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Hot Library Sex

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Ever fantasize about having an erotic sexual encounter in a quiet library, in a somewhat secluded area but having the possibility of being walked in on at any moment??

It was sooooo damn hot & sensual. Late in the evening, a deserted library, open to select individuals but unoccupied at the time. A twelve foot conference table surrounded by four walls of floor to ceiling shelves filled with treasured books.

It was inevitable what was about to happen. The moment his lips locked on mine, I could feel my arousal building immediately. His hands pulling me closer, yet our feet moving backward toward the table centered in this room of books.

Our hands wandering,exploring eachothers’ bodies for the first time…. My shirt lifted and my breasts exposed, peeking from atop the sexy lingerie I wore beneath. I adored his hands touching my body for the 1st time, his mouth following as his lips & tongue toyed with my nipples as the teasing & anticipation of more builded within.

Sitting on the table’s edge, I lied back as he explored my body more. I felt so blissful, so erotic & sexy. I closed my eyes but only momentarily as I was so turned on by what was happening.

I was loving the attention and the feelings that were awakened in my groin! His lips moved down my body. I could feel the heat of his breath right thru my jeans onto my sweetspot and I was wanting more!

My jeans were soon undone & slipped off, my body squirming backward on the table, knees bent and feet at the tables edge as his lips found their way back between my thighs, and small moans emitted from my lips.

He loved watching my reactions to his touch and I loved him watching as his lips and touch sent shivers through my body and made me quiver beneath him. The intensity heightened and right there atop the conference table amidst the array of books that surrounded us, I orgasmed with his lips on me, his tongue loving every bit of my wetness.

His mouth didn’t move away. He held his grasp of my swollen bursa escort bayan clit while his lips and fingers toyed their way in between my sweet wetness making the intensity build and my sensitivity increase..

My insides still pulsating, I didn’t want him to stop. My hands grasping lightly on his hair, holding his head right where it was, I savoured the moment… and before long, my juices were flowing once again all over his magical lips.

I adored the attention and his sensual touch but the whole time, I was wanting to touch him so bad, to feel the buldge in his pants and to release his hardness. My lips wanted to feel him and my tongue eager to taste his sweetness. I was honestly craving his cock, wanting to toy with him and then to take it into my mouth and suck it so sweetly.

It wasn’t easy breaking the grasp of his mouth on my sweet pussy. He loved to please and he was soooo damn good at it! I swung my leg over his head, twisting and turning my body till i was lying in the opposite direction on the table.

My head at the tables edge, directly in front of

the obvious bulge in his pants, my hands grasping onto his ass pulling him closer, I was wanting so bad to hear him moan and give him total pleasure with my lips & tongue.

My mouth found its way to the ever so evident bulge in the front of his pants and my hands continued to pull him close. It didn’t take long before his pants were undone and down, his hardness released to the warmth of my tongue and lips;

One hand gently massaging his scrotum and the other pleasuring myself. I lie in front of him licking his sweet cock as he watch from above.

It was such a turn on, knowing he was watching, knowing he was loving it, & I loving it equally as much…. maybe even more!

I loved feeling his cock brushing against my lips. I opened my mouth taking him inside, pulling him deeper as I sucked him so sweetly.

My hand now grasped around the base of his shaft, stroking him simutaneously bursa anal yapan escort to my sucking on his sweetness. I loved his reaction, the sounds he would make, knowing that he was feeling total ecstacy!

I could feel the intensity building, and my body sliding up and down the table as his hardness was pulled deeper into my mouth & hitting onto the back of my throat. I wasn’t easing up, I wanted so bad to make him explode in pure pleasure as he had done to to me prior… And then his voice spoke up, asking if he could feel it inside me. How could I answer anything but yes.

He helped me turn around, slid me toward him, my ass at the tables edge and he leaned over kissing my lips for a moment as he pressed himself into my wetness. Omg…. It felt amazingly intense immediately. My legs bent, held behind the knees giving him perfect access. I was so lost in the moment, in the feeling of total pleasure that I had totally forgotten we were in the library atop a conference table.

My hands let go of my legs and grasped the edge of the table,pulling my body toward him as he continued to thrust his hardness into me. I became more vocal as the intensity builded, telling him not to stop as I was going to cum. Within seconds, I could feel my body tighten and my insides pulsate out of control. My toes curled as I orgasmed, surrounding his cock with my creamy wetness. I lied back in total bliss as at that very moment, I felt his cock begin to throb within me and my insides continued to contract around him in such an extreme orgasm.

We were far from finished….

He sat down on one of the chairs at the table’s edge buring his face again into the wetness between my thighs, watching as the sensitivity made my body jolt every so often. He sat back just a bit, lifting my legs and placing them onto his shoulders and asked me to play for him.

And I did…. Feeling so aroused and sensual, I lie before him, hands wandering bursa rus escort over my body as his eyes watched in delight.

Making their way down to my breasts, my nipples so hard and erect and eventually down between my thighs to the warm wetspot that was anxious for more attention. My clit so swollen and sensitive, throbbed beneath my hand as I rubbed it…

I ran my fingers slowly between my lips and right into the wetness within. Mmmmmm…. It felt sooo good. Having him watch was more of a turn on than I realized. My body squirming in front of him as I toyed with myself, my legs moving down and then up again as I started to lose control.

He could sense the buildup of tension and watched patiently as I brought myself to the brink of orgasm before him and without hesitation, his mouth once again took hold of my distended clitoris and brought my orgasm to another level… I was totally overcome by pleasure, my body quivering inside uncontrollably for what seemed like forever!

And as I recovered he lie over me watching in amazement and asked if I could take him in my mouth again.

I welcomed the idea with eager anticipation, wanting so much to feel him throb in my mouth again.

Truly enjoying every bit of it, my tongue entwined around the head of his hardness and my lips wrapped tightly around the shaft. I loved controlling his pleasure with my mouth & did it sooo well!

It didnt take long before I felt him starting to throb and I wanted nothing more but to feel him explode right in my mouth.

His breathing quickened and his moans got louder before he spoke those word,”I’m going to cum!” I love hearing that… but not as much as I love feeling it happen. He did hold off a minute and asked if I wanted to feel him inside me again but I wanted him right where he was and told him that.

He loved it! He exploded right in my mouth all over my tongue and I adored the feeling of his cock pulsating and the taste of his cum on my lips.

It was unbelievable….

He kissed me and we relaxed a moment together before dressing and sharing an embrace.

It was far more intense than I would have ever imagined. A fantasy that became reality and more so the most erotic sensual adventure I had. Who knows if anyone saw… I don’t. I was too lost in the moment to even care!

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