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His Burning Desire

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The room was dark, the door closed, but the window was open, the light of the full moon outside giving everything in the room a silvery blue color. She leaned over the bed, running her hands over the silk sheets to smooth them out and that was when she felt the hands on her hips. She stood and tried turning to face him, but he held her firm and forced her to look straight ahead. Her head tilted to the side as he pressed his lips to her neck, a soft moan leaving her. She could feel his body press against hers and for a moment she felt as though something wasn’t quite the way it should have been. It didn’t feel the same as it usually did. “I thought you were working late tonight…” she whispered, ignoring the strange sensation that something was amiss and closing her eyes, pressing back against him, letting his hands run up and down her sides, the satin nightgown she wore clinging to fingers, lifting and falling with each touch. He continued to say nothing, a hand reaching around to cup her breast, tracing a finger around her nipple. She chuckled and turned around in his arms, looking up at face she hadn’t expected to see.

Startled, she took a step back and her calves hit the side of the bed. “Why…?” she asked, unable to sum up the questions in her head. He gave her a wicked grin and said merely, “Because.” before reaching out and grabbing her by the front of her nightgown, pulling her back against him and kissing her deeply. It was a lustful kiss, deep and demanding and despite herself she couldn’t basmane escort help but melt against him, a heat she wasn’t expected to feel running up her spine. His hand went to the back of her neck, holding her in the kiss so she couldn’t pull away and eventually she found herself kissing him back.

He pulled back and his hands went to his belt, pulling it free from the pants and tossing it aside before his pants fell around his ankles in a puddle of fabric. She stared openly at the bulge in his underwear and tried to step back again, his grip firm on her arm. Her throat felt dry and she couldn’t help herself, her body seeming to move on it’s own as she reached out to pull them away, to release his cock. She watched it, almost in a daze, not even hardly feeling the way his hands moved and pushed on her shoulders, sending her yielding body to it’s knees. Hardly noticing the way his fingers ran through her hair and his thumb traced over her lips. Her mouth opened automatically and she didn’t really realize what was happening until he had her pushed back against the bed, her head cocked back, supported by the mattress, and he was fucking her mouth. It wasn’t her giving him head… hell no… his thick cock sunk into her mouth on it’s own, his body leaning over her to be sure he had the upper hand. She lifted her hands and gripped his hips as they rolled, trying to think of something else, knowing that if she thought of the taste of his pre-cum, or the feeling bayındır escort of him filling her throat with flesh she’d gag on him.

He growled in pleasure and slowly pulled back, looking down at her on the floor. That grin spread on his face again and he grabbed her hair, lifting her up and throwing her back on the bed.

She tried, one last time to avoid him and the situation that was arising by scooting away, but he grabbed her ankle and pulled her back, forcing her onto her hands and knees and throwing the nightgown up to expose her ass and pussy to him. She was already soaked, wet and eager for him, but her body’s surrender to him wasn’t anywhere near complete enough. Dragging his finger down the crack of her ass, he paused at the slick opening, running his fingertip around the rim. She gave a soft moan and buried her face into the pillow to stifle herself. He yanked her back by her hair and thrust the finger into her cunt, and as expected she gave a sharp cry of guilt-ridden pleasure. “You want it…” he crooned, “Look at you, raising your hips and offering yourself to me… fucking whore.” He slid a second within her and the pleasure was mixed with a bit of pain. She couldn’t quite fit two fingers… never had been able to. He laughed and fucked her with both fingers anyway, her whimpers soon turning to moans as she felt herself loosen around him enough to accommodate his demands. “Tell me you want it… I want to hear you beg me for my cock.”

She bayraklı escort gasped and looked back at him, before staring at the pillow and moaning back to him. “Ohhh please… I need you to fuck me so bad. I need to feel you inside me, stretching me around you… Mmmm… God, give it to me…” She could feel his weight shift on the bed and she let out a slow moan was she felt the familiar hardness of a prick against her. He thrust in and she gave a scream of pleasure, “Oh, fuck yes!” as she felt him pierce her body, a shot of pain going through her that would soon be nothing but an indescribable pleasure.

His hands gripped her waist, pulling her back into each violent thrust as he called her every name in the book, obviously using her for his pleasure. And she wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. She leaned down, raising her ass further in the air for him as the pleasure built, in the bottom of her stomach, to incredible heights.

Her orgasm hit her, each contraction feeling more powerful than the last. Her body shook beneath him, trembling in pleasure, her lips parting and screaming his name along with a few other obscenities. He took a few more strokes, his own groaning becoming more desperate as he felt her body contract around him. With a finality about it he thrust himself within her and she could feel his cock spasm inside, uttering a low groan back at him.

He pulled out slowly, long strands of mixed juices stretching between her pussy and him. Climbing off of the bed, he looked down at her and she pursed her lips together, watching him as he got dressed and left the bedroom. She smiled softly and walked into the bathroom to take a shower on unsteady feet, secure in the knowledge that he’d be back for her again. He’d just show up one night, probably when she wasn’t expecting him.

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