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Her Obsession

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Rhyley sat in the pews that night and pondered about her future. She was to leave for Australia in three weeks to start univeristy and she still had no idea what she really wanted to do. She sighed deeply and dug at her cuticles. Perhaps that is the way it will always be.

She heard a noise and looked up quickly. She smiled kindly as Father Bailey made his way to the confessionals. She had always liked him. He was kind and genuine and always had an answer for her. She stared at him intensely, his red gold hair shimmering in the candlelights. He had a rosy touch to his cheeks that night and he seemed a bit out of sorts. Acutally, he seemed anxious and distracted everytime she came to confession.

He quietly took his place in the booth and she follwed soon after. As she settled, he cleared his throat and smiled.

“Good evening, my child. What is your confession?”

“Father, I haven’t confessed for almost a month. I wish to tell you things that I have never told anyone else.” Rhyley took a deep breath and began her story with her vacation with Uncle Dean…….

Father Bailey gasped and dropped his bible to the floor as she continued. She talked for three hours, giving him the most graphic picture of her misbehaviour.

“Father, I know what I have done is wrong, but I enjoyed it. What have I become?”

“Is the true?”

“Yes, Father! I have had sex with my blood and I loved it!” Her voice was becoming hysterical as she tried to release some of her guilt. “I wanted so much more! I am so terrible, but I can feel the desire building and I know that I will do it again!”

“Rhyley, please settle down.”

“No one is here, Father to hear us. I must tell you everything, please!” Her voice became screeches and Father Bailey could no longer stand to hear it. He burst from his cubicle and tore her own open, grabbing her arm and pulling her to his office.

When he came through the door, he flung her to the couch and locked the door. He paced frantically, trying to bring words to the horror her felt for her. He was disgusted at himself at his arousal to her story. It was sickening to him, but it was so erotic. The thought of her laying under her uncle, kissing him, was too much. Her own father taking her before his own brother as he was restrained. How could this be? They were such good people, so honest and loving. What happened to them? What had they done to this lovely girl?

Rhyley noticed that he was hardening. She wasn’t sure if it was over her or her story, but she liked the idea he was horny because of her. Her thoughts ran wild as she imagined all she wanted to do to him. On this couch, on his desk, on the altar…..the altar. She wanted to take him like he had never been taken before on the symbol of his faith. She wanted to stain the golden crucifixes white with the cream Kütahya Escort from their loins.

“Father, please, you must let me help you as you help me.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean,” she put her hand to his crotch,”let me help you find the true meaning of God.”

“This isn’t God’s way, my child.” He pushed her hand away.

“This is my way, Father.” She put her hands on his stiffening member and began a slow stroke that was making him sweat with the stress of resistance. She looked into his eyes as she felt him grow in her hand. His almost inaudible groan told her all she needed to know.

“This is what I need, Father. Let me repent in my own way. Take me, I need you to forgive me!” Her begging had him trembling with the terrifying thought that he was really going to fuck this girl in his own church.

“Give me strength.” He looked at her and sighed. “I will forgive you. I will forgive you in the only way you know.”

“Take me, Father. Fill me with your holy seed.”

He looked at her with such fierce desire that it stole her breath. He moved so quickly that she didn’t have a chance to react. She was shoved down on the sofa, her legs in the air as he placed himself between them. She lifted her head to kiss him deeply, trying so hard to rip his shirt open. When she succeeded, she ran her fingers over his hairy chest and stomach. She felt his belly and loved that he was soft in the middle. It made him so real to her, those imperfections.

He groaned as she caressed him, his throbbing dick pulsing with need. He lifted her skirt to her waist and ripped her panties from her. His first sight of a woman was both terrifying and arousing. This is what she is? This is what I desire?

The impulse to taste her was too great and he pressed his face into the centre of her, the scent of her sex and femininity the driving force. She screeched as his tongue penetrated her, darting around her hole as she held his head by his hair. She couldn’t stay still, the idea of his holy man’s face buried in her cunt made her so close to coming…..

“Oh, yeah….more, Father, more….ah, ah, ahhh, mmmmuuuuuhhhhhhhh, please…” her voice deepened as she let her orgasm take over. She clamped her thighs on his head as he continued to move over her tender flesh. She shook and sighed as she flooded his mouth with her tangy nectar. He lapped up all he could while she recovered.

“Now you. I want to do you!” She pulled him on top of her and pushed him to the side. He scrambled to sit up as she knelt so quickly her knees made a painful thump on the hardwood floor.

“Take it out, Father. I want you to offer yourself to me.” He did as he was told, his thick cock difficult to release engorged with his blood. “Mmm, yes…that is what I want.” She leaned in and his eyes went wide. Kütahya Escort Bayan Her mouth enveloped him, slowly sliding over the crown to swallow him whole. The sensations were almost too much for him to handle, his virgin prick never knowing this before.

“God in heaven,” he shouted as she hummed and moaned on his rod. “Ah, oh yeah! Mmm, oh help me, Lord, please! Please, God!”

She moved faster and faster, so eager to taste his come. His pleading made her work him more and more, her mouth becoming the ultimate pleasure to him. She cupped his balls, stopping quickly to lap at them, sucking each in turn as she fisted him.

She felt them tighten and put her mouth on him again. She sucked harder, willing his sperm to wash her tongue with flavour.

“Good Lord, what is happening to me?” His body stiffened as he emptied himself into her. Stream after stream covered her mouth, filling her as she tried to gulp him down. He trembled and groaned, not knowing how to accept what she had given him.

“Thank you, Father.”

“My word, child. What more can I do to help you? What is there for me to forgive you for?”

She stood quickly and took his hand. He stood beside her and hugged her tightly.

“What else is there, Rhyley?”

“I need for you to cleanse my inside. I need for you to enter me. Make me whole again by filling me up.”

Father Bailey said nothing as she led him past the pews to the altar. She stared in awe at the holy cloth that covered it. Crucifixes adorned it in shades of gold and red, surrounded by palm leaves and scrolling trim.

She leapt up and laid herself down. He stared at her as she opened her legs, letting him see her again. He was hypnotised by her and couldn’t bring himself to touch her again.

“This is what I need, Father. Fuck me where I lay. Cleanse me under the eyes of Christ.”

He looked to his left and saw the dying face of the Lord. He swallowed, knowing that all can and would be forgiven if asked for it. The Lord will forgive this young woman through him. The Lord would forgive him once he was alone to ask for it. His body now knew the sins and pleasures of the flesh. He knew that he would never do it again, but this woman needed him now.

He was simply doing what anyone in his situation would do. Be the best counselor he could be.

He said nothing as he looked back at the altar. So slowly, he climbed on top of her and held her face. She took his cock in her hand and gently guided it to her opening. As he pushed into her, he talked to her.

“I am forgiving you for your uncle. I am forgiving you for your father. I am forgiving you for what you are doing to me.” Father Bailey began thrusting with his sermon. “I forgive you for all you have done. Become clean, Rhyley.”

He lowered his face Escort Kütahya to nuzzle her neck as he entered her over and over. She was so snug, so warm, so sweet……

“Mmmm, yes, Father. Forgive me. Forgive me. Take me harder. Make me repent and cleanse me with pain. Make it hurt, Father. I beg you.”

He looked into her eyes and raised up to his knees. She gripped the edge of the altar as he lifted her hips to his. He raised up hard, spearing her with his rock hard pole, then easing to his ankles again. She tossed her head and her groans gave way to animal grunts as he pummelled her sweet slit. He pounded her more, her words and body throwing him into his lust.

“AH YEAH! Take me, Father! MORE, MORE, PLEASE! Ughn, ughn, ahhhhhh yeahhhh, do it!” her eyes squeezed together as he thrust into her begging body.


“Ah, God, give me strength! Let me take her. Let me forgive her.” He strained against her, his climax unmistakably building in his groin. “Please, child, you must be ready for cleansing! I cannot hold on much longer!”

Rhyley clawed at his back, bucking wildly as she gripped his cock with her slick pussy. She screamed as her come flooded her senses, making her light headed and blissful….

Father Bailey held on no longer, letting his hot come saturate her cunt. He could not speak he was so lost in his unrealised lust.

He collapsed on her, their breath gradually becoming normal again. She kissed his neck and moved his face so she could taste his mouth. She put her tongue on his, teaching him to kiss her. He was shocked at first, but learning quickly, he lowered his mouth to hers.

They came up for breath and he lifted from her. She groaned with displeasure, but she knew it was over.

With a serene look, he took her hand and said to her, “You are now forgiven.”

She sat up slowly and smiled at him. She shook her head and laughed.

“no, Father Bailey, it is you who is forgiven. You just fucked me in your church, on your altar, with your consent. It is you, Father, who needs to ask for forgiveness.”

“What? I don’t understand.”

“I have desired you for years. I took you because I wanted you. I didn’t want to be cleansed, Father. I wanted you to fuck me. And you have.” She jumped down and stepped to him. He stared past her, not knowing what to say to her.

She kissed him deeply, laughing in her mind as he kissed her back absent mindedly.

She walked out the church to the street and left him alone. He looked down at where he had broken his vows…..and was horrified.

There, covering the centre crucifix, was a pool of their come, soaking into the fabric.

“RHYLEY! I am not calling you again, girl!”

She jumped and fell off the bed. She was late! Uncle Dean was going to kill her!

She shook off the last tendrils of sleep as she dressed and got ready to run out the door. She paused quickly and looked at her rumpled bed.

“That was one helluva dream.” With that, she walked out the door and down the stairs.

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