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Big Tits

I lead you both through the hotel lobby and back to the elevators. As the quiet carpeted bustle of the main floor floats past you check yourself out in the mirror, eyes glancing over at your friend. The friend is younger, big hips and breasts contained in a tight white business shift. You’ve known her casually for about a year. She’s nervous, biting her lip, and you can see a little flush in her cheeks. The elevator door opens and we step in. The soft woosh begins the ascent.

“Nice hotel,” you say, alert and making small talk.

“Yeah,” she giggles, and adjusts her purse. I say nothing and the elevator slows to a stop, the doors opening, and I lead you out into and down the hotel hallway. We stop at the door as I insert the keycard.

“Well … ” She says, as if she knows this is the final step. You start to say something but I open the door and walk into the room. Nervously the two of you follow. I sit on the bed watching you shuffle nervously on your feet.

“A TV. A bathroom.” you comment in the interest of random conversation.

“Do you want to go?” I ask evenly.

“No … uh … no … I’m okay.” Your friend is now blushing. Her name is Cathy and she looks like she wants to respond but doesn’t.

“Okay.” I relax back on the bed, spreading my legs slightly. You both look at the bed with fascination tinged with nervousness, lust and some fear. “Kiss each other,” I say, taking polite command of the situation, which is the agreed upon plan. You both are taken aback for a moment and you look at her. Her white skin is now almost pink with flush and she’s taking short breaths, looking at you and averting her eyes to the floor before looking back. I watch patiently as you start to step forward.

“Okay …” you say, almost laughing. You reach tenderly behind her neck and draw her face toward you. She closes her eyes as you press your lips into hers. For a moment you are frozen with both your mouths closed, lips pressing into each other in a stage kiss. Instinctively your other hand moves around her waist. Her mouth opens karabük escort and you press your tongue against her, feeling her tongue as you start to make out. She begins to kiss back, shy at first, and then frantic but confused. Your hand moves up from her waist and begins to explore her breasts through her shirt. She reaches for your breasts but is confused and her hands extend out into the air. Passion floods her body and she pulls you to her, kissing you passionately and aggressively all of a sudden. Your hand drifts to the top of her shirt and begins unbuttoning, stopping to caress her bra. She is petting the back of your neck as you finish unbuttoning her shirt. Both your hands cup her breasts before you pull out of the kiss.

You softly take her by the hand and a few steps backwards toward the bed. You sit on the edge of the bed in front of me and she stands before you. You smile at her, spreading your legs expectantly. Her eyes get very wide with shock and frozen fascination. You lean forward and gently press on her shoulders, enticing her onto her knees.

She knees before you, frozen with shock. You wiggle your ass around under your skirt and reach down, slipping your hands into the sides of your panties. You slide your panties off, spreading your legs in front of her. Reaching forward you guide her head towards your crotch. She’s breathing heavily, almost hyperventilating, and you can feel her breath on your skin as she pauses. Then you feel a small wet caress in the folds of your vagina as her tongue begins shyly exploring. Initially the feeling is strange as girls aren’t your thing, but as you relax and enjoy the feeling of control you feel yourself get wetter. Her tongue gets more adventurous and you gently caress her hair before reaching down to cup a breast through her bra. In a rush you feel your orgasm rise and you press her face into you, shaking as her tongue penetrates you and her nose presses into your wet public hair. Shuddering you cum for a moment, her tongue now hungry to bring you pleasure.

Spent you karaman escort relax back onto the bed. She settles back, still on her knees, her face turning even redder with embarrassment under her sweat and your lubricant. She’s breathing really hard.

“Did you cum?” I ask her.

“No … uh … almost … I …” She’s still breathing pretty hard and instead of words she settles for a nervous yet satisfied smile.

“Take you clothes off.” She looks shocked and nervous again, scared, but she stands and lets her shirt drop. She unhooks her bra revealing her breasts and kicks her shoes off. Standing awkwardly she pulls her pants down and off her legs. She stands for a moment in just her underwear, the fear of her own lust coming into her eyes. You lay back on the bed beside me and I smile at her.

“Go on.” I say, not forcefully but encouraging. She drops her panties to the floor and then poses naked with a momentary giggle.

“You have a really nice body,” I tell her as I put my arm around you. I pull you to me and we kiss. She watches nervously, confused, waiting for instruction.

“Come here,” I say and she climbs on the bed slowly. As she reaches us I pull her head to mine and kiss her, tasting your orgasm and her eager tongue. My hand reaches down and begins to caress her clitoris and she shudders with a sexual shock. Her eyes are closed and I press my fingers into her as her breathing rises. With a wicked smile you slide up the bed and behind her, giving her ass a playful smack. Her eyes open in shock for a moment but she moans and presses back against my finger. I enter her slowly, carefully with my finger, as she slumps forward onto the bed, her ass sticking up into the air. You begin rubbing her ass cheeks as she presses her head into a pillow moaning against my finger. Slowly you drift between her cheeks and begin caressing her anus. Her moans become rhythmic as she’s suspended between our fingers. With sudden authority you insert your finger into her ass and she tenses with pain and pleasure. I remove my finger kars escort from her pussy and put my thumb in her mouth. She starts to shake and is covered with a thick sheen of sweat as you forcefully finger fuck her ass to orgasm. She moans and thrashes on the bed before collapsing. You withdraw your finger and give her ass a playful smack. She’s breathing hard for a moment and you slide back over to me so we can make out.

“I uh … I … need to pee.” she gasps after resting for a moment. I smile at her giving silent permission and she slides off the bed and darts into the hotel bathroom. While she’s in the bathroom we make out and your hand caresses my erection through my pants. She steps back out of the bathroom and stands before the bed, exhilarated but momentarily confused again. You slide off the bed, stand in front of her and kiss her deeply.

As I climb off the bed to the side you press on her shoulders and both of you drop to your knees, continuing to make out. I slip out of my pants and step around the bed, standing beside you and slowly sliding my erection into your mouths, joining your kisses where your lips and tongues are meeting. You continue to make out, both of you pausing to lick the head of my cock or take it in your mouths. I turn sideways, angling so I’m facing you and slide my erection into your mouth, reach around my back and pressing her head into my ass cheeks, feeling her tongue explore my rim. I hear her moan and realize she’s masturbating while rimming me. I withdraw from your mouth and turn again as your kissing resumes. Placing my cock in the middle of your kiss I cum into your mouths.

When I’m finished I step back and you continue making out. I watch her hand bring her to orgasm and she shudders, pulling out of the kiss to breath and moan as you lick her face with my cum. Exhausted she collapses to the floor. I pull you to the side of the bed and cuddle you as she regains her breath.

“Wow. Wow.” She says with confidence. “Hey can I take a shower?”

“Of course,” I say, and she darts toward the bathroom. As we hear the shower start I draw you back on the bed. Kissing you I enter you, thrusting slowly until I can feel your orgasm rising. As you come I come inside you, shuddering for a moment before relaxing.

“I love you,” I whisper in your ear.

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