught a glimpse of his face and realized that it was my math teacher Mr. Tsutsuni! He gave her a pat on the butt and said happy Sunday morning then left. I went and got a new shirt and came back to eat.

I heard a car speed off and when my mom came into the kitchen, I pretended that I was none the wiser about her indiscretion.

“You’re up early” she said as she walked in and kissed me on the cheek. I quickly wiped it off because god knows where those lips have been recently!

“Yeah I guess I was just hungry” I said as I scarfed down some of her food. “You seem like you’re in a really good mood” I decided to poke the bear.

“I’m always in a good mood on Sundays you know that Eric. Your father is at church, you kids are asleep for half the day. It gives me time to myself once every kocaeli escort week” she said with a smile. When she smiled something must have hit me because I became angry with how smug she was about cheating on my father, but I decided to keep it cool for now, but I was hatching a plan from the second I saw her.
When I was finished with my breakfast I took it a step further. I gave my mom a gentle squeeze on her round firm ass and said happy Sunday morning mom. She froze stumbled as she repeated it back to me. I went to my room to take a shower, but Lydia was already in there, and knowing her I wouldn’t be able to get in for the next hour or so. I sat there thinking about how perfect my mom’s body is and how much I wanted it to be mine. I also wondered why she would cheat on my dad. I mean I’m not gay but I’ve seen my dad walk around with no underwear and he’s hung like a bull. Definitely not some 5 inch Asian dick. I decided that I would force the answer out of her; my plan was to blackmail her and make her mine by the end of the day.

As I thought about how I would do it, my cock got extremely hard to a painful point. I had to hurry and release the tension before Lydia got out of the shower. I pulled it out and started beating off thinking about how mom had just laid back and let my teacher pound her wet cunt. I thought of the musky smell that their juices were making together and wondered if ours would smell different. Just when I was about to release another giant load I was interrupted.

“Having fun there?” I looked over to see my mother standing at my doorway

“Can’t you knock?” I felt much more confident knowing the position I was in. I continued to slowly pump on my cock as I saw her watching.

“You know if your father finds out he might have the priest come here and he’ll start forcing you to go to services, so you better stay on my good side” She said with a serious look on her face. Clearly she knew that I saw her. I may not be a genius, but I do know that I had more ammo than her at this point, but my dad would be back in half an hour so I decided to just act like I would cooperate.

“Then I guess we should keep what we saw to ourselves then right mom?” I said while continuing to give my cock long hard strokes. She nodded in acceptance and walked away. I pulled my shorts up and tried to think of something else so that my swelling would go away. It was too late though.

“Is that a roll of quarters or are you just happy to see me” Lydia said slyly as she wantonly walked in to our room with just a bra and panties on. I hadn’t noticed it yet, but she was already starting to develop. She had nice B cup tits and a slender waist from all of the swimming that she does. Her ass was already just as big if not bigger than our mothers. I watched it wiggle as she got her clothes out of the closet.

“You know you like it bitch stop staring” I said play fully as I got up and walked toward the bathroom. She and I have always been open with each other, so it really wasn’t a big deal. As I passed by her I purposefully brushed my cock up against her ass and I heard her gasp. I tried to keep my thoughts clean in the shower but I couldn’t. While I was soaping my cock all I could think about was getting my mom on her knees and sucking my cock. When I stopped thinking of that I saw Lydia bent over with my cock shoved deep inside of her anal canal. Within minutes, my second load was coating the walls of the shower.

Later That Day:

Dad had come home and everyone was acting normal. Dad and mom were sitting on the sofa together watching television and I was in the front of the house playing basketball while Lydia sun bathed. Luckily Lydia was going to her ballet then a friend’s house, so she and dad would be gone for a while. It was the perfect time to complete my plan.

Unfortunately, my plan was foiled when mom rather than dad took her to her ballet. I didn’t expect her to be afraid of me, but she had every reason to be. I was angry, but I calmed down after I rubbed one out upstairs and just waited for my time to strike. It was Sunday, so naturally dad would go to sleep early because he had work the next day and mother would stay up and watch TV while she sipped wine.

Lydia and I had a set bed time thanks to my dad. So we trotted to our room and both got into our beds for our normal night of talking for about an hour and then falling asleep, or so she thought. Luck was just in my favor today as it was a horrifically cold night and I’d have an excuse to cuddle with my sister’s hot body.

“Pssst Lyd, you wanna get under my blanket? It’s really warm over here” I darıca escort said convincingly

“No way who knows what happens on that bed?” She said jokingly as she slowly got up and got into bed with me. I put my arms around her and realized that she had nothing on but a bra and some cotton panties on. I pretended to be keeping her warm as I explored her luscious body. We were basically spooning as I ran my hands up and down her smooth tan legs and her tight waist. I would occasionally “accidentally” brush my hand up against her boob or her love triangle. She just moaned softly and let me do whatever I wanted to her. It started to turn me on that she had such trust in me even though my intentions for her were horrible.

I wanted to see how far I could take things with her. My knowledge of her body was limited to hustler and what my friends knew which wasn’t much, but it would have to be enough. I slid my hands all over her back. I inched closer and closer to her panties until my fingers started to slide under them. I didn’t get any objection as my hands began to warm the inside of her panties. I inched closer to her cunt and found a small patch of hair beginning to grown on her otherwise bald pussy.

“Eric what are you doing” she moaned as she grabbed my hand. She didn’t pull it away or anything just grabbed it. I decided it was now or never as I plunged my hand down and started rubbing at her clit.

“Eric!” She yelped and moaned at the same time as I began to rub her clit in a circular motion. Her grip on my hand got looser and looser until she was doing nothing but massaging my hand. Her pussy was dripping within a matter of seconds and she was moaning softly as I played with her. My other hand found its way to her ass and I started to grab and rub on both of her glorious globes. Her skin was smoother than anything I have felt before and her smell even after a long day was almost intoxicating.

I stopped what I was doing long enough to pull her panties down and off of her feet. I immediately went back to her pussy, but this time I started to slowly inch a finger inside of her. She moaned continuously as my pointer finger went deeper and deeper inside of her. I wanted to try something so I got some of the juices from her soaking wet pussy and started to rub at her rosebud with my other hand.

“Wait Eric stop! I’m you’re sister we can’t do this!” She moaned as her muscle finally relaxed and allowed my finger to penetrate her virgin ass. “Oh it feels so good Eric don’t stop please”

I wasn’t planning on it as I began to assault both of my twin sister’s holes at the same time. This went on for a couple of minutes before she went completely silent and started to shake for half a minute. I didn’t know what was happening and I thought I hurt her so I took my fingers out and made sure she was ok.

“Oh my god I’ve never felt anything like that.” She said as I breathed out a sigh of relief. She didn’t say anything else as she drifted off into sleep leaving me with a hardon and new resolved to achieve my goals.
I crept into the living room to find my mother there in her normal place. Finally it was time for me to strike. She had a couple of empty glasses already so I planned to use that to my advantage. I slowly crawled behind the couch and got right behind her. I could tell she was wearing a robe and nothing else as it was slightly parted open. I slowly reached out brushed past her shoulders and grabbed a tit in each of my hands.

“Oh Eric honey not tonight I’m tired” she moaned as I started to pinch her nipples. She assumed it was my dad and I wasn’t going to tell her any different until I was done exploring her amazingly curvy body. I started planting kisses all over her neck and reaching down with one of my hands till it reached her perfectly bald mound.

“No honey not tonight maybe tomorrow ok” she said as I ignored her and continued my assault. She knew good and well she was going to be knocked out in the morning I thought. What a bitch.
As I planted kisses onto her cheeks and got more daring with her pussy she finally opened her eyes.

“Eric the second what the hell do you think you’re doing? I am your mother!”

“Nothing Mr. Tsutsuni isn’t already doing to you mom!” I said challengingly

“If you go away right now I’ll pretend this never happened ok? If you don’t your father is going to find out about what I saw this morning!” she said matter-of-factly.

“I wonder what he’s going to be madder about mom. The fact that his wife is a cheating whore or the fact that his 13-year old son jerks off?” I said as I reinitiated gölcük escort my assault on her privates. My fingers found her clit and started rubbing. She moaned as she attempted to challenge me. Just like my sister all she did was hold my hand rather than fight me.

“How angry do you think he’ll be when he finds out you are finger fucking your twin sister?” She asked and I almost froze, but I had a backup plan.

“You know I’ve overheard grandma and grandma talking before mom. I heard that you were cleaning dad’s room one day and he came in and locked the door…” I began

“You shut up! You don’t know what you’re talking about” she started to tear up. I inserted a finger into her surprisingly tight pussy.

“Then he forced your head into a pillow, pulled up your skirt, pulled down your panties and stole your virginity. He thought of you as nothing but a cunt for him to fuck and deposit his seed into” I said as I worked two fingers into her tight pussy. She was in shock at the vulgar words that I was using and how she was reliving a horrible moment in her life with her son. “He continued to fuck you every day in every way imaginable, and you let him do it because you’re just a slut and you knew you deserved it! And when you found out you were pregnant you wanted nothing more than to have the babies of your conqueror, you master.” I had her now.

She kept trying to say no and that’s not how it was, but I didn’t believe her. She started to gush out juices as I kept reminding her of what a slut and a whore she was. She began to moan and groan as my rapidly fucked her tiny cunt. Then I took them out. I put them up to her mouth and she sucked them clean. I went to the front of the couch and told her to get on her knees.

“No! You’re my son. Go away now or I’m going to scream for your father I swe-“

SMACK right across her face and she tumbled to the ground. She knew I meant business now.

“You’re going to be in a lot of trouble once he finds out” she tried to sound convincing

“Well for tonight you’re my bitch now take my cock out and suck it like the whore you are!” She obeyed and at this point my cock was harder than Chinese arithmetic so it wasn’t going to be long. She pulled my cock out of my boxers and gave it a few strokes. She looked up at me innocently and I gave her a stern “get to work” look back. She gave up and took my cock into her mouth. I was so warm and inviting. Her thick Mexican lips looked gorgeous around my thick cock. She expertly sucked on it and used her tongue. It was not even a minute before I couldn’t hold back any longer. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled it all the way onto my cock as I spurted my load down her throat!


I said as quietly as humanly possible as the last squirts of cum shot all over her pretty little face. I wasted no time in bending her over onto the couch. I placed my semi erect cock at the entrance of her still soaking wet cunt and pushed it in. She was so unbelievably tight and I felt it getting even tighter as I fucked her. I grabbed her ass while I pounded into her and forced her cum soaked head into the sofa to stifle her moan filled objections.

“Mom how are you so damn tight Jesus Christ I’m Cumming!”

I could hear her muffled cry of no as the last of my semen for the day shot straight into the womb that I crawled out of 13 years earlier. I savored the moment for a second and then I went to get her a towel. I came back and she looked surprised to see me.

“What you didn’t get enough of your own mother’s pussy yet?” She asked bitchily

“I just came to give you a towel” I said as I started to help clean her up.

“You know most rapists just do what they have to do and then leave” she said.

“Well then I guess I’m not a rapist now am I? I can tell by how wet and tight you were for me” I said while she looked away embarrassed by the fact that her own son had broken her and made her cum. I helped her get her robe back on and up onto the couch. My anger had all but subsided by now and I saw her as my loving mother for the first time today. I gave her a kiss on the lips to make sure she realized I still owned her, and to my surprise she returned my kiss.

Her tongue even began to creep into my mouth and dance with mine. I didn’t know much about sex but I did thankfully know how to kiss so I gently massaged her tongue with mine. After we broke the kiss I gave her a kiss on the forehead. Said goodnight and went to my room.

Lydia was now on her bed and I fell into mine and prepared for a good night’s sleep. Or so I thought…

“That Was an Interesting Show” I heard a man’s voice coming from Lydia’s bed.


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