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Hotel Room Ch. 01

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You follow me into the hotel room, your body clad in a tight black dress, I know that underneath, you’ve got stockings on, but no underwear, because you’ve already whispered that information to me.

The door closes. I turn and push you against the wall and kiss you, our bodies melt into each other. My hands slide over your body, caressing your breasts before sliding down to cup your arse and pull you closer to me.

I break the kiss and take your hand, leading you into the room and tell you to sit on the bed. You obey and perch yourself on the edge. I tell you to close your eyes, as I’ve got a surprise for you, you smile and close your eyes, the smile staying on your gorgeous face.

You hear me moving around and then feel the bed move as I climb up behind you. I reach round and place the blindfold over your eyes and you chuckle. Thinking that you know what is coming.

I get off the bed and make you stand up. I turn you round and unzip the dress and slip it off your shoulders, watching it fall to the floor, exposing your back and bum to my inspection. I run my hand over your back and down to your bum, feeling the warm flesh under my hands. You moan quietly as my hands explore. I stand right behind you and slide my hands around to the front of your body and cup your Escort bayan breasts, feeling your hard nipples press into my hands. I kiss the back of your neck, telling you that there is another surprise to come.

I lead you away from the bed, and tell you to kneel down, helping you onto the floor. I take your hands and lift them over a padded stool and begin to tie them to the legs, you struggle a little, but I can hear your breathing getting quicker as you get turned on by the feeling of helplessness. I finish tying both hands and then slide my hand down your back, rubbing your buttocks, sliding my fingers between your legs and feeling the swollen lips and moisture indicating your state of arousal.

I stand up and move behind you, silent. I pull your legs apart and tie each leg to the stool, leaving you spread-eagled over the stool, your bottom up in the air and your pussy on view.

I remove my clothes and tell you that I’m now naked. You shiver as I gently slap your bum, leaving a red mark on one cheek.

I kneel down in front of you, taking your head in my hands and lifting it up. I kiss you and then tell you to open your mouth. You do so willingly and I place the tip of my hard cock in your mouth. I feel your hot breath on me and your tongue licks me. Bayan Escort I slide my cock further in and let go of your head. You start sucking and I relax into the pleasure that I feel emanating from my cock. I move my hips backwards and forwards, sliding my cock deeper as you continue to suck like a champion.

I pull out and you moan, saying you want to carry on. I slap your bum again and tell you that I’m in charge and you’ll do what I want tonight and not what you want. I kiss you again and then move to kneel behind you, running my hands over your legs and bum, feeling you squirm as my fingers gently brush your wet pussy.

I lean forward and gently kiss your pussy, feeling the heat and having my first taste of your nectar. I plunge my tongue between your swollen lips and lick your pussy, enjoying the taste. I rub my fingers over your swollen clit and feel you jump at the first contact. I lick lower and suck your clit into my mouth, rubbing it with my tongue as I slide a finger deep into your hot pussy. I can feel your body shivering and jumping as my tongue and fingers begin to bring you towards orgasm. I slip a second finger into your pussy and with my other hand begin to rub your arse, running a finger gently down your crack. As I continue sucking and licking Escort your clit, I feel you tense up completely and your pussy clamps down on my fingers as you reach your peak, cumming with a dampening of your pussy.

I continue to gently lick your swollen lips, leaving my fingers buried in your pussy while you ride the waves of your orgasm. I stop licking your pussy and slowly remove my fingers, I hear you sigh as my fingers slip out. I kneel close behind you, pressing my hard cock against your pussy, rubbing it against your wetness, feeling the heat. You try and push back, but I slap your bum and you stop moving. I slide back a little bit and position the head of my cock at the opening of your pussy and slowly push in. You groan with pleasure as I fill you up, sliding the full length of my cock into your waiting pussy.

I hold myself deep, without movement, letting you get used to the feeling. I begin to fuck you slowly and then increase the tempo holding onto your hips as I plunge deep into you. It’s got to the stage where nothing matters to me now but fucking you until I cum. I begin to fuck you harder and harder, feeling the pressure rise as I get close to cumming. I plunge deep and feel my balls tighten as the spunk begins to pump deep into your pussy. I hold on as I feel your pussy milk me. As I finish cumming I fall on top of you and kiss your neck. I let my cock soften and slip out of you and then untie you and remove your mask.

Smiling, I look at you and say….

“What do you want to do now then?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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