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Head Over Wheels

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Snow was falling in big clumps onto the ground. But the sales office was hopping that late morning. And it had been a good morning. The sales figures for last month were almost all in, and Ella knew her branch was going to come out on top this time.

“What? You think you can beat me?” Bill had said to her at their last managerial Zoom meeting. “Well, bring it on, baby. We’ll just see who comes out on top!”

Ella snorted and stacked the papers on her desk that she’d just pulled off of the printer down the hall. We would see, she thought with a wry smile. We would see indeed!

Bill the Baller Balderson made it his life’s work to make Ella and all the other managers look like chumps at every managerial Zoom meeting. Not only was his always the branch that had the most sales, he also loved to rub everybody’s noses in it.

Frequently coming out of his mouth was: “First again, Eric! Snooze you loose!” Or: “Linc, just try to beat me this September! I dare you!”

Ella’s branch was always one of the ones down towards the bottom, and for this reason, Bill usually left her alone. But today she was rehearsing what she was going to say in her mind when the Zoom call came later that afternoon. Bill was going down.

But when she glanced at the first page of the monthly sales report, she paused. She put her glasses on her face and took a closer look. She felt the heat rise up her neck and blossom out into her cheeks.

“This can’t be right,” she murmured, pausing. “Right before Christmas alone I know Randy sold two Cadillac Escalades. And she’s got him down as selling three cars for the whole fucking month?”

Ella picked up her desk phone and hit zero. When it finally got answered, a timid little voice said: “Thank you for calling Wainwright Cadillac. This is Marissa speaking. How may I help you?”

Ella sighed and closed her eyes. “Marissa, this is an inside line.”

There was a pause. “Oh! Ms. Oxford! Ma’am! I’m so sorry. I made a mistake.”

“Well,” Ella said, the heat now rising to her hairline. “That seems to be a trend of yours this morning. Can you come into my office, please?”

She hung up the phone and looked out the window. The lot was busy with car shoppers despite the snowy weather, and that was a good thing. Ella tapped her foot impatiently as she waited for Marissa. “Where is that receptionist?” She grumbled as the minutes ticked by.

Finally, there was a little knock on the door, and Ella huffed her displeasure. She was tempted to yell, “Get in here, you twit!” But instead she said, “Come on in, Marissa.”

The door opened slowly and Marissa stood there in the doorway looking nervous. “You wanted to see me, Ma’am?” She asked.

“Have a seat,” Ella said. While Marissa was closing the door, she took in the younger girl’s appearance. She was wearing a plain red sweater and a thick black wool skirt with white knee socks and black Mary Jane shoes. She looked like a choir girl with her fine, baby-blonde hair that almost reached her waist, and her delicate features. She sat down in the closest chair across from Ella’s desk and started twisting her hands in her lap.

Ella took her glasses off and pinched her nose. Marissa had to be at least fifteen years younger than her, if not a bit more. Ella ran her hand through her shiny brown hair – hair that Luis at the salon kept shiny and brown brown for her, anyway – and glanced across her desk at the elfin creature. Ella couldn’t see the tips of her ears but wondered if they weren’t a little bit pointy.

“Marissa,” Ella began,” her anger just barely under the surface, “where did you get these sales numbers?”

Marissa blinked. “From the box on my desk. Where they put the sales reports, Ma’am.”

Ella narrowed her eyes. She hated being called ma’am. She was thirty-nine, not sixty-nine. “Just from the box on your desk?” She echoed.

Marissa nodded.

Ella sat back in her chair and folded her arms across her chest. Her suit jacket pulled tight across her breasts. “Do you remember what I told you last month, Marissa?” Ella said.

Marissa looked like she was about to cry. She shook her head no. “No, ma’am,” she whispered.

Ella’s anger raged unchecked. She slammed her hand down on her desk, sending her glasses accidentally flying. Marissa flinched.

“Not every salesperson gives their sales reports to you, do they?” Ella said.

“Ma’am?” Marissa said again.

Ella stood up, her heels clicking on the tiled floor as she paced. “Not every salesperson gives you their sales reports! John doesn’t! Sierra doesn’t! And Randy is spotty at best!” She said.

“Oh. Ma’am,” Marissa said again.

Ella sat back down. She glanced over at Marissa and the girl was actually wiping tears off of her face.

Ella frowned. “Don’t. Don’t you dare cry in here,” she said.

But that just caused Marissa to cry a little bit harder.

Ella sighed and took a box of tissues from her big bottom desk drawer and pushed it over to Marissa. “Ma’am,” Marissa said, as she dabbed at her eyes.

“Do you bahis siteleri remember me telling you last month that you have to go collect sales reports off of the salespersons’ desks?”

Marissa shook her head.

Ella’s eyes widened. “You don’t remember me telling you that?”

“I’d forgotten,” she said.

“Marissa,” Ella said exasperatedly, “go get the other sales reports for me. Now,” she added.

Marissa scurried out of the office and was gone. A minute later she was back. “Ma’am?” She said.

Ella just glanced up at her, then went back to her computer. “Upstairs, Marissa. Did you get the ones from upstairs?”

Now it was Marissa’s turn to flush. She immediately turned and breezed out the door again. Several minutes later, she was back with a bigger stack of papers.

“Close the door behind you,” Ella said sourly. “Let me see those,” she said. “You’re sure you got them all this time? You didn’t leave any in the boxes on their desks?”

Marissa firmly shook her head. “No, Ma’am.”

Ella was quiet for a few seconds as she looked through the paperwork. It seemed like Marissa actually had gotten them all. “Okay. Now-” she said, but her cell phone on her desk beeped.

“Shit,” Ella said, looking at her watch. It was the alarm she had set earlier that morning. She had a lunch date that she needed to go to. And it was a literal date. Her mother had set her up with a man from her church. Ella knew he was in for a surprise, but she was ready to go out and get it over with, anyway.

“Marissa,” I have a lunch date that I have to leave for now,” she said, standing up. “I want you to bring your file up on my computer from the shared drive and work on it in here. Close the door, do whatever you have to do to be alone so you can concentrate, but I need for you to add those sales reports to the grand December report that I’ll be emailing to my boss this afternoon.

“The VP of sales?” Marissa said.

Ella nodded once. “Yes.”

Marissa nodded. “Okay.”

Fifteen minutes and a slushy drive later, Ella was at the Applebee’s in the nearby mall. It wasn’t fancy but it was close, cheap, and she didn’t have much time for anything else. She brushed snowflakes off of the shoulders of her coat before she put it on the back of her chair and sat down.

“You know, I don’t usually do dates,” Trevor said.

Ella frowned at this man in front of her. He was a little bit chunky and it looked like he’d forgotten to shave that morning. He had nondescript brown hair and a nondescript face. He was somebody you’d pass on the street and would not look twice at. She saw what was either baby spit-up or bird poop on his shoulder. She wasn’t sure which one at that moment was worse.

“You have children?” She asked tentatively.

He nodded. “Five of them,” he answered. “From one to 10 years old.”

“Jesus,” she said. Ella took a big gulp of her water, her eyes wide. That was about five kids too many for her.

“Your mother, she doesn’t take no for an answer,” he said with a chuckle.

Ella pursed her lips together. “No, Trevor, she does not. Did she blackmail you to get you here too?” Ella asked.

The man smiled and then sighed. “Look, I think you’re pretty and all, but I just got divorced. I don’t think I can handle dating on top of everything else,” he said.

Ella silently agreed. “You’ve got a little…” Ella said, pointing to the shoulder of his suit jacket. The man looked over then back at her in horror.

“Nobody said a word to me about that in the office. Thank you,” he said, grabbing a napkin and wiping at it. “It’s probably baby cereal. I mean,” he said, dipping his napkin into his water and wiping at the stubborn stain again, “at any other time I’d be honored to go out with you and all, but – “

“I’m gay,” Ella suddenly blurted out.

The man stopped talking immediately and leaned forward in his chair. “Really?” He whispered.

Ella closed one eye. “Well…I’m technically bisexual, but my mom would understand that even less. I was hoping telling her the gay thing would stop her from setting me up on dates, but she keeps on keepin’ on,” Ella said. “I’m almost 40 and she firmly believes it’s a big phase I’m going through.”

The man snorted and looked around. “That’s hysterical,” he said.

Ella shrugged. “That’s my mother. So, since this isn’t going to blossom into a romance, let’s talk about things that are taboo on first dates. Tell me all about your divorce,” she said with a twinkle in her eye, as their food arrived. “Is it juicy?” She added.

“Somewhat,” Trevor said, grinning.

Ella walked to her car a half hour later. She did her best to dodge the snow and ice in the parking lot, but she still slipped twice.

She started her vehicle and put her hands up to the blowers seeking warmth. Trevor ended up being a nice guy. They’d ended up trading phone numbers. She doubted she’d ever go out with him again, but at least she’d made a new friend. She had told him she had a niece who babysits, and so he’d been very interested in keeping canlı bahis siteleri in touch.

Back in the dealership, Ella greeted Sierra and Randy who were escorting people around the showroom. Back in her office, Ella was surprised to find it empty. Marissa was back on the front phones again.

Ella sat down and looked at the file that Marissa had been working on. “I’ll spot check Randy’s sales…” she said, scanning the report…and there were still only three listed.

“Marissa!” Ella called out from the doorway to her office. “A word!”

Marissa scurried across the showroom floor and into her office, shutting the door behind her.

Ella sat back down and Marissa did too. “Marissa, did you add any sales to this report?” She asked.

Marissa nodded. “Yes, Ma’am,” she said.

“From the new sales sheets you got off the salespeople’s desks?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Marissa, you can’t be doing this right! I know for a fact Randy sold more than three cars in December!”

“Ma’am!” Marissa wailed, her face in her hands. “I couldn’t figure it out!”

Ella just stared at Marissa in wonder. She sat back in her chair. “What do you mean, you couldn’t figure it out? You can’t copy numbers?”

Marissa shrugged.

“Marissa, this is basic data entry!”

Marissa nodded, her face still hidden.

“Marissa, you can’t work here if you can’t do the job,” Ella said.

“Ma’am!” Marissa said, and she dropped to her knees. In shock, Ella watched the top of her very blonde head make its way around her desk to where Ella was sitting. Her arms went around Ella’s calves and she laid her head on Ella’s knees. “Please, Ma’am, you can’t fire me. I can’t lose this job. I’ll be kicked out of my house by my roommates if I can’t make my rent. Please.”

Ella looked down at the girl not knowing what to do. She’d never seen anything so ridiculous in her life. And yet…it was somehow strangely a turn on. Ella shook her head. Better stop thinking that way right now, she thought.

Meanwhile, Marissa hadn’t moved. “Marissa?” Ella said. Ella wasn’t sure where this was going. She watched the top of Marissa’s head as she started to talk.

“Teach me, Ma’am. Teach me how to do the report correctly.”

Ella frowned, shaking her head. She was starting to feel a little bit guilty, though she shouldn’t be. “Marissa, You have to stand up now,” she said. “Or else I…”

“Or else what,” Ma’am?” Marissa said with a sniffle.

Ella stiffened her resolve, and felt the anger rise within her. “Or else I will call security! This is ridiculous,” Ella said standing up. She went to take a step, but the girl didn’t let go of her legs – if anything, she just held on tighter. “Let go of me right now!” Ella said, hanging on to the side of her desk so that she didn’t fall over.

“No! Ma’am!”

Now Ella was really mad. Two months of training this girl, and for what? She couldn’t even transfer numbers from pieces of paper into a computer? And now she was literally begging down on her knees?

“Marissa, from what you’ve just told me, I don’t think that you’re suitable for this job!” Ella said.

“Ma’am!” Marissa said.

“It just doesn’t sound like you’re trainable!” Ella said.

“Ma’am! Please! What can I do?!” Marissa begged, hanging onto Ella’s legs even tighter.

Ella’s head nearly exploded. She felt like an idiot with Marissa hanging onto her legs like a toddler throwing a tantrum. It was all she could do to not smack the girl.

“You want to stay here? Work here?” Ella asked, leaning down, her face now inches away from the girl’s. “You want to know what you have to do?”

“Yes, Ma’am!”

Ella was so angry she was actually seeing spots.

“Panties on my desk!” Ella said loudly.

And then…there was absolute silence.

Ella’s hand immediately flew up to cover her mouth.

Had she actually said what she had just heard herself say?

Marissa blinked up at her. “Ma’am?”

“I…” Ella started, but Marissa untangled herself from Ella’s legs and stood up slowly.

“I can’t lose this job, Ma’am,” she said, wiping the remaining tears off of her face.

And Ella watched in what was a combination of fascination and horror as Marissa, very slowly, reached under her wool skirt. Seconds later a pair of plain white panties lay pooled at her Mary Janes.

She never took her eyes off of Ella as she stepped out of them, bent down, and picked them up. Ella watched her little hand drop them into her desk.

Ella fell back into her desk chair, her breath coming in great gusts. What was she feeling? Horror? Arousal? Both?

Surely, because of this, she would lose her own job now.

“I can’t lose it, Ma’am,” Marissa whispered.

A full minute passed where they just silently stared at each other.

“Come here,” Ella finally said, quietly.

Marissa did as she was told and stood next to Ella where she sat. Ella was two seconds away from an apology, a sort of, hey, why-don’t-we-forget-this-ever-happened-and-just-move-on moment, when canlı bahis Marissa reached down and started to raise the front of her skirt. “I just can’t lose it, Ma’am,” she whispered.

Ella was like a statue, unmoving, yet staring at Marissa’s thighs as she slowly exposed them. Then, once the skirt reached a point, she caught herself eyeing the most delicious-looking pussy she’d ever seen. It was mostly hairless, and that appeared natural. Fine, downy, white-blonde hair made the perfect see-through cover for just her vertical slit.

“I can’t, Ma’am,” Marissa said yet again.

Ella’s mouth was dry. She looked up at Marissa, ignoring the fact that Marissa was now half naked. “You have to do the monthly sales report,” Ella whispered. “That’s part of your job here. I don’t have time to do it,” Ella added.

Marissa nodded. “Tell me what to do again,” she said.

Ella licked her lips. “The sales reports are on the desks.”

“Yes?” Marissa said.

“You have to…”


Ella felt suddenly brave. Or incredibly stupid; she couldn’t tell which.

She slowly reached out a finger and ran it through the little see-through tuft of hair between Marissa’s legs.

Both women exhaled shakily.

“Ma’am,” Marissa said.

Ella slowly slid her finger just back and forth along Marissa’s slit.

“Ma’am? Please teach me how to do the sales report,” Marissa whispered. And she widened her stance a bit.

Ella cleared her throat. It was suddenly incredibly dry. “Well, you have to go all around,” she said, moving the pad of her finger in a circle around Marissa’s pussy slit, feeling it gently part for her. “All around the…the sales floor…getting all the sales reports,” Ella whispered.

Marissa nodded. “Ma’am?”

Ella opened her mouth and laid her finger on her tongue. She worked it around until her dry mouth produced enough saliva to coat it, and then she brought it from her mouth and she slid it back between Marissa’s legs.

“And you need to go…up…upstairs,” Ella said, feeling around Marissa’s opening. It wasn’t very wet, so Ella took her finger and licked it again. Ella could taste the girl’s delicious pussy already, and right then? She was addicted.

Marissa whimpered and Ella felt her own pussy seep with envy as she brought her finger back between the girl’s legs. This time her finger slid right inside of Marissa. “Upstairs,” Ella said again, pushing her finger up farther inside the younger girl. “Upstairs to the senior sales offices up there,” she whispered.

“Ma’am,” Marissa said.

“Then you come to the computer,” she said. They both looked at her bright laptop computer screen that was sitting on her desk.

“Ma’am? I don’t -“

“I’ll show you,” Ella said softly.

She maneuvered Marissa until she was standing between her own spread legs and they both looked at the screen. “Now sit. Sit on my lap,” Ella said.

Marissa did, and after her bare bottom sat down, she let her legs fall widely apart and over Ella’s own legs.

“Fuck,” Ella whispered.

Marissa had a death grip on her woolen skirt pooled at her waist as Ella let her hands travel slowly up Marissa’s inner thighs. Ella felt Marissa shudder and lean back into her. “That’s it. Lean your head back against my shoulder.”

When Marissa did, Ella took a sniff of the girl’s wonderfully-smelling hair. Lilacs, wasn’t it?

“Unhook my bra, ma’am,” Marissa said.

Ella couldn’t resist. Was she dreaming? She felt as if she were in a dream state. She reached up under Marissa’s sweater in the back and easily undid the two hooks.

Ella brought her hands around and under, slipping them inside the loose bra to cover both of Marissa’s breasts. Her breasts were tiny, but Ella gently played with her nipples until they were hard and pointy.

“See the computer? See the report?” Ella asked.

“Ma’am,” Marissa said.

Ella brought a hand up to her mouth and she sucked on her thumb. “All you have to do is just look at all of the sales reports,” she said. She let her hands drop down and she ran them up Marissa’s thighs again, her fingers inching closer and closer to Marissa’s core. “Don’t forget Randy’s, especially, because he usually is the top salesperson here,” Ella said as her wet thumb circled on Marissa’s little clit. Ella slid her middle and ring fingers inside the now wet girl and Marissa’s limp body suddenly went ridgid, but then went limp again as she softly sighed.

“Do you see what I’m talking about?”

“But I can’t do it, Ma’am,” Marissa said on a moan.

Elle chuckled darkly into Marissa’s ear. “You have to, Marissa. “The sales report is yours to put together from now on,” she said.

Ella’s thumb circled Marissa’s clit faster and faster, her two fingers still deep inside of the girl.

“Ma’am!” Marissa gasped again.

“That’s right, Marissa. Feel my fingers inside of you? Feel my thumb on your clit? Do you think you can come for me?”

“Ma’am!” Marissa called out one last time.

And Ella felt the blonde-haired little elfin girl come around her two fingers that were deep inside of her.

When Ella pulled her fingers free, the ones that had been inside of Marissa’s weeping pussy went straight into her mouth. “Delicious,” Ella whispered.

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