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You had been at work for hours, catching up on some paperwork you had been meaning to do for a few days. You phoned mid-evening to say not to worry about dinner, you had popped out to get some milk for your coffee and picked up a sandwich to eat while you were there. You thought you’d just stay and finish up, then we would have an evening together tomorrow. I was really disappointed. You’ve been working late too often recently, and I have missed snuggling up on the sofa with you. Missed our chats.

I thought I’d take advantage of the fact that I had some quiet time to myself, took the phone off the hook, and ran a bath. I poured in some wonderful bath essence (evening primrose oil, ylang ylang and sweet almond oil), and spent a few moments putting on some music, pinning up my hair and removing some nail polish before slipping into the water, enjoying the warmth as I sunk in up to my neck. I closed my eyes and lay there for a while just gathering my thoughts and allowing myself the luxury of daydreaming, knowing I wouldn’t be interrupted for once. I topped up the water now and again by turning the tap on with my toes. I thought about you, working hard, and about how quiet the place seemed without you. I missed the little noises that told me you were in the kitchen, pottering about, or hearing your music playing. It seemed especially quiet tonight.

My thoughts began a trip down memory lane, remembering how you and I met.. all the times we had shared online and on the telephone; all the emails we had exchanged. I used to love receiving your emails. I never knew what you were going to write about next. You were so amazingly inventive. Some of the scenarios you described were so unusual and I could really picture them as if I were there. I smiled warmly to myself when I thought back to our lovemaking last night and how we hadn’t wanted to get out of bed this morning.

When the water began feeling a little cool and the CD had stopped playing, I decided it was time to get out of the bath. I put a bathrobe on and went downstairs to turn the heating up a fraction. It was autumn and there was a definite nip in the air. I got a glass of orange juice and wandered around in the kitchen as I drank it, thinking of you. There was the pinboard, covered in postcards you had sent me when we first met, and a stack of CDs – mostly yours – next to the CD player I had for my birthday. Then there was that bottle of wine I was planning on sharing with you this evening. An idea came into my head. I put the wine into the cooler and collected a few things together, glancing at the clock. You would be home very soon. I finished my juice and rinsed the glass, smiling to myself.

* * *

There was the familiar jingle of keys in the door and you entered the hallway. I had left the lamp on. I expect you would have noticed that that was the only light on in the house. I could sense you creeping in quietly as you took off your coat and shoes. I could hear you lay your keys down and, listening hard, could hear you tearing open the envelope I had left on the side. I wondered what you would be thinking. On a sheet of cream paper I had written simply “Please bring the tray upstairs with you” and had put a big ‘X’ at the bottom. You couldn’t fail to see the tray. I had leant it against the bottom of Escort bayan the staircase. And as you switched on the landing light to come up you would have seen some things I had placed on each tread, for you to put on the tray. First of all was a lace-edged cotton napkin, then a single rose in a small bud vase, taken from the vase in the lounge. A couple of steps further two wine glasses, and above them, the wine in the wine cooler. I could hear the glasses clink against one another as you placed them on the tray. Just after that I had placed a pretty scarf, a feather, and some massage oil.

I could hardly breathe, wondering what you must be thinking. I could feel my heart beating a little faster, and a tingle of excitement as I anticipated the rest of the evening. As you neared the top of the stairs you would have seen my hairbrush. I expect you would be smiling at that. You knew how I loved you to play with my hair. Next were some strawberries and grapes in a china dish and some strawberry sauce, and then you were on the candlelit landing. From this point you had to turn to the right towards the bedroom, and you would have seen the trail continue.. five little notes saying “Welcome” …. “to”…. “our”…. “Love”…. “nest”…just outside the bedroom door, which was ajar. I could hear you approach. You pushed the door open with your elbow and I watched through my half-open eyes as you entered the candlelit room.

I was laying on the bed in the black satin nightie I had described to you over the telephone one time. It was very flattering. My hair was loose, a little damp from having been in the bath earlier, and was fanned out across my pillow. I had turned back your side of the covers. “welcome home” I said, smiling, as I got up and came over to you. I took the tray from you, setting it on the bedside table, then, taking your hand, sat next to you on the edge of the bed and leant forward to kiss you, holding the back of your neck tenderly as our lips met. I opened my mouth slightly, and a tingle ran down my spine as your lips parted and our tongues found one another. I patted the pillows next to me and you moved further onto the bed, our kiss lingering as, I slipped off the bed and took the wine from the cooler. I opened the bottle and poured two glasses, bringing them over and perching just next to you on the bed.

We chatted for a few moments, and I couldn’t fail to notice your eyes drifting over to the tray now and again, nor would you have failed to notice as a grin crossed my face. The wine having warmed my cheeks a little, I asked you if you were in the mood for some fun. I giggled, smiling as you gave the answer I had been hoping for, and I pushed you further against the pillows, letting you sink into them, as I sat up a little, running my hand softly up and down your arm and around your neck. I climbed astride your legs, my fingers running down your chest, and when they reached your waistband they stopped and I looked into your eyes. I kissed you once again as you sank further into the pillows, and then asked you to close your eyes for a moment as I reached towards the tray. I wrapped the scarf around your eyes saying “shhhhhhh” and putting my finger to your lips as you began to protest. I teased you with the strawberries and grapes, biting them in half and Bayan Escort tracing your lips, letting the juice lightly coat your lips before popping them into your mouth or mine. Whenever I sneaked a grape or strawberry, I leant forward and kissed you lightly on the lips – much to your surprise and amusement. All too soon the fruit had gone and I reached to the tray again as you lay still, just stroking my thigh gently.

Placing one hand at your waistband, I began unbuttoning your shirt from the bottom, teasing out the fabric, and exposing your warm stomach. You flinched when a drop of cold strawberry sauce hit your skin. I undid another button and opened your shirt a little wider, dropping more sauce onto you. Then I bent forward and kissed your stomach, open-mouthed, taking away the sauce as I sucked your skin slightly. I unbuttoned further up and pushed apart your shirt entirely as I kissed you, dropping several drops of sauce from your navel up to your mid chest. I hungrily kissed and sucked the sauce away as you appeared to hold your breath. There was one drop of sauce left, and I wiped this off your skin with my finger, brushing it softly against your lips until they were coated in the wonderfully scented, sticky sauce. You began to lick it off, and I pressed my finger again to your lips, letting it slide into your deliciously warm and wet mouth. I moaned under my breath. It was a real turn on, watching you suck my finger like that.

Reaching for the tray once more, I took the feather. I can’t remember where it was from now, but it was very soft. I drew it very softly across your forehead and down your nose, traced the line of your jaw and then down drawing swirly patterns down your arms and then your chest, stopping just for a moment to unzip your trousers and begin to pull them down. I was pleased to see the effect all this was having on you. As I stepped off the bed for a moment, you raised your hips just enough for me to ease everything off. I picked up the feather and continued to brush it over your stomach and gently down each thigh in turn. I stopped for a moment, then stroked it in circles on your balls and then along your penis, watching it rise in response. I felt myself suddenly become wet, aching to make love with you. I stood beside you then, taking both your hands in mine, kissing them softly and placing them first on my cheeks and then guiding them down onto my neck and shoulders, then my breasts. My nipples were hard under your palms. I asked if they felt good and you nodded, smiling. I asked if I should take off my nightie and you said yes, so I did. You asked if I could take off the blindfold, but I asked you to be patient.

With your hands now massaging my breasts eagerly, I took the oil from the tray and poured some into my hand. I leant forward, your hands taking the weight a little more, and placed my hands on your chest. I began to knead your shoulders gently, taking away the day’s tension, gradually working my way down to your biceps and rubbing each arm in turn, using more oil. I loved working the oil across your chest, feeling the friction of your hair under my hands. It was a little awkward, standing beside you, but I didn’t want to spoil the moment by moving now. I worked my way down and onto your stomach, making slightly firmer Escort strokes so I didn’t tickle you. Your hands left my breasts and you just stroked my side and my hip as I bent forward over you; my hair trailing where my hands had just been. My nose was just an inch away from your cock. And I could smell your arousal. I was so turned on.

Still stroking your stomach, I flicked my tongue along the tip of your cock and you moaned. I glanced towards your face as, without warning, I took your whole length right into my throat. You caught your breath, then moaned “ohhhhhh…… ohhhhhhh” I couldn’t answer, but responded with “mmmmmmmmmm” which seemed to drive you wild. I was sucking you.. holding you in one hand and still gently stroking your stomach. Your hand was stroking my side. I took it and guided it to my thigh, opening my legs as I guided your hand up toward my pussy. I wanted you to feel how wet just being with you made me. You had the most wonderful touch. Almost losing myself in the moment, I remembered where I was.. and I moved your hand gently away, despite your protestations, and climbed back up onto the bed beside you. You didn’t seem to mind too much when I took your hand again and licked your fingers before taking them into my mouth, sucking so gently before removing them and kissing each in turn.

I pulled the blindfold from your face and leant forward and kissed you passionately, my hands either side of your face. I knew you would be able to smell and taste how aroused I was by then. I whispered in your ear “I love you” as I moved to kneel astride you, feeling you rise to meet me. I rubbed myself along your cock, my lips opening as I spread my legs a little wider. You were already soaked with my juices. I smiled as I ground myself against you in circles, gasping as you entered me.. I would never tire of that that feeling…the thrill of you filling me as I ride you. I loved being above you, watching your face and gazing deeply into your eyes. Rising and lowering myself on you and seeing and feeling your excitement build. I took your hands in mine, using them to steady me as I increased the pace a little, clenching myself around you each time I sat back against you. I could tell you enjoyed that. It was wonderful to be in control, to know just how to encourage you a step closer towards orgasm. Knowing I could do that turned me on so much, it felt like every nerve ending were alive.

The hair at the back of my neck stood on end and I shuddered as my spine tingled. I could feel my face was flushed as I smiled at you through heavy lidded eyes. Your breathing had increased too and you pushed your hips up against me – driving me crazy with desire. It wasn’t long before I could stand it no more.. my clit and pussy throbbing and urging you on to climax. Shuddering and moaning through closed eyes and biting my lip I came hard, and felt you fill me, flood my cervix. I slowed my movements down, riding more and more gently until I stopped, and slowly moved to your side, locked in your arms where we lay for some time, kissing each other and smiling, looking into each other’s eyes.

I teased you gently about how you had purposely stayed away, working late, so that I would be in a frenzy, aching for you. Then we laughed together and sipped more wine, enjoying the closeness after our lovemaking. It was a wonderful feeling, laying there in each other’s arms, feeling safe and loved. Eventually, when the wine had all gone, and midnight was long past, we blew out the candles and snuggled up, falling asleep in our little love nest.

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