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Hunger and the Fallen

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The angel’s name was Skye.

Blonde hair gave in to tangles as the prior holy being plummeted towards the Earth’s surface. Wings shadowed and not working, Skye gritted her teeth and closed her blue eyes as she prepared to hit the ground below. And hit the ground she did; hard too. To be a being without death but with pain is a fate crueler than most people wish to think about.

Going from black and blue to mostly healed in a few seconds, Skye opened her eyes and peeked around where she had landed. Green met her blue; she came to the conclusion she had landed in the middle of a forest. Probably remote, due to the heavens not wanting to attract any humans’ attention. With a groan, the angel gathered herself and then stood up. She was definitely in a forest; trees of emerald surrounded her and she could hear birds chirping all around. Besides the creatures of the forest, Skye appeared to be alone.

And once she came to that conclusion, she let out a long, massive wail. Tears bubbled up and then poured down, ugly sobs racked through her tall body as she stomped her feet in defiant protest. Her black wings remained limp as she continued with her panicked anguish. In the middle of another whimper, Skye froze as she heard a twig snap. The angel wiped her eyes with her pure white dress to gather her vision again, and then slowly, with painstaking care, turned around. Her pupils almost became pin-prick slits when she realized that whatever had made that sound had changed position; she saw no being behind her.

“Boo,” she heard as she felt breath against her ear, which she met with a scream. Skye attempted to jump out of fear, but her dead wings denied her, and the angel stumbled and fell to the ground. She heard footsteps, indicated by the crackling of the leaves, until standing over her was a being she was taught to most fear: a demon. This unholy being was surprisingly short, with pale skin and long, brown hair with matching eyes. It appeared to be female, with luscious breasts almost pouring out over her black leather corset. She was wearing makeup, a concept foreign and forbidden to Skye, whose face was only painted with dirt from the ground.

The demon licked her red lipstick lips and flashed a grin that sent a shiver down Skye’s spine; the fangs frightened her. Her adversary cackled. “Well, well, beylikdüzü escort well…” the evil being cooed. “What have we here?” She snapped her fingers, and another, identical demon appeared out of a cloud of smoke. The only difference between them was the color of the corsets – the original wore a black leather corset with red accents while the twin wore the same but with purple. Skye’s fear could not hide her blushing; she felt a small drop appear between her legs as the twin demon jumped up and down, her cream white breasts accompanying her for the ride.

It was this demon’s turn to taunt. “I believe we have ourselves a fallen angel, a fallen angel!” she cried and followed it with a piercing laugh that made the angel in question’s heart fall into the pit of her stomach. The twin snapped her fingers, and yet another, a triplet, appeared in a puff of smoke. She wore the same as the others, except her accents were green like the forest surrounding them.

“Shall we eat her?” this demon remarked, turning her deep brown eyes to Skye. She flashed her fangs and the angel couldn’t stop a whimper from escaping her lips. This caused all the demons to cackle before the original evil snapped her fingers and smoke surrounded them, causing the others to disappear. And during this, Skye could not stop staring at the demon’s white, pale skin, and thought thoughts that got her here in the first place. This was not lost on the demon.

“You’ve fallen for a reason, haven’t you?” the demon taunted, and that’s when Skye noticed small horns protruding slightly out of her brown hair. Skye met these words with a blush and a glance to the side. This caused the horned being to chuckle, her breasts bouncing and starting to glisten with sweat as the sun kissed them. “Let me guess. You fell in lust with another angel and down you fell. Sound familiar, sound right?” She used her magic to conjure a juicy red apple and bit into it, juice bubbling at her mouth and escaping down her chin. A forked tongue reached to retrieve it, and Skye wondered how that fork tongue would feel between her legs. Brown eyes widened as the angel’s wings turned from grey to black.

“In love,” the angel muttered quietly. “I fell in love with another angel.” Skye crossed her legs, a move that did not go unnoticed by who was above her.

“I beylikdüzü escort bayan can smell you,” the brown-eyed beauty pointed out, and with a final bite finished her apple. “I don’t suppose you’ll say you’re in love with me?” With those stinging words, the demon stomped on Skye’s leg with her heel. Sharp, shooting pain spread throughout her entire leg as a cry escaped her lips. The cry was not from pain alone; pleasure accompanied it. Her leg healed almost immediately, and sweat started to bead around Skye’s flushed face. “Admit it,” the demon murmured, leaning down to be closer to Skye’s face. “It was lust and lust alone that brought you here, brought you to me.” A hand reached towards the angel’s face, the sunlight reflecting off her black nails that were almost like claws.

“Can it not be both?” the angel replied meekly, flinching away from the dark being’s hand. This caused her adversary to growl and reach again, digging her nails into the not-so-pure Skye’s face. Pain and pleasure exploded from her cheeks; Skye had to keep herself from groaning.

“Cheeky aren’t we? Male?” With those words, a snap of the fingers brought a flat chest and masculine face to the demon. “Or female?” Another snap, and her appearance reverted.


“I could tell.”

Skye could feel her sex becoming even more wet with the demon’s taunting even as her fear was screaming at her to run. The poor blackened-wing being was stuck in place with such a hungry demon over her, claws in her face. The pupils in the mysterious demon’s eyes had turned into slits, and she bared her fangs once more at the fallen angel.

“Back to my question. Should I eat you?” Her voice had dropped to a low, seductive growl. “Or is there something you’d rather trade for your life?” The only thing that could kill an angel was a demon. Skye could feel that her wetness had turned into a pool; she also knew that this demon was aware of it. She could not fight this creature, her wings were useless and dead-heavy. Skye was no match as she currently was. The bat-like wings of the demon twitched as she had not received her answer yet. “Why don’t I just take both from you, your virginity and your life?” A gasp escaped Skye’s mouth before the demon forced her tongue in; the sensation of two tongues sparked electricity beylikduzu escort throughout the virgin angel’s entire body. Such behavior was nonpermissible in the heavens after all, and Skye thought she would never get to experience this.

She would get to experience this and more, as the she-devil removed her claws from the angel’s face and snapped her fingers. Her twin appeared once more, licking her lips with her identical forked tongue before crouching down beside Skye. A breast fell out of her purple-accented corset as she reached to grab Skye’s. As one iteration kissed the angel passionately and the other massaged her breasts, they both snapped their fingers and the triplet returned. This one spread the fallen’s legs.

Not that it was difficult. The angel had quickly become a willing victim, not resisting against the three demons’ efforts to dominate her. Pleasure had proved to be convincing in the argument of sin, and despite her fear Skye was actually enjoying herself. This had been what she wanted, what had brought her down here.

Cries of ecstasy permeated throughout the forest as forked tongue met flower like a dancing bee. The demon in charge of the angel’s breasts took her fangs and bit Skye’s neck. This sensation was extremely pleasurable to Skye, who squirmed in the demons’ grasps. In between kisses cries escaped, otherwise moans were captured in the mouth of the original demon. A virgin’s first experience is hardly long, and that was the case here as well. Suddenly, the entirety of the once-holy being’s body began to shake and the demons’ laughter filled the air along with a final, extended moan. The angel had experienced her first orgasm, and the original demon snapped her fingers. The twin and triplet disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Skye was still shaking, pleasure like waves rocking her body. This was what had been forbidden? What she had fallen for wanting? The only part of her body that was still were her wings, still laying limp upon the forest’s floor. The rest of her body had completely healed from the bite and claws. Her clothes were torn, the demons had made quick work of them. She had almost forgotten about the one on top of her.

“You taste delicious,” the evil one murmured, bringing her fingers to where the bite had been on Skye’s neck, and then slid them down to between the angel’s legs. “Both your blood and your cum.” The explicit word caused red to heat Skye’s cheeks. “I think I’ll keep you. As my pet. I’ve always wanted an angel, and I think you’ll do.”

And so began the domination of the fallen angel by the hungry demon.

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