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Helping My New Neighbor

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*This is complete work of fiction, any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.*

*The persons within this story all of legal age, all acts depicted are consensual.*

*I also do not write the quick wham bam type stories, I enjoy the fantasy of the lead up.*

“Ah, finally it is Friday, the long work week is over,” I thought to myself as I pulled into my carport. I was loosening my tie as I walked in my dining room door, already planning my weekend of nothingness.

I walked into the kitchen to grab a cold glass of iced tea, sat down at the table to open my lap top and log onto my favorite story site, . When the site opened I went to my profile page to see if my latest story had been approved yet. When I saw that it had been I smiled and checked the comment page, there were only 3 so far, 2 anonymous with nice comments, but the 3rd really drew my attention. The poster name was listed as redcarpet, an intriguing name. As I read her comments about how she has enjoyed the stories I have posted, and looks forward to reading anything I post.

“I enjoy the erotic images that your stories put into my mind,” she posted, “they always help make my lonely nights more enjoyable.”

Before I sent my reply, I had to check her profile. One thing I always do, is reply to feedback, possitive or not. I feel if a person takes the time to leave a note, it is just the right thing to do by replying and thanking them for reading my story. Her profile listed her as a redhead in her 30’s, divorced and living in Washington State. I noticed that her join date was almost 1 year ago.

So I made a reply to her feedback saying, “thank you very much for reading my stories, I am happy that you found them erotic enough to enjoy, and it is my pleasure to bring you some little pleasure.” I then headed off to take a shower and relax a bit by reading some of the new stories.

After finishing my shower, I put on my robe and moved my laptop into the living room, relaxing on the sofa I was about to browse the new stories, when I noticed I had a PM, opening it I was shocked to see a message from redcarpet. “Just a quick note to tell you, you bring me more than just a little pleasure with your stories, please write more,” she had written.

I replied back, “You are why I write.”

I then went on to explore the newest stories to find some good erotic reading. I had just opened a story about an anonymous encounter that looked promising when the doorbell rang. I sat the laptop on the coffee table and answered the door, there stood my new neighbor. She had just moved into the condo next to mine last weekend. I had helped her move a few large items, and got her garage door opener working, simple fix, just replaced the batteries.

“Hi,” I said, “is the garage opener giving you problems again?”

“Oh no, it is working great.” she told me, “I saw you were home and wanted to thank you for your help last weekend.”

“It is my pleasure.” I stated. This seemed to bring a slight eyebrow lifted look from her.

“I am not sure if you enjoy wine,” she told me, “but I brought you over a bottle of my favorite as a thank you.”

“To be honest with you,” I said, ” seldom drink anything, but it is the weekend, please come in and we can share a glass and get a little acquainted.”

I stepped aside to let her in, closed the door and lead her to the kitchen so I could get the bottle opener and a couple glasses. We headed to the living room, I asked her to sit on the sofa, I opened the wine and poured tow glasses for us, then sitting on the other end of the sofa, we Kütahya Escort toasted to neighbors.

“So,” I said, “my name is Paul, it is a pleasure to have a new neighbor.”

“Hi Paul, I am Lisa, and I am please to meet you as well,” she said.

We chatted for about 30 minutes, finding out some information about each other, she had been divorced for just over a year, and had decided it was time to relocate and see if she could make a fresh start.

I told her that I was divorced as well, had been for 5 years, but I enjoyed Nevada and wanted to stay in town.

Lisa was an attractive woman, looking to be in her mid 30’s I guessed, very bright blue eyes and redish-brown hair that cascaded almost down to her waist and about 5’6″ or so.

At that point, there was a buzz from upstairs. “Excuse me a minute,” I said, “I need to take some towels out of the dryer.”

“My washer & dryer will be delivered next week,” she casually mentioned, “I look forward to that, I dislike going to the Laundromat.”

“Well,” I offered, “you are welcome to use mine if you need to.”

“Really, that would be so great,” she exclaimed, “I do have a small load I would like to get done, if you really don’t mind.”

“It would be my pleasure,” I said, please bring them over, you can get them done while we talk.”

Lisa stood up and said, “I will go grab my clothes and be right back, thank you so much.” I walked her to the door, when she had left I went upstairs to get my towels out of the dryer, folded them and put them in the closet.

I walked back downstairs to wait for Lisa by the door, she was just coming through the gate, I reached for her laundry basket to carry it upstairs for her.

“My, but aren’t you a gentleman,” she said smiling.

“It is my pleasure to please a lady,” I said with a wink.

She just kind of looked at me, starting to say something, but stopped.

I carried her basket upstairs, and told her I would go back down to the living room and pour us another glass of wine.

I had just poured the wine and set the bottle down when Lisa came downstairs, again thanking me for my help.

She sat down on the sofa, a bit closer to me this time as we again began to talk about miscellaneous adventures and mis-adventures in life. As we chatted, there were a couple dings from my laptop, my email program advising me of some incoming mail.

“Excuse me,” I said, “let me take a quick check of my email.”

As I turned the laptop so I could check my mail, at this point I realized I still had Lierotica open.

“Well,” she exclaimed, “Literotica!”

“I am surprised you knew the site,” I told her. “I enjoy the stories and have written a few.”

“Really?” She said, “I also am a member of the site, I was just reading some new stories earlier today.”

I opened my mail program and noted that the new emails were nothing of great importance.

“Please,” Lisa said, tell me about your stories, better yet, can I read them if you are not to embarrassed?”

“Lisa,” I said, “if I was embarrassed, I wouldn’t write, I must warn you, I do not write short bang bang stories, I like to lead up to things, it is my way of bring a little pleasure both to myself and others.”

After my statement, Lisa just looked at me, her eyes were lifted to the right as if in thought.

Just then the spin cycle ended on the washer, she stood up and turned to go upstairs and put her clothes in the dryer. Giving me a side glance as she went to the stairs.

“Paul,” she called down, “do you have any dryer sheets?”

“Yes,” Kütahya Escort Bayan I called back to her, “they are in the closet to the right.” I stood and walked to the bottom of the stairs, waiting to make sure she found them.

“Got em,” she said, “thanks.”

I looked up the stairs and was impressed by the sight of her shapely butt as she bent to put clothes in the dryer. I guess I was lost in thought while watching her bent over, because I did not notice she had finished loading the dryer and was standing and turning toward me.

She just looked at me and smiled as she started down the stairs.

“So,” she said as she returned to the sofa, “how about that story?”

“I am logged onto the site now,” I told her, “you can find my stories on my profile.” I handed her the laptop. She took it and as her finger was resting on the mousepad, she looked at me with what could only be construed as a lustful look, her blue eyes very sparkly.

“Is this really you, I mean your profile?” She asked.

“Yes, of course it is.” I stated

“Well in that case,” she said “I really don’t think I need to read your stories.”

Shocked I asked, “why is that, did something offend you?”

“OH dear Paul,” she whispered, “quite the opposite, um, well, Paul, I am redcarpet.”

“No way, wow,” I exclaimed, “you’ve got to be kidding me, we just exchanged a short pm a couple hours ago.”

“Now, it is I who is embarrassed,” she said, blushing slightly.

“Nothing to be embarrassed about,” I told her, “there were no inappropriate words exchanged, you left me a wonderful feedback message, and I replied.”

“It is the thoughts behind those words,” she said quietly. “I read your stories and fantasized that we, you and I were the characters.” “And when you sent the message about giving a little pleasure, um, well, I must admit, I got quite excited.”

“Well Lisa,” I said, “I guess now that you see the real me, just a old guy, with an active imagination, you may have to re-visualize your fantasies.”

“Paul,” she said, “it is your words that bring the fantasy, I honestly never pictured anything more than the visual descriptions in your stories. I think I need some more wine.”

Lisa reached for the bottle and rested one hand on my leg as she leaned to get it. When she poured her glass and replaced the bottle, her hand remained on my leg. Scooting a bit closer to me, she looked back to the laptop, closed it and leaned back into the couch, causing her hand to pull my robe open a bit. Her hand was now resting on my upper thigh, she seemed to be lost in thought as she sipped her wine, I reached down to adjust my robe, which had opened and exposed a lot of my bare leg.

The dryer buzzed, startling her out of her trance. She leaned forward to set down her glass, stood to get her laundry, saying, “let me get my clothes out so they don’t wrinkle, we have lots to talk about now.”

As Lisa ascended the stairs I watched her slowly walk up, there seemed to be a bit more sway to her step, and I swear I could hear her humming a bit.

While she was upstairs, I took the opportunity to drain my glass and pour myself another, standing to fix my robe and get my thoughts together. It had been a rather surprising revelation we just shared, and truth be told, I was very aroused.

I sat back down on the sofa, lost in my thoughts, thinking how close a fantasy had come to being a real time adventure, well, minus the adventure, but very real. I heard the dryer close, then I heard the bathroom door close and some water running. Figuring she had to Escort Kütahya use the restroom after having a few glasses of wine, I thought nothing about it.

A few minutes later Lisa was coming back down stairs, as she walked toward me, there was a very obvious difference in her appearance, causing me to gasp and get an immediate tent in my robe.

“I hope you don’t mind,” she said seductively, “but I borrowed one of your t-shirts.”

My shirt barely came past her upper thighs, her nipples very clearly erect.

I just stared, mouth open, looking first at the clear outline of her breasts, down to the smoothness of her thighs. A vision of beauty that no words I could write would do justice.

“My God, you are a gorgeous woman,” I said, between my gasps of breath.

“This is an outfit you have in one of your stories, one that makes me the hottest.” She said as she walked toward me.

Lisa reached down and untied the belt on my robe, slowly opening and pulling it off of me. Then she reached for the t-shirt she was wearing and pulled it over her head, revealing her beautiful body to my eyes. She leaned forward and rubbed her breasts across my lips, I placed my hands around her waist, holding her close as I licked her nipples. I let my hands roam lower, it was then I noticed her tiny red panties.

“I bought these panties after I read your story,” she told me, “I fantasized wearing them for you.”

“They are almost the exact panties as I visualized in my mind when writing the story.” I told her. As I ran my hands down to her ass, feeling much more skin than fabric, I took a sharp intake of breath, as Lisa moaned.

Lisa leaned forward, climbing onto my lap facing me, placing her knees on either side of my thighs, lowering her panty clad body onto me. I could feel the warmth and dampness of her pussy as she rested herself on my hard dick, rubbing back and forth.

“Oh damn Lisa,” I moaned, “I don ‘t think my old body can take much of this, I know I will not last much longer with you rubbing my dick like this.”

“Paul, you are now in my fantasy,” she told me. “I want to do the things to you that I have imagined since reading your stories.”

“Lisa, you are more of a fantasy than my mind could ever imagine,” I told her as I leaned forward to kiss her sweet lips. “But, you know, I am just an old guy with an active brain,” I said, “I never dreamed that I would live out any of my fantasies or writings.”

“No Paul,” she whispered in my mouth between kisses, “this is my fantasy, yours will be later.”

She then wrapped her arms around my neck, pushing her tongue into my mouth, began gyrating on my lap. I was moaning into her mouth as I ran my hands over the cheeks of her ass, she was moving faster on my lap, I could feel her getting wetter and smell the musky odor of her body.

As I started to cum, I moaned, “Oh damn, Lisa, I am cuming, God, yes please let me cum!”

Her breast became faster, moving quicker on me she moaned, grabbed me tighter her lips locked on mine, our tongues dancing, I felt her movements stop, she was still and holding me tight as she groaned.

“Damn Lisa,” I said while catching my breath, “that was the most intense orgasm I have ever had.”

“Hmmm,” she said, “that sounds like a challenge to me, I want to see just how intense we can get.”

She slid off my lap, running kisses down my chest, seeing my cum all over my belly, looking up to my eyes, she began to lick my belly, lowering her mouth down taking my shrinking dick in her mouth she began sucking and licking, her mouth soft and warm. “We have only just begun,” she said.

I have gone on a lot longer than I anticipated, I will continue this story at another time. Look for Lisa’s red carpet to follow very soon. This story is pure fantasy, but I do think I can carry it on for a few chapters.

Thanks for staying with me.

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