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Her First Taste… Ch. 02

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Her First Taste of Another Woman Ch. 02

As we headed towards the bed, I couldn’t wait any longer. I grabbed Mandy and pressed her against the wall in the bedroom as she yelled in surprise. She resisted for a few seconds and then saw my wife smile and she stopped fighting me. I lifted her arms up high over her head as my fingers intertwined with hers. As I lifted her arms up over her head her large breasts were elevated along with them. Her nipples seemed to stick out at me begging to be sucked. My mouth automatically moved to one and I sucked the nipple hard as I pushed my body into Mandy and pressed her tighter against the wall.

Vastie moved up and whispered in her ear telling her how badly I wanted to fuck her from the first time I had seen her lovely body in the photos she sent to us. My wife kissed Mandy and asked her to fuck me first as a very special favor to her. Then my wife kissed her lips again and talked lovingly with her as I began to dry humped Mandy’s naked body with my own. My cock was like a fucking rock. I had never been harder in my life. M need was so great I felt I would explode and it would all come out the hole in my cock head.

Mandy was now taking turns biting and sucking first my tongue and then my wife’s as she took our tongues deep in her mouth. She was also rocking her lower body and feeling my solid hard cock pushing and rubbing under her pussy and ass holes. Vastie continued to tell her how she wanted to see Mandy and me fuck. It was something she had waited for as long as she had wanted to make love to another woman. She wanted to see my cock pumping in and out of Mandy’s pussy. Then my wife kissed her licked her neck with her tongue and said, “And when he’s done my lovely Mandy, I will eat your pussy and lick his cum out of you as I clean your vagina completely before I continue to make long, slow, wonderful love with you.”

Mandy moaned from my wife’s words and then she returned her affection and kissed her as she surrendered to me because Vastie requested it. She didn’t do it for me or herself even at the time I was sure she was. Mandy opened her legs and now allowed me to dry fuck her running my swollen hard cock shaft up under her pussy. I began to pump it in and out between her legs. I wasn’t in her pussy yet. I was under it. We both could feel her vagina lips parting as they circled and covered half of my shaft as I pushed against her! My wife knelt on the floor and watched my shaft push open Mandy’s vagina lips. She smiled up at her and then at me.

“Oh fuck Vastie, I feel like I’m on fire! I want to fuck Mandy so badly baby!” I moaned as Mandy watched my hands come down and cup her full and lovely breasts. As I lifted each to my lips, She held her arms around my neck and watched as my hands squeezed the twin globes together hard. I left handprints on them as my mouth sucked one nipple and then the other.

Vastie watched us as she knelt to the side of Mandy’s open legs. She smiled at Mandy as she looked at her. Vastie knew they would both make love to each other soon but we had agreed that she would let me take Mandy first with my cock.

Mandy moaned as her nipples grew and grew under my hard but loving touch. My eyes saw the pink needles pointing out at me and I bent my head and licked my lips and tongue over them both as I continued to dry fuck her against the hall wall.

My wife stood up now and watched as we made hot and horny love there against the bedroom wall knowing that there was a blazing fire building in both of us. I could see it in her eyes and in Mandy’s. Vastie smiled as she heard Mandy moaned, “Oh God! Suck them Bud! Suck them both! NOW! Hard! Oh yes Bud, suck my nipples suck them! Suck them hard!”

Mandy reached out for Vastie and pulled her to us. She was kissing Vastie as I sucked and squeezed her large breasts. I heard her whispered to Vastie, “Hold my vagina. Please cup it, and play with it please. Touch it! Touch us both my love! I need your gentle touch! Make love to it Vastie! Oh God V! I want your lips on my pussy so badly!”

I heard her tell my wife to eat her and as my mouth worked on her nipples making them grow even harder, thicker and longer. I began sucking as hard as I could, biting and pulling on the soft round bullets of her nipples sticking out wanting to be touch. She cried out as my teeth bit and sucked a little to hard. I didn’t seem to care I greedily squeezed and lifted them to my mouth so I could suck both nipples in at the same time and bit them. My hands held her tits together and lifted them up high as I squeezed them together so my mouth could continue to suck on both nipples at the same time.

Mandy pulled my hair and pressed my face harder into her beautiful tits. Her nipples were throbbing from my mouth and she told me she was sure she was going to explode from her body screaming for more sex. Her pussy was screaming for stimulation as well. Her lower body began humping her pussy on my shaft as it moved just under her vagina opening again. I was teasing Eryaman Rus Escort her and driving her wild with lust! I pushed into her now and our bodies pressed together as my cock head touched the wall behind her. My cock was so engorged with blood now. It was so hard it hurt. It throbbed under her ass and pussy and she told me she could feel it jumping and throbbing. She moaned loudly, “Vastie please lick me!”

Vastie moved down and pushed me out of the away a little so she could do what Mandy had asked. She placed her mouth over Mandy’s wet hot pussy and I heard Mandy scream, “Oh god yes baby! Oh fuck! I’m so hot for you! I have to have you!! Eat me!! Oh fuck! OH God suck me Vastie suck me! Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh my God yes!”

She moaned in my mouth as my mouth covered hers and her tongue fucked my mouth as my wife fucked her pussy with her tongue. I went back sucking and tonguing Mandy’s breasts. She held my head with one hand as I started to lick down her body! She was holding and guiding my wife’s face into her pussy with the other hand.

She was moaning and grinding her pelvis against Vastie’s face as my mouth slid and licked its way down her creamy skin! As I moved closer to her stomach now we both heard her moan and say, “Lower, lick me lower Bud! Lick my pussy too! Make me cum both of you! Take turns and eat me!”

I smiled as my mouth traced wet marks down her silky skin. Then I met my wife as we both knelt in front of Mandy. We kissed each other and then licked Mandy’s lower stomach, inner thighs and her pussy! We began to lick over all of her from the belly button to about an inch or two under her vagina. I licked her belly as my chin tried to push in further between her open legs and rub her clit. I inhaled her musk again as I moved lower and under her open legs. Vastie was sucking Mandy’s pussy too now and we both could taste Mandy’s sticky cum.

Mandy was delirious and held our heads as she humped and thrust against both of our faces as we continued to please her. Licking and sucking on her pussy and inner thighs we took turns. First Vastie then me, it was driving Mandy wild. We left suck marks on her inner thighs and around her vagina and stomach. Anyone who saw her knew she had been ravished and eaten. As we sucked here and there we were also taking turns licking under Mandy’s pussy and around her ass hole. She cried out from the stimulation over and over again as she humped her pussy against whatever we put against it. She so wanted to be fucked by something!

Vastie sucked and licked and sucked some more of Mandy’s vagina. As she did Mandy, placed one leg over my shoulder allowing my wife’s face to move directly up under and between her legs. My wife could now lick both holes and she started to do it immediately! Mandy screamed with her body shaking and cumming. She squatted with one leg over my shoulder and the other on the floor with both knees bent I didn’t understand why she didn’t fall down and then I realized my wife’s shoulder was holding her up as Vastie licked and fucked her asshole and vagina. .

When Vastie tired I took my turn and ate her pussy and licked her ass hole. Vastie’s fingers were now inserted into Mandy’s pussy hole and they were flying in and out. Mandy’s pussy hole was almost dripping from her cum and my spit. What we did was driving her wild and the next orgasm flowed making her buck and thrust on both of us.

This time as she pumped and pumped my face holding it with her hands her back began to slide slowly down the wall as her body fucked away on my mouth. She slowly slid down the wall and as she did I held my face directly between her wide-open shapely thighs and hummed directly on the huge clit standing up proud.

Mandy cried out again as Vastie helped her move to the rug on the floor where she fell backwards on to the rug. As she lay on her back Mandy opened her legs wide showing me her sloppy wet cunt! She said, “Please! Finish me! Vastie! Bud! Please both of you finish me!”

I buried my face down on it and sucked her entire pussy into my mouth. As my tongue entered her pussy tunnel and licked, Mandy held her hands tightly on my head as she lifted her hips even higher and pumped and pumped and pumped her lower body making her hips thrust and her pussy fuck my face.

My wife held her head in her lap and rolled Mandy’s nipples around in her fingers. Mandy was slowly fucking my head now waiting for the next orgasms to take her away again. I didn’t stop licking and sucking on her beautiful pussy. She was in some sort of dream world now as she let me put my hands under her round firm ass and lift! Like a serving on a tray my hands held her pussy up and I made love to it with my mouth and tongue. A moan came from deep in Mandy’s throat now as we heard her whisper bearing able to understand her words. She was saying, “Good! So good! So goods! Oh God yes! I wanted this so badly! Oh yes, suck right there! Oh fuck yes!”

Her hands stayed Sincan Rus Escort on my head as I moved into her pussy further and deeper with my tongue. I saw Mandy’s head turn and knew she was now face to face with my wife’s pussy. As Vastie held Mandy’s head in her lap, she smiled into Mandy’s eyes and opened her legs wider as she pressed Mandy face into her open vagina for the first time.

As I continued to lick Mandy’s pussy , I head the slurping and licking sounds coming from between my wife’s opened legs now too as Mandy began to eat Vastie’s vagina. Along with her tongue, Mandy inserted two fingers all the way into Vastie’s pussy. Together they were both being fucked by mouths just as Mandy had wanted it. Well almost. While Mandy licked my wife’s pussy, I was licking hers/ I knew Mandy wanted my wife’s mouth on her pussy not a man’s. So it wasn’t exactly like she had wanted it. But it wasn’t what I wanted exactly either.

I was eating Mandy’s cunt instead of fucking her cunt. Mandy was eating my wife rather than fuck me. I didn’t stop to protest. I continued to please this lovely woman’s body as she continued to please my wife. Finally I heard my wife cry out when she couldn’t stand Mandy’s mouth and tongue any longer without cumming! I watched from between Mandy’s open legs and saw Vastie grab and hold Mandy’s head shoving her mouth and face up into her hot wet steaming snatch. And then Vastie screamed out, “OH JESUS! THAT FEELS SO GOOD! OH YES MANDY YES!”

Then I heard her telling Mandy, “Oh eat me! Eat me!! OH fuck yes! Oh hurry! Lick my pussy! YES!!!!! YES! That’s it!! OH!! YES!!!!! OH FUCK!! OH YES!! OH YES!! NOW SUCK IT! SUCK IT!!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!! YES!!! YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! OH MANDY! OH MANDY! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M CUMMING!!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES! YES! YES AMANDA! YES!!”

Vastie held Mandy’s head and pushed her face into her wetness with both of her hands. Mandy gladly moved tighter into my wife’s pussy working hard to please her. Vastie was thrashed and thumping and rotated her ass on the rug as she held Mandy’s head and let her use her tongue on her pussy. Then Vastie began to cum hard from the orgasm Mandy gave her.

I looked up between Mandy’s open legs to see her continued to eat my wife’s pussy as I ate hers. As my wife climaxed, it was maybe two seconds later when I felt Mandy grab my head hard and she lifted and pushed her pussy into my face as I heard her cry out, “Oh yes Bud! Eat me! Eat my pussy! GOD! I’m on fire! Oh god hurry! Hurry! Shit! Here let me help you!”

She used her hands to push my head down and centered it exactly where she wanted it, directly on her clit. She screamed , “SUCK IT! OH FUCK SUCK IT BUD! LICK IT BABY!! LICK IT! LICK IT!! OH FUCK LICK IT FASTER!!! LICK ME BUD LICK ME BABY! OH YES NOW SUCK ME!! SUCK ME!!! DON”T STOP! DON’T STOP UNTIL I TELL YOU! I’M CUMMING BABY I:M CUMMING TOO VASTIE!!!!!!!”

Then it was Vastie’s turn again and she cried out from Mandy’s mouth, “Oh shit! I’m cumming again! Oh fuck yes! This is the best! It’s so good! So good! So good! Ahhhhhhhhhh! God Mandy! YES!! SUCK ME NOW! SUCK!! SUCK!! SUCK MEEEEEE!!!”

I couldn’t hear either woman now as Mandy squeezed her thighs tightly around my ears and head and pumped her pelvis up fucking my face again. All I knew was the odor of her vagina musk, and the feel of her wetness and the taste of her cum as it flooded into my mouth. She began grinding her cunt into my face fucking it for all she was worth as I sucked and sucked and sucked some more on her clit biting and licking it.

As both women lay on the rug panting from so many climaxes, their bodies lay on the rug. I was thinking such a well-built woman. So lovely, so much a woman. She was a credit to her gender. Her breasts heaved up and down as she was trying to recover from my stimulation. Her small stomach with just the hint of a belly only served to enhance the flow and roundness of her hips. Her long legs protruding from the triangle of soft curly hair around her pussy were so shapely. And the pussy! My god she had such a nice fat pink and swollen pussy. It made me want to kiss it and lick it and suck it over and over again forever.

Mandy took my face in her hands and pulled on me trying to get my head out from between her open thighs. I didn’t want to move. I licked her softly and very gently now enjoying her somewhat bitter taste of the cum around the edges of her slit. I head her moan again as she pulled on my head again. I came up and she pulled me and held me kissing me and holding me. She looked at me and asked, “Where in hell did you learn how to eat a woman’s vagina so well? You are marvelous.”

Vastie came over and she reached out with hr other arm and held my wife. Vastie told Mandy, “I told you. He likes to eat pussy almost as much as he like to fuck them. And he’s good isn’t he?”

Mandy smiled at my wife and turned to me and kissed me. When our lips parted she said, “Yes. Etlik Rus Escort Bud is good, very good at eating pussy. I hope he’s as good at fucking since it’s been a very long time since I have had a man. Now come on let’s get in the bed and let Bud show me his hard cock.”

Vastie told her again, Yes let’s. I think he’s almost ready to cum from seeing two beautiful vaginas and tasting one of them. Once he fucks you Mandy and he cums inside your pussy, I’ll do what I promised you in our e-mails. I’ll make love to you and clean you out! Then it will be our turn my love, our turn to make love.

Mandy held both of us and stroked our faces as she said, “This is bloody wonderful. I do hope you cum quickly Bud. I have been waiting months to taste your wife and have her taste me as we make love together. So do both of us both a favor and fuck me fast and cum quickly so we can get you out from between my legs and let your lovely Vastie back in. She stood up and we both had to steady her. She wasn’t sure on her feet from the oral sex I had given her.

I couldn’t get over the sexiness of Mandy. Her smooth white skin looked like it had never seen the sun, yet I knew it had since lying between legs making love to vagina only moments ago, I saw the light tan lines around her sex. She had even lighter ones around her nipples. “She must sun bath topless”, I say to myself.

Her skin glowed like freshly clean snow, her lips were full and with a natural redness to them without any makeup. They complimented her icy green eyes as she always looked at me differently than when she looked at my wife, Vastie. Her natural curly brown hair was styled sexy yet, business like, and ran over her shoulders about a half of foot. She stood tall as she had a sturdiness to her frame that I loved watching as she move.

Vastie came over and took her hand-leading Mandy towards the big bed. She said, “I told you. He likes to eat pussy almost as much as he like to fuck them. Now come on let’s get in the bed and let Bud show you his hard cock. Once he fucks you and cums inside your pussy, I’ll make love to you again and clean you out just like we talked about! Then it will be our turn.

As we stood next to the big bed now, Mandy held both of us and the three of us stroked each other’s faces as she said, “This is bloody wonderful. I think I’m going to be very satisfied and very, very tired by the end of the week.”

Vastie said, “Take her and fuck her Bud. Fuck her for me baby!”

Vastie kissed her as I lay half way on top of Mandy with my hard cock rubbing over her hip and stomach. Vastie was on the other side and was stroking Mandy’s vagina as she sucked and played with her breast. We stayed like that for a time with Vastie holding Mandy and Mandy holding both of us.

Mandy looked at me and told me she loved my steel blue eyes and while at first she didn’t like the stubble of my day old beard she had felt it when I was between her legs licking and sucking her vagina. She told me that now she felt it was fantastic to fell the roughness of it rubbing against her inner thighs and body. She told me I was nice looking, not a model handsome but more of a weary masculinity that I carried easily. She felt I would look even better if I let my hair grow . She told me she also liked my after shave I had on. She said it smelled musky and she liked that since it wasn’t overpowering more like some sort of balsam.

I was glad she had come but was still somewhat weary about her intentions for doing so. She held my wife much more passionately than I liked and her kiss was very opened showing this love and passion. With me, she felt like it was more of a duty. That was until I have been between her legs eating her wonderful pussy and making her cum. Now as she kissed me it was full of lust and desire too.

We lay on the bed next to each other knowing that I was about to fuck this gorgeous woman while my wife watched. In fact Vastie told us she was going to help to make Mandy and me very happy. I also knew that later, Mandy would have Vastie alone. That was the deal. We would fuck and then the two women would have their chance. I was not to interfere but could watch if I wanted to. If….my god it was one of the things I have always wanted to see. I think most men want to see two women making love and eating each other.

Vastie told me before Mandy has arrived that she would convenience Mandy to participate in a threesome too before the end of the weekend and then she would say goodbye to her and it would be over.

However, what I didn’t know was Mandy really didn’t want a threesome with me. Even if she let me fuck her she was still here to seek and steal my wife and have her return with her to England.

That’s what happens when fantasies aren’t exactly alike. But to have another woman involved with our lovemaking was both my wife’s and my own fantasies. And now that part was going to happen. As we lay on the bed, we made gentle soft and easy love with each other. Actually most of the time Vastie and I made love to Mandy’s body! But slowly and easy, no one was in a hurry now. I wanted Mandy to beg me to fuck her. I wanted this lovely to ask me to fuck her. Vastie knew this game well and she loved how I would work her up higher and higher until she was screaming to be fucked. Now she realized what I was doing and she smiled at me shaking her head yes.

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