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You’re staying in an elegant hotel room. We’ve arranged to meet there. You tell me to show up at 6, so you have time to get ready. I come at 5:30, surprising you.

I know you’ll have been taking a nice hot shower. So I want to see you, wet, toweling off, in one of those comfy white robes from the hotel.

And that’s just how you look when you answer the door. “You’re early,” you say. “I know,” I say. “I couldn’t wait any longer to see you.” That brings a smile to your face, you relax. I say, “Go ahead, go back to the bathroom, I’ll wait here.”

You go back, I turn on the TV and you hear me watching as you blow dry your hair. Then you turn to come out of the bathroom to get some clothes….and I’m right there at the door, blocking you. “Let me go,” you laugh playfully as you try to push me aside. But I push back. I push your back against the adjacent wall. And kiss you.

“I’ve missed you so much” i whisper in your ears between kisses, rolling onto your neck and shoulder. Your skin is SO soft, and warm from the hot shower…

Your robe is falling open, not that there was much holding it closed to begin with. Your writhing up against me, pushing back against my grip, has loosened the belt. I slide my hand down your side and with just a flick of the finger undo the belt completely. And the beauty of your full body and your luscious breasts just ooze out. My shirt is off now so I can feel your chest against mine…

I feel your naked leg and meaty thigh rubbing up against my trousers. I keep kissing you, now down the front of your neck, taking in the aura of your scent. And before you know it I’m enveloping your left nipple in my lips, teasing it with my tongue. I feel you writhe and hear you gasp. You’ve stopped resisting- but you’re still restless, getting heated. Holding your perfect boob in my strong hand, I lick and suck it like it’s a delicious dessert. Meanwhile, my left hand is sliding down your side, down that thigh that keeps rubbing Keçiören Escort up and down against mine. I stop at your ass cheek and cup it in my hand, pushing you against the wall, your ass against that one hand–while the other hand goes exploring…

To explore more I slide down to the rug, and push your thigh over so I can finally take in that wet, dripping pussy. And with my other hand still firmly grabbing your ass, my tongue slides up your thigh and around your lips, teasing that protruding little clit. Your thigh, hiked over my shoulder now, is rubbing against my stubble…

Your gasps and moans are getting louder. We hear people in the hallway but don’t care. “Don’t stop” you say. “Please don’t stop. Lick me. Tongue fuck me, I’m so wet for you….” And I slobber over your pussy, fingering your clit… till you’re “OOH” and “OOH-ing” and a bubbling river of pussy juice slides down your thigh… and my face

“NOW you’re good and wet for me,” I say….

As you come down off your orgasmic high, your thigh slips down off my shoulder. But you’re still breathing heavily, catching your breath after that gushing explosion inside you. You’re totally limp.

Before you know it I’m up off the floor. Your body in my hands, I forcefully turn you around and pin you against the wall. “I want you,” I whisper in your ear…

“Take me,” you say. “Take me.”

Your body is flush against the wall. Your front–your tits, your legs–feel the wall. Your back–your ass– feel me.

You hear my zipper slide down, my trousers drop.

And then, up against the flesh of your ass, this hard, thick fleshy cock. You feel it. You know what it is.

You’re feeling it with your ass. Rubbing up against it, backing into me. It’s hot in that hotel room. We’re both sweating a bit now. And your pussy is still emanating wetness too. And you feel a light trace of wet precum (just a drop) off my cock Etimesgut Escort as I slide it up and down your backside…

As you bend down from your waist, pushing your ass back against me, I lean down, my torso on your back. Your hair is covering your face. I whisper in your ear, “I want you, baby. I’ve been waiting for this. I haven’t had release in so long. Waiting for your pussy…”

“Give it to me,” you say. “Take my pussy. It’s yours.”

I reach one hand around the front of your thigh, curl around to that still-distended clit. I hear your moans, and feel you rub back against me a little harder, like spasms. My finger slides down into your still-wet opening, past your lips…. I slide one finger in, two….

Now your ass is grinding against my cock. You feel it’s gotten even harder, more rigid. You hear me start to moan softly with pleasure, you can feel it’s ready…

Still bent over, against the wall, in that hot steamy room… you feel that thick hunk of rigid flesh up against your thigh…working its way up…

“Oh yeah….”, you sigh….”fuck me…”

My hand still working your pussy and your clit, now reaches down to guide me into you….

But I barely have to. Because once you feel my big mushroom head at your opening… you slide right onto it.

And I feel you. Your warm, wet… tight pussy folding itself around my cock. I let out a big “oooooooh”…. as I help it along inside you…

Slowly at first. Inch by inch inside you. Then pulling out. Then sliding in again.

My hands now are on your hips. Caressing your curves…. round your ass.. pulling you deeper onto my cock…

I feel you pick up the pace. You’ve found your groove….I’m getting even harder inside you, as if that were even possible…

Now I’m starting to thrust. You feel my flesh slap against yours. My solid thighs behind your thighs. Your ass up against my pelvis. Your Demetevler Escort bent over 90 degrees now, legs straight up, torso horizontal, your arms outstretched pushing against the wall. You push back from the wall to slam into my cock harder. I feel your sweat and you feel mine…

Your long beautiful hair is swaying side to side. I reach out and grab a bunch of it. Still wet from your shower. I tug, and pull your head back, your neck stretching back to hear what I want to whisper in your ear. “I’m gonna own your pussy, ” I say. I reach one hand down on your clit and start to finger it while my cock spreads your lips. My other hand…now sliding up and down your side, your ribs… and onto your tit. I love feeling it heave up and down each time I thrust, each time I pound you….

“Oh yeah,” you moan as the pleasure starts to surge in you from all these places….”fuck me… fuck me harder…”

Then you feel my hands slide back onto your hips. You’re almost limp, and I’m using you as my fucktoy… pounding your whole pelvis, your ass cheeks jiggling on each slap, your tits swaying…. Your moans are getting louder. “Oh….Oh …. I’m gonna cum again….”

“That’s it,” I say., “Come all over my cock”…. The slaps get louder, faster. My cock in your pussy is pulsating. Faster. Harder. Faster. Harder.

You feel my balls. Slapping against the base of your pussy. And I’m feeling that burst coming… from deep in my balls… it’s starting to work its way up….And that’s when I just take you over and own your body. Not stopping till that burst of cum makes its way up from my balls, through the shaft of my cock until….

Suddenly I stop. You hear my moans of ecstasy. Deeper and louder than you’ve ever heard a man before. I’m bent over your back, moaning in your ear….

And you feel me fill you. You feel the jerks of my cock up and down, and all that hot sticky wetness filling you up. And everything getting much, much wetter down there…

We’re both breathing heavily, heaving. Now it’s really hot in that room. But we don’t move. All that sweat, steam, and now cum oozing everywhere, as you feel my load slowly sliding down your pussy, onto your thigh….

But we’re not moving, still bent over by the wall, flesh pressed hard against flesh… until we regain consciousness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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