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Big Dicks

“Wow that one is hot!” Kaylee said glancing over Ben’s shoulder.

“Shit! I didn’t know you were home.” He replied quickly minimizing the window.

“So did she post a whole series or just that one picture?”


“I know all about your favorite forum. You left it up after you went to work a few days ago. And I must say she is hot. I would do her.”

“I’m sorry.” He replied not sure what was going on.

“Relax handsome you’re not in trouble.” She replied. She stood behind him letting one hand seductively glide over his chest while the other brought the web page back into full view. “She is much hotter then I am isn’t she?”

“Yes. What I mean no. That’s not a fair question she’s hotter then any Hollywood actress I can think of. You’re gorgeous.” He stumbled.

“I have you a little flustered.” She smiled. One of her hands worked its way under his shirt while the other glided along his inner thigh. He felt his body start to respond to her gentle touch. Still unsure of what she had in mind, he tried to relax. Her touch was driving him crazy.

“What are you thinking?” He asked.

“Oh, I don’t know.” She replied, her hand gliding along his leg. She allowed it to slide over the budge in his pants before idly fingering his zipper. Casually she toyed with the zipper sliding it up and down the back of her fingers rubbing against the budge with each stroke. Her other hand made its way up his chest along his arm and down to his hand holding the mouse. She guided him to a series of pictures he was intimately familiar with.

She clicked on the first of the series of pictures that began a long seductive strip tease. The pointer traced the contours of the luscious body on the screen as she unbuttoned his jeans. Her hand slid slowly into his boxers griped his hard cock pulling it out into the open.

Silently she began stroking him as she slowly clicked through the first few pictures. Her pace kept him on the edge wanting the release but intoxicated by the pleasure. Each stroke sent shivers through his body as each new picture showed on the screen. wolf like me izle Her fingers began to tease him as she released her grip knowing how close he was to exploding. She wasn’t done with him yet, not by a long shot. Halfway though the set she slid around into his lap and kissed him hard on the lips.

“That was hot.” He grinned.

“Oh we aren’t done yet. The only rule is you have to keep your hands on the keyboard or mouse at all times.” She whispered into his ear and slid back off him. She rotated him in the chair so he could see both the screen and their bed at the same time. She walked over to the bed in that seductive style she knew drove him wild. Then turned facing him and removed her shirt reviling a bikini top similar to the one in the picture on the screen. Then she fingered the zipper on her jean shorts posing in the same manner as the picture.

“Should I be scared or excited?” He teased.

“Both.” She laughed. “When I nod click to the next one.”

She smiled and nodded at him. He clicked on the next picture as she began to unbutton and unzip her shorts turning slightly to mimic the next pose. She nodded again. Facing him she pulled the material away from her skin further. Another picture and another pose her shorts starting to creep down over her hips. She nodded again facing away from him and showing off her ass in the tight jean shorts.

“You’re killing me.” He mock protested as he clicked to the next picture. She turned to face him her thumbs slipping beneath her waistband at her sides. He clicked again, her shorts slid down just a touch as she seductively rotated her hips. He smiled, clicking the next picture. He knew what came next. She turned away from him bending over and sliding her shorts down slightly showing off the crack of her ass. He clicked again as her shorts dropped further showing off her beautiful ass. One last click, his eyes shifted back and forth between the screen and scene in front of him. Kaylee was on all fours on their bed her pussy fully exposed to him as she wiggled her wolf pack izle lovely ass at him.

“Hey stay there.” She said as he began to get up to come over to her. “I’m not done with you yet.” she smiled. She crawled over to the side of their bed and pulled something out of the dresser drawer hiding it behind her back. She sauntered over to him smiling at his anticipation. She swayed a bit keeping her hands behind her back out of his sight. Then slowly she moved her hands and showed him the vibe she pulled from the drawer.

“How did you manage to find something so similar? Really you’re scaring me.” He smiled.

“Just keep your hands on the keyboard, I think you know which set to look at next.” She replied caressing herself with the vibrator. Ben eagerly clicked on the first picture glancing between it and his girlfriend as she laid down on the bed, inserting the vibrator. He clicked on the next picture. Leaving the vibrator inside her she rolled to her stomach and slowly slid up onto all fours. She let her hand slide back and moved the vibrator in and out feeling his eyes on her. He clicked again. She looked back, grinned at him, and let out a soft moan. Slowly she rolled onto her side continuing to play with her toy.

“I can’t take much more of this.” He protested as he clicked the next picture. She rolled back up on to all fours facing away from him mimicking the next pose. He clicked again and watched her move on to the next pose. He wanted her so bad it hurt, but he knew she would make it worth the wait.

She sat facing him, mounted the vibrator, and began riding it cowgirl style. He watched her breasts bounce slowly to the rhythm of her hips. He clicked again and watched as she plunged down into the vibrator moaning softly as it filled her. Another click. She rolled her hips smiling at him as he watched in agony. Click. She removed her top letting her breasts bounce freely as she continued her assault on the vibe. Click. Laying down she began to work it in and out with her hand. Click. The last picture of the set, her pace woman of the dead izle increased as she brought herself to orgasm, his eyes glued to her the entire time.

“Have I driven you insane?” She asked getting up. She strolled over to him and kissed him deeply before he had a chance to respond. He tried to pull her into his lap and take her. She resisted. “Not quite yet love.” She smiled and opened the folder that he had downloaded the videos to. She opened the one of his online vixen laying on the bed masturbating.

She smiled at his shock as she kneeled down to take his hard cock in her mouth. He watched entranced as the video played out before him. The action and soft moans drove him wild. His girlfriend knew him to well. Her mouth driving him crazy without letting him explode in relief. Her tongue danced around his head and shaft stimulating him with every motion. As the clip came to an end Kaylee got up, straddled him, and plunged his cock into her.

“Play the next video.” She whispered into his ear. He clicked on the next video as Kaylee matched the motions that played out in front of him. She knew the slow speed wouldn’t be enough for him and would intensify the teasing. She continued to gyrate her hips matching the video and feeling his frustration with each stroke. Knowing when it ended that he wouldn’t be able to take much more. She increased her pace grinding hard into his lap.

Their lips met, tongues intertwining. Their eyes locked seeing the intense passion and desperate need in the others. His hips moved to work with hers making the collisions more intense. He stood lifting her out of the chair as she wrapped her legs around him. Quickly he carried her over to the bed and tossed her onto it. Pulling her to the edge of the bed, he began pounding into her desperately seeking the release he needed so badly.

Her body shook with each thrust. Her hands toyed with her breasts and clit rubbing hard as her climax neared. He felt her mussels contract around him begging him to fill her. His pace and intensity increased as his body responded. Exploding he collapsed on top of her kissing her, their breathing quick and shallow. They laid there in each others satisfied. He looked deep into her eyes smiling at the amazing girl he had found and had somehow managed to keep.

“So should we ask her if she wants to join us for a threesome?” She teased ideally playing with his hair.

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