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Locked up in jail once again for the third time with more felony charges added to his record, 50 Cent lies there in his hot, humid cell room bed with his shirt of, thinking about why he did it. His career was starting blowing up after releasing his second album “The Massacre” a year ago. Now he was in jail, once again but for an agonizing 5 – 8 years for something that he really wants to forget even happened. Staring up at the ceiling on the hard bed mattress, thinking if this could get any worse for him.

Then suddenly he heard all of the prisoners yelling and cursing at something or someone, sort of like a riot breaking out. He got out of the bed and walked up to the warm sticky metal bars and looked to see what the fuss was about. It looked to be another prisoner being escorted to a jail cell, but why was everyone cheering? 50 looked harder at the figure arriving closer to him. When he thought that things were going to get worse for him it didn’t. The large figure that was coming to his cell was one of his idols, LL Cool J.

50 was blown away at this. The hip-hop mogul that everyone in the game knew was in jail, and from the looks of it LL was going to his cell! 50 may have acted like he loved women in his music videos and songs, but for real… 50 was a dick hungry hoe. He loved only dick especially the big ones. Anything lower then 8 inches couldn’t satisfy him.

A big muscular man like him needs big things, and big things are what he got every night until he went to jail. Rapper’s Nelly, T.I and The Game were his usual; all with 10 to 12 inch dicks that gave 50 cent what he hungered for every night. T.I was his favorite although he was short, T.I was packin’ a big 12 inch uncut dick, and 50 would deep throat the entire juicy black wand down his throat and take all12 inches in his hungry pussy.

When LL and the guards got closer to his cell, 50 walked to the bed and laided there looking back up to the ceiling, pretending like he was doing nothing. He thought to himself, “Damn this niggas so fuckin’ fine, I can’t wait to get his dick in my ass.” 50 was so horny thinking about LL’s dick hoping he could get what he desired from him. His ass twitched on the though of LL’s big 13 (well hoping its 13) inch dick opening him up and giving him the ride of his life.

50 moaning like crazy telling him what a good fuck he was, telling izmir escort him that dick is what he hungered for, and that he cant live without his dick. (Yeah 50 was a cock whore alright). The guards approached the cell and started to unlock it. Quickly coming back to reality, he looked down and his massive 11 inches was standing at attention. 50 quickly put the pillow he was laying on his lap.

LL walked in and sat on the bed facing the bars, not even noticing 50 on the bed. This gave 50 a chance to check this fine ass brother out. LL looked even better in person, taller, maybe 6 ft, 4 inches, even more built then he thought he would be. LL’s muscles glistened in the sunlight rays beating down on his sweaty muscular frame, making him look even more delicious. He was wearing a black wife beater with a do rag on his head.

His jeans were sagging showing his thick, juicy, muscular ass, and from the looks of it, he’s wearing a jockstrap! 50 could feel himself getting hard again. He tried to move up from the bed to sit up and the bed creaked. LL looked over in the dark corner and said “Who da hell is that ova there?” 50 couldn’t move, LL might have that image of a “nice” thug on TV always reppin’ the women in a good way, but that was just for TV.

The truth is, LL was an authoritative, ass hole that got what he wanted when he wanted it. LL was into men too, but his image on TV made him otherwise. LL was packin’ a nice thick 12-inch dick and he knew how to use it on fake wimpy ass niggas that pretended to be hard on the TV screen. One that he hated was 50 cent; he already knew 50 was a pussy when he hugged the Game one stage at a press conference about a beef. He wanted to rape him with all his 12 inches, making him beg and cry for him to stop fucking him and tell him that he was weak and that he deserved every excruciating hit from his dick.

50 finally spoke in a quiet tone, “Hey wassup L, I neva thought I would met you here. I gotta let you know I am and will always be a fan of yours. I got all your cds…” While 50 was bull shitting his way into LL’s pants, LL was thinking yeah this nigga is a pussy and he knew just what he wanted to do to him. 50 was still talking when LL got out the bed and walked over to him and slapped him hard across the face. 50 looked up with a shocked look on his face. LL looked alsancak escort at him with disgust, that this dude was even in the rap game.

He grabbed him by the neck and through him down on the bed and jumped on top of him and yelled, “I knew you was a fuckin’ bitch ass nigga, when I first saw yo’ wack ass on TV I knew you was cock sucker! I saw you checkin’ me out at that award show nigga, I know you want my dick, we here now, so suck it!” LL got up still holding 50 cent down, pulled down his pants and jock and out flopped his soft 7 inch dark piece of meat.

He jerked it off some to get it hard, when it got to the full 12 inches he yelled “Open yo’ fuckin pussy ass mouth and eat my dick!” 50 stared at his dripping hard on and opened his mouth and LL forced half of it in. 50 moaned like a bitch in heat, while LL raped half of the 12 incher down his throat. “Yeah suck my dick nigga, get it hard and wet so I can fuck your pussy ass.” LL said.

50 was in heaven right now, he loved getting dominated by this fine light skinned Adonis thug raping his mouth and making him love it. 50 started using his years of experienced throat on the massive dick, swallowing and moaning on it, using a lot of spit to make it go down easier. LL was moaning now 50 looked up at him smiling with a dick in his mouth, LL laughed and said, ” yeah I knew you enjoyed this shit, you should look at yourself smilin’ wit a niggas dick in yo fuckin mouth, take it all bitch.” With the he pushed all 12 and growing inches down his throat making LL growl and moan.

To 50 cent this was like his first time again, when Marques Houston raped him. Marques had the voice and attitude of a nice thug also but in reality he was a hardcore thug that didn’t mess around with pussy ass niggas acting hard on the street. 50 reminiscences the hard fucking Marques gave to him. Marques yelled and spit at him, cursed him out, slapped, and beat him. 50 loved every second of it and now he was getting it back from his idol LL Cool J.

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard “Flip over nigga, Imma take this pussy doggy style.” 50 happily applied getting up taking off his underwear and lying on his stomach. LL jerked off as he fingered 50s ass opening it for his dick. 50 moaned again and went to go and jerk when LL grabbed his hand and told him to keep his buca escort hands up and around his back. LL slapped his ass hard making the smacking sound echo and bounce on the walls of the jail cell.

50 moaned and yelled telling him to do it harder. Once his ass was heated up LL spit on his dick and 50’s asshole and rubbed it up and down to lube it one last time. “Damn his ass is tight” LL thought to himself. 50 was ready for his dick, his dream was finally about to come true with one of his idols to fuck his ass and now here he was on his stomach, ready to feel the meat of LL Cool J.

LL wasted no time in forcing every last inch inside of him. 50 cent yelled out loud causing some of the cellmates in the other cell rooms to groan, trying to see who was getting raped tonight. LL heard the prisoners stirring from their early morning sleep, with a devilish smile, he thought and yelled, “50’s GETTING ASS RAPED!” everyone in there cells woke up and started cheering them on, yelling and telling him to fuck his ass harder, and give him what he wants, some degrading 50, saying he was weak rapper and a pussy to all niggas on the street, but he didn’t care, he was getting what he wanted and desired. There not getting fucked by one the finest rappers in the business so fuck them!

LL fucked him harder and harder, slapping his ass and calling him names along with the prisoners. 50 was moaning and groaning telling LL ” Yeah nigga fuck my ass, give it to me like that, yeah that’s it give it all to me. Oh yeah… Ohhh shit… your gonna make me bust a nuttt…!” 50 could feel his balls rising, he wanted to jerk off badly but LL had his hands around his back. “Yeah nigga cum for me, take this mothafuckin’ dick, you know you like this shit. CUM BITCH!” That was it for 50; he exploded a massive load of cum all over the bed. Everyone out side was cheering and wooting, LL was smiling like his album just went platinum.

He was about to impregnate 50 cent with his sperm and that met 50 was his bitch for now on. “Here it cums bitch, take that mothafuckin load in yo ass nigga.” LL Yelled. 50 felt 5 spurts of hot LL cream fill ass to the capacity, making LL moan and wiggle his ass around, squeezing and sucking all the hot cream from his dick. LL ripped his dick out of 50s sucking ass and slapped his ass one more time and walked back over to his bed. 50 turned around his back and stuck his fingers in his worn out pussy, feeling the hot cum drool out. He scooped it up and started to suck it off like his favorite treat…(and was). LL laid down and went to sleep while 50 smiled to himself and mixed his and LL’s cum together and ate it.

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