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How Much

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How can you possibly get into trouble meeting up with your boyfriend to go out on a date? I mean, all I had to do was go to the point where we’d arranged to meet and wait until he showed up. I got there a few minutes early but that was OK. I just stayed next to one of the shops and waited.

We had arranged to meet at the entrance to Ballam Park. It was a very large park, lots of lawns and bushy gardens and even a few ponds. Quite a popular place, especially in the evenings when dusk was there, providing a romantic place to wander around and just talk.

One of the entrances to the park was next to a row of shops and that’s where I was, patiently waiting for Joey to arrive. Well, maybe not patiently, but certainly waiting.

Two things happened at once. I received a text message while at the same time this really nice car pulled up next to me. I like nice cars and this one was really something. A top of the line Lexus sports car in a dark red. Lovely. The text message was from Joey saying he’d be up to half an hour late and was sorry. Not so lovely.

While I was checking out my message the driver had leaned across and called out something to me. I hadn’t really been listening and now I turned on my memory to see if I could work it out. All I could come up with was how much, and that sort of left me stumped.

“Excuse me?” I asked, puzzled.

“How much?” he said again and yes, that was what he was saying.

“Ah, how much what?” I asked.

He cast his eyes to the sky, beseeching help or, being in his car, he cast his eyes to the roof of his car, which I don’t think was going to help him.

“How much do you charge?” he said, speaking slowly. Anyone would think he was addressing an idiot.

“For what?” I asked, thoroughly confused.

“For your time,” he said.

I’m looking at him blankly wondering what he was on about and then it twigged. He thought I was a, ah, lady of the night, let us say. My jaw dropped, my face went red, and I must have looked awfully shocked. I certainly felt it. Then the shock passed to be replaced by fury. How dare he?

I was wearing a quite respectable blouse and skirt. The blouse was buttoned right to the top and I was showing no cleavage. (Mind you, I expected a number of those buttons to come undone after Joey arrived and I was wearing a front fastening bra which would help make for an interesting night.) My skirt, while tight, came nearly down to my knees. Joey might have fun up top but he’d have his work cut out to get under my skirt unless I unzipped, which I had no intention of doing.

The car driver got out and strolled around the car to take a closer look at me. Surprisingly enough he wasn’t reduced to a pile of smoking ash by the look that I sent him. Good thing, I suppose, because he looked like a real honey. When you put his looks together with his car and his smokey sounding voice he was a winner all the way which meant he was gay or married. Seeing he was propositioning me I guess that made him married.

“I take it I may have made a little mistake?” he suggested.

“You take it correctly,” I said, trying a Medusa look at him, seeing fire hadn’t worked.

“Could happen to anyone,” he said. “Especially with you standing there like that looking so infernally attractive. What are you doing standing around the park like this? You could be accosted by strangers.”

Damn it. Didn’t he know he was supposed to be turned to stone? I’d really have to work on these looks I give people. They don’t work the way I want them to.

“I am just waiting for my boyfriend,” I snapped, “and I’m not hanging around the park. Look. Shops. I’m window shopping while I wait for him.”

He looked past me to the shop and smiled.

“Need some courage to face him, do you?” he asked.

I glanced behind me at the shop which I hadn’t particularly noticed. It had to be a liquor shop, didn’t it? Ooh, but this guy was rubbing me the wrong way. I didn’t deign to answer, holding a dignified silence.

“You haven’t answered the question,” he said, confusing me further. Surely that question didn’t warrant an answer. He must have seen my puzzlement.

“I asked how much, remember?”

“You’re insane,” I told him, seriously meaning it.

“Ah, the jury is still out on that one,” he replied with a smiling shrug.

“I have news for you. The jury has returned its verdict. It’s just that no-one has been game to tell you until the men with the white coats get here.”

He just laughed.

“I’ll tell you what,” he said. “Seeing you’re just a good little girl waiting patiently for your boyfriend I’ll do you a deal. A hundred dollars for a half hour of your time. We can go for a walk in the park and you’ll be back by the time your boyfriend arrives.”

“Oh, my,” I said dryly. “Another proposition, and you a married Mardin Escort man.”

“Married? Me? Geez, you’d think someone would tell a guy that he’d got married. Ah, when did the ceremony take place?”

“You’re not married?”

“No. Why would you think I was?”

“I saw you. I figured that you had to be married or gay and you certainly don’t appear to be gay.”

“You’re right about that, but neither am I married. Someday, but not yet. I’m not even engaged. Again, someday, but not yet.”

“Oh. Then why aren’t you out at some night-club trying to pick up single women?”

“Because I’m standing here trying to pick up a single woman. Are you coming for that walk?”

Don’t think I wasn’t tempted. He really was a honey. But still. . .

“For one thing I don’t even know your name. For another, it seems pretty clear that a walk isn’t the extent of your intentions.”

“I’m Tony. And you are?”


“Well, Vanessa, you won’t find out if I intend more than a walk unless you’ve got the nerve to walk with me, now will you?”

At that point of our rather odd conversation he reached out and flicked open a button in the middle of my blouse, right between my breasts. Instant cleavage as I was filling the blouse very nicely. Next thing I knew he was pushing a roll of something between my breasts and buttoning me up again.

Seeing none of my man-slaying looks were operating I didn’t bother trying to give him another one. It was irritating but I had to see what he’d given me, if you call that giving. It turned out to be a rolled up hundred dollar note. Bastard. I was tempted to just throw it away but he’d probably claim that I was throwing away my own money and that I still owed him a hundred. I finished up just scrunching the damn thing in my hand and shoving my hand into a pocket of my skirt.

“I’ll tell you what,” Tony said. “We’ll just take a gentle stroll in the park while you wait for your dilatory boyfriend to show. I’ll promise not to throw you to the ground and ravish you if you’ll make me the same promise. On second thoughts, you don’t have to promise. That way I can live in hope.”

With that he tucked my hand under his arm and started strolling into the park with me going with him. I was about to yell at him or say something when he got in first.

“It’s a very nice evening. Warm, with the twilight providing a romantic tinge to the night. There are lots of people around so if you think I’m being too forward at any time you can simply scream and someone will come running.”

That left me with nothing to say. It’s hard to threaten to scream when you’re being invited to scream if required.

“I am not going to have sex with you,” I stated. OK, so I found something to say. I’m allowed.

“I fully understand and appreciate your position,” he said affably. “With that limitation underlined I think it’s only fair to tell you that for my part I am certainly going to undo your blouse and kiss your breasts. I may not be allowed to go any further, but that I have to insist on.”

I couldn’t help but giggle slightly at that. I mean, I’d been considering Joey doing that very thing later on, and I have to admit that I wouldn’t mind too much if Tony did the same. He was an attractive man. I could almost feel my breasts swelling slightly at the thought of being stroked.

“Ah, what’s so funny about me wanting to kiss your breasts?” Tony asked.

“You wouldn’t understand,” I said quickly. No way was I telling him my thoughts.

“Ah, I see. You were thinking that your boyfriend would want to do the same thing,” he said.

I could get to hate this guy quite easily. Too sharp by half.

We strolled along, not speaking. Unaccountably I found myself quite comfortable in his company and a little excited. I couldn’t help but wonder when he might make a pass and how he would go about it. When it finally did happen I must say he was frightfully direct.

He stopped and turned to face me, encouraging me to turn at the same time. And then he started undoing my blouse. Just like that. He simply reached out and started undoing the buttons.

“Stop that,” I said with a gasp, slapping at his hands. At the same time I was looking nervously around to see if anyone was watching. That gave me another surprise. He’d managed to walk me to a place where we seemed to be completely surrounded by bushes and trees, a private little bower as it were.

“Don’t be silly,” he said, ignoring my slapping hands. “I told you I was going to undo your blouse and kiss your breasts. I wouldn’t want you to think I don’t keep my promises.”

Seeing that he was undoing buttons faster than I could do them up there wasn’t anything I could do really. Except scream, and that didn’t seem fair as he had said he was going to do this. I just Mardin Escort Bayan made a huffing sound and gave him a ‘boys and their toys’ look. Not that the look did any good because he wasn’t looking at my face.

He spread my blouse to the sides, giving him an excellent view of my breasts. I have nice breasts, if I do say so myself. Not overly large, firm and nicely shaped and, at the current time, nicely displayed in a low cut lacy bra. Plenty of breast on display for him to kiss I thought with a hidden smirk.

I’d forgotten that I was wearing a front opening bra but Tony spotted it. I thought his hands were coming up to cup my breasts but no, they were coming up to grab my bra and unclip it, letting it drop away from my breasts.

Now his hands were holding them, caressing them, teasing my nipples into erectness. I could feel them swelling, feel the eagerness of my nipples as they sought more attention, standing forth and begging. He’d also lit a fire deep down in my groin. I guess sensitive nipples can be used at fire starters. He certainly used mine that way.

From my breasts he moved to my mouth, kissing me with passion and skill. Yes, I kissed him back. Why not? He certainly knew what he was doing. Admittedly his hands wandered a bit but that happens with every man you kiss, some more than others.

His hands just naturally started off caressing my breasts. Only to be expected seeing he had them exposed to the fresh air and his touch. They wandered down my sides, closing over my bottom and stroking it, back to my sides, stroking over my hips and along my thighs before circling around to cover my bottom again.

All the time his lips were teasing mine with light kisses and deeper kisses. I was fully aware of what his hands were doing but I was even more aware of what his mouth was doing. It drifted away from my mouth and down across the side of my chin, brushing kisses against my throat and then finally settling on my breasts once again where he kissed and suckled.

He finally straightened up, hands on my hips, looking at me.

“You are simply delicious,” he told me. “I’ll just take a few more samples.”

With that he started kissing me again and I wasn’t objecting that anyone could notice. His hands also started there wandering dance, starting with teasing my breasts and then drifting south.

I was hot and aroused. I defy any woman in my position not to be. I knew for a damn fact that he was well and truly aroused. He had me pressed against him quite firmly when his hands were wandering across my bottom and I could feel the size of his arousal. It was one of those things you can’t mistake.

I’m sure you get the picture. There was me, effectively topless, being thoroughly kissed and being held quite firmly against him by the hands holding my bottom. I could also feel his erection pressed firmly against my tummy. That’s how things stood when I came to a sudden realisation.

When I said I could feel his hands on my bottom it came to me that I could feel his hands on my actual bottom. Not on my skirt or my panties. Skin to skin contact. That promptly focused my attention on other things that were touching me. The reason I could feel his erection so hot against my skin was because it really was.

I jerked my head away, looking down, shocked to find my skirt pooled around my ankles. My panties weren’t doing much better but they were only down around my knees. All that touching and stroking (and kissing) had stopped me from noticing that he’d unzipped me and when he stroked me he was also pushing unwanted items out of the way. Unwanted by him, that is. I certainly wanted them back where they belonged.

I hurriedly pushed at him, moving away from him. Not very far away as he caught my wrists and held my arms out to the sides while he ran his eyes over me, seeing everything. I was blushing like crazy, partly because I was effectively naked and partly because I found myself staring at his erection, an erection that seemed to be overly large to my heated senses.

I jerked my wrists out of his hands, easy enough to do as he wasn’t trying to hold on. My hands promptly went into a bit of a hand dance with me looking at him and saying, “What? What?”

“You didn’t object,” he said calmly, “so I assumed that you didn’t mind.”

“Didn’t object? I didn’t know,” I said in a half wail.

The brute had the gall to laugh even as his arm went around me and pulled me back against him, with me more aware than ever of the size of that erection leaning against me.

“Lift your leg,” he said, his free hand slapping lightly against my thigh.

“Why?” I was stupid enough to ask.

“Ease of access,” he said quite calmly leaving me with a burning face.

“Do you seriously think I’m going to let you. . .” My voice just broke Escort Mardin off.

“Yes,” he said and to my consternation I realised that he was right. I was going to let him do this. I couldn’t believe it.

Not believing it didn’t prevent me lifting my leg when he patted it again. I found myself kicking it free of my skirt and panties and he caught it at the back of my knee and lifted it higher and now I was really exposed. I could feel him dragging his cock down across my stomach and then it was pressing into me, sliding smoothly into position. I was hot and wet and I found myself accepting him easily, willingly, my passage happily yielding to his driving need.

He tugged my leg around him and I was standing on one foot with my other leg wrapped around his waist while he started moving. He was just sliding back and forth as calmly as you please but each stroke was getting to me, driving me wilder with every thrust.

I found that when you’re standing on one leg there’s not much you can do to reciprocate. I could flex the leg around his waist but that’s as much help as I was capable of providing, not that it seemed to worry him. He just kept going at the same smooth pace. He knew what he wanted and was going about getting it.

He very quickly reduced me to a mess of molten need. I needed more than he was providing and I guess he figured that out from my whimpering pleas. He seemed to bend slightly, and how he retained his balance I do not know, and he hooked his hand behind my knee, straightening up again and lifting my leg with him. He pushed my leg around his waist and now I had both legs firmly wrapped around him while my arms were clutching around his neck, wondering if I would fall.

I expected him to keep going with me clinging to him but he had other ideas. He just sank to his knees and then, leaning forward, lowered me onto my back while I was still wrapped around him. After that he got to work as if making up for lost time.

Did I say I needed more than he was providing? Well I was getting it now, plus interest. This was no longer a slow and pleasurable experience. It was a wild ride as he let his passion loose, giving me his full attention and then some. I was rapidly coming to the conclusion that the main reason we were in a park instead of on a bed somewhere was because he found beds would collapse once he got going. The ground at least stayed in place.

H was also kissing me again, his hands cradling my head and his mouth working overtime. Probably a good thing as it prevented me from screaming as his cock came blasting home, time and again, a rampaging monster that was using me as it liked. Um, to be fair, it was also as I liked. I was bucking under him, trying to keep pace as I matched his passion with my own.

When the world finally exploded around me I did scream, carried away by the wild rush of sensation ripping me apart.

Coming down to earth my first thought was thank god he’d muffled my scream or everyone in the park would be gathering around. My second was more along the lines of, Oh my god. What did I just do? That naturally led on to the fact that I was lying on the ground naked. I was in the middle of the park, stark, staring, NAKED! Where were my clothes?

I frantically found them and scrambled into them while he sat back and laughed at me. Easy for him. Basically all he had to do was zip up.

“I knew I shouldn’t have trusted you,” I announced.

“Ah, Vanessa, you didn’t. You made that quite clear.”

I glared at him. How dare he point that out?

“Just a walk, you said,” I grumbled. “I will only kiss your breasts, you said. Ha!”

I was dressed by now and he was steering me back towards the park entrance.

“It wasn’t really my fault,” he assured me. “I was willing to stop at kissing your beautiful breasts but you were so passionate you just swept me away. How could I say no to your pleas?”

I just stared at him, trying to wrap my mind around that statement. I just couldn’t believe that he had said that even though I heard him say it. I opened my mouth to reply and shut it again, stunned. Words just totally failed me.

Before I could get myself together to come up with some sort of reply we reached the park entrance and stopped.

“There is a young man galloping in this direction at rather a fast pace,” he said, looking past me. I think your late boyfriend has arrived to protect his property.”

“How nice,” I said, looking behind him. “And it appears that your girlfriend has arrived. You may want to try to protect your property.”

He spun around and said something rude. There was a police car parked behind him and the owner was busy writing a ticket, which was reasonable. He had stopped in a no parking zone. He just hadn’t planned on staying there for more than a few moments.

I smiled at Joey as he came trotting up, all apologies for being late.

“That’s OK, Joey,” I said soothingly. “I fully understand. These things happen.”

But you can forget about getting lucky tonight, I thought. I’ll be spending the night in my own little bed I think.

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