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Hot Ch. 02

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It’s hard to explain, but sucking his dick that night ignited something within me. There was clearly a sense of control over him, but the feel of his warm meaty flesh sliding across my lips and filling my mouth was intoxicating. It’s as if I’m addicted to it now.

The truth is that I have never wanted to try it, was repulsed by the thought of it, but now because of a simple click of the mouse and seeing an attractive shemale – I crave it.

Would you believe that I thought my girlfriend would be totally against it? She wasn’t! It turns out that our relationship is even stronger. Our sex life is much more passionate and we communicate better. She’s shared with me that she often fantasies about women and is highly turned on at the idea of watching a man have his way with me. Our goal is to find a bi-sexual couple near us. Anyone interested?


Anyhow, let’s get back to my roommate. He really did act like an ass and it was time to teach him a lesson.

While he was in the shower, I found some rope in the garage and decided to tie him up to the universal weight machine. I hid the rope under the chair cushion and then adjusted the back support so he would be leaning back and comfortable.

He walked in wearing a towel and I asked him to sit down on the bench. He removed the towel, sat down, leaned back and I saw that he was hard, his pubic hair was trimmed short and I didn’t see any hair on his balls. He spread his arms and grabbed the butterfly handles as I knelt between his legs and licked his smooth balls (by the way, what a difference). I took one then the other in my mouth as I used my wet tongue to massage them. After a few minutes, I took his cock in my mouth and slid my lips up and down his meaty shaft until he was about to cum, but again, I stopped.

I liked how his cock pulsed as I held it in my hand. He was breathing heavily as I slowly stroked him and told him that I would suck his cock whenever he asked, but he had to agree to do something for me. In return, I wanted him to either suck my dick – or – let me fulfill a fantasy by letting me tie him up. He right away said that he wasn’t going to suck my dick. I said okay and told him that he would be able to free himself easily (I lied) and explained how turned on I got when I saw the shemale tied up and wanted to see him exposed the same way.

I grabbed the rope, had him pull down the bar and tied his hands to it. I showed him how he would be able to pull the bar down and get out of the rope easily and Esenyurt Escort he was fine with it. Then I wrapped each thigh with rope (using a small towel for padding) and then pulled the rope up and attached it to the top support towards the back of the machine. His legs lifted and spread open nicely. He was exposed! It didn’t take long for him to start complaining about the position he was in, but I explained that was how the shemale was and I liked how her dick jutted out – just like his was doing. I was turned on by the position because it gives me easy access when sucking on it. I then reached over and set the weight to the max and he got really pissed when he tried to pull down the bar, but couldn’t. He was cussing me out as he tried to get the rope around his hands undone.

He was really pissed! It however took about two seconds to calm him down once I started sucking his dick again. (It’s amazing how that works) After a few minutes, I stopped and asked him how he felt. He said that he wasn’t happy that I lied to him. Nevertheless, I just told him to stop whining as I took his cock in my mouth again and brought him close to climaxing and then stopped abruptly.

His cock was throbbing and I told him that he must really need to cum. His response was, Fuck You! I laughed, stood up and got undressed as I took pleasure in the power I had over him. My dick sprung out and I told him that I could do whatever I wanted to him and that I liked how his legs were pulled apart and asshole was exposed. Did he want his ass fucked like the shemale did. Fuck no, he said.

I got between his legs again, took his dick in my mouth and slid my lips up and down his shaft and it didn’t take long before he exploded and shot gobs of cum into my mouth. I let it seep out as I continued to slide my lips up and down his shaft. Cum ran down his pole, onto his balls and down to his asshole.

I slid a finger to his asshole as I sucked his dick and the tip slid in with no problem. Before long, I had two, then three fingers twisting and sliding in and out. I stopped sucking when he was almost soft and asked if he liked the feel of my fingers in his ass. Again, he said, Fuck You!

My response to that was, no, fuck you. My dick was throbbing and oozing precum and it was time to fuck him. I stood between his legs and brought my dick to his asshole. He looked at me with a look of panic and then very sternly told me not to fuck his ass. I explained to him that I was pissed because of his attitude last night and this Esenyurt Escort Bayan morning. I told him that I had no problem sucking his dick, but he didn’t need to call me a fag and treat me like I was his bitch. Whether he liked it or not, he was going to be fucked because of it. He said he was sorry and begged me not to do it.

I pressed my cockhead to his asshole and left it there as I stroked his meat and massage his balls. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes and when he did, I pushed in about two inches. His eyes opened wide and he said that he was going to kick my ass. He was tight, but I forced half my dick in and stopped. His asshole relaxed after a minute and then I pushed all the way in. He was in tears as he called me every fucking name in the book.

His asshole stretched around my dick and I could feel the tightness of his ring as I slid my cock in and out. I was fucking him with deep slow strokes when I grab his cock and stroked him. He closed his eyes and moaned – he was enjoying it. I fucked him faster, my balls slapped against his ass, and he said to fuck him harder. I grinded my cock into him and asked him who the fag was now. I grabbed hold of his thighs and leaned back a little as I fucked him thinking I would be hitting his prostate. Oh fuck, that feels good he said.

I liked how his asshole stretched tight around my dick, cock jerked, and balls bounced each time I pounded into him. I reached out, grabbed his dick, and stroked him when he said that he was going to cum. He started to tremble as I grinded up against his ass, grabbed his cock at the base, and stood it straight up. He shook and grunted as cum gushed and flowed out of his dick.

His ass spasmed around me as my orgasm started to build. I used his cum as lube as I stroked him and he jerked and groaned loudly each time my hand slid over his sensitive cockhead. I was about to cum when the vision of the guy shooting his cum onto the shemale’s cock and balls came to mind. I pulled out quickly and shot my cum onto my roommates juice, cock and balls. When my orgasm subsided, I leaned forward, licked him until he was clean and then took him in my mouth. My dick hung heavy as I relished the cock in my mouth and savored the taste of my own cum mixed with his.

I untied him and went back to licking his loosely hanging balls. He sat there as sweat ran down his body and suddenly called me an asshole and then got up, went into his room and slammed his door. He was obviously confused about the fact Escort Esenyurt that he liked being fucked in the ass and had to come to terms with it.

I felt relieved and headed to my room to take a shower. The warm water was running over me when the reality of what happened set in. I started to feel guilty about what I did. Yes, he had acted like an asshole, but the truth is that I raped him and that was wrong, even if he enjoyed it. He was obviously upset and I had no idea how things were going to be after this.

I was walking from my bathroom into my room when he rushed in and without saying a word, pushed me back onto the bed. Before I could react, he flipped me over, grabbed my hips and then forced his dick in my ass in one forward motion. I yelled from the pain. It hurt like hell as he grinded into me. Within seconds, he started sliding it in and out and started pounding into me. The pain turned to pleasure as each thrust jarred my body and I felt my cock and balls swingingin the air.

The feel of my asshole wrapped tightly around his cock as he slid it in and out was amazing. My cock stiffened and it was as if I was experiencing an ongoing mini-orgasm. I was so aroused and excited at the feel of him gripping my hips, his cock sliding in and out of my ass, his body pounding up against me and his balls slapping into me that I felt like I was about to cum even though my dick hadn’t been touched.

He was a wild man fucking me and I loved it – wanted it. He was fucking me as if an uncontrollable sexual desire had been unleashed. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back as he slapped my ass hard. Then it hit me – he was angry! Whack! Each slap against my ass stung as he released his anger and sexual frustration towards me. Fuck, I liked it.

He was pounding into me and with each thrust, my dick got harder and I was one step closer to cumming. Oh God, fuck me, don’t stop and he grabbed my hips, pounded into me and the force of the impact rippled through my bones. He pressed up against my ass and moaned loudly, Aaaggghhhh Fuck he said as he shot his cum deep into me.

My body tightened as my asshole spasmed around his cock. Wave after wave of uncontrollable sexual ecstasy traveled through my entire body. All this built up pleasure then exploded out of my dick with a force I didn’t know was possible. An unbelievable amount of cum shot out of me as I shook uncontrollably. I moaned softly as tears ran down my face as the pleasurable release subsided.

We fell onto the bed and didn’t say a word for quite some time. When I was able to speak, I told him that he just gave me the most intense sexual experience of my life. If he promised to fuck me like that again then I would suck his dick anytime.

He agreed, thanked me and then proceeded to give me an unbelievable blow job.

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