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I Can’t Wait To Show My Wife!!

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The sound of a car door slamming sent a shiver of excitement through Peter. He had been planning tonight for some time, and he had been anxious all day for Stephanie to get home from work. He couldn’t wait to show her the new toy he had been practicing with for the last few weeks. He hoped that she would be as excited about it as he was.

He waited until he heard her close and lock the front door before he called out; “I’m in the bedroom baby.” The click clack of her high heels grew louder as she walked down the hallway and turned the corner to their bedroom. Peter was standing in front of their bed naked under his robe, except for his new toy. He watched his wife enter their bedroom and smile seductively when she saw him. Clearly, she knew he was in the mood for some dirty fun and she felt the same. Peter took a second to look her over. She was the picture of a sexy businesswoman in her tight pencil skirt that was maybe just a little bit too short for the office, silky and sheer blouse, and well-tailored blazer. Her hair had been up, but as he watched her she reached up, undid the clip that held it in place, and gently shook her head, letting it fall around her shoulders in loose waves.

“I seem to be a little over dressed for this party.” She said in a low voice that he found very attractive. She began to slowly undress herself, enjoying the feeling of him watching her. When she was down to just her lacy black bra and panties Peter couldn’t wait any longer. He quickly closed the distance between them, put his hand firmly around Stephanie’s waist and pulled her hard into him. She could feel his arousal as he pressed up against her. Lowering his head, Peter caught her pouty bottom lip between his and began to kiss her hungrily.

Stephanie moaned lowly as she felt him gently probe her mouth with his talented tongue. As they continued İstanbul Escort to kiss, she reached up to untie his robe. As she did, Stephanie slid her hands beneath it to feel his hard body. She loved that he kept himself in such good shape for her. She drew her fingertips lightly over his stomach and began to trace downward toward his cock. As she started to take his hard member into her hand, she felt something different. Breaking their kiss, Stephanie stepped back so she could see what Pater was wearing on his cock.

“I’ve been waiting all day – well, no more like a few weeks – to show you this baby.” Peter began. It’s called the Triple Extreme Male Strengthener and I have been using it by myself for a few weeks.

“What is it?” Stephanie asked, looking slightly confused.

“You know how I love to stay in shape for you, baby?” Peter began, “Well, this is just another way that I can make sure that I’m at my peak for you. It’s a weight set so that I can train my cock just like I train my biceps. I’ve been doing cock curls baby. 3 sets of 10 reps per day and I know it is making me so much stronger than I was before.”

A sly smile crossed Stephanie’s lips. “Can you show my how you do it? I want to see you work your strong cock for me.” This was exactly the response that Peter was hoping she’d have. He showed her how he could raise and lower his hard cock just by squeezing the right muscles. “So, this means that you’re going to rock my world tonight right, baby?” Stephanie asked in her most sultry voice as she reached out and trailed her index finger along his hard member. Kneeling down on the floor in front of him, she reached up and removed the Blackhawk Weight Set from Peter’s hard cock before surrounding his girth with her hand. Stephanie gave Peter a couple of quick teasing strokes with her hand before Anadolu Yakası Escort taking him deeply into her mouth.

“Fuck, yes.” Peter sighed as she began to work him thoroughly with her mouth. Sarah started licking his entire cock, beginning with the base and slowly making her way up to the sensitive underside of the head. After teasing him thoroughly with her tongue, Sarah opened her mouth wide and took in all of Peter’s cock, down to the base. “Oh Stephanie, that’s amazing.” Peter managed to say as she was thoroughly deep throating his cock, bobbing up and down his whole length. He felt the pressure mounting and knew that he was not going to be able to hold back if she continued like that much longer.

“Wait, baby,” Peter said, pulling out of Stephanie’s mouth. “This is why I love my new toy. It’s going to help me last all night.” He strapped the Triple Extreme Male Strengthener onto his hard cock, clipped on one weight, and began to do a set of cock curls. Stephanie watched him intently, loving how strong his cock looked.

After Peter finished his 10th rep, he was soft from the effort of completing all of the cock curls. “Take off your bra and panties and lay down on the bed.” He commanded Stephanie. He took his cock in his hand and began to gently stroke himself while he watched her strip for him. Soon he was hard as a rock again. He moved to straddle her and positioned himself at the entrance to her pussy. He could feel that she was soaking wet, excited from watching him work out his cock, and without any warning he thrust his entire length into her.

Stephanie moaned loudly as Peter impaled her on his thick hard member. Raising her hips off of the bed, she met his every thrust as he fucked her hard and fast. Stephanie’s enthusiasm was driving him wild. It wasn’t long before Peter felt himself Kartal Escort on the edge of cumming again. He pulled out of Stephanie’s dripping wet pussy, and attached the Blackhawk Weight Set to himself again, this time adding another weight, and proceeded to do another set of cock curls.

Stephanie rubbed herself as she watched her husband. She couldn’t believe how much it turned her on that he was working out his cock and making it stronger just for her. “I need you to fuck me hard baby.” She begged as he finished his last rep. Stephanie turned over and got on her hands and knees, facing away from Peter. Doggy style was his favorite position, and she made sure that her legs were spread far apart so that he could see her cunt open wide and dripping wet for him.

The sight of her spread open and waiting from him drove Peter crazy and he was hard again in no time. As he moved behind Stephanie he entered her slowly, placing just the tip of his prick inside of her sopping wet pussy. He moved in and out only about an inch, teasing her entrance with the head of his throbbing member.

“Oh please, fuck me hard baby.” Stephanie moaned. “I need to feel your whole length. Please fill up my tight little pussy with your cock.” Peter obliged, he grasped her hips and pulled her back into him, fucking her hard, just the way she liked it. Stephanie went crazy pushing back into him like a wild woman.

“I’m so close baby. I want you to cum with me.” Stephanie gasped. Inspired by watching him work out his cock earlier, Stephanie began to squeeze her cunt tighter as Peter continued to pound her hard. The feeling of her milking his cock with her tight wet pussy was too much for Peter. With a few last hard thrusts he exploded inside of Stephanie, grunting with the intensity of his orgasm. Feeling him cum inside of her sent Stephanie over the edge and she came with a wordless scream of pleasure.

Exhausted from their intense love making, they collapsed into the bed together. Before she fell asleep, Stephanie turned to look at Peter and smiled. “That was an amazing toy you bought, baby. I can’t wait to use it again.”

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