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Heidi Beside The River

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Just where the long trailing branches of a graceful weeping willow tree overhung the path beside the water, I paused to enjoy the view and the cool of the willow shade. I sensed a movement beside me. It was a girl.

“Hi, Jack,” she said. “You all alone down here?”

“Yeah, I, ah…,”I stammered.

“I seen you at school.” I had seen her a few times on the college campus, and once or twice at church. She was about my age, maybe a year older. She was wearing a sling skirt and a peasant blouse with a frill around the low-cut top. It did nothing to hide her breasts. It made them more prominent. The way they swung under the light cloth, I didn’t think she was wearing a bra. Her light brown hair hung free down her back.

“I’m Heidi.”

“Hi, Heidi.” I didn’t know what to say to her.

“You’re staying with the Hochstetters. My daddy knows Mr. Hochstetter.”

I was living in a rooming house near the campus. Mrs. Hochstetter was my landlady. She had a daughter named Lena, a lovely blonde a bit younger than I, and still in high school.

“Yeah, I am.” I wanted to make some sort of casual conversation, but I didn’t have anything to talk about.

Heidi took up the slack. “You got eyes for Lena? She’s so cute.” That much was true. Lena was truly beautiful. Heidi went on, “I bet you’d want to fuck Lena.”

Her bluntness shocked me. “Maybe. I don’t know. She’s too young for me anyway. She’s still in high school.” I really hadn’t thought about Lena in that way. It was a bald-faced lie, and I wasn’t a very good liar.

“I guess you don’t know much about girls, Jack. High school girls are hot. They all fuck. All of ’em. So do the college girls.”

This was growing uncomfortable. This predatory hot-pants girl was talking about sex and about fucking, and I was struggling to keep up my innocent appearance. In my first college semester, like all boys, I naturally wanted to appear older than my years; to seem mature and knowledgeable. But I also wanted not to ruin the reputations of Lena and Karen, the only two girls I had had sex with.

“You never had a piece a pussy yet, have you, Jack?”

I mumbled, “Nmmmnnd.” I couldn’t admit I had been fucking Karen and Lena both, all in one afternoon.

“You’d like a piece of pussy.” She exuded confidence. And sexual heat. Even though she was barely older than I, Heidi was assuming the role of the older, experienced woman.

“You’d like a piece of my pussy. I reckon you’re ready to learn about fucking girls.” She cuddled against me. “I’ll show you how to fuck a girl. And a girl’s got to get fucked. It don’t matter, a girl’s got to have it. Some girls wait too long before they get their cherry popped. Karen’s older than me, and I don’t think she’s ever been fucked. I know she’s let a bunch of boys feel her up, but she don’t never let them fuck her. What’s she want to keep her cherry for, huh? What good’s a girl’s cherry except to get it popped?”

She didn’t know. I could hardly believe that Karen had kept her sex life a secret from all the other girls in the town. Or maybe just from Heidi? Karen didn’t go to college. Kütahya Escort She worked in her mother’s flower shop.

“I made Tommy use a rubber every time he fucked me. The other boys too. I ain’t ready to get knocked up,” she said. “Pregnant,” she added.

She lay down, spread her knees apart, and pulled her skirt up to her waist. “You ever seen a girl’s pussy before, Jack? You like that?”

I guess none of the country girls in this town ever wore underwear. I never knew Karen to wear any.

Her pussy was fatter than Karen’s, and fleshy. It bulged out between her thighs like a puff pastry with a streak of strawberry jam way down deep inside it. It curled down in the middle into a deep crack, almost a ravine. I was used to Karen’s thick mat of blond pubic curls, but Heidi’s pussy was bare naked. Not a hint of fuzz. I didn’t know that some girls shaved their pussies. Karen’s and Lena’s were the only pussies I had ever seen.

“Oh, Heidi,” I said, “you’ve got a really nice fat pussy.”

She giggled, “Fat’s good. That’s a German Taco.” I wouldn’t have said she was fat, exactly. She was heavy-set, chunky, with broad hips, a big round butt, and a truly impressive pair of breasts.

I looked at her cunt again. It did look like a taco, now that she had said that. Folded way up on the sides, with red meat showing in the center. If I had been doing this back home in San Antonio, I supposed it would be a Mexican Taco.

“It’s pretty spicy too. German spice.” She giggled again. “German spice in a Texas taco. Teeheehee. Wanta taste it?”

Oh, yes, I wanted to taste it.

She hunched her big round jiggling butt forward, lay back, and cocked her knees up high. She used her fingers to spread her fat, heavy pussy lips apart. The inside of her cunt was all red and juicy. “Go to it, Jack. Eat me. Eat me out good. Most of the boys don’t wanta taste a girl’s pussy. They don’t know what’s good. But a boy’s got to get a girl hot so she’s ready to get fucked. Eat my pussy, Jackie boy. Get me hot. Get me real hot!”

“Get her hot. Get a girl hot enough to fuck.” The word foreplay hadn’t yet been coined. I dipped my head down and took a tentative lick on the outside of her fat pussy lips. Her skin was super smooth and rubbery. I licked her again. That was nice. I lapped her cunt a few more times, then put one finger in her at the very bottom of her fat slit. I could feel her juice oozing. I dug my tongue into her and began a determined upward licking motion.

“Ooooooh, Jack,” she murmured.

At the top of her cunt I could feel when my tongue touched her clit. I pulled back a trifle and looked at it. Her clit was tiny, just a little button under its hood. I thrust my tongue hard up under the hood and managed to get the button of her clit between my lips. I sucked it like sucking on a soda straw. She quivered. And when she quivered, she jiggled all over.

“Oh, Jack! Do that! Do it again. Nobody’s never done that to my pussy before! O-O-Oooohhh, J-J-Jack! Wheeeeee!!!”

I found I could rest my chin on the crack of her nice big soft butt and burrow my face deep into Kütahya Escort Bayan her wet red cunt. The taste of her pussy juice was tangy, like pepper and vinegar. Her fat thighs were like big soft pillows on both sides of my head. I guzzled that fat pussy for all I was worth. I cupped my hands under the huge globes of her ass. I tongued her tiny clit. I flicked it in rapid fire tongue movements. Karen had shown me how important a girl’s clit was. I thrust my tongue up against the underside of her clit in a series of short stiff jabs. I scraped my teeth over her little button. Heidi screamed, “Yeeoowww! OH MY GOD, JACK! THAT’S IT! THAT’S IT!!!”

Heidi’s heels were tight against my back, right between my shoulder blades. She clamped her thighs tight around my ears and jammed her heels into me, driving my face deep into her hot fuck box.

“Mmmmmmmmpphgggh!” I said.

“Eat me, Jack,” she cooed. “Eat my wet pussy! Aahhhhhh!”

My mouth and nose were literally buried in her foaming, meaty pussy. I couldn’t breathe!

“You’re gonna fuck me real good after this, Jack. Get me hot. Get me hot enough to fuck!”

I was suffocating in her pussy, unable to move my head or take a breath. I let go of her big fleshy butt cheeks. I flailed my arms. I tried to pry her legs apart.

She was on a roll. “Ooooooooohhhh! Aaaaaahhhhhh!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

I grabbed her knees on both sides and put all my strength into pulling them apart. Finally she noticed and the muscles of her thighs relaxed. I came up for air, gasping for breath.

“Heidi,” I gasped, “I like eating pussy, and I really like your pussy, but….”

“Jack, Jack!” she cried, “Fuck me. Fuck me now!”

Even though my prick is seven and a half inches long, I wasn’t too sure I could get it in her crack, her thighs being so thick and all, but I crawled up on top of her and rested my tool on the outside of her fat mound, just touching those swollen lips. She reached down and grabbed my prick. She worked the head of it in between her wet lips and gave it an encouraging shove to get it farther inside her. I pushed it in her, but I could get it only about halfway in. I pulled back and shoved it in again. Her pussy was wet and hot. I could feel her moist heat enveloping the head of my struggling dong. She shifted her hips and pushed her cunt upward, and I slid all the way into her hot, meaty cunt. It made a slobbery wet sound going in. My balls slapped against her butt. It was an audible slap and a bit of a sting.

“Oooooooowwwwwwwwwww!” she said.

“Huunnhh!” I answered.

I pulled far back and punched it into her hard. “Huunnhh!” I said again. I pulled my dong out until only the head was still lodged between her meaty lips and gyrated my hips in circles, faster and faster. Then I slammed my dick into her to the full length.

“Eeeeeyyaaaheeeee,” she screeched.

I began to bang into her in a hard but slow and easy rhythm, driving my tool to its full length with every stroke and hitting bottom each time. Damn, but that felt good! In a detached part of my mind I was aware that her Escort Kütahya pussy was not as deep as Karen’s. Awareness increased the sensation, and I concentrated on hitting the bottom of her canal.

Her big plump ass was like a pillow. Every thrust into her banged my pubic bone against her, and her generous butt bounced and jiggled. I used the bounce to drive myself deep with each thrust. She spread her legs wide and turned her ass up to me. I grabbed her big luscious breasts through the cloth of her blouse. As I had guessed, she had no bra. I bounced on her for all I was worth. Her butt vibrated and jiggled with every bounce.

Suddenly my pecker missed its mark and slipped out of her wet cunt. As I came down it slid down the fat cheeks of her butt. It felt good, sliding down that crack, all covered with her pussy juices, but not half as good as buried deep in her hot wet cunt.

But Heidi wasn’t having that. Her pussy felt suddenly empty. “No!” she cried. She reached down between our two heaving bodies, grabbed my dick, and stuffed it back inside her pussy. I started my plunging motion again, driving it deep into her, bouncing on her with every plunge, my butt going high in the air above her. My prick slipped out of her pussy again, but this time I crammed it back in without any guidance at all. It found its way blindly into her flowing twat. I kept on fucking and bouncing.

Her body began to tense up and she made mewing noises. “Mmmmmm. Mmmwwwww. Oooooooooooooohhhhhhh! Aaaaaahhhhhh!” she cried, and a flood of juice poured out of her pussy. “I’m coming, Jack! I’m coming!”

I kept on plunging into her cunt, splashing like an otter in a river pool. Her juices kept on flowing. Then my hammering cock started to swell. I felt the fire building in me. “No! she yelled, “No no no! Don’t get it in me. Don’t let any come get in me!”

That got my attention. I had fucked Karen and Lena both, and they hadn’t worried about getting jizz in their pussies. But I also remembered hearing Tommy fuck Gretchen in the barn while I was fucking Karen in the loft just above their heads. I jerked my dong out of Heidi, and a jet of white come spurted out onto Heidi’s quivering stomach. Then another spurt hit the crack of her fat round ass cheeks and trickled slowly down to the ground. My throbbing tool pulsed and jerked and spurted time and time again.

Heidi was beaming. She rubbed her hand in the goo on her ass and smeared it up and down. She rubbed it into the skin of her belly. She caught hold of my prick and wiped away a drop of come that still dangled there. The she rubbed my prick head up and down her pussy slit. It was getting soft and flabby even as she handled it. She giggled.

“Little dead weenie,” she said, “but it’s a good one when it’s got a hard on. At least seven inches long. That’s a good size pecker. That was great, Jack,” she said. “Your first fuck. Your first piece of pussy. And I gave it to you.” She stood up and smoothed down her skirt. “I want you to fuck me again one of these days real soon. You’re a better fucker than a lot of guys that been fucking a long time. I know. I’m a pretty good fucker myself. But you can’t tell. Nobody has to know you’ve had your first piece of pussy.”

I sure wasn’t going to tell anyone. Nobody was going to know. I wasn’t about to let Karen find out that I had fucked Heidi, or I would never get any more pussy from Karen.

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