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Honeysuckle Nights Pt. 02

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Megan and Liza walked back from the main building. Liza made sure the tour through campus was extensive yet adapted to Megan’s needs. There was a lot of paperwork to fill but Liza helped Megan and three hours later the two were done.

“Phew, hate this part,” Megan sighed.

“Tell me about it, a true nightmare. Lucky we have to do this only once a week,” Liza agreed.

“What!” Megan shouted, she didn’t care about raising her voice, there was nobody around for as far as the eye could see, “No way, I am not doing that again, let’s head back and sort this shit!” Megan already stopped and turned before she caught sight of Liza.

The futa was red in the face, but not with anger. As if a dam broke inside Liza, she started to laugh her heart out, gasping for air.

“You tricked me, didn’t you…” Megan asked, understanding the context.

“Sorry, couldn’t help it,” Liza admitted, “you only have to do this once, when you arrive.” Megan was not offended and joined Liza, both laughing on the way back to the dorm.

When they arrived back at the house the others were in their rooms. Megan did catch a glimpse of Amanda’s cock slithering around the house before going out of a window. Liza walked Megan upstairs and showed her the rooms. At the end of the corridor was a blue door, the name Megan was written on it in cursive letters.

“Welcome to your room Megan, this space is a hundred percent yours.” Liza introduced her.

“Thank you, Liza, I can change it any way I like?” Megan wondered.

“Sure, just don’t take down the walls please, my room is next to you and I admittedly like my privacy,” Liza explained and both girls giggled at her joke.

Before Liza left she stopped at the door and looked back at Megan, “We have a meeting tonight, on the roof… Would you please join us?”

“I would love that” Megan agreed.

“Great, I’m so happy you’re here, I’ll pick you up at nine, okay?” Liza seemed really content with Megan’s compliance.

“Sure, thank you Liza” she finished with a smile and started unpacking and fitting the room to her needs.

Three hours went by in no time and the moment Megan finished her shower and got dressed she heard a knock at the door, “Megan, it’s me, Liza, are you ready?”

Megan opened the door to find all three girls crammed in the hallway. Amanda’s cock peeked from her skirt and ran in the direction of the stairs, Liza was also in a dress but Jennifer was only wearing a shirt, her monster cock erect.

“Sorry you have to see this Megan,” Liza explained.

“It’s okay, it’s only natural right?” Megan wondered.

“I already like her girls,” Jennifer said with a smile, “she understands I have no control over my erections…”

“Well,” bornova escort Amanda interrupted the conversation, “Shell we go?”

The girls all agreed, and the convoy started moving. There was another staircase at the start of the hall, it was hidden behind a door Jennifer opened. The girls went up and to Megan’s surprise, they reached another door.

“Welcome to our haven Megan,” Amanda welcomed her and opened the door.

Megan was shocked by what she saw. Before her was the whole campus and surrounding woods, just a little below the top of the house. the floor was padded with artificial grass and in the middle of the huge roof was a fireplace with couches and beanbags around it. everything was organized and Megan understood the girl cared about the place, investing a lot to keep it clean.

“Take a seat, girls,” Liza instructed as she approached the campfire and got it started, at first a small flame that grew and wormed the girls in the chilly night air. Jennifer and Amanda took opposite sides and Liza sat next to Amanda. All the girls signaled Megan to sit next to them but in the end, Megan parked her soft ass next to Jennifer.

“Another night, girls, are you ready?” Amanda wondered, “I think people wrote to use again.

Liza nodded and took out her phone, “Right, we have two users who had questions.”

Megan didn’t understand what was going on, “What questions? What are you talking about girls? What users?”

“Oh, we didn’t tell you, Megan,” Jennifer explained, shoving her rod out of the way so she could look at Megan, “We have a blog, it’s a very simple thing, people ask questions, we answer. You don’t have to take part of course, but it does present our sorority in a good light when people get to know us better.”

“And every now a then someone is kind enough to donate some money,” Liza added, “we use the money to keep the house going.”

“Okay, you got me interested, I’ll tell you that,” Megan took out her phone, “How do I find the blog?”

“Simple,” Liza explained, “it’s honeysuckle-sorority.blogspot.com”

Megan punched in the address, “Wow,” she said, “You put a lot of work into it. there is a profile for each of you.”

“True, everything to explain to the world we are just humans at the end of the day,” Amanda added.

“PR is everything in this day and age Megan,” Jennifer moved her giant erection around to look at whoever was talking.

“Will I also get my page and questions?” Megan wondered.

“Yes,” Liza answered, “But only if you want it.”

“I’m not sure yet,” Megan was hesitant, “is it okay if I just watch tonight?”

“Yea, sure.” The girls agreed.

“Okay,” said Jennifer, “With that out of bostanlı escort the way, will you do us the honour, Liza?”

“With pleasure,” the futa smiled, “The first question if from an anonymous user who wants to know about you, Amanda.”

“oh, me?” Amanda said coyly “well, ask away…”

“The user wants to know how was puberty like for you?” Liza recited the question.

“We’ll… that’s about 6 years, I had ups and downs, like any teenager, your regular bookworm.” Amanda tried to dismiss the question.

“Nice try Amanda,” Jennifer cut her, “But you’re not getting away so easy… tell us some more…”

“Oh, okay Jennifer,” Amanda thought for a few moments, “I started growing and never stopped, I grew about 20 feet a year, it was impossible to hide…”

“So how did you manage?” Megan asked, “I mean, you have a grade 3 cock, how do you deal?”

“I hid, girls… I hid away” Amanda explained, “I, you know I love my books… I would just stay in my room, leaving the window open and read books, my cock would go out… that is how I experienced the world during puberty…”

“Sounds sad,” Liza admitted.

“It was, but at the same time it was the only way to deal, and believe me my cock could deal.” She patted the snake that slid off the roof, “Had so much sex with girls without even meeting them.”

“Sounds like a recipe for disaster,” Megan pointed out.

“Sometimes it was, like when I fucked a police officer,” she admitted

“You fucked an officer?” Liza looked shocked.

“Yea, she asked for it, literally, I never rape.” Amanda detested the idea of rape, “But turns out sex in the middle of the street gets you a lot of attention, and not the good kind.”

“Went to jail?” Jennifer asked.

“No, never,” Amanda was shocked by the question.

Megan was fascinated by the talk, but Liza intervened, “We have to read the next question, Amanda, will you do us the honour?”

“Sure,” Amanda said and looked at her phone, “Well, this is a bit strange, this is one user with three questions, how about we each ask you one?”

“Sounds fine by me,” Liza consented.

“I’ll go first,” said Jennifer, “how long and thick are you around?”

“Amm…” Liza mumbled, “I… I don’t know… “

“No lies here, missy,” said Amanda, “you measured us all…”

“Okay, okay,” Liza faced the question, “I am 18 inches long and as thick as a half a gallon bottle.”

Megan looked shocked, “I never would have guessed a girl like you had a cock like that Liza.”

“Thank you, Megan, I had no choice in the matter though.” Liza looked a little sad for a moment but smiled again in an instant.

“Okay, my turn,” Jennifer buca escort said, “how much do you cum? use whatever measurement you find comfortable…”

“Like a lot of things in life, the answer is complicated, but we are talking about a gallon at least, the sky is the limit…” Liza explained, “I have no control over how much comes out…”

“Last question Liza, ready?” Megan wondered.

“Yes, go for it…” Liza encouraged her.

“How often do you cum?” Megan fired the question.

“As unoften as I can…” Liza said, her voice lowered. For a moment the only thing that made a sound was the crackling fire. Jennifer, Amanda and Liza did not speak, instead looking at the pitch-black sky above them.

“I don’t understand, is something wrong?” Megan wondered.

“This topic is a little sensitive with Liza…” Amanda tried to fend off the question, but Liza stopped her.

“No, she should know,” said the futa, “I have no control over my orgasms, that is what makes me a grade 3 futanari, Megan.”

Jennifer spoke in her place for a moment, “She just came out of an orgasm last month… It lasted four years.”

“Four years?” Megan marveled, not believing what she just heard.

“Yes, I came for four years straight,” Liza explained, looking Megan in the eyes. “Day and night, nonstop cum flow. I have zero control over how long I go or when to stop an orgasm. I lived in a nightmare those past four years… But that is done, I am trying to look at the brighter parts of life now…”

“Oh, sorry to hear that Liza, could you please explain a little?” Megan consulted the futa.

“I ejaculated over 20 thousand gallons over the four years, enslaved to my body… it all started as an innocent fuck, we did it in my room and I lost myself…” Liza looked depressed for a moment, “I suddenly realized I was cumming, and it was great, for the first three hours…”

“How did you girls react?” Megan wondered.

“At first it was great, the peak of sex. But as time went on I realized what I did. Don’t get it wrong, my partner was thrilled at the gallons flowed into her and inflating her belly past nine months pregnant… But I was realizing this is a big one…” but suddenly she looked happy, “But that is behind me, and as long as I don’t cum I’ll be fine, right?”

“Right!” Both Amanda and Jennifer agreed.

“So, this is what you girls do here every night?” Megan wondered.

“Pretty much,” Liza summed the whole thing, “They ask, we answer, and we process our experiences here, no judgment, just sharing.”

“Sounds wonderful,” Megan laced her fingers behind her head, looking at the sky, “Can I be part of this?”

“You mean you’ll join the blog and answer questions?” Liza asked, she was on the edge of her seat.

“Yep, what can go wrong?” Megan answered.

“Here?” Amanda took commend ass all girls took in the starts and the smell of honey filled their noses, “nothing can go wrong here.”


Ask the girls questions, they will answer in the next chapter.

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