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Hooking Up with a Coworker Ch. 04

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The Monday after my last story took place, Kat texted me to give me more details for last night. She wanted me to come over around 5 to help her with dinner before her friend Erin came over for the evening.

She also gave me a little bit of information about Erin. She described Erin as her height and age, a little bit heavier, but as she put it “curvier” because of 4 kids, two which were twins. E rin had been divorced for about 3 years after she caught her husband having an affair with a friend from high school.

I threw on pair of shorts and a polo shirt and headed to K’s house for dinner. When I walked in, Kat yelled from the kitchen and I found her cutting vegetables in a simple sundress that showed off her nice legs. I jumped in and started to help and began to ask more questions about Erin.

I found out that like Kat, before we hooked up, Erin hadn’t really had much “action” since her husband and her split, and that she had vowed to never get married again. Kat also described how it was Erin who had actually brought up the idea of a threesome based on experiences in college and from the lack of sex over the last few years.

Kat agreed because she had made out with girls in college, and had always been a little curious about more, but marriage had pushed those thoughts to the background. I asked Kat if there were any “rules” that I needed to know about, she responded, “Nope, she wants it to just be natural.”

I responded, “Okay, do I need to run and get condoms because I didn’t bring any?”

Kat responded, “No, she had a bit of a scare a year or two ago, so she had a hysterectomy and she’s clean, and I assured her you were, so we are good.”

About 5:45, the doorbell rang, and Kat went to let Erin in. When they came back to the kitchen, introductions were made, and I got my first true look at Erin.

Erin is about 5’8, blonde hair, definitely a little heavier than Kat, definitely what would be considered a mom body. She was wearing a long sleeve dress that hugged her curves and accentuated her round ass and showed enough cleavage to keep the attention on her what I would later learn were 36D’s.

As I finished dinner, the women grabbed glasses of wine and started catching up, apparently, they haven’t seen each other in person for a month or so. As I brought dinner to the table, we sat down to eat.

After we ate and laughed, me and Erin getting to know each other better; it felt like 20 questions to me because I answered a lot but didn’t get to ask many questions haha. After we cleaned up dinner, Kat suggested we head to the hot tub. I grabbed my trunks and went to the basement to change güvenilir bahis while the women went to Kat’s bedroom to change.

I took a couple of beers and a bottle of wine out and climbed in the hot tub to wait for the women. About five minutes I could hear Kat and Erin talking as they came outside. Kat had on a different bathing suit than last time. This time she had on a simple floral print bikini that tied around her neck. Erin on the other hand was wearing a navy-blue bikini that tied on around her hips and then the top definitely called attention to her tits, I’m pretty sure it was a push-up bikini top.

As they climbed in the hot tub, they sat down on either side of me and we continued our dinner conversation. After chatting for about 10 minutes, Kat’s hand had come to rest on my thigh and began to slide up towards my crotch.

Ever since the women had come out, I had been semi-hard, but now I was fully hard, and Kat must have realized it because her hand wrapped around my cock and began to slowly jack me off.

I leaned my head back against the edge of the hot tub because it felt so good. Mid-sentence Erin looked at us and said, “Are you jacking him off?!”

Kat responded, “Yes he is already hard, I can’t stop from touching it.”

Erin got a grin on her face and said,” Can I feel it?” I told her, “Of course you can, Kat is gonna have to share though.”

Kat laughed and said, “Oh I think I can manage.”

With that, Kat let go of my cock and her hand was replaced by Erin. Erin slowly stroked my cock through my shorts while Kat looked at me smiled and began to kiss me. As we began to kiss more passionately, my hands began to wander up the front of K to her breasts.

As I began to cup them, she moaned a bit into my mouth. I felt Erin’s hand speed up a little and heard her say, “Wow, that is fucking sexy.”

Kat stopped kissing me and said, “Well what do you say we move inside?” We all stood up and headed inside, me following the women admiring the view.

I paused in the kitchen to set the wine and beer down; as I reached the bedroom, I found Kat and Erin on the bed making out. I sat in a chair and didn’t want to interrupt.

Within a couple of minutes, it was clear the Erin was the more dominate of the two because Kat’s top was removed, and Erin had begun to nibble on Kat’s nipple. As I am sitting there stroking my own cock slowly, Erin gives me a “come here” signal.

I walk over and kneel her and begin to kiss her neck and cup her breasts. I reached up and untied her top and removed it, getting my first look at her massive tits.

All the while, Kat was moaning from güvenilir bahis siteleri the attention her tits were getting; I pushed Erin gently on the bed so that I could get to her tits.

As she feigned protest, Kat and I each took one of her nipples and began to suck on them. As Erin began to moan, my hand began to wander down and slide under her bathing suit bottoms to be greeted with a perfectly shaved pussy like Kat’s. I found her already wet, so I slid a finger into her causing her to jerk and moan even louder. I slowly began to finger her, first with one finger then two; Kat stood up and shimmied out of her bathing suit.

I stopped to admire her body for a moment when she looked at us both and said “You both are overdressed! Erin, would you mind if I ate you out?”

Erin smiled and said, “of course not!” So, we all took a moment for Erin and I to shed out remaining clothes.

As Erin laid back on the bed so Kat could go down on her, Erin. looked at me and goes “Would you fuck my face while she’s down there?”

I straddled Erin’s chest and stuck my cock into her mouth. I started out slow but before long she was grabbing my ass and pulling me towards her. I looked behind me and seeing Kat between her legs plus Erin’s moans on my cock almost made me cum, so I stopped and admitted to the ladies that I needed a break.

I rolled off to the side to just watch while Kat finished Erin off with her mouth. When Erin came, she screamed out “OH MY GOD!” Kat stopped as Erin came down form her orgasm, and she climbed up to kiss me.

I tasted Erin on Kat’s lips and it was amazing. I looked at Kat and said, you’ve done all the work, why don’t you sit on my face.”

As I laid flat, Kat sat down on my face and I began to eat her out gently, wanting to build her up. As I ate her out, I felt the bed shift and next thing I know, Erin is sucking my dick. I focused solely on K’s pussy even though I was receiving an awesome blowjob.

I sped my tongue up, causing Kat to begin to moan louder and louder until she tensed up and had an orgasm.

As Kat relaxed, she looked at Kat and told Erin’ “You can feel his cock first, I know what it’s like.”

Erin smiled and straddled me and eased herself onto my cock. For having 4 kids all naturally, Erin’s pussy was tight and just swallowed my cock all at once. As she got used to my cock, she began to ride me slowly at first. Kat had sat back on the bed beside me, watching her best friend ride me, while rubbing her clit.

I told her to climb back on my face and I went back to eating her out as Erin began to increase her pace while riding me. As Kat leaned iddaa siteleri forward and kissed Erin, Erin really began to ride my cock before slamming herself back down to the base of my cock as she came.

As Erin came down from her orgasm, I turned my attention to Kat making sure she had another orgasm.

As Erin climbed of my cock, she looked at Kat and said, “Can I see him fuck you from behind?”

Kat responded, “Only if you will let me eat you out again.”

We shifted into the position and I watched Kat eat Erin out and between moans Erin looked at me and said, “well what are you waiting for?”

I didn’t need any more taunting and I buried my cock deep into Kat. Kat grunted as I bottomed out, but she never stopped licking Erin’s pussy. Over the next few moments I kept fucking Kat from behind until she paused and said, “Oh god, I’m going to cum!”

As she said that Erin grabbed her head and shoved it back into her pussy. I don’t know how but she kept licking as she came, but she did and as I slowed down to let Kat relax a bit, she finished Erin off with her mouth.

We all kind of fell over in a mess on the bed and after a few minutes for them to catch their breath and me silently thanking myself for jacking off earlier to last longer; Kat looked at Erin, kissed her and said, “How would you like to be filled by his cum?”

Erin responded, “Mmmm, yes, I haven’t felt a man’s cum inside me in 3 years.” I moved between Erin’s legs and slid deep inside her pussy. I started off slow and began to work up a steady rhythm. As Erin began to moan, Kat went from watching to sucking on her tits while fingering herself. Watching all of that, I warned that I wasn’t going to last must longer.

Kat paused for a second and said, “Good, fill her tight pussy up!” I shoved my cock into her twice more before I felt myself begin to cum deep inside of her. Probably due to the stimulation, I came as hard as I did the first time Kat and I hooked up.

As I rolled off of Erin, Kat crawled over and licked my cock clean of mine and Erin’s orgasms. We all three just laid there for about 10 minutes cuddling and relaxing after what had been about 30 minutes of absolute pleasure.

Erin got up first and said she had to get home because the babysitter couldn’t stay past 11. I got dressed and K put on a bathrobe and we walked Erin to the door; we both kissed her and she thanked us before leaving.

As she left Kat looked at me and said, “That was a lot of fun, thank you for being such a willing participant.”

I grinned and said, “Of course, a guy would have to be an idiot to not want to sleep with two beautiful experienced women.” She smiled and said, I’m going to shower, care to join me before bed?”

I said, “Of course, but I’m pretty spent.”

Kat laughed and said, “That’s fine, you have fingers that will have to do, instead of your cock.”

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