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Hiking With Kim Ch. 03

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“That’s it over there. The white one with the blue roof.”

I was driving down a dirt road in a trailer park and pulled in to the side of what looked like some sort of driveway. I got out and walked around to help Kim out of the truck, when the front door to the trailer opened.

“Hello?” Came the voice of the woman walking toward the truck.

“I’ve got a delivery for you,” I said.

“It’s only me,” Shouted Kim. “I’m home a little early.”

“Oh my, I thought you were coming home tomorrow.”

“Well, there was a little change in plans. Mom, this is Ken Palmer. I’ll tell you all about it inside.” Kim stated before her mother could get a word in.

“How do you do Mrs. Poulan.”

Her mother was in a total state of confusion when she saw Kim limping into the house. “Where’s John and Eddie?”

“I don’t know and I don’t care. They left me on the side of the mountain and if Ken didn’t come along, I’d still be up there and half dead.”

“Oh,” Said Kim’s mother. “They wouldn’t do…………..”

“Mom, I sprained my ankle and they left me to get down by myself. Then I took the wrong trail and got lost on this pile of rocks and it started pouring rain. Ken came and got me down off the rocks and fixed my ankle, fed me, dried all my clothes and……………”

“Uh, she had a towel over her while her clothes were drying.” I injected. “Kim, slow down. You’re home now so just relax.”

Kim caught her breath and told her mother the whole story, a little calmer this time. Her mother was pretty angry about the whole mess, but couldn’t thank me enough for getting her daughter home safely.

“Well, I better get moving along. Try to stay off that ankle for a few days and I think you’ll be okay. You might want to get some x-rays just to be sure nothing’s broken,” I said as I walked to the door.

I shook the mother’s hand and then Kim’s, as I tried to block the memories of the last 24 hours from my mind. I figured it might upset Kim’s mother if I had my way with her daughter on the front steps of their trailer. Thinking about it, I chuckled to myself as I wished them well and got into the truck. As I started her up I heard Kim shouting to me as she quickly limped her way toward me.

“I don’t want you to go,” she whispered so her mother couldn’t hear.

“I know but I have to. I got things to do. You’ll be okay.”

“But I’ve got your shirt,” She said, trying to keep me there.

“Well, you can’t take it off here.” I laughed. “Look, Kim…” I reached into the glove compartment and came up with a pen and a Burger King napkin. “Here’s my e-mail address. You write me and let me know how everything’s going. Keep the shirt. I got plenty.” I gently touched her cheek. “I won’t forget you.”

Kim started crying. She looked like one of those puppies at the pound that you just want to pick up and take home. I backed out to the road and started for home, leaving Kim alone in front of the trailer.

Over the next month, I got my book off to the publisher along with the pictures I had taken on the Craig Cliff trail. Two of the pictures I took of Kim came out pretty good and I actually put one in a small frame, which I placed on my night stand. My emotions were very mixed about this young girl I met on the trail. She was so nice, but Manisa Escort so young. I knew she liked me, but maybe I was just a father figure to her or was just there when she needed help. Not a day went by that I didn’t think of her, but she must have gotten over me, as I never heard from her. The e-mails I expected never came, which told me she must have moved on with her life.

It was a hot day around the first week of August. I had just planted a crab apple tree behind the house when I heard a car on the dirt road out front. Must be the mail, I thought. Then I remembered the mail had already come earlier. I heard a car door shut as I walked around the side to investigate. A dark blue compact sat in my driveway with no one in it, as I heard footsteps going up the front stairs. Guess the Jehovah witness’ had found me, I thought as I rounded the porch. A lone figure stood at the front door. I would have recognized that auburn hair anywhere.

“You lost again?” I calmly said.

Without a word she turned and ran down the stairs, across the lawn, and threw herself into my open arms. We hugged for a good two minutes until I finally pried her lose.

“Let me look at you,” I laughed.

“Oh, Ken,” She said with tears in her eyes. We started making out right there in the driveway.

“C’mon. Let’s go around back before the neighbors see us,” I said.

“What neighbors? I haven’t seen a house for the last half mile.”

“Yeah, it is a little remote.” I told her before the kissing started again. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other and the only reason we stopped, was the sun was baking hot on the deck, because I had not put the awning up. I opened the umbrella on the picnic table and we sat laughing, both happy we were together again.

“Not getting any e-mails, I thought you forgot about me.” I told her.

“Well, I put the napkin with your address on it in my shorts. When I was changing, my mom threw them in the wash with the napkin still in them. I cried all night thinking I’d never find you again. I looked for you in the phone book, online, and even called the college, but they wouldn’t give out any information. I even thought about going up to the trailhead parking lot and seeing if you might be there, but that was a stupid idea.”

She smiled before continuing, “Last week I went up to the college and told them I was a friend of yours, but didn’t have your address. They still wouldn’t give me any info, so I left. But, get this. On the way out I saw your friend, Jim, from the parking lot. He looked at me like he knew me but couldn’t place me, until I told him I was the one you rescued off the rock pile. He took me back to the desk and got your address for me. Mom said I could have the car today, so here I am. I was so afraid you might turn me away.”

I took a deep breath. “I think of you every day, but I………………”

“I know. There’s a big age difference.” She interrupted.

“Yeah,” I sighed.

“C’mon, show me the house.”

I took Kim’s hand and gave her the grand tour of my little log cabin. I took her from room to room, which wasn’t difficult as the living room, dining area, and kitchen are all one open area. We then headed down the small hallway towards the bedroom. “Hang on, I said, “I just want Manisa Escort Bayan to get this dirt off my hands,” and ducked into the bathroom. Kim kept going into the bedroom. When I returned, Kim was sitting on the edge of the bed holding the framed picture of herself.

“Where did you get this?” She asked.

“I took it while taking photos of those chestnut saplings when we left the campsite.”

“Well.” She muttered. “That’s not really fair is it? I mean, I don’t have a picture of you.”

“I don’t know. You got my shirt!”

“Yeah, but thinking back on it, I think you have my bra.” She exclaimed.

“Oh yeah……… I sent it out to be framed ……..along with the beach towel!”

Kim stood up and put her arms around me. I backed off slightly. “Careful. I’m covered with dirt from planting that tree. In fact, you got dirt on your shirt from the driveway.”

Kim looked down. “Looks like we need a shower.”

“You may be right.” I smiled.

She took my hand and led me into the bathroom. We stripped down and together, got under the spraying water. We fooled around with the spray, and then the soap, while she kiddingly complained about how men take showers as opposed to women. We washed each other’s back and then got down to more serious business when she started cleaning my cock and balls with her soapy hands. “Funny,” She said. “I’ve never seen you without a hard-on.”

“Yeah well, as long as you’re around, you probably never will.” I laughed.

I cupped her tits in my slippery hands and began pinching her erect, hard nipples. She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes as she continued to stroke my cock. God, I wanted to cum right there. Kim must have known, because she backed away.

“Oh, no you don’t. Not here.”

We hosed off, toweled down, and headed for the bedroom. Kim mentioned how wet her hair still was, like I cared. We embraced each other and kissed without letting go for a good ten minutes before my hand slid over her firm belly and found its target. Her cunt was wet and her clit was hard and ready. She closed her eyes as my finger swirled and teased that firm bud. Her pussy was full lipped and covered with a patch of well-trimmed auburn hair. My finger slipped so easily into her love hole and back up her inner lips to her to her hard clit.

I kissed her cheeks and neck, then dropped my mouth onto her deep brown nipples as she softly moaned and spread her legs wider, signaling a lust for more. I got to my knees and positioned myself between her legs. Raising her hips with my hands I leaned forward and planted my tongue in her soaked slit and tasted the sweetness of her now free-flowing juices. My tongue danced over her clit before gliding over her swollen lips to her wanting hole. I was sucking down her juice as fast as she could produce it, driving my tongue deep into her cunt and then returning to her clit.

Her hips started to rotate in time with my actions, her moans getting louder. I slid my hand from under her butt and drove two fingers into her, while continuing to massage her clit with my tongue. Kim’s hands grabbed my head and pressed me firmly between her legs.

“Oh fuck,” She moaned softly. I removed my two fingers, which were soaked with her love juice and in one quick move, Escort Manisa rammed my index finger back into her cunt and my middle finger up her tight ass. Kim’s eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped. She stared at me.

“OH FUCK! Fuck My Ass. Oh God, I want you there.”

My tongue worked faster, as my middle finger slammed in and out of her tight dirty hole until I felt her body tense up. With a deep exhale, she started shaking.


She was gasping for breath as I started to slow my activity between her legs. Finally I stopped and moved up alongside her, holding her in my arms until she got some control back. Like that night in the tent, she started to cry. She turned toward me and we both smiled.

“Fuck me,” She whispered. “Fuck me now.”

I rolled her onto her stomach and fucked her from behind, giving her a few love slaps across her firm ass in the process.

“Oh, fuck me babe. Fuck me like a whore. Make me your little whore and I’ll be your fuck slut forever.”

I held her hips and pounded deep into her dripping cunt while she encouraged me with her bawdy talk and more four letter words than I’ve heard in a lifetime. All of this excited me more, until my cock could take no more. She squeezed her cunt around my shaft, trying to hold me in.


I started blowing huge loads of my seed into her hot, soaked hole. One shot after another poured into her, mixing with her juices, before seeping down the shaft of my tool and onto the bed sheets. I pulled out of her horny slit, making even more of a mess. We both collapsed onto our backs. We lay quietly for a bit until I looked over at Kim. She was on one elbow, staring at me with those puppy dog eyes.

“Looks like we’ll need another shower,” She laughed. “I’m lying in something here.”

I laughed right along with her, “God, you’re something.”

“You’re not so bad yourself,” She replied back.

We took another quick shower before throwing the sheets in the wash and returning to the backyard with cold drinks. We talked for about an hour, mostly about her and her plans for the fall. She told me she had gotten a part time job at a dry cleaner. It was close enough to her home that she could walk to work. It didn’t pay much, but her mother needed help and at least this way, she could do something for her.

“What about your plans for the veterinary field?” I asked.

“I don’t know. My mom doesn’t have a lot of money to send me to school and my grades weren’t good enough for scholarships. Boy! It would be nice to make money doing something I like and that could really help my mom.”

It was getting late and I knew Kim had to get the car back. I gave her my e-mail address once more, along with my phone number.

“When can I see you again?” She asked.

“You’re welcome here anytime,” I told her. I didn’t want to say any more, as I knew I had some soul searching to do. She was too good a girl to lead on. We would soon have to talk about where we were going with all this.

Kim drove down the road, waving out the window until she was out of sight. I shook my head and laughed. On one hand, she was a typical girl just out of high school. On the other hand she was a responsible woman, helping out her mother and thinking about her future.

I went back into the house and stared at Kim’s picture, knowing whatever feelings I had for this girl just grew a little more.

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