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Her Boy Toy

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**Names have been changed to protect the guilty**

* * * * *

It was finally the day. Amy and I had met through an adult chat room, and now we were going to meet in person. Seeing as it was the holiday season and we were meeting in NYC, we decided to rendezvous at the Rockefeller Center Tree.

My train arrived at Grand Central around 3:30, giving me plenty of time to get over to our meeting spot.

Amy and I had shared pictures via the Net, so I recognized her as soon as I arrived. She is around 5’6″, with blonde hair and a very nice set of tits, although they were hidden under her layers of cold-weather clothing.

We wasted no time. After a quick chat we headed uptown to her apartment.

Amy had told me how she lived with her girlfriend, an extremely well-off woman, who was slightly older than Amy herself, who is the same age as me. However, I could not have imagined how nice their apartment was. This is the sort of place that high-priced lawyers and wealthy land-owners call home, just East of Central Park.

Amy’s girlfriend was out of the country on business, so it would be just the two of us on this cold afternoon, although I looked forward to the possibility of a threesome with the two lady lovers.

After we shed our coats and gloves, Amy sat me down on the couch and set forth the rules.

I was to be her slave for the remainder of the day. I was to do anything and everything she instructed me to do. We agreed that no pain would be involved, and that if things were becoming uncomfortable, I was to say the code word “Banana”.

After getting the formalities out of the way, she asked me to go to the wet bar and make her a screwdriver, and offered that I could may make myself a drink as well. I returned with her OJ/Vodka mix and a Whiskey and Cola for me.

While I was up fixing the drinks, she had stripped naked, and a porno was playing on the large screen TV across from the couch. Amy commanded that I join her in her state of Cebeci Escort nudity, and I quickly stood naked in front of her.

She instructed me to sit

As I sat down on the couch, I noticed two things. One was the large suitcase that sat next to the coffee table, and the second was that on the TV screen was a scene with 2 guys and a girl going at it. However, this was not the usual threesome scene. Instead, the girl had her tongue up one guys ass as he butt-fucked the other guy.

Immediately my cock became hard. Amy noticed this and remarked that before I enjoyed myself, she had to be properly pleasured.

With that, she spread her legs, dragged a skinny finger through her pussy lips and offered it up to my mouth. I sucked longingly on her digit, and she asked me if she tasted good. I nodded in response, and knew what I was to do next.

Without saying a word I got on my knees in front of her, and leaned my head forward towards her wetness. I slowly licked up and down her slit, again and again, occasionally teasing her clit with my tongue. Amy moaned as I pushed my tongue deeper into her hot pussy, which was getting wetter and wetter by the second. I moved my lips north, to suck on her pink little clit, as I slid a long finger into her tight hole. This evoked a deep groan of lust from her throat, and she grabbed the back of my head and forced it closer to her sex. I continued sucking her clit, and slid a second and a third finger into her moist cunt. By now, Amy’s pussy was literally dripping and she was rocking and moaning quite enthusiastically as I pleasured her.

After she came for the third time, she lifted my head up and observed my face, sticky with her pussy juices. She chuckled and told me what a good little boy slut I was, and that I was to be rewarded.

She instructed me to stand back, and quickly unfolded the couch, which I now realized was a hide-a-bed. Once unfolded, she told me to lay Kolej Escort down on my back. I did as I was told as Amy reached for the suitcase. She produced four lengths of rope and secured my hands and feet to the four corners of the bed frame.

I lay motionless as she stood over me and teasingly touched my cock, which was rock hard and dripping pre-cum. With an evil smirk on her face, she again reached into the case and produced a long, bead-like sex toy. She stood over me and smeared the toy with lube, as I lay in wonder of this sexy woman who was dominating me.

She reached under me, making my asshole accessible, and slid a lubed finger up my ass. I squirmed in my restraints as my cock twitched and dripped even more. She took her finger out of my ass, and put it up to my mouth. I obediently licked her finger clean and thanked her for the treat. She responded to my thanks by ramming the 10-inch toy all the way up my asshole. I screamed out in a mix of pleasure and pain at the anal intrusion.

The toy filled my ass, and Amy climbed onto the bed with me. She told me that I was being a good slave, and that I was to have the honor of licking her dirty asshole. My hormones raced as I anticipated sliding my tongue into this sexy woman’s shit hole. Amy turned around so her ass faced me, and placed it in perfect position for me to eat her pink rosebud.

I took in the view and smell of her little anus. To me, there is nothing sexier than the smell and taste of a tight asshole. I slowly rimmed her hole, not letting my tongue touch the actual anal opening. Meanwhile, Amy was slowly stroking my cock and playing with my balls. She cooed as I slid the tip of my tongue past her tight sphincter and into her steaming rectum. I got my tongue as deep in her pungent ass as I could, then began sliding it in and out, fucking her tight ass with it. She began moaning louder and louder as I tongue-fucked her tight asshole. The moaning was Yenimahalle Escort muffled as she took my cock into her mouth. The mix of sensations became too much for me, and I could feel my cum boiling in my balls. Amy apparently sensed this as well, because just as I was about to cum in her mouth, she yanked the beads out of my ass in one swift motion. My cock erupted in her mouth, filling her with my seed. All the while my tongue never left her ass. She raised herself off of me, and immediately kissed me hard, spilling my semen into my own mouth.

She continued snowballing me for a minute or so, then hopped back onto the floor and untied me. I knew that my cumming did not mean the end of the fun. Amy instructed me to close my eyes. I heard her rustling through the suitcase, and I hoped that she was getting what I so badly wanted. She told me that, while I had made her cum, I was still a boy slut and deserved to be fucked. Upon her saying this, I opened my eyes, and there she stood with a 9″ strap-on hanging from a harness around her hips. My cock began to return to hardness as she told me to get on all fours and spread my ass cheeks. I did so, and felt her fingers tickling my asshole. Then, suddenly, her tongue was upon my anus. I moaned loudly as this dominating woman began eating my asshole. My cock began dripping again, and Amy reached around and then spread some of my pre-cum on my asshole. I heard her squirting lube onto her fake cock, and my ass twitched in anticipation.

Amy placed the head of her toy at my ass, and told me that I was gonna get fucked harder than I could dream was possible. Before I had time to feel nervous, she slammed all 9 inches of latex deep into my wet asshole. I bucked under her as she began rhythmically fucking me in the ass. I couldn’t help but moan louder and louder as this sexy woman fucked my tight asshole. After nearly 30 minutes of her anal assault on me, I could only lay motionless on my belly as she continued to pound the strap-on into my now-loose ass. I had already cum all over the sheets of the hide-a-bed, but she continued her relentless sodomy. Finally, she withdrew the phallus and instructed me to lick it clean. After the toy was sufficiently clean, she lay next to me and told me how much fun she had that afternoon. We dozed off together…


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