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He Meets A New Friend…Maybe More

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He logged on to the chat room, hoping that he could fulfill his wanton desires. He was looking for one thing that would fulfill his inner most needs, make him whole again, take him to a higher level of enjoyment. He was looking for a cock to suck.

As he looked around the chat room, he saw many folks that just didn’t seem to be what he was looking for. Some were too far away, some did not have a profile and that just isn’t his style. He found a couple of folks that seemed like they would be fun to chat with, so he contacted them in the chat room. One in particular seemed to be a very likeable fellow so they went into a private chat area and discussed what they each wanted.

He soon found out that his friend was a little older, but that’s ok, a cock is a cock. They chatted for about a half hour and they decided to hook up and see if they might be interested in each other. He drove to the designated parking lot with butterflies in his stomach. It had been years since he had done this. He had thoughts of just what his friend would look like, what would he smell like and most importantly how would his cock taste. He drove the couple of miles though city traffic with growing anticipation, and a growing bulge in his pants, as he thought about the event about to unfold.

He was to meet his friend in the paring lot next to the ATM. He started to get nervous as he turned his truck into the side street that led to the parking lot. As he entered the lot, he scanned for the friend’s car, a purple Neon. He was just about to park his truck when he saw the Neon and moved into the adjacent parking spot. He was the most nervous now, as he rolled down his window and looked across to meet his online friend. Şişli Escort He was not disappointed.

He looked into the face of an older gentleman, maybe in his late 50’s, with a day’s growth of beard, mostly gray hair and a great smile. His friend must have also liked what he saw as the friend asks, “Want to follow me over to the house?” Of course he did, he had been waiting for a long time for the opportunity to suck a cock, any cock, he just wanted to taste it, more than anything else in his life, he wanted to taste it.

They drove through a quiet section of town, around a couple of corners and into the parking lot where his friend lived. He parked, jumped out and went over to finally meet this new friend, shake his hand and follow him into the apartment. Once inside the nicely furnished apartment, they made a little small talk and then moved to the bedroom. They had decided that this was to be a quickie since both he and his friend had appointments later that afternoon. They kissed lightly and hugged each other, and then slowly they removed their clothing. He was impressed with his friend; He had a beautiful uncut cock, maybe 6“ long when erect and very wide at the base. He also had the smallest nipples, just ripe for licking and sucking. His friend moved closer and they kissed again, then he slowly moved down and took each nipple into his mouth, sucking, licking and nibbling on each one in turn. His friend obviously liked what was going on as he moaned and moved closer to him. He moved his hands down to his friends balls and cock and played with them for a few moments, then he did it, he moved down and took his friends cock into his mouth.

The feeling was wonderful, Şişli Escort Bayan the hardness of the cock and the softness of the skin, the bittersweet taste, it made him want to suck on this cock forever. He noticed that his friend seemed to be really enjoying this and he moved to his knees to make sure it was the best blowjob his friend had ever had. He slowly moved his mouth up and down the shaft, slowly moving his tongue around the side and over the tip, moving slowly at first, then faster, then slowing to savor the wonderful flavor of his friends cock. He started to notice the tart taste of precum from his friends cock, and he redoubled his efforts to please his new friend. His friend asks to move to the bed and he was happy to adjust from his knees to the soft bed, even if it meant taking this glorious cock out of his mouth.

Once up on the bed he dove onto his friends cock like it was the first drink of water he had after days in the desert. He sucked it and it grew in both length and width. He found that it was just the perfect size for his mouth. He was able to deep throat the cock all the way down to the base. He could feel his friends’ cock in the back of his throat and his pubic hairs tickled him on the nose. As he did that he noticed how his friend rose up his hips to meet his mouth. They got a good rhythm going but he wanted more, he let the cock slip from his lips and moved down and started to lick his friend’s balls. First he licked each ball, softly and gently. Making sure his friend liked it. His friend started to moan loudly and tell him what a great job he was doing. This only made him want to please his friend even more. He took each ball into his mouth and Escort Şişli sucked on them, licked them and made his friend want to cum in the worst way.

He moved back to his friends cock, playing with his nipples with both hands and sucking the cock like it was the only thing that mattered in this world. He could feel his friend was getting close. He redoubled his effort to make his friend cum. It was now the only thing in the world that mattered to him. He wanted his friends cock to explode into his mouth. His friend was moaning wildly and telling him he had the hottest mouth his friend had ever felt. His friends’ cock grew even a little bit bigger, harder, and fuller; then it happened. His friend, that he had just met online about an hour ago, spilled his hot creamy bittersweet cum into his mouth. Once, twice, three times his friends cum hit the back of his throat and was followed by more oozing out of the end. He sucked for all he was worth and held all the cum in his mouth. He sucked until his friends’ cock started to shrink. As his friends’ cock was starting to get limp, he let it slowly drop from his mouth so he could savor the mouthful of cum as if it were a 30-year-old Brandy. He then swallowed his prize and placed his friends softening dick back into his mouth to make sure it was as clean and cum free as it could be. His friend told him that was one of the best blowjobs that he had ever had and hoped that he could have more at another time.

They slowly moved off the bed and got dressed as both he and his new friend had appointments to get to. He kissed his new friend, hugged him close and moved back outside to his truck. He left the parking lot with a warm feeling in his stomach, a twinkle in his eye and the knowledge that he would be getting together with this new friend again.

I hope you like this story; it is the first time that I have tried to write anything erotic. It is based on a real life experience and I hope you all will enjoy it.

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