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I’d always wondered what went on behind the scenes of those carnivals and circus-like sideshows that seemed to spread across the local strip-mall parking lots here in Florida. Since it was Halloween weekend, the theme of the most recent cluster of rides, cotton candy and games of (no) chance was ghosts and goblins and demons Oh my! People were showing up dressed in their favorite costumes or at least in whatever was left at the store. My wife and child had hit the grounds running at noon when it opened; it was now an hour later and I was just showing up to check out the tight dresses, pretty mommies, and college student hotties that always filled these spectacles. I mean, I was there to join my wife and daughter at the fair.

The purple/green outfit of my wife was easy enough to find but my daughter was nowhere to be seen. “She found a friend and her mom and they took off 20 minutes ago.” I was informed. “I know you hate the rides but they’ve got a neat-looking House of Horrors at the other end that is really huge and scary looking. Want to check it out?” I kind of smiled and figured: What the hell?! Might be fun at that. What I saw surprised me some. Instead of a cheesy make- shift veneer with ghouls painted quickly all over it was a formidable looking house that had been assembled on the southeast corner of the parking lot up against the side of the mall itself.

Cathy was already sprinting towards the front door while I trailed behind. Handing the barker out front her ticket stub, she was quickly ushered inside while I started sprinting forward to catch up before she was lost in the dark interior of the dank smelling shell. They didn’t seem as anxious to take my ticket as they had appeared to be about taking my wife’s but I finally got in only to realize that my chances of finding anything were about zero. Webs and streamers and ropes and what appeared at first bump to be whips and cat-o-nine-tails izmir escort were hanging from the very dimly lit interior’s ceiling.

Then I could hear the first of what were to be several screams, moans and howls. A quick flash of light in the distance must have had a blinding rather than revealing effect on the person or persons who were up close to it. My eyes were seeing nothing but blue dots and I was at least 30 feet away from the quick light flash. Two steps farther and I bumped into someone soft, high-breasted and fragrant. “Sorry” I started to apologize when she suddenly pulled me close and proceeded to envelop me in a mixture of arms, hands, leg, and something that felt like, no, WAS nylon cord! “What the f..” was all I could get out before my hands were fixed behind my back in the cord.

Still, it was not an altogether uncomfortable feeling, what with those big boobs pressed into my back and my hands still free enough to grab a couple of fingers full of pussy. And, whoever it was, did not show any desire to back off or let go. The light flashed again and I thought I saw the outline of my wife’s body being pulled into a small booth about 15 feet up ahead, where I reasoned the side of the mall to be. Maybe the store at that end had an outside door that they were using for the spook house. The store (a drug store, I think) was opening later today. About this time, I bumped into a door myself. Had I actually been struggling with my captors? I didn’t remember even moving, but I was aware of moving forward in the direction I thought the door had been.

Now I was back in an air-conditioned room, thank you…whomever…and still a prisoner of Zenda or Zelda or….”Stand up tall!” she bellowed. Was she yelling at me, at my wife, at both of us, at someone else? Squinting around the room, I realized that it was still almost impossible to see alsancak escort anything. The breasts were now pushing me forward again onto what felt like a waveless waterbed. It was much larger than your basic waterbed though-maybe a tarp suspended over a small pool. And we were not alone on/in the pool. Moans, and groans and what sounded like an orgasmic scream that had been squelched a bit were arising from all parts of the room. I’d thought that $10 was an expensive ticket for this place , but now I was not so sure. The voice I heard groaning very nearby me seemed very familiar. A bit of light sneaking in from one of those flashes outside flashed in the briefly opened doorway revealed my wife of 20 years with her mouth around a huge black dick that was protruding up from our common floating surface. Someone else had a tongue buried in her own snatch thereby causing that familiar groan that I was hearing. The room went dark again and those big breasts at my back were lifting me up onto my knees while making sure the nylon cord around my wrists were still tight.

As I was pulled backwards onto her soft pillows I was now aware of a soft pair of hands pulling my dick out of my jeans and rubbing some massage oil onto my rapidly growing member. Hot breath made the oil warm significantly but soon a condom was being unrolled over the hot sticky fluid. And onto my grateful dick. Suddenly I could feel that those breasts poking me in the back were no longer confined in their pointy brassiere. They were catching me in the ear. Her warm and hairy pussy was pushing into my back while the masseuse at my front began giving my testicles an unparalleled oral massage. I had seen hundreds of people enter this carnival attraction but only a few seemed to be nearby. Had we been picked, set up, selected at random? I did remember my wife insisting that we go….If only I could get buca escort these hands loose….yes, there it was, I had untied the knot my breasty hunter had tied me with. Time to turn the tables, or at least time to turn my ass around and check Ms. Bodacious out. Surprisingly, I now met little resistance.

The little nymphette who had been massaging my balls turned her ministrations to my ass and back side. My hands were busy now too, massaging those D cups that had been pleasuring my back for the past few minutes. She was licking my ears biting my nipples and generally not fighting at all. Quickly she reached to my ass and pulled me, dick first, towards her. In one quick motion I was buried to the hilt in a warm, wet, tight, gooey, runny sort of a hole…okay, I was balls deep in her pussy, is where I was. And she was bucking like a bronco in heat. I felt as if Mr. Happy had grown an inch more than ever before. I was pounded hard and heavy, hither and yon and up and down on the huge waterbed. Just as I was about to cum, my “masseuse” stuck her tongue in my ass causing me to shudder forth and bury myself as deeply as I could into that tight love box that was now squeezing me gently to milk the last drop of loving out of me.I could swear I could almost remember the feeling. Surely this was an old lover, not some random stranger(s).

And not too far away, I could hear that familiar groan and a whispered: “Please, you too” from that voice I knew so well followed by: Deeper, harder, more, oh, oh, oh.” I crawled in the direction of the groans only to realize that I was in a sort of crawl-line of men also headed for the sound. The line got shorter and the voice got louder. When it was my turn I was surprised to see that my wife was taking on any and all comers. And very successfully from the river of cum that was flowing past her ass.

As I was about to jump on in and join the fun, the swelling on my noggin caused me to blink again in pain and my eyes came open. Looking down at me in a low cut blouse with her breasts heaving out was the most gorgeous paramedic I had ever seen, felt, touched, got next to or imagined in my long life.

“Are you Okay now?”

I could only smile.

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