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High School Friends Ch. 01

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A woman travels to Florida to visit her Aunt. She stays with her high school friends that are now married.

“Bye honey, I’ll call you when I arrive in Florida. Have fun being Mr. Mom while I’m away and no eating out every night.” I kissed my family, went out to the cab, and drove off to the airport. My name is Mary Lane and I’m 35 years old, 5’5″ tall, 160lbs, long straight black hair, 36C breast with large dark nipples. I have a lightly bronzed colored skin due to my American Indian heritage.

I just left my husband and children to fly to Florida to visit an elderly Aunt and spend a few days with some old High School friends that are now married. I haven’t seen them since our 10 year reunion. Tim and Savannah were high school sweethearts. We were part of a group of friends that just hung out. We weren’t the quarterback or the head cheerleader type. We were the ones that made fun of the Jocks and the RawRaws.

Tim is a successful business man, tall six foot 190, no gut, nicely muscled arms and legs from playing handball and swimming. Savannah was the blonde bombshell of the group with her 38D breasts, five foot-seven inch 185 pounds of full figured woman with the curves in just the right places. Tim and Savannah were married right after Tim finished college. They have no kids by choice. They like to travel and play. Savannah took the entire week off so we can play. She said she would drive me around so I wouldn’t have to spend money on a car rental.

The tropical Florida heat was sweltering and I didn’t realize how hot and humid it actually was until I left the air conditioned airport. Savannah met me at the luggage carousal where she threw her arms around me as we embraced in a huge hug. I felt her huge tits smash against mine. Her large nipples were obviously hard from the air conditioner as they poked and rubbed against me. It was noticeable and so erotic that I felt a twinge all the way down to my pussy. I was way too horny. Sex at home has been less than occasional since the kids came along. Always one excuse after another and before you know it, three or four weeks pass by with no sex. Instead of my pussy drying up it actually shudders at the slightest attention my body receives, even if it’s just my nipples rubbing against my lace bra.

We grabbed my luggage off the carousal and headed to Savannah’s car. She took the tourist route back to her house giving me a glimpse of the ocean and some of the beautiful homes around the area. We arrived at her home, pulling into a long driveway that leads to a large two car garage. I followed her into the house through the laundry area and then opened up into the kitchen. The kitchen had white marble counters and stainless steel industrial appliances. It was a real chef’s dream kitchen. The kitchen opened up to a large living room with floor to ceiling windows looking out to what had to be a half an acre of swimming pool and a perfectly landscaped yard. Unlike my house that you can hang your hand out the kitchen window and hand the neighbor a cup of coffee, I couldn’t make out any neighbors homes from here.

We walked through the nicely decorated home and down a long hallway of doors. We stopped at the second door on the right and Savannah ushered me in. The room was more like a presidential suite. There was a large four poster bed with a canopy of lace. The room was done in white and pink dainty flowered wallpaper. Savannah put my luggage on the bed and opened it up, “Start putting your things in the dresser and closet, you’re not living out of a suitcase.”

She then opened a door to a full private bathroom, “There are fresh towels under the sink and there is an empty drawer here for your toiletries.”

She was fluttering around the room opening this drawer and that showing me where to put things. She then opened the drapes to unveil a sliding glass door out to the pool and spa. It was better than any five star hotel I have ever seen. They were doing very well for themselves. Savannah left me to unpack.

I started to put my things away. I opened a drawer of the dresser to find things already in it. I assumed they were Savannah’s things until I found a note with my name on it. I picked up the note and read it aloud to myself, “Dearest Mary, Tim and I are so happy that we can spend this time with you. Please make yourself at home. I took the liberty to buy you a few things to make the stay more comfortable for you. Please accept my gift to you. Tonight is girl’s night out and I will show you the town. Tim is going to be our DD and will drop us off and pick us up. PARTY TIME!”

I picked up the white lacy camisole with matching panties. I bit shear for me and I couldn’t possibly walk around the house wearing this, I am much too modest. I opened the walk in closet to hang a few of my things and there was a matching white robe that was a bit more modest to wear over the outfit. There were a few more hangers with some clothes and a bow on each hanger. More gifts, I am being spoiled. I freshened up and went out to the kitchen, şişli escort “Savannah you are going to spoil me so much that I won’t want to leave.”

She handed me a tall thin glass filled with spiked lemonade, “I can do whatever I want it’s my house. I want you to come back over and over again. Let’s go out to the patio and enjoy the sunshine. Tim won’t be home for a few hours. We have a special place we are taking you tonight for dinner. We can finish our drinks, head to your Aunt’s place to check on her, and be back in plenty of time to change for our night out.”

We did a little catching up on our lives. Savannah belonged to more clubs and fund raisers than I knew existed. My housewife’s life seemed very humdrum in comparison. I was beginning to feel a little blue about my life and how comfortable it has become. I needed this night out to shake things up. We finished our drinks and headed off to see my Aunt.

It was getting late and we said our goodbyes to my Aunt and I told her I would check on her again tomorrow. Savannah and I bolted out the door like school girls heading to the prom. We got back home and I went into my room and started the shower. The water felt wonderful after the flight and visiting my Aunt in the hospital I needed to wash up. I grabbed my razor and began shaving my legs. I don’t know what got into me but I shaved my pussy and ass. Once I started I couldn’t stop myself. I’m sure my husband would comment but right now I just didn’t care I needed to feel pretty.

My pussy was feeling overly sensitive now. It felt so good I don’t know why I didn’t do it years ago? I rubbed the soft skin around my pussy and I felt a shutter run through my body. ‘Wow’ I thought to myself, I’m about to give myself an orgasm just by touching myself. I got out of the shower and dried off. I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror, “Not bad Mary, nice firm tits, a little curvy around the hips but still looks good, and your shaven pussy with your lips hanging low looks really hot.” I laughed at myself and headed into my room to put on some clothes.

On the bed was a wrapped gift box. Savannah strikes again. I lifted the lid off the box to find a sexy outfit, maybe a bit too sexy for me? Hell NO! I was feeling really sexy right now. I pulled out the items in the box and lay them out on the bed. Savannah knew my size better than I did. The white sheer push up bra lifted the girls nicely and was the best fitting bra I ever had on. My nipples were dark and very visible through the material. I ran the tips of my fingers around my nipples and felt my legs getting a little wobbly. I pulled on a matching thong that just about made me cum when it slipped in between my pussy lips. I bent over the bed trying to calm myself down. I pulled on a jean skirt that barely hung past my ass cheeks. The top was white with a frilly collar and no buttons. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out that I had to tie the shirt tail in the front to hold it together. My mid drift was now exposed which didn’t make me feel comfortable at all. That is my worst area after having a couple of kids. I only brought flat shoes, so I slipped a pair on and headed down the hall back to the kitchen.

Savannah had another drink in her hand and was holding out one for me. Whistling a cat call, “You still got it girl. Have a martini while we wait for Tim to pick us up.”

Savannah was dress even more provocative than I was with a black cropped leather vest, no bra, red leather miniskirt, and black leather boots. She was smoking hot. I took the drink from her and we toasted to having a good night. Savannah looked at me, grabbed me by the hand and rushed me back to her bedroom. “Try these on.” She said as she handed me a pair of black boots that went just below the knee, buckles along the back much like a horse rider would wear.

I sat on the edge of her bed and pulled one of the boots on. Lifting my leg to pull the boot on gave her a clear shot of my crotch. “Nice panties Mary. That shaved pussy looks really nice, good job.”

I dropped my foot down fast and felt my face flush. “Oh don’t be bashful it’s just me. Besides you have nothing to be ashamed of, you still are a very sexy and desirable woman.”

That made me flush even more, “I’m married, I don’t need to be desirable anymore.” I shot back a little more defensive than I intended. “I didn’t mean it like that I just don’t get the compliments anymore so I have a hard time accepting them.”

Savannah stepped next to me and pulled me into a hug, “Oh Baby nobody should feel that way. You have a great body and I wouldn’t just be saying it.”

Her body smelled, and felt, so good rubbing up against mine. I could feel Savannah’s bare breasts pressing against my exposed breasts. Her perfume was making my head actually spin. It wasn’t over powering it was literally making my head spin as if I had taken a drug. My body flushed throughout and my pussy was on fire. I haven’t felt this way in a long time. I was horny in a way that I needed to get mecidiyeköy escort fucked hard to fill this need. Savannah continued to grind our breast together and I pushed back just enough so that my nipples received some attention as well.

The kitchen door slammed and another cat call whistle filled the room, Tim was home, “Now that is a great way to end a long day at the office, seeing two beautiful women in an embrace in my kitchen.”

I felt my cheeks flush again as we separated and turned to see Tim standing there in a very expensive Armani suit that was tailored to perfection on this man. “Look at Timmy Parker all grown up and acting like an adult, and a lecherous one at that!” I held open my arms for a hug.

Tim stepped into my embrace, “Look at Mary Lane all filled out and looking sexy.” Visions of our high school days rushed through my head. His body felt so good against mine. My thighs were shaking again from all of this physical and verbal stimulation. We separated again and we gave each other a quick peck on the lips.

“Give me a minute to clean up and we will be on our way.” Tim grabbed Savannah’s drink and took off down the hall.

“Hey! You’re going to pay for that!” She screamed at her husband. She shot me a wink, “We’re ordering the most expensive things on the menu and HE’S buying.” We both laughed as she poured herself a fresh drink.

Tim came back out in twenty minutes, and worth the wait. Freshly showered, dressed in the tightest jeans that clearly outline a nice package, pink polo shirt that was opened at the color to reveal a nice thick pelt of chest hair, and loafers with no socks, so sexy. I could swear my pussy juices started to drip down my leg.

“Lady’s shall we go?” Tim held out his arms and we each tucked ourselves under each one. He smelled so good, soap and a light spritz of cologne that was nice but not overwhelming.

Tim drove us to a place right on the water. I ate the best lobster dinner of my life. Tim was true to his word and didn’t drink. We enjoyed catching up on old times. Tim paid the bill and we were off again. We pulled up in front of a night club. Tim stopped the car and we got out, “Now you girls behave and call me when you’re ready to be picked up.” We threw him kisses and giggled our way into the club.

Savannah seemed to know her way around this club. We were immediately brought to a nice table overlooking the dance floor. The place was loud and people were dancing in groups rather than with each other. I also noticed that there were very few men. In fact some of the “men” were questionable. I turned to Savannah, “Is this a Lesbian bar?”

She looked back at me and laughed, “They will kick your ass with talk like that. It’s an alternative bar. I come here because I can enjoy myself without being picked up on by a bunch of drunken men. Tim isn’t into dancing so this is the safest place for me to have fun without him worrying about me getting hit on.” She laughed and patted my hand.

The waitress came over with some large martini glasses. I was about to say something but Savannah cut me off, “They know my drink here. Enjoy it.”

I took a few swallows to help my nerves. I’ve never been around so many women. Looking around they all seemed to be very good looking, scantily dressed, and having a great time. We downed our first drink and Savannah yanked my arm as we rushed out to the dance floor. We danced together, in a group of women that surrounded us, and then I was on my own dancing around the floor. My life disappeared just for the night and I was free Mary for the night. I was having the best time of my life. I ended up back at our table and the waitress was right there with another drink. I downed it too fast but I was hot and thirsty. I went back out on the dance floor for a few more dances and returned for a refill. I can’t remember how many refills I had, but I didn’t care tonight.

It was 1am and the day was catching up on me, along with the martinis that were kicking my ass. I found Savannah and waved her over to the table. She came over to me and threw her arms around me, “Ready to go baby? I called Tim a while ago. He’s out in the parking lot waiting for us.”

She paid the bill and we were staggered out to the car. Tim stepped out of the car and held the back door open for us to climb in. We were home in just a few minutes. I didn’t realize how hard the drinks hit me until I stopped and relaxed in the car. I barely was able to get out of the car. Tim pulled me out and the next thing I knew I had my arms around Tim and Savannah’s shoulders and being directed to my room. I fell on the bed on my back. I could hear Tim being dismissed from the room.

“Ok, let’s get you ready for bed. Did you have a good time?” I felt my top being untied and the air hitting my breasts as my bra was removed.

“Mhm! It was great, thank you. It was nice to dance and not worry about guys hanging all over you.” I responded without caring that I was half naked in front of my friend.

Savannah şişli escort bayan threw her leg over mine with her back to me. She lifted my leg in the air to pull off my boot. My knee went right between her legs and I felt wet flesh against my skin. I couldn’t help myself I had to move my knee slightly to the right then again to the left. She did not have panties on. As my boot was pulled off my knee was driven hard against her pussy. It was so erotic. I moaned out loud, “MMMMM nice.”

“You liked that did you? Let’s do it again. Now lift your leg.” I did as I was told and brought my other leg up between her legs and rubbed my leg into her wet pussy. It was turning me on feeling her flesh and knowing I was able to get her that wet. I felt my own pussy dripping. Savannah didn’t disappoint me. She held my foot firmly and rubbed her pussy up and down my leg.

My boot went flying off and I fell back against the bed. My top fell completely open and I was now fully exposed. My head was swimming in alcohol and I began having the giggles. My skirt was pulled off and I started to giggle more. I felt my panties next. I was naked as a jay bird.

Savannah jumped on the bed next to me. She started to kiss me all over my face. Her body was pressing against mine. I could feel the warmth of her skin against mine. I tried to focus on her but she was in my face kissing me all over. “Why doesn’t your husband give you the attention you deserve? You have such a beautiful body.”

She continued to kiss her way to my ear. She sucked on my earlobe and I moaned in response, “Did I find your sweet spot Mary? Is this what turns you on? I know you felt my pussy against your leg. You didn’t mind it or you would have pulled away.”

I was feeling really horny now. My pussy was on fire and needed some attention. I wanted to finger myself but I couldn’t do it in front of Savannah. Those hot lips sucked in my earlobe again. I felt the air rush from my lungs as I whimpered like a sex starved kitten. I felt my nipple being touched, then lightly pinched. I crossed my legs trying to squeeze my pussy. Her hot breath was at my ear, “Relax. Just go with the feeling. Let me make you feel good.”

My body was sexually charged. It’s been so long since my husband and I made love. Sex was something we forced ourselves to make time for and it was over before I could even get started. I continually felt cheated out of orgasms. He would cum two or three strokes into me, roll over, and go to sleep. I would stare up at the ceiling in tears wanting and needing to finish.

Savannah was showing me more affection than I have had in years. Her warm body, her soft touch, and oh the feeling she was sending me as she sucked and gently bit my earlobe. I wanted to have sex, I needed it. I felt the tears roll down my cheeks.

“Shhhhh! Its ok baby let me do this for you.” I heard as her tongue gently licked away my tears.

I felt her soft lips pressing against mine. I have never kissed a woman sexually before. Her lips were much softer than my husband’s. She smelled so good. Her body was so soft. I wrapped my arms around her naked body. She must have stripped at some point. I may have passed out for a minute from the alcohol, but she was naked now. I ran my hand down her back and across her ass. My mouth opened up and our tongues gently met each other. We caressed each other’s tongue, neither of us fighting for control, just sensually exploring each other.

My body trembled as the excitement built. I needed this attention. I needed to feel loved again, to feel wanted. I let myself melt into her embrace. I began to kiss back with a pent up frenzy. My hands wondered around her body. I felt the soft smooth curves of her frame, so different than a man’s. Savannah pressed her body to mine. Her hand drifted down between my legs. The palm of her hand pressed firmly against my vagina. I pushed back rotating my hips against her hand. It felt so good. Her thumb flicked my clitoris. “Yes, oh yes.”

She moved her body down to my breasts. I grabbed onto the sides of her head and followed her movement. Her lips moved gently down my cheek, followed my neck, and stopped just above my right breast. I ran my hands through her hair. I moaned louder to encourage her to keep going. Finally I was more firm with her head and pushed it down to my nipple. I had to fully succumb to her before she would continue. Her hot breath and wet tongue flicked at my hard nipple, “AAAHHHH!!!” I just about screamed as the electricity shot through my body. I drove my pelvis down hard on her hand.

I began to whimper for more, “Please, oh yes please don’t stop. I need this, mmmmm!”

Savannah let a soft moan of acceptance and sucked my nipple hard into her mouth. I could feel my nipple being stretched as it was drawn into her mouth by the suction. With the tight suction hold she had she was able to pull on my tit and stretch it even further. “OH YES! HARDER PLEASE SUCK IT HARDER!”

My hips were masturbating against her hand. I felt her finger slip inside me sending me into my first climax in weeks. I gripped her head tighter, holding her head tightly against my tit, “FUCK! BITE IT HARD, NOW!” I screamed so loudly I knew Tim must have heard. I didn’t care I needed to cum.

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