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Human Trials

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Big Tits

This is a fantasy story written many years ago when I was in highschool. It is essentially unchanged, but I spiced it up a little bit before submitting it.

Patrick found himself awake, in his sweats and A-shirt, standing in the Mountainview highschool hallway with all the other Senior Class boys present and also in pj’s. At first he assumed this was a weird dream, but a good slap across the face got rid of that idea. Everyone was out of it and all the rooms were locked. They started talking to each other, wondering what on earth was going on. Since they were all in their pj’s it was apparent that all of them had hard-ons the size of Texas, but no one said anything. They all felt horny and felt like they had to have a girl, right the hell now.

So then this man in a white trench coat gets their attention with a microphone and explains that they have been kidnapped and are going to be used in an experiment of his involving a new form of sex stimulant. They had all been given massive doses of this, which is why they all were feeling extra randy. He then explained that in each of the classrooms around the school was a girl from the Senior Class. She had also been given the stimulant He explained that all they were supposed to do was take the list he would hand them, spend an hour in each room, and then move on. All they had to do was fulfill their desire to screw the girls brains out.

Patrick, and all the rest of the boys loved this idea of course. Patrick got his list and went to the first room on it. He opened the door to find that the classroom now had a very large bed, and was decorated to look very frilly. Underneath the covers he knew there was a girl. He walked over to them and pulled them back, reveling the smiling face of Katie Lerner, Escort bayan one of the hottest girls in his 11th grade class. She stood up and said hello, it was then that Patrick realized all she was wearing were panties and a braw.

He could tell she wanted him by the way she gazed at him and his obviously hard member. He shoved her onto the bed as he took off his sweats. He jumped on top of her and began kissing her neck. Gently he took off her braw and began massaging her nice breasts. He didn’t have much experience, in fact, he didn’t have any. But he’d seen enough dirty pictures to know they were a good size, probably a C. And they felt amazing in his hands.

He knew he was doing a good job when she moaned, “Oh God, Patrick.” After giving a thorough massage he began sucking gently on her nipples, making her moan his name even more. But although she was having fun with the foreplay, she wanted to get to the good stuff. Kaite had been giving just as much drugs as he had and she had needs too. She jerked his face up to hers and said seductively, “take me now.”

She pulled his boxers down and gazed upon his hard dick. The lights in the room were still completely on. Neither felt self conscious enough to turn them off when they first started and now it afforded her plenty of light to see how big he was. Her eyes went wide. Patrick suspected the drugs were helping him be even bigger than normal because of how incredibly horny he felt, but he didn’t tell Katie that. He just smiled at her shocked look as she wrapped her hands around his throwing penis. She ripped her own panties off, then wrapped her legs around his ten incher. “Oh my god Pat. Your huge.”

“I know, normally I’m only like eight, but this drug is doing crazy things,” Bayan Escort Patrick said as they began rocking slowly. He slowly moved his way inside her. For ten minutes he went in and out her, her breathing getting heavier and heavier. When she started moaning his name he went faster and faster. Within a few minutes she was screaming for more.

Just when it seemed it couldn’t get any hotter, better, or faster she screamed, “OH GOD Patrick!!!”

He knew she hadn’t orgasmed yet, and this scream encouraged his body to go faster and harder into her, finding just the right places to move over. Fifteen minutes after they had started making love Katie let out her loudest scream of the night. Patrick knew she was close. He began kissing her nipples and gently sucking as her body arched uncontrollably. Sweat was glistening off both their bodies as she stared into his eyes. Katie began cuming, closing her eyes and wrapping her whole body around Patrick as she orgasmed at the same time he did. Patricks balls got tight as he pushed his load into her willing body; he grabbed her ass hard and pinned her too him, hot ropes of semen coating her insides as he grunted through his orgasm.

It was then that Katie realized that they were wasting valuable time, they had half an hour left. And that half hour could be spent screwing around. She felt her lust grow strong again and she jumped back on top of him, riding his still massively hard dick.

She bounced herself up and down as she pleased, manuevering him around her body, screaming his name all the time. She toyed with him by lowering her breasts just to his mouth and then jerking them up. He forced her chest down to him and took hold of them. The sexual lust in him took over and he threw Escort her to the other side of the bed and jumped on top of her. She resisted, but he pinned her hands out to the sides and began banging the hell out her while sucking on her hot breasts. She playfully fought back against his arms that were holding her, while at the same time wrapping her legs ever tighter around his waist.

When he knew she was at the height of passion he slid three fingers inside of her along with his dick to increase her pleasure. Her eyes went wide with the feeling of being filled to excess and screamed his name as another orgasm shook her body. Patrick continued having his way with her. After a few minutes she could tell he was going to come again. She freed herself out from under him and put her lips on his throbing dick. Patrick was confused at first, but seeing her full lips and mouth stuffed by his dick made him start to come immediately. Katie wrapped her hands around his balls as he exploded in her mouth. She lapped it up as he moaned and twitched his way through the orgasm.

When their time together was down to two minutes she finally recovered and put her clothes back on.

“I want to be able to strip for the next boy,” Katie said.

“Who is the next boy?” he asked.

“Brent,” she said. “The list of everyone’s order is over there.”

Patrick went to check the list. He knew he was due to pleasure Lois next, and Carol was on his list third. It was a big class, with over a hundred students. But his list had only a fraction of the girls in the class, all of whom he knew. He couldn’t believe his luck and part of him still thought this was a dream. But if it was it had to be the best dream in history. He’d had a crush on Lois and Carol for years. They’d been friends almost their whole lives and he’d had huge crushes on them for all of high school. He fantasized about them everynight and now he might finally get the chance to fulfill his dreams. Of course.. they could always say no………..

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