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Helen’s Hygienist Service

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I started cleaning teeth straight out of college.

I just love oral.

Hygiene I mean. Yes, one look in someones mouth, and I start thinking about oral.

Would that tongue lick me the way I like it? Is his cock big? Are those tits real?

That’s the way my day went, day in, day out.

Boring, but hey, that’s why they call it work.

I was working at my own Dentist’s office. I had known Dr. Allen all of my life, and he was happy to have me start at minimum wage, working under his highly experienced staff, I became both skilled, and quick.

One day the good Doctor called me into his private office, to tell me some good news.

He was retiring at the end of the year, and the practice and building had been sold to three Dentists from Seattle. The new owners had indicated that they would have their hygiene work done by an outside firm, and I strongly recommended a new place called Helen’s Hygienist Service.

“If you’re thinking ‘me’ Doctor, I would not be able to afford the overhead for a venture on my own, I guess I’ll just have to find a new place,” I finished forlornly.

“Ah, but there you are wrong Miss Lovelace, you have a financial backer in me,” Dr. Allen confided, “I can set up the company, have my accountant get all of the licensing and put out feelers to every Dentist in the city. I will get you enough business that you will soon be considering hiring.”

I couldn’t have had a better sugar daddy!

Soon we had some clinical space near my old offices, and with Dr. Allen’s help I was set up with all of the best new equipment. We had the space to expand, but we frugally kept it small for now.

It was such a wonderful feeling, being my own boss, but the boom was soon to fall.

Dr Whit made an appointment with me, that he referred to as business. He was the Senior partner with the group that took over my old Dentist office, and since all of my work came from there, I had no choice but to take the meeting.

“Good afternoon Miss Lovelace, I hope all is going well,” he said with an offered hand and a big smile.

Dr. Whit was a small man, perhaps 5 ft. at the most, so next to my 5ft. 9, he was a midget. His hair was worse than gone, it was patchy, and the top view was the worst.

I shook his proffered hand, but noticed that he did not take his eyes off of my chest.

“I hope you don’t mind my being direct Miss Lovelace,” he began, “but it is not our practice to just give away our business.”

I was blinking back tears, as I realized that my latest venture might be shot down before I even got my feet wet!

Then I realized that Dr. Whit hadn’t taken his eyes off of my breasts even yet!

I was used to being ogled, but this was brazen!

“What is the usual fee for your business Dr.” I fearfully said.

“Well, for a practice this size we should get 10k up front, and then a thousand twice a year,” he proposed, as if he was asking for 10 dollars!

He saw my look of dejection, and hurried on with alternatives.

“I suppose we could work out an understanding,” he suggested, and licked his lips with a slow wide circle.

Dr. Allen had $200,000 invested in equipment and office improvements, and I would have to get an okay from him, but I was worried that this unexpected expense was going to hurt the new business too much, and at the worst time.

“Perhaps there is a ‘special’ service that you could give us that would work as well as the cash,” Dr. Whit pondered on, while still licking his lips and staring at my growing nibs.

As repulsive as Dr. Whit looked and sounded, his obvious interest in my tits was making me wet!

I heard that ‘little people’ have unusually long cocks, but I wasn’t sure that he was short enough to really fill that category.

It had been months since my last sexual encounter, so the naked truth is that I was ready to fuck my hairbrush, and the thought that this man might have a really big one, gave me a straw to grasp, and I prayed that it was much bigger than the proverbial straw!

“Would you consider compensation of a sexual nature?” I quietly proposed.

His eyebrows went up, and he gave me an admiring look up and down.

“Let’s see what I would have to work with,” he insisted.

I felt like I had to offer the first carrot, so I peeled my blouse Escort Bayan over my head, revealing a nice white lace bra, holding up some DD tits.

“Oh, can I touch them?” Dr. Whit asked and he pressed closer in anticipation.

“No, first I need to see your package,” I responded.

Dr. Whit stood and pulled down his zipper without looking up.

He reached in without pulling it out.

With the amount of wiggling he was doing, it was becoming obvious that he was indeed well endowed, and his jump to expose himself told me that we were going to shag!

I could hear my pussy singing. She knew she was going to get wet, and it was going to be a good one!

I stood and went to close the door and lock it, then I headed for the couch.

Dr. Whit turned, with his big boner in hand, just coming to life, and 8 inches long already.

I finished undressing myself, and Whit did the same, with his eyes glued to my tits.

When I peeled the bra off, I heard him thank God.

As I sat and wiggled out of my panties, the little man got to see my little landing strip first, and then my carefully shaved pussy. He didn’t have to wonder if I was a true Ginger.

Whit carried an extra 20 pounds, and being so short, it showed up in his belly and butt.

If not for the gorgeous prick, I would be seriously repulsed, but I was so horny, and when I thought about the circumstances I found it quite arousing,

I reached for Whit’s dick and pulled him towards me.

Wrapping my big cans around his big pole I was in heaven, and I guess he was too.

We worked well as a team.

His upward thrusts and my downward push covered the full 9 inches of his cock. I made as much saliva as I could and spit it on his monster and my own ladies.

I thought that he could add his spit, since it was a dry glide path, but he provided a better idea by touching the top of my head.

Not pushing, maybe just resting his arms, but it did look appealing, so I bent forward and turned my head.

Then I let his cock slide into my mouth and up into my cheek.

Only 3 or 4 inches, but the tits were doing the main job.

I started to drool down his pole right away and the movement became free and easy, just as it needed to be.

I was enjoying the moment.

My pussy was singing out again, but I had to ignore it, as I pressed my breasts against the doctor’s manhood.

Whit did little more than lift and moan.

He had good stamina though. I’m sure he could have blasted a load in 60 seconds, but he savored it, going at least 10 minutes before he started to increase his pace.

Now he brought his hands to mine, and took their place holding my tits against his cock.

I quickly brought my fingers into play on my clit and pussy lips.

I was flicking my clit frantically trying to catch up and have an orgasm, before the power jet came on!

Just as the first strings of cum started shooting, Whit pulled back and sent his jizz flying on my face and neck, he brought it down to my tits and drained it in my love canyon.

As he squeezed the last drop I skipped into a minor orgasm, that left me more disappointed and longing than satisfied.

The Doctor stepped back and went to get dressed.

“Hold on Doctor Whit, you do not get off that easy,” I choked out, lustfully.

“You are going to have to fuck me, if we are going to consummate this agreement,” I demanded.

He turned back and started to move his hand on his organ, while giving my exposed pussy a cursory look, his eyes went back to his obsession.

Again I reached out to draw him in by the cock, but this time it was headed for heaven!

He pushed right into me, and kept on pushing. I was plenty wet, and so was he.

He bottomed out on my cervix, with two inches left unloved, but he pushed half of that in somehow.

Now he pulled it back out until his circumcised head was just popping out, and plunged it back in, to the bottom.

He was maddeningly slow!

With me splayed out on the couch, like a slut, and Whit pushing into me, he had all the power.

His mouth went to my engorged nipples and ravished them. His strong hands held one breast at a time, while he pumped the nipple with his lips and twirled my sensitive nib with his Bayan Escort tongue.

I hovered close to an orgasm, but not there! Time passed, and my breath was coming in little puffs.

He started to increase the pace and I popped over the top with my built up passion. Convulsing and moaning in an unmistakable mega orgasm that stayed in command of my body for the entire minute that it took for the little man to get the big man to start pulsing in his own forceful orgasm.

He was machine gunning my puss and the orgasm just wouldn’t stop!

His thrusts were now pumping his cum past the grip of my pussy lips, and down my ass.

He went back and forth between my nipples, as if not to neglect one over the other.

This time he was not in as much of a hurry.

“We will require the same payment twice per year, and you do the personal cleaning for all three of the partners,” he informed me.before leaving.

Of course I could handle this twice a year! I probably would have said yes to twice a month!

The next day I had a contract from Dr. Whit’s group, and lots of work, but I also got an email informing me of an appointment with another partner!

It hadn’t occurred to me that the extension of the free dental hygiene for all partners, included sexual favors!

I am definitely no prude, so I just let it happen, with the conviction that I could say no to this sexual adventure at any time.

Dr. Chisholm was older and taller by far. He came striding into the office and indicated that we should get on with it.

As I rose, he was removing his jacket, followed by the rest of his suit.

He had a lean frame. Not muscled, not firm. His tiny nipples sagged just the slightest, but his cock looked just fine.

It was a standard 6 inches and fit in my mouth, with the tip only needing an inch of my throat when it was really pushing it’s hardest.

He kept pushing until he had that extra inch with every full stroke.

He didn’t need my hands or my tits, so I moved my own hands down to the home of pleasure, and tipped my head so that his thrusts would miss my nose.

“You can call me Ben, Helen,” said Dr. Chisholm, “Unless there are patients around, of course.”

I wondered if Ben wanted the same finale as Whit, and he saw my curiosity.

“I don’t favor the pussy dear, so I will have to move as much of that pussy juice to your butt hole as I can, or you will not be sitting for the rest of the day.”

I had not tried anal. It never really came up, but now that it stood in front of me, I was not afraid.

Ben had me kneel with one knee on the couch and the other on the floor.

He moved in and kissed my neck while one hand actually moved moisture from my sopping wet pussy to my anus.

His other hand played with a tit, pinching and strumming the engorged nipple.

After a few minutes of preparation Ben moved to press the issue.

He pushed steadily into my anus while I tried to relax.

Then the head was in, and a shock went through my groin as he pushed his rod all of the way in.

Dr. Chisholm only enjoyed himself for five minutes, then he accelerated his pace markedly, and held onto the couch to control his thrusting.

The tapping of his balls on my labia was nearly enough to get me off, but I vowed that I would start sooner with my own fingers next time.

Dr. Chisholm left as abruptly as he came, so I rubbed out a few orgasms while I relived the last half hour.

I forced myself not to look up the other Dentist on the internet. I would just take it one day at a time.

Two days later I had another email, introducing Dr. Sampson and suggesting a time tomorrow when he was free.

I fired off an affirmative, and I started to fantasize about the stranger fuck I was going to get tomorrow.

Dr. Sampson was unusual. It’s not that she wasn’t attractive, but I most definitely like the dong more than the cush.

I’ve been there,

I went to college you know, but I wasn’t sure that I could keep up my end of the contract.

She was just as confident as her two partners, and she was here for a service, so she immediately moved to have me eat her pussy.

Having no experience, I begged her to be gentle, as she stripped me, then lay me on the couch.

Instead Escort of pushing down on my mouth, she lay back and offered herself to me.

“I have no experience here Sonya, you will have to take the lead,” I confessed, as my heart raced.

Dr. Sonya directed me to the best areas for licking or rubbing, when of course I had experience with these areas! Soon I was enjoying a woman’s lips on my sex lips, and I was intently exploring her vagina for fun spots to lick and finger.

An hour later, I had to admit that a woman’s body had spots that I could enjoy just as much as a man’s body.

When she left me I was deeply satisfied, especially since I had overcome this financial hurdle without needing Dr. Allen’s help.

In addition I had three new sex partners, that were discreet and fun.

I felt that the future looked bright, and I looked forward to every new day!

Before Dr. Whit’s next payment, he came in for his cleaning.

I was torn between asking him for a repeat of his last visit, or keeping it professional, when he suggested that he would love it if I did the work in the nude, and he would pay an extra fifty for the change.

As I took off my clothes, I asked him if he had a first name, but he declined to tell me, just said yes, and we left it at that.

He had his hand on my ass during most of the process, and being a professional he knew exactly when he could push his fingers into my pussy and distract me.

By the time my dental work was done, he had me worked up, and we went to the couch for some fun.

All he wanted to do was suck and fondle my big mam’s while he pumped into my love nest.

Who was I to complain.

His rapid thrusts with his very impressive cock, again caught me in the kind of longing that just melts you into compliance.

He rapidly fired into me while being gentle on the nibs. His tongue darted though, and I started to feel the tingle.

He had good control, and he waited for me to have my orgasm. I started to cry out in moans of pleasure, so he gave himself permission to cum and he hosed me like a young man, pumping his cum deep into my palace.

Weeks went by, and I started to get patients that would ask for topless treatment, but I would give them the naked price, and they never quibbled.

None of them pushed for the bonus time on the couch, even though some of them would have found me very compliant, if I had the time.

The next time Dr Sampson dropped in for a cleaning, I left an hour empty on my schedule after her visit, in case she had thoughts of taking my initiation into pussy a step further.

I didn’t ask her to pay for the naked cleaning, instead I met her naked at the door, then suggested she would be more comfortable, in the same outfit, as I locked the door.

When she was seated, I started to play with her clit, and bent down to get it lubed up for a special toy I wanted to show her.

When I brought out the serpentine double dildo her eyes got big like saucers.

I lubed it up from a tube, and started feeding it into her moist vagina. I occasionally nibbled on her offered nipple as I positioned our double headed toy.

Then I applied more lube to the other end, and coming in close, I fed the protruding end into my dripping cunt.

The serpent was too long for us to bounce off of each others clits, but I was able to hold it with one hand, and move it 3 inches into me, then 6 inches into Sonya and slamming of my hand into her clit, back to smack my own magic button.

The lady at the sex shop told me how it works, and I had observed it on a free porn site, so even my beginners efforts were well received by this experienced Lesbian.

After we were spent, I put away the snake, and washed up in preparation to actually clean teeth.

As I did my work, I occasionally popped my pussy down on Sonya’s exposed mound, and tapped her labia with mine. Then I would go back to my work.

The power position was so sexy!

When I was finished, she gave me an extra tip, and hurried home to her present lover.

Sadly, Dr. Chisholm never wanted extras for his cleaning, but he had excellent hygiene, so his cleaning was always pleasant, but boring.

They were all aware of my extra services though, and they promised to promote my naked cleaning with any patient that they thought would be interested, including some women.

I dreamed about having three hygienists and 2 or 3 masseuse to make this venture a real success, but I was pleased with the direction so far. Every day is another opportunity.

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