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Her Mom Taught Me To Fuck

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This story is based on a true story. All characters having sexual contact are 18+. The names of the characters are fictional. Be patient. The sex comes after the characters are developed. I would appreciate your votes and your comments. Enjoy!


I felt like I was having the most incredible dream ever. I had just thrown for over 235 yards and three touchdowns in one half of football and now was parked in an overlook with the hottest girl in school. Me, Greg, an 18-year-old virgin who not that long ago was just a skinny nerd, fucking unbelievable! Jenna, who had just turned 18, was every guy’s fantasy, from the top of her blonde hair to the tips of her cute toes. Jenna was trim and athletic from all the work she did as a cheerleader. Her perky tits, tight shapely ass, a face any model would love to have, and long sculpted legs started a fire in my groin every time I saw her. She could have been one of those arrogant, stuck-up bitches, but she wasn’t that way at all. She was friendly to everyone, intelligent, and just a sweet unpretentious girl.

She turned to me and said, “It’s pretty here, with the river way down there and the stars so bright and clear. Do you come here a lot?”

“I’ve heard about this place but never been here with a girl if that’s what you mean. I imagine you’ve been here before.”

“I’m surprised,” she said. “With your looks and being, you know, like a football hero… I have had some offers to come here, but I get tired of people seeing me as some kind of pretty ornament. I have never gone out with a football player before tonight.”

“Well, I’ve never felt like bringing any girl here before.” I immediately knew that she knew I was lying and blurted out, “That’s a lie, I just never had a chance. You know I was just another nearly invisible guy until I joined the football team, and because I was kind of in the “nerds group” before that no one wanted to take a chance on me.”

She didn’t say a thing; she just moved closer and kissed me. I didn’t know if it was a “sympathy kiss” or not, but I held her and kissed her back. The kiss became quite passionate as our tongues engaged in a gentle wrestling match. I broke the kiss and moved to kissing her neck and gently nibbling her ear, and she moaned softly and ran her fingers through my hair, then slid her hand to my chest, rubbing me.

By this time, my cock was straining to get free. I moved my hand to her fantastic breast, felt her erect nipple, and gently began massaging that glorious orb eliciting soft moans from this goddess. After a short time, she abruptly pulled away from me and said, “I lost track of time, I usually hitch a ride with some girlfriends and am usually home by now, and my mother will be getting worried.” I was taken off guard and immediately thought the worst.

“I’m sorry if I pressed too much,” I said.

“No, really, it is okay. But I need to get home. We can make better plans in the future.”

I just started the car and turned on the radio, and started driving. I thought I had ruined the best thing that had happened to me in a while. We arrived at her house and got out to walk her to her door. She said that she was sorry if I was upset with her and had a good time. Then wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. I was again caught off guard as I realized she was honest with me and that something else was up, and that she did like me. She was very confusing to me.

Before I was able to respond, a voice called, “Jenna is that you?”

“Yes, it’s a friend and me.”

The door popped open to reveal a scorchingly hot older girl in tight short-shorts and a work-out shirt that provided a clear definition of a fantastic set of tits and a flat abdomen standing in the doorway. I realized I was staring, so I turned to Jenna and remarked that I didn’t know she had a sister, which elicited a laugh from Jenna and the girl I assumed to be her sister. Jenna then told me that it was her mother. I know my jaw must have dropped as I turned again to look at the mother. She looked like she was in her twenties, had a great and athletic figure, and I figured they were playing some kind of joke on me.

“I thought you said your mother was an attorney working for the government, and she just doesn’t look old enough.”

“I am an attorney, and I am her mother.”

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Ashworthy,” I said, trying to back peddle. “I wasn’t trying to insult you; it’s just that you look so young and a… I can see where Jenna gets her great looks from.”

“It’s OK. I take it as a compliment. Why don’t we go inside, Jenna and I usually have a snack, and she regales me with how the game went.”

With that, Jenna took my arm and kind of dragged me into the house. Her mother said she would be back with some refreshments, and Jenna took me over to a couch where we sat down. Her mother came back with some cookies and soft drinks and set them down.

“Jenna, are you going to introduce me to your friend?”

“This is Greg. He is the quarterback of the team. Mom, he threw for three touchdowns Dikmen Escort and over 250 yards in a half. He was amazing, and he won the game for us. We were two touchdowns behind before Greg came in and kicked their butts,” Jenna gushed.

I stood and extended my hand. “Glad to meet you, Mrs. Ashworthy. I apologize for the awkward meeting at the door.”

“I kinda thought it was funny and almost charming. Don’t worry about it. I am impressed by your stats. How long have you been playing for the team? “

“Just this year. This is the first game I got to play in, though.”

“So, tell me about yourself.”

“There’s not too much to tell. My father was a physician who died a few years ago. My mother is a fashion designer, and I go to John Adams High.”

Jenna jumped in and said, “Don’t be so modest, you have one of the highest GPA’s in the school, and you take all honors classes (that’s where we met, Mom), you are the designated tutor for the football team, you play tennis, co-captain of the debate team, and are on the YMCA fencing team, and everybody at school likes you.”

We spent the next hour talking about all kinds of things and having a few laughs. It seemed very comfortable and relaxed. I found out that she and Jenna were taking tennis lessons, and Mrs. Ashworthy invited me to play with them. She found out that I enjoyed carpentry and fixing things, and I offered to give them a hand if they ever needed it. I noticed it was getting late and said that I should probably be going. Then I asked if it would be okay to take Jenna to the movies tomorrow. Jenna spoke up and asked what time I would pick her up. Her mother just smiled.

I drove home floating on air and feeling horny as hell. I could not get the excitement out of my mind and reflected on how far my life had come in the last few years. Starting with a disastrous beginning with girls to being on the brink of a fantasy come true. Little did I know…


My problem with girls started in eighth grade. It was nothing sexual, but I had the biggest crush on Terrie, and she was attracted to me. I was the tallest guy in our school, and many of the guys were jealous. Terrie was pixie-cute with short dark hair, big eyes, and a face like a model. We held hands, and I always felt on top of the world when I was with her. Our families were friends and thought we were “cute” together. She smelled like fresh-picked flowers and had the most incredible smile, which just made my heart sing. We were a “couple” for more than a year, and I thought the relationship would just keep growing and never end.

A new guy named David enrolled in our school. He seemed nice enough, and I didn’t see him as any kind of threat to my position in the social order or my relationship with Terrie. After all, I was bigger, I was already established, and I was making straight A’s. What I failed to notice was that David was quite a good athlete. I was no wimp, and none of the other guys tried to challenge me physically, but David had set his sights on claiming my position as “top dog.” Every time we had recess or P.E., he did everything he could to best me and often did. I still was considered one of the most intelligent kids in the school but was soon to find out that might not be enough.

It was tough getting knocked off the pillar I had been on and more brutal still that my precious Terrie noticed David’s physical prowess. She didn’t even have the courage to tell me that we were finished or that she and David were “going together.” David took pleasure in telling me, and when I confronted Terrie, she just looked down and said, “I’m sorry.”

The following year David was gone, and Terrie and I headed off to high school. I wasn’t interested in starting up again with Terrie. My few attempts at finding a new girlfriend were not very successful. It seemed that more than ever, the jocks were getting all the attention. I seemed to have continued to grow taller than most, but I was very skinny and not very muscular. I decided I had had enough of being a “second-level” person and missing out on the really hot girls.

I was happy to be well-liked by teachers and the “nerds,” but I craved being in the kind of position socially that I had been in previously. So I set out to reinvent myself. I figured I needed to play a sport that would help me get noticed. I was already taking fencing and tennis lessons, but that didn’t get me any notice. The logical choice was football. I started reading everything I could about strategy and techniques. Still, I ran out of resources and knew I needed some more practical help. I talked to a friend who played on the football team and an older brother who had played.

Before I tried putting my interests in physical motion, I got from them that I needed to “muscle up,” It would help if I could focus on what position I wanted to try to play. It was easy to decide I wanted to be a quarterback, but I realized I needed a lot more work to build musculature. I got Eryaman Escort a workout bench and started to work out nearly every day doing bench presses, lifts, and leg lifts. I knew this would not be enough.

Good fortune put an opportunity in my hands when my oldest brother, who was working as a mailman, mentioned that one of the people on his route (I’ll call him Hank) was the very famous quarterback of the NFL team in the city. I got the idea that I could write him a letter and plead my case and see if I could get some tips and tricks from him. So I bribed my brother to give me his address and wrote a letter. Three weeks later, I got a reply (I later found out his wife wrote the letter) wishing me good luck and advised me to talk to the school coach. I wrote back and begged to meet him and was rewarded with a note saying he was doing a public appearance next week. He would meet with me afterward for a short time.

I somehow managed to get Hank to agree to give me some pointers. His first concern was that I needed to “muscle up,” and I needed to practice throwing the football. I worked out and practiced throwing every day. I saw Hank a few times a month and got a lot of information over the next eight months.

When I tried out for the football team, the coach was not expecting much from me. I guess my reputation as a nerd had preceded me. It was kind of fun to watch him get shocked by my performance. I made the team and won a lot of respect but also found that Steve, who had been the starting quarterback, would start as I needed some “seasoning.”

We lost the first game of the season, and I didn’t get to play. In the second game of the season, we were behind by 14 points at halftime and hadn’t moved the ball very well. The coach told me to get ready to play, and I started the second half. I threw for 255 yards, and suddenly we were also moving the ball on the ground. We won by 17 points.

After the game, everyone was congratulating me, and all revved up. The cheerleaders got together and blocked the team so they could give us a few cheers and then kind of circulated among us. It was a lot of fun, especially since I got some attention. One of the few cheerleaders who had ever seemed to notice me was Jenna. As always, she was nice to me and super congratulatory. She was so beautiful and sexy she looked like a young Meg Ryan, only better.

We got to talk a little, and I got brave and asked if she needed a ride home. She told me she didn’t need one but would really like getting a ride home from me. I went to the showers and got a lot of positive talk from the guys and was told everybody would be going to Tops Drive-in to celebrate, and I should be there. When I got out of the locker room, Jenna was waiting for me, and I asked if we could stop off at Tops before I took her home. She seemed excited and said that would be fun.

The team kind of took over Tops. People cheered when Jenna and I walked in, I was stunned. It was a lot of fun. The guys were all asking me how I could shred the defense so easily, and I said it was because of great receivers and an amazing line that gave me the time to throw.

After we left Tops, I asked Jenna if she would like to go to the look-outs where we could talk without all the hoopla, and she agreed. I was excited.


I had a hard time getting to sleep after meeting Mrs. Ashworthy and anticipating an actual date with Jenna. After jerking off to the memory of Jenna’s perfect tits and to the thought of how hot Jenna and her mother were, I finally went to sleep. I woke up Saturday full of anticipation. I meticulously cleaned my car, including washing and waxing. I went through a light work-out, took a shower, and just couldn’t believe how slow the time was going. I did my weekend homework and somehow managed to contain myself until dinner. Finally, it was time to leave. I drove slowly but still arrived twenty minutes before I was supposed to be there.

I rang the doorbell, and Mrs. Ashworthy opened the door and invited me in, telling me that Jenna was still getting ready and led me into the living room where we sat on the couch.

“Jenna is quite taken with you, Greg. She has always said she had no interest in going out with the football players, so it is a little surprising that she thinks so highly of you. She is an exceptional girl and sizes people up quite accurately, so you must be pretty special.”

“I’m amazed that someone as extraordinary as Jenna has that high an opinion of me. To be honest, I have wanted to get closer to her for a long time, but I thought her being nice to me was just part of being nice to everyone. Meeting you has shown me a lot about Jenna. I can see where she gets the kindness, intelligence, and beauty. You are fun to be around.”

“I assure you that you would know if I did not like you, but I think you are a very nice young man, and I am happy that you two are hitting it off. So, what are your plans? Have you decided on an educational Esat Escort or career path yet?”

“I’m interested in several different areas, so I think I’ll explore them and see what feels right after I get some classes under my belt. I have thought about medicine, physics, and music, but I guess I am open. I want to do this on my own without going into huge debt or having my family pay.”

Mrs. Ashworthy gave me a kind of pat and rubbed on my arm, which sent a tingle through me and caused my cock to awaken, and said, “That is a wonderful way to think about things. Your family must be very proud of you.”

I noticed Jenna leaning on the doorpost, obviously listening to our conversation, and jumped to my feet. She was wearing a loose-fitting blue top that matched her eyes. Her top kind of hung off her breasts and almost reached the top of her snug jeans that clung to her feminine curves—she was so casually sexy it kind of took my breath away. I managed to say hello after a minute. I realized that I was probably starting to show a bit of a bulge and didn’t know how to cover up without being too obvious. Jenna walked over and gave me a little hug (which made my problem worse) and then asked if I was ready to go. I turned to face her mother standing so that my bulging cock was at least mostly hidden behind Jenna and thanked her for the conversation, and off we went.

I have no idea what the movie was about. My attention was glued on Jenna. I put my arm around her, and she kind of nuzzled into me and put her hand on my thigh. I was utterly intoxicated by the hint of flowers in her hair and the touch of her hand. I kept telling myself to cool it and not make the same mistake I thought I had made before. She made my task very difficult as she moved her hand and brushed my semi-hard trouser snake. We began kissing, and there was a building passion between us. I was being cautious and not making any advances as I did not want to scare her again. We went back to the overlook and made out, but I was careful not to press things as I really liked Jenna and not just for her drop-dead hot looks and wanted to continue seeing her.

I kept playing football, putting up outstanding numbers, and the team kept winning. I was getting a lot of attention from many of the most popular girls. I was nice to them and flirted a little, but I only wanted to be with Jenna. I asked her to go steady with me, and she asked me why. I said I was falling for her in a big way and didn’t want to be with anyone else, and I was hoping she didn’t want to be with anyone else. She finally agreed, and I gave her a friendship ring. I spent more and more time at Jenna’s. I could tell that some sparkle seemed to be missing in Jenna, and I re-doubled my efforts to treat her special. I made myself useful fixing a few things, carrying things, and just trying to be helpful.

One Saturday, Jenna called me and asked if I would come over as they needed to fix a wall socket and asked if I would be willing to spend the night as she and her mom were going to play tennis early in the morning and something seemed to be wrong with their car. I agreed and told her I would be there shortly. I also said I would be glad to look at the car while doing things. She told me just to come in as she and her mom were trying to move some items around in her mother’s room, just to make a change. She said the door would be unlocked, and I should just come back to her mother’s room.

I took a quick shower and even put on a little cologne, as I always wanted to be at my best around these two magnificent women. I was excited at the thought of spending so much time with them and indulged myself in a bit of fantasy about what could happen. I had no idea what was in store.

I walked into the house and announced my presence. I walked down the hallway to Mrs. Ashworthy’s bedroom. I walked into the very dimly lit room, and the door closed behind me. Mrs. Ashworthy pushed me onto her bed and came and sat beside me. She just looked at me in silence for a moment.

She spoke in a voice tinged with irritation and asked, “Do you like Jenna?”

“Yes, more than anyone I’ve ever met,” I said. “Is something wrong? I want to please her and let her know how much I care about her. I haven’t done anything but be respectful. I feel like I am truly falling in love with her.”

“Then why aren’t you acting like that. Jenna loves most things about you but thinks you don’t want her like a real woman. Do you understand what I am saying?”

“Not really, Mrs. Ashworthy.”

Sighing with exasperation, she said, “You can stop the Mrs. Ashworthy thing. My name is Marsha. I have seen your bulge when I touch you or when I have caught you taking a peek at me. Hopefully, you get excited by my beautiful daughter too.”

Frantically I said, “I’ve never touched her, Marsha. I’ve been very respectful.”

“You don’t get it, do you? Jenna feels you don’t want her sexually, and if you don’t get your shit together and give her that reassurance, you will lose her. You are frustrating her and making her doubt you. Maybe you don’t know what to do, or perhaps you don’t want her that way. If that is the case, you need to let her go. Can’t you tell that she is getting depressed and losing her sparkle? I love my daughter more than anything, and I thought you could be the person that could make her feel complete.”

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