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Her Eyes Did The Talking

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This is a story of a very special 25-year old woman, the man she falls for, and her special relationship with her virtual-sister/BFF/roommate. That is all the hints I am giving, except I would say the story has primary elements of Erotic Couplings and Romance, with bits of parallels to Group Sex & Loving Wives themes.

The story came out longer than I expected, as I so enjoyed writing these characters. At least for this length, it has plenty of foreplay & sex. And, I have put in headings, mostly occurring at breaks in the timeline, to give you reference points if you need to read parts of the story at different times.

Still being quite new to writing, I really appreciate your feedback.

And, this is my entry for the Summer Loving 2019 Contest, so please vote at the end.


—– At the Office — Wednesday —-

Amber leaned on top of the short cubicle wall, “So Danny boy, you gonna’ make it to my party Friday evening? I know there will be girls there that will be glad to see you!”

Daniel always welcomed her confident, cheerful nature and, further, enjoyed looking at her tall, toned, well-equipped figure. He did think her name was certainly appropriate, for she had both natural amber hair and eyes. He enjoyed her friendship so much, that he had not wanted to risk messing it up by trying to date her, as that had messed up some female friendships in the past.

“Sure!” he quickly replied, “Need me to bring anything?” He was looking forward to this party, as he had never been to Amber’s house; nor did she seem to have many, if any, parties, to his memory.

“Nope, we have got everything already purchased. Just bring your hunky self with that big smile, sometime after 6:30 pm,” Amber replied, “And look sharp for the girls! You have two days to prepare. Bye!”

Amber was always good for his ego with her flirty compliments and useful insider info. Such as, Amber had recently revealed to him that his nickname among the office girls was “Horse.” Daniel always thought his looks were okay, but acknowledged that maybe that was why, when he had been out with a group from work, the office girls had hovered around him.

He was a bit naïve, as he had never had a sister to learn about girls from, and his mom was not one to offer advice on such topics.

Daniel used to have a brother, Billy, but he died years ago, when his hearing problems kept him from recognizing an approaching car, while chasing after an errant basketball.

At 27 years old, he had not had an official girlfriend for three years. He did have a number of friends for booty calls, with which he could exercise his hormones, and he actually got called by them more often than he called them. Some of them were even good female buddies for certain events. But, he was growing tired of just having only these buddies, and one night stands.

So, he decided that this Friday at Amber’s was going to be a fresh start; he needed to meet different women, or take a different approach to dating.

—– Amber’s Party — Friday —-

When Daniel arrived at Amber’s place, he locked his Soul Red Mazda 6, checked his clothes were straight, and went to the front door. He rang the doorbell, and Caroline, from accounting, answered the door. The bleach blond had on a gold lame dress with such an open plunging neckline that he thought more of her well-enhanced boobs were exposed than were covered.

“Hey Danny!” Caroline said, as a huge smile bloomed on her face. She followed up that smile with a little growl, “Aren’t you looking delicious tonight! Come on in. And save me a slow dance, as my girls would really like to get acquainted.” Daniel cleared his throat, and responded, “Certainly, Caroline. The ‘girls’ have always looked very welcoming!” She giggled, loudly and childishly.

Just over a year ago, Caroline had gone from having nearly invisible breasts to ones he guessed were at least 38D’s, all on her two-week vacation. Ever since, she had pranced around the office in low-cut or tight tops (or tops which had both features) while swooshing the mass of her purchased tits in front of every single, straight guy in the company, and some of the married ones too, if they drooled appreciatively.

She also liked to feign innocence as she rubbed her firm breasts against men, while she, supposedly, squeezed past them in the wide hallways at work. Caroline let everyone that was interested have a good look at her new assets (well, except for that gal in shipping who had done a hands-on check of their size, the first time she and Caroline were in the restroom together). The ‘sex kitten’ act was just too heavy handed for Daniel’s tastes, so he had never wanted to date her.

As Caroline jiggled back into the crowd, Daniel looked around and realized the place was packed with people, many of whom he knew from work.

A number of attractive girls were scattered around. The most entertaining of them to watch was a tall, dyed redhead that he Kütahya Escort did not know, who was dancing quite energetically. She had both arms swaying over her head, while wearing red short shorts, and a white tube top over her ample breasts. Her protruding nipples swayed to & fro under her skimpy top, threatening to burst out with every move. Her height and ample, athletic build reminded him of Amber, and he wondered what Amber would look like dressed in the dyed-redhead’s skimpy clothing.

Daniel next noticed a number of lingering, female glances coming his way, with a couple girls trading the glances for direct eye contact and adding big smiles. He smiled and nodded back to the latter two, neither of which he recognized from the office.

Amber’s large living room was cleared of most of its furniture, with the hardwood floor serving as the dance floor. The open concept home had the family room next to the living room, and many people were seated or standing in there, as well as into the adjacent kitchen.

Daniel had heard the music from outside, but only now realized how well sound-insulated this home must be, as the music was much louder inside, with a strong bass being pumped out.

As his eyes continued to roam, he noticed a girl standing next to the end of the stub wall between the living room and family room. Well, standing was not quite accurate, as she was swaying to the beat of the music. She was a strawberry blond with large wavy curls in her long hair. Her face was not a knockout, but her face wore a small, contented smile on her well-balanced and very warm features. She had modest, but full breasts that swayed lightly, matching her movements.

He estimated she was probably 5’5″, without her platform sandals. She was dressed simply, in a satiny wrap dress with spaghetti straps and a fairly low-cut front. The dress seemed to be a deeper blue with large orchids printed on it, though from his distance and the lighting, he was not sure of the color.

Her eyes were down, so he was able to keep watching her, without being obvious. While the other dancers were wiggling, shaking, and twirling, this strawberry blond was just doing her swaying, but it was as if her soul was in her moves.

Her movements were lovely and fluid, and they carried through her hair and dress. Her hands lightly held the hem on each side of her nearly knee-length dress, and they swept the dress for & aft, adding to the flow of her swaying.

Lost in his thoughts of watching the swaying girl, he was startled when Amber bumped his shoulder, and spoke loudly, over the music.

“Hey, Danny. Glad you made it! Drinks are both in the kitchen and on the patio, off the family room. I have already fielded several questions as to who the stud is that just came in, so you have been noticed. Want me to make some introductions for you?”

“Uh, no thanks,” he said, “But can you tell me who is the girl in the blue dress over there; the one swaying to the music?”

Amber’s smile changed from that of the bubbly host, to a pleased, happy smile. “That is Kaitlyn. She is my roommate, and I think you would find her VERY interesting.” Amber added a little wink after resting her palm on his forearm. Daniel watched Amber’s tall, goddess-like figure as she went off to greet others, and he wondered what her emphasized “VERY” could mean.

Daniel looked around the room some more, studying all the scantily clad girls, mixed among guys in tees or polos, mostly with shorts. He felt a bit overdressed in a freshly pressed short sleeve shirt, Docker slacks, and loafers. He was just thinking about getting a drink when a waiving Caroline caught his eyes, and she, then, pointed to the dance floor. He had not realized it was a slow song, but felt he had to be honorable about his earlier agreement to dance, so he moved to the dance floor.

Caroline joined him there, and predictably planted her chest against his, her nipples getting hard as she rubbed against him. Then, with the same growl, she said, “You know, if you ask me out some time, you could get to know me a LOT better!” and she added emphasis to the word ‘LOT’ by pressing against his groin.

“I will keep that in mind,” he replied, hoping he sounded reasonably convincing without sounding eager. As they slow danced around the floor, they came close to Kaitlyn, and when he looked at her, she was looking right into his eyes. Her warm eyes had the same lake blue color as her dress. Her eyes followed his until his dancing turned him away. He quickly turned Caroline, who was cooing contentedly, so he could look back at Kaitlyn, who was still following his eyes, but now her eyes seemed to be smiling at him. He responded to her with a big smile and saw her return his smile.

Shortly, the song ended, and Danial walked Caroline across the floor to the area where she had been standing before their dance. “OOohh, only one dance?” she purred.

“Maybe another later,” he offered. The dance floor had filled up, so he moved off along the Kütahya Escort Bayan side, returning a few female smiles. He found a place to stand, but it was across the floor from Kaitlyn, and his view of her was blocked, particularly by the tall redhead, who was at the moment, pulling up her tube top.

When Kaitlyn came into view, Daniel saw she was looking around, while still swaying. When her eyes found him, their roaming stopped, the smile returned, and her eyes stayed locked on him. With the ebb & flow of the dancers, his view of her was intermittently blocked, but every time she came back into view, she was looking at him with the same glowing expression.

Daniel felt a little uneasy with her constant attention on him, but at the same time, he wanted to stay looking at her sweet features as well, and she certainly had his curiosity working overtime.

After both the current and next songs had ended, he decided it was time to satisfy his curiosity and maybe get drink. As the crowd flowed away from the dance floor, he worked his way across towards Kaitlyn.

He saw her eyes take on a distinct twinkle as he approached, whereupon, she extended her arm out, level with her shoulder, and with her hand open, palm up.

He lightly took her hand.

She immediately led him onto the dance floor, looking back at him with that twinkle. Before he could introduce himself, another dance song with a strong beat started up, and Kaitlyn started dancing.

Her movements were more vigorous than when she had been stationary, with greater hip movement, and her hands sometimes wove above her head, but the basic movement was the same swaying, just amplified.

Her eyes stayed on his throughout much of the song. The times they weren’t on him were when she had turned her back to him, to dance in front of him.

He watched as her lovely rear swayed in front of him. He saw her hair extended to about the bottom of her shoulder blades, and the lovely reddish blond color perfectly matched the color in the center of the orchids printed on her dress.

When the song stopped, he bent down towards her ear, which was about six inches below his, to introduce himself.

Before he got a word out, she pulled back a little from him, and placed her index finger, delicately, across his lips.

As he paused, still perplexed, the music started up again, with a slow romantic song.

She looked a bit thoughtful, as if trying to listen carefully for something. Then, her smile broadened, and she put her hands around his neck and started to sway gently.

Daniel was not going to turn down this invitation, and placed his hands on her waist, feeling her slim frame through the thin material of the dress. He started moving to the tempo of the music.

She changed the speed of her swaying to match his movements.

He looked down to see her looking up at him, and he saw how truly blue her eyes were. He thought these were the sexiest eyes he had ever seen, as she blinked slowly.

She closed her eyes, and placed her cheek against his chest, as she swayed along with him.

He enjoyed the feel of her face against him, and took in the light floral fragrance from her hair.

Her hands left his neck and moved down inside his arms, and then wrapped around his back with her hands cupping his shoulder blades.

He leaned his head down to rest on hers; her fragrance even stronger this close to her.

Kaitlyn’s fingers splayed out, over his back.

He was relishing the feel of her body against his, when the song ended.

Her swaying continued for a moment after he had stopped moving.

Daniel was about to ask Kaitlyn if she would like to get something to drink.

Before he could, she took his hand and started to pull him through the crowd. Amber saw them as she came out of the kitchen, and Amber smiled and winked at Kaitlyn, who then playfully skipped for a couple steps.

As Kaitlyn cleared the crowd, at about the edge of the kitchen entry, Kaitlyn looked back at Daniel, with that twinkle in her eyes, and started to lead him down a hallway. They weaved around several couples; the first two couples talking, and the last couple locked in an embrace. Her head turned towards the last couple for a moment, and then she looked backed at Daniel with a playful twinkle in eyes now.

He was thinking that she must want some privacy for a kiss, as they reached the end of the hallway, where there was a door with a paper sign taped on it, which read “OFF LIMITS.”

She opened the door.

His mind actually focused enough to remember that she lived here; this must be her room.

She pulled him into the room about five feet, then released his hand and walked around behind him. Her warm eyes locked on his when he turned to face her.

She put her hands behind herself and felt around until she found the door knob. She backed up slowly, closing the door as she moved. After the door had closed, there was a metallic click, Escort Kütahya as she twisted the lock in the center of the door knob.

She reached down, and removed her sandals.

His puzzled mind must have showed on his face, as she swayed slowly up to him, with her hands still behind her back, and lightly biting her lower lip.

His mind was caught between conflicting ideas, wondering if what he thought was happening, really was happening or not, as it was hard to believe. He had told himself that he was going to get away from one night stands, but this girl was so different, he had to know how this night would turn out.

When Kaitlyn was right in front of him, her arms came around to encircle his neck. She pulled herself up on her tiptoes, slowly closed her eyes, and placed a light kiss on his lips.

Daniel was amazed at the delicacy of her touch. He thought, “If ever a kiss could be said to be whispered, that was it.”

His manhood was quickly rising to prepare for what it wanted to happen.

Daniel’s mind was racing with questions: How should he respond to all this; who did she expect him to be? He looked down at the ever present smile and those wonderful eyes.

He thought of those writers that talked of being lost in the bottomless pools of a woman’s eyes. He had always thought it was just writer’s license, but faced with Kaitlyn’s eyes, he realized it was entirely true.

He slowly put one arm around her back, and fixed on her eyes so that he could absorb her reactions.

She gave a little tilt of her head, and her eyes closed for a couple seconds, before they reopened with an even softer look than before.

His other hand came up to gently brush her cheek.

She closed her eyes and tilted her head further, exposing more of her neck.

Daniel took the offer, and ran his hand down the side of her neck, and then curled his hand behind her neck.

He lowered his head and placed a gentle kiss upon her smiling lips.

She readily responded to his kiss with her own eagerness.

He was amazed at how soft those lips were. He had never felt anything like them. Really, he had never experienced anything close to this whole evening, but he was eager for the experience. He slowly parted from her lips.

She lazily opened her eyes.

He truly saw a smile in them. He finally decided; she must want a wordless seduction, with sensual gentleness.

Her hands left his neck and her arms pulled in between his arms. Her hands found his top shirt button. Never taking her eyes off of his eyes, she leisurely worked her way down the row of buttons.

He slipped out of his loafers.

She started to work his belt buckle loose. Then her smile broadened as she lowered his zipper, brushing his hardness with her movement.

He stepped out of his pants, after they had fallen to floor.

He looked in her happy eyes, and wondered how his eyes could ever answer hers, in all the ways her eyes spoke to him. It was a new language he wanted to learn.

He stood there in his boxers, and took in all the warmth in her face. That face was a wondrous mix of happiness, contentment, calmness, mixed with hints of desire and wisdom.

A happy smile broke out on his face as he looked at her.

Her eyes took on a bit of a look of mischievousness, and then her eyes dropped, as she reached for the tied bow of the sash that held her wrap dress closed.

Daniel’s hand reached out and stopped her hand.

She looked up at him with a slight question and some concern in her face.

He smiled as his hand waited, situated on top of her bow.

Kaitlyn’s hand slid away and she smiled. The mischievous look in her eyes returned, and those eyes followed him as he walked around behind her.

He placed his hands on her hips.

She pushed her hips back a little and sashayed her sassy butt across his boxers and their enclosed manhood.

Daniel moved his hands up and started to pull on the ends of the sash’s tied bow.

Kaitlyn looked down to watch his hands work. She stayed watching as the bow came undone, and as he let the ends of the sash drop loose.

Still with her back to him, she reached across to her left and grasped the loose edge of the dress. Next, she swung the front panel of her dress to her right side, and then just stopped, holding her hand near her right shoulder.

He reached over her shoulder with his right hand and took the dress from her hand.

She dropped her arms down to near her sides.

Daniel used his left hand to brush the spaghetti straps off of both her shoulders, holding on to the left strap as he started to slowly ease the dress down her back. He took in her lovely shoulders. As he lowered the dress further, he confirmed she had not worn any bra.

As the dress reached her hips, she slipped her arms out, and he took in her smooth back and gently tapered waist. From there, he simply pulled the dress away, set is aside, and dwelled on the pleasing thought that she wore no underwear at all.

She maintained her position as he moved to snuggle up behind her, sliding his arms under her arms and then wrapping his arms around her, under her breasts. His firmness pressed against the fabric of his boxers, and rested between the upper halves of her buttocks.

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