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Hmmm… a Short Fantasy

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I swallow the last gulp. There’s nothing better than a nice mug of tea when, at last, I have some time to relax.

It had been one of these weeks. Full on. Work hard. Kids demanding. Hubby, well, just another kid really. Demanding! I never take time to be me. Even on my day off I’m rushing about after them all. But today is different. The house is quiet, only hubby in, doing whatever he does in the morning, and I can relax, nursing my tea and reading my book.

It is so quiet. I sigh happily inwardly, stretching my legs out, pressing myself back into the chair. I like sitting here when I get the chance. Reading. Bathing in the sunlight.

My mug is still warm. I push my book to the side and relax back. A few moments. Peace. Eyes closed. Alone in my thoughts. My breathing slows. My mind wanders. He begins to fill my thoughts. Yes, him. The one I think about. The one I know who thinks about me. I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help coming back to him. My fingers grip around my mug harder.

I’m woken abruptly from my thoughts. I hear a giggle. Hubby is behind me. I didn’t sense him coming downstairs, I really had been lost in my thoughts! I stretch my head back further, looking at him upside down, towering above me. I smile. He looks funny from this angle.

He is grinning, holding his phone out towards me. “Smile” he says as his finger hovers over the camera button icon. I oblige. He’s obviously already taken some and I’m glad to see the happy look in his eyes.

I’m aware of what I am wearing. He must like what he sees too. My white cotton top is very revealing when I don’t have my bra on. It’s more nightwear Marmaris Escort than daywear but today I really couldn’t be bothered. My eyes glance down. I instantly see what is amusing him. It’s a nice feeling.

I pose for him, playing. Teasing. “Stop that. Don’t. You’re perving!” I breath in deeply pressing my boobs forward, He smiles more.

I feel nice. Sexy. The soft cotton teases my nipples. A ripple runs through me, my clit tingles. I glance down again. My breasts are quite exposed. My cream trousers, well, I just hope I don’t get too excited!

He moves around, crouching closer, his phone still held outstretched. He’s smiling so much. I smile back. It’s good to see him having fun. I don’t mind what he’s doing. I know how I look. How I am feeling. He’s free to carry on.

He stands, flipping through his photos, chuckling inwardly. I sigh a bit. I had gotten myself a bit excited for a moment but now it had passed. He’d broken the magic somehow. I shook my head gently. Never mind. He was happy with his photos.

I raise my mug up. “something hot and wet please”. I know my innuendo, so does he. He laughs. “Happy to oblige ma’am” he replies, turning away.

I glance down at my book. It can wait for a bit. I breath in deeply. Relax. This is nice. My eyes close.

A smile tightens my lips. He’s here! I look up. He is here! Watching me, smiling. Butterflies float through my stomach. My breasts heat. My clit tingles. My mind is in confusion. “How? Why? It’s too dangerous…we can’t…”

He presses his finger to his lips. “Shoosh”, a gentle breath.

He removes Marmaris Escort Bayan his coat, placing it down on a chair. Undoes his tie and shirt top button. A gentle silent wave of his hand towards me. A clear signal. My hands wander over me in immediate response. Uncontrollable.

I brush past my breast. My nipple stiffens. I breathe out at my own touch. I reach to the other, waiting in anticipation. I tease. My mind blows. I find my other hand has reached down between my legs. How did that get there? It presses in. ‘God, my clit is on fire’.

I look up at him. His shirt is undone. I see the desire ablaze in his eyes. It feels good to be wanted. Me. My body aches for this feeling. The intensity of passion. A wanton abandon to lust. ‘Fuck everything else!’

I’m filled with terror. ‘Where’s hubby?’ I glance around. He’s not here. My eyes close as I relax back. ‘Getting a bit carried away with myself there!’ I giggle inwardly. My mind drifts again in the warm sunlight and silence.

He’s back! Standing over me. His shirt now off, belt loose around his waist. A wave of his hand again and my body tenses, tingling. My nipples stiffen, my breasts heat up. My legs part in voluntarily.

Our eyes lock. He holds me in my thoughts. I find my button undone, my hand slipping inside my light trousers. I can’t avert my gaze. My fingers feel the warmth through my knickers. I’m soaked. ‘He’ll like that’ I think to myself. ‘So wet and warm. That’s what he wants’.

I slip my trousers down a bit. Not far, just far enough to let my hips open. My fingers explore my wetness. Touching gently. Escort Marmaris I circle my clit through the lace. ‘God this is good’.

He watches every movement, his trousers fallen to the floor, his cock hard within his shorts. He smiles, peeling them off, his cock stiff now in front of me. I know what he wants.

My fingers explore inside my knickers, expertly pulling them to the side. I brush past my clit. The shock rushes through my body. He smiles again, his hand on his cock, gently nodding encouragement.

My eyes close. I want to loose myself. My breathing deepens as I explore inwards, my fingers coated. I surprise myself at how wet I am, my hips shuffling downwards. I need to cum. He wants me to cum.

He’s close to me. I feel him there. I don’t look but I know what he’s doing. The thought excites me. ‘Do it. Cum for me. I am for you’.

My hips tighten. The deep warm sensation building. My fingers work their magic, my mind losing itself to their touch. He’s close now, right over me. I hear him. Soft moans. The muscles in my legs tingle. I know I can’t last any longer. I have to release.

I pull my top up exposing myself to him, my finger pressing into my clit one last time.

The light explodes around me. My orgasm hits. I feel his cum coating me, blast after blast, over my breasts. Warm. Silky. I crumple inwards, my legs closing tight around my hand. Wave after wave flows through me, centred deep within but reaching my fingers and toes. My legs stretch out. I’m done. My mind mush. I loose myself for a few seconds.

I look up. His face has reddened. He smiles. His cum drips down, running between my breasts. We watch each other, recovering slowly. He has had what he wanted. I feel fulfilled.

I am started. I wake with a shock. Hubby is there, hand outstretched proffering a mug.

“You wanted something hot and wet. I’m here to oblige.”

I nod, smiling at him.

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