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How It All Began

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Its 1980, I have been at College near Soho London for two years, every day walking the same route, past the strip joints, nodding at the familiar gangster here and there, past the porn shops past the adult movie houses and past the gay cinemas. Every day, never venturing in ay head down walking quickly to my destination. Yet every day I feel that urge that desire that tingle, its just curiosity, a gay cinema? I’m not gay, I’ve got girl friend. Yes, I stared at guys cocks when I was in the gym, a side way glance, but that’s just growing up, they were nice though.

Its just an urge, just curiosity, so today, why today this afternoon, do I walk past and stop and walk past again, that tingles growing and that’s not all. For 15 minutes I keep passing the cinema, its just curiosity. The urge takes over, I look both ways, nobody must see me go in, its just curiosity, you see.

I hope to write the occaisional story on a variety of subjects, hetero, gay, bi, S&M, but as my first submission, let me know what you think

The woman at the booth she must be 50, just smiles and takes my money, no concern that at 20 I am under age for entry, but that’s Soho isn’t it, for some 20 is ancient, for me I am just being curious.

Entering the cinema, its dark, all I can see is a screen, two guys caressing and kissing, I cannot see the seats. As my eyes adjust, to the light I see the full shabbyness of this small cinema, 20 seats, men with coats across their knees, I feel exposed standing here but I cannot see a seat, until a man gents up shuffles past his companions to the exit, I want to follow what am doing here, but my eyes are fixed upon the screen, this young mouth sucking on this dick this gorgeous solid dick. Realising the seat is free, I squeeze izmir escort past the men who stay seated, not willing to stand up, for fear of dropping their jackets on the dirty sticky floor.

I take my seat, I have no jacket, don’t know why every one has one on their lap, its only later that I even think about it and smiling remember, but here and now, I am watching the screen, my hardness straining in my trousers. My neighbors leg touches mine, I shift over, but he follows, I dare not look to my side, he may think I’m gay. His knee presses mine, I can feel, his heat, as I watch this dick entering an ass on the screen, I cannot help letting out a deep sigh.

An arm stretches around me, I freeze, but am relaxed as my neck and the back of my head is stroked, pushing my head slightly to see my neighbor, he is older, much older maybe fifty, he smiles .. what should I do. I’m polite and smile back. His other hand takes mine and holds. Its strange, intoxicating holding hands with a stranger, a man older than my father, that breathing it is so heavy as I watch the on screen thrusting, I realize its me, my hips are moving too.

My hand is moved he holds the wrist and slips me under his jacket. I expect to feel his hardness through his pants, but its flesh, its hard, its long. He wraps my hand around his dick, as he leans over and enters my mouth with his tongue. I clench his dick and wank it, swift and firm – I’ve done this to myself enough times, its no big deal – its not gay – the lust inside me returns his kiss, our tongues explore, my t-shirt lifted my nipples pinched.

I feel a hand on my thigh – a third hand but its pushed aside by my friend, who feels my crutch generates a huge gyration from alsancak escort my hips, he squeezes and knead my cock, I’m intoxicated, a sudden powerful push from the arm around my shoulder, I am confronted by his dick, my lips are millimeters away, I try to resist, but my lust his push and in moments my lips are lasting his pre cum, my tongue licking his stalk and then as my mouth opens he thrusts deep, to the back of my throat, my head held steady, as I am forcibly deep throating – I’m forced, I’m not gay. I smell his groin, feel his pubic hair around my mouth, he is relentless, his hand no longer holding me, but I cannot move away, I bite and nibble and suck, his breathing intensifies.

The hand beside me has returned, but now instead of stroking its removing my trousers, but my lust won’t let me stop, my cock is being manhandled, this spurs me on with more vigour and intensity. I know from my chest down I am naked, probably the youngest piece of meat that’s in the cinema, I am embarrassed, I am ashamed, I am lustful and I am sucking – but I am not gay. I feel the thrust, its harder and stronger, I feel the hot liquid hit the back of my throat, I swallow and swallow there is some on my lips some on my chin, most in my stomach, he goes limp in my mouth, I feel him kiss the back of my head and slip out of his chair.

But I am blinded by lust, I notice but not notice him go, this time I have a mouth on my cock, sitting there in a t-shirt up to my neck, my trousers and pants and trainers on the floor in the spillage of previous members of the audience, I know I ‘m not gay, but this curiosity. The seat is occupied, but no preliminaries this time, roughly I am forced to take another – no kissing buca escort no stroking, and I am happy, I just want to taste cock, I feel the pre cum from my own cock being worked into my ass – In know what he wants, I saw it on the screen, I know it will hurt, but I’m too busy sucking cock to care, I hear him spit, I feel his finger, then fingers, he’s kind he works away at my ass, its slowly easing, while I eat this cock. As I feel him entering, with what I realise in years to come is a tiny cock, I feel the pain, I try not to bite, my head is held, the entry becomes a slow and gentle rhythmic thrust, the pain it eases, my head returns to bobbing up and down, my senses are heightened, I can smell the sweat and grime from his crotch, its spurs me on my hips respond to the thrusting behind, I feel this cock in my mouth ready to burst, there is an explosion and I try and drink as much as I can, my own cock hurts so much it wants attention, as I feel the thrusting against my insides, his nails scrape down my back, it furthers my tempo and soon I feel him come deeply thrusting and squirting his load inside me.

Exhausted, I lay back in my seat, unconsciously stroking my member, but if I thought it was finished, then I was to be surprised as I opened my eyes to see a line of middle aged men waiting to take their turn at my recently virgin mouth and ass.

My motion to leave was ignored as I was thrown back in my chair, how many men I had that evening, I lost count, I was filled with cum after 5 hours I when the cinema closed I was allowed home, I had been abused and used by men that should have known better, after all I’m not gay. As I left exhausted, ashamed, embarrassed and dirty I knew I’d be back to sate my curiosity again.

So that’s how it started and thirty years later, here I am in the basement of an East London bath house, tied into a sling, suspended from the ceiling, exposed and used by all cummers, my face covered and my asshole dripping, my mouth opens as this 20 year pushes his cock into it for urgent relief, but I’m married, I have kids, I’m not gay

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