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Her Boyfriend’s Request

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Dusty had only been seeing Chad for a couple of weeks.

“Are you high?”

Dusty blew the question out through a slow exhale.

She knew that he was. Dusty was too. It had been a long day. Grounds work: today it had been the trails, the waterfront. They were back in the storage area, sitting up on a tarped woodpile and finishing a joint. Dusty had jerked Chad off into her mouth that afternoon, just before they lit up. Working at the campground near her home this summer was going to be okay, actually. She had hooked up with Chad, a coworker, on her first day, here in the storage area. The sex had been rushed that first time, really rushed – he bent her over the wheel of a lawn tractor and used her pussy for less than a minute, but as they learned the movements and schedules of the other workers at the campground, it became easier to gauge where and for how long they were likely to have privacy. This spot seemed pretty safe.

Chad was talking to Dusty about this short term unit that had pulled in a few days ago. The wife was a bitch, he said, and the husband was leaving the camper to go swimming routinely in the early afternoon. The way he was talking about the guy, it seemed like he was in love with him, Dusty thought; talking about his body, and imagining how hung he was. It hadn’t occurred to Dusty that her new boyfriend may be bisexual until now. She didn’t care, to be honest, but it was a side of him that was new. Dusty sarcastically asked Chad if he wanted to fuck the guy. Another drag.

“Do you?”

Chad asked her back.

There had been married men in Dusty’s life. The tow truck driver that lingered in the lot at the coffee shop where she worked had filled her cunt. She rode him in the truck once after her shift. Her married supervisor at the shop, a man in his late thirties, had licked her twenty year old pussy on the reclining chair in his tiny office. Dusty was sexy, and she enjoyed the attention men paid to her. She understood how and when to leverage this attention. And ultimately, she loved to fuck.

The idea of hooking up with a customer from the park had crossed her mind a few times. Not to the point of actually fantasizing about it, but once in a while a guy would cross her path and look at her and her mind would instinctively go there. It would be pretty easy because there were a few places in the park that were quite secluded. One of them was the path from the area where the couple’s RV was parked to the edge of the swimming area.

“Why do you want me to fuck someone else?”

He didn’t say anything. He looked down, shifted, and pivoted Demetevler Rus Escort forward onto his knees. Chad was good at this, she had to admit. Dusty quickly unbuttoned the top button of her work shorts and hooked her thumbs inside the waist, slipping them down to past her knees. She leaned back onto the tarp covered stack of wood, kicked her shorts and panties off the rest of the way and opened her legs for him. Chad used his thumb and first finger to hold her pussy lips closed up near her clit and then leaned to her and pushed his tongue into her centre, before licking up to the little hood and flicking his tongue hard under it, before cupping the tip of his tongue around her button. She liked that he handled her cunt with his hands as well as his mouth – tugging at it and holding it, squeezing and sometimes slapping with his open hand or his cock before penetrating her. He spread his fingers, opening her and sucked hard on her exposed clit, masturbating her for a moment before looking up at her.

“If you love me, you’ll do it.”

Then Chad was back licking and sucking her, loving her engorged labia with suction and tongue. He shook his head rapidly periodically, agitating her walls and sending her up and up, and then he slowed and penetrated as deeply as he could, filling the inside of her tight fleshy canal. How could she say no? ‘Why’ didn’t matter anymore. Only fucking mattered. Chad had already mentioned Dusty to the customer, anyway. When Dusty reached orgasm, she wasn’t thinking about Chad at all.

Dusty knew the guy Chad had been referring to. She saw him and his wife pull in, and helped them position the RV. Then her work carried her back and forth across the site a few times through that day. He was tanned, average height, dark hair and looked fine without a shirt on, which mattered somewhat. The man had been listening to his wife make little demands around their site – put this here, and would you get this or that and put it over here – kinds of discussion, and then the guy dutifully carried out these little tasks one handed. A beer in the other, of course. Dusty reminded herself never to marry again as she observed these kinds of conversations unfold.

The next afternoon had come, and it was time for Chad’s arrangement to come to fruition. The anticipation, the curiosity, the overthinking. The bottom line was by this point, Dusty was really fucking horny for cock. Any cock. Chad had walked with her to the spot he had arranged with the guy. Dusty had planned to wear a long t-shirt, Otele Gelen Rus Escort so it would cover her ass while they waited for the man. She took off her shorts, underwear and set them on a fallen tree. He arrived exactly on time, with three beers in his hands and a look on his face that was somewhere between a shit-eating grin and a genuine smile. The terms of their arrangement appeared to be absolutely clear to this guy.

“Hey. Beer?”

The unnamed married guy offered.


Chad took one from the man, and sat down on the log next to Dusty’s things. “This is Dusty.”


Dusty smiled widely at the man, but did not take a beer from him. She turned a little for the man, showing him the back of one of her thighs, and tipped the hemline just enough for him to see that she was naked. The man’s eyes quickly traced their way from her smile to her round firm tits obscured by the work t, and down to her hips, and thighs. The man put down the two remaining cans and stood in front of Dusty. Yes, he liked what he saw. He placed his hands on her hips, and leaned forward and kissed her. As his lips made contact, his bulge, giving away his cock’s girth and length as it lay to the side in his tightening swim shorts, pressed into her lower stomach.

They didn’t have much time, she knew.

Dusty turned away from the married man, and walked the two or three steps to the fallen tree that Chad was perched on. Smiling, she leaned forward and placed her hands on her shorts. When she leaned over, she revealed the underside of what ultimately brought the man. Her tight little outer labia lips slung below, and between the tiny gap between her upper thighs. The man’s hand fell to his middle, and he began to finger his shaft through his shorts. He tipped the elastic waistband forward and down. His cock was tensile. It presented to Dusty, forward and up. The man took his shaft, stroked it slightly, shook and tossed it, coaxingly. Dusty’s boyfriend looked on, just a couple of feet from what would become any cuckold’s mind-numbing fantasy.

Dusty spun back and took the man’s cock into her hand, bent forward and immediately rammed his head between her parted lips. She sucked urgently, determining the pace by bobbing her head in time with her stocking of his shaft, as if she was milking him into her waiting throat. She took his balls in her other hand, kneading and feeling them, and taking his cock from her mouth for a moment so she could suck them in, tongue them and then return her wet mouth’s Balgat Rus Escort attention back to his head. Her rhythm. The man moaned, and arched his back as if to indicate his absolute surrender to her mouth. In this moment, he belonged to her.


Dusty pulled the man from her wet mouth, the popping sound from the suction alone would be orgasm inducing, It was all Chad could do not to pull out his own cock as he watched them….at first with anticipation, and then with a kind of level hungry stare. Dusty didn’t let go of the man’s cock as she spun back and lined it up – placing it exactly at her wet hole. She had just enough time to return her hand to the tree. The man penetrated Dusty’s twenty year old pussy with force, driving deeply. Dusty was so wet he glided in with minimal friction. She arched her back to accept him, average sized, in and up almost to her cervix. The man fucked Dusty, thrusting quckly and slamming his hips into her ass, slapping, while his balls swung forward, making contact, and back.


A fistful of her hair, and Dusty arched further, head up. She managed to pull her shirt up her back so her tits hung in front of her in open air. The man reached to squeeze one, handle it and pinch and pull her nipple, as he breathed heavily and continued to slip his cock in and out of her swelling soaking box.

“I’m gonna cum.”

He warned her.

“Pull out.”

It was Chad.

The man slowed his thrusts, ready to erupt. He pulled out of her, expecting the request to be more about the show for Chad than to mitigate the risk of pregnancy, and in a few strokes a rope of white semen dashed from his head almost up to hers, splashing into her gathered t shirt, and laying a bead all the way to her ass. A second stream. He grunted and his body lurched to expunge the third warm string. Dusty’s back decorated. The boyfriend couldn’t take his eyes off her. And him.

Dusty’s shirt covered most of the cum except that it had created wet sopts where the initial ejaculation made direct contact. She let it dry there, and she told the man to go. She had been fucked hard and was sore from the activity, but, she hadn’t cum yet. She was so close.

“I love you,”

Chad managed, breathlessly.

Chad pulled her close as Dusty sat down next to him, still naked, except for her soiled t-shirt, and she brought his hand to rest on her clit. She opened her legs wide, and came kissing him, while he rubbed her to climax.

Would Dusty develop an insatiable appetite for Chad’s arranged trysts, she wondered. She dressed and kissed him. Then they walked back, past the campsite occupied by the man she had just fucked, and his wife. She and Chad glanced at the campsite, and saw the silhouette of the man chatting with his wife in their camper. Dusty caught the scent of his sex and felt it dried on her back.

Dusty smiled. Yes, she thought, Chad should ask around. Dusty would be more than willing. This was going to be a good summer.

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