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Helping My Landlord Come Out Ch. 07

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I was growing older and maturing a little, I believed. Now 21 and at the end of my second year of training to be a veterinary surgeon.

I was looking back over my time in Edinburgh, which had become my new home. A heck of a difference from a small town in Yorkshire.

Being honest with myself, I knew I had been, for want of a better word, a little slut. Trouble was, I usually enjoyed it. Ricky had given me leeway but since we had become engaged, I was trying not to let him down again.

Of course, the presence of my father in our relationship had been a double-edged sword. The positive was that he had sent me to Ricky in the first place. The huge negatives were that he could not keep his cock away from Ricky, who seemed to be locked in his control.

I still felt very strongly for Ricky but was it love? I was beginning to question that myself. We still made love, although I hadn’t fucked him since that unfortunate night I found that my dad had been there first.

I was raging that my father had interfered in my relationship with Ricky but it was my mother that was foremost in my thoughts. She needed to escape his clutches. My naive ignorance had ended and I knew my dad was hurting her too.

I played dumb when next I phoned, partly because I couldn’t stomach any half-baked excuse but also because I wanted revenge but hadn’t decided what yet.

As usual, when I asked to speak to her, she was out. I’d never known her go out so much when I’d been home.

It was clear to me that dad didn’t want me speaking to her, one to one.

I’ll admit I became grouchy and snapped at Ricky for trivial things. I always said sorry later but it was yet another small wound needing healed.

As part of my studies I would soon be away from Ricky for a six week period. I was being put on a placement at a large farm near Aberdeen. I was told that I would be sharing a room with a local farm hand.

The last week at home, Ricky was very ‘clingy’, seemingly afraid that I would find another to love.

That final week did contain one potential highlight. At last the threesome with Rolf, Ricky and myself was going to happen. Jess and Rolf had ceased as an item, so Rolf was keen to have his cock serviced, although he was nervous.

Ricky was actually really excited. He had heard Jess talk about Rolf’s cock in a praising way and so couldn’t wait to try it.

I took Rolf back to the flat on the Thursday

night. We had already been out clubbing it and on a couple of occasions I thought I’d lost him to interested females but to his credit he resisted.

“Ryan, you do realise I could have had my fill of pussy tonight, don’t you?”

I nodded weakly.

“Well you and Ricky better suck me good, you little tarts!” He laughed loudly.

We were both well lubricated, drinks-wise, by the time we reached home just after 2am.

Ricky was sitting in his favourite leather armchair, dressed in a black and gold silk dressing gown, with his left leg exposed.

He knew Rolf from speaking to him in the bar and beamed a smile at him.

“I thought you’d run away together.” Ricky said in a jokey manner.

“What? And miss out on you sucking my cock Ricky? No chance.” Rolf kaçak iddaa replied enthusiastically

“I hope you can still get it up, honey, after all that drink.” Ricky teased.

“Why don’t you find out?” Rolf was clearly enjoying himself.

I put my arms around Rolf’s waist and snaked my hands down the inside of his legs, feeling the bulge in his tan chinos.

“Ricky, he’s certainly hard enough.” I said excitedly.

I slowly pulled down his zip. Jess hadn’t exaggerated about his cock and I was keen to taste it but Ricky was keen too.

I pulled Rolf back on to the main couch, so he was sitting astride my right leg. Ricky was on his knees in a flash, disrobed and clearly excited, if his stiff cock was anything to go by.

I started to unbutton Rolf’s shirt and kissed his neck. My hands started to tweak his nipples, which were large for a man and already like boulders.

Ricky had already started to lick Rolf’s cock and our Swedish lover was starting to gasp in appreciation.

I had got his shirt off and his masculine smell hit me. I started to lick his armpit, covered in downy blonde hair and he enjoyed that.

“Ryan, I’m so glad I agreed to this.” He gasped.

Ricky was now circling his cock with his tongue, like an old master and Rolf’s cock was twitching.

It was no real surprise that Rolf suddenly announced “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, don’t stop!”

A flood of thick white spunk flew from Rolf’s cock and splattered Ricky on the face. He was quick to get the cock in his mouth though and swallowed the last two ’rounds of fire’.

Ricky got up off his knees and put his face in mine, inviting me to lick Rolf’s spunk from him. I didn’t need a second invitation and my tongue took a big glob from his forehead and I kissed him. A third man’s cum swapping between us.

“Wow, that is so hot!” exclaimed Rolf.

I think he could sense my worry that it was all over so soon.

“Don’t worry guys, I will be ready soon, give me ten minutes and you pair can have me again.” Rolf beamed.

This had always been a gamble but it now looked a safe bet.

“How about you two entertain me? I’d love to see if it is like the movies.”

“Okay then Rolf, sounds good to me.”

I had an urge to fuck Ricky.

“On your fours.” I ordered rather than asked.

He was happy to obey and even spread his cheeks for me. I slapped his cheeks a couple of times, progressively harder.

“Ryan, are you showing off in front of Rolf?”

Ricky said, a little unnerved.

I got behind him and rubbed his ass with some lube, which he loved, then I slowly prodded his hole, which led to little squeals coming from him.

“Make love to me Ryan, my darling.”

That comment seemed to flick a switch in my head. All I could think of was my dad being in my place. Did Ricky say those words to my father?

Before I knew it, my cock was going limp, a definite first for me.

“Ho man, are you alright?” Rolf sounded concerned.

I had literally turned to stone, apart from my cock.

“What is it man? Do you need a doctor?”

It was touching that Rolf showed concern. I hadn’t heard any from Ricky yet.

“Fuck me Ryan, please!” Ricky finally kaçak bahis spoke.

“For God’s sake man, can’t you see something has happened, the last thing he is going to do is fuck you!” Rolf sounded angry and even though my head was messed, I felt protected by him.

“Fuck this, he’s just acting because he can’t get it up. How about you taking his place Rolf? Ricky said.

“I think I’ll pass on that and look after my friend instead.”

“Well suit yourself. I’ve had enough of this charade. Tell him I’m in bed when he recovers his senses.”

Ricky slammed the bedroom door behind him and I looked up weakly at Rolf. He opened his arms as he sat.

“Come here my friend, you need a hug.”

I arose and let him take me in his arms. God, I had dreamt of this for years now but not in these weird circumstances.

Rolf gently squeezed me and then surprised me by planting a soft kiss on my lips, then another. I could feel his hardening cock against my thigh and I liked it.

“That man is not right for you Ryan. I don’t know what it is. Find a guy your own age.”

“Like you?” I teased, my spirits improving.

“Like me but maybe not me.”

Rolf kissed me again. I kissed back.

“Like me.”

This time our tongues met and danced together and I felt the touch of his hands on my skin, electric.

“Me.” He finally said.

At that, my hands were all over him and I knew that he was right. I could love this guy, not just fancy him.

My cock had now found a new lease of life and I revelled in Rolf holding it, squeezing it.

“You do realise we can’t go the whole way? Ricky would hear us.” It was Rolf being sensible.

“Oh, I can be quiet. I’ve sucked off Ricky, with my parents in the next room.” I tried to say in a sexy low voice.

“Haha Ryan, just suck then, don’t talk.”

I was only too happy to oblige. I started out licking and nibbling his heavy ball sac. I could tell he wanted to moan out loud but was keeping it in. I then licked the strip between his balls and his hole and he jerked and whispered to me.

“Ryan, you are a bad boy but I love it.”

I wanted his cock inside me so much, it hurt. It had been a long time since I had felt this true longing..

His shaft pulsed as I slowly ran my tongue up and down, taking in every vein along the way.

Rolf was old school, in that his foreskin was intact and he had retained some pubic hair, a lovely golden blonde.

Again my mind leapt that I really fancied this guy.

I started to kiss his thick cock head and I let my tongue dance around his member.

I stopped for a moment and looked up at him.

“Please fuck me, Rolf. I need you.”

He looked down for a moment, weighing things up and nodded, smiling.

I lay in front of him, to the side, him spooning me and felt his hard cock against my cheeks. My right hand pulled open a gap and his cock started to burrow its way in.

Rolf put his hand over my mouth to stop me squealing with delight and as he entered me, I was the happiest I had been in years.

I pushed against him, wiggling for him.

He was fucking me at a good tempo and was rubbing me exactly in the right spot. He built up the speed and illegal bahis ploughed into me. I felt his thick cock stretching me as he made me his.

Rolf was, by then, balls-deep in me and I could feel him tense up for several seconds before his legs started to tremor and he began firing a load into me.

Not surprisingly, his load was a lot less than he gave Ricky but I was in heaven.

Rolf then started to kiss the back of my neck and took his hand from my mouth and placed it on my throbbing cock.

Rolf then wanked me hard and it was not long before i came, a full load. Rolf’s hand was covered and I lifted it up so I could lick it. He surprised me even more by having a taste himself.

“Rolf, tell me this isn’t the last time.” I knew I was pleading.

“Don’t worry Ryan. I definitely want to do this again…..but only with you.”

My heart was doing somersaults.

“Now Ryan, you must go to Ricky’s bed, after you clean your arse, that is”

“I know you’re right but I want to stay with you.” I felt so close to him.

“I promise we will have plenty of chances when you come back from up north but to keep the peace, go to Ricky’s bed tonight.”

He drew me close and gave me a long lingering kiss. It blew me away that Rolf had wanted to kiss me and also that he had future plans.

I gave myself a reality check. Guys often say things they don’t mean, after they cum and I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

I gave myself a quick wash and slipped into the bedroom. Ricky was at the far side facing the wall, snoring lightly. I climbed in, staying as close to my side as i could comfortably get and faced away from Ricky.

There was a lot to think about. In some ways I was as much of a prisoner to Ricky, as my mum was to my dad.

I had mixed feelings about my study trip. I was glad to get away from Ricky for a while but I was going to miss Rolf.

I eventually fell asleep, my last thoughts being of Rolf fucking me.

I awoke to the sound and smell of frying bacon and eggs. Ricky had got up without even touching me, a rarity.

I checked my phone and Rolf had left a message:

“Hi Ryan, I thought it best to leave early. You and Ricky need privacy to talk. I loved last night and have no regrets and I want to do it again. With love, Rolf xx “

Wow! He really did enjoy it and he used the word ‘love’ and signed off with two kisses. I felt warm inside, I was in love.

I dressed and found that Ricky had only made breakfast for himself.

“Oh, sorry Ryan, I didn’t know when you would be up.” He spoke in a flat tone.

“Don’t worry about it I’m not hungry anyway.” I answered in the same tone.

“When did Rolf leave?” Ricky asked.

I knew from his text that it had been around 7am but wasn’t telling Ricky anything.

“Not got a clue. Probably wanted to escape the toxic atmosphere in here.”

“About last night. I’m sorry I acted the way I did, I didn’t show you any care.” Ricky said, head bowed.

“Bit late now. Showed me a lot of other things though.” My comment was deliberately barbed.

“Don’t be like that Ryan. It was a strange situation, feelings all mashed up.”

I couldn’t argue there. I was glad I was getting away for a while and Rolf’s words banged around my head.

Was this just the result of having a threesome, or was it deeper than that?

I knew the next couple of months would answer that question.

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