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He Drops By

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He came to my house one night. When I opened the door he was leaning against the frame. He reached out and pulled me to him, kissing me gently, prodding me with his lips to respond to him. I open my mouth slightly and he groans and wraps one hand around my back and the other hold my neck. He pulls me to him and I can feel his hardon, his heartbeat, his breath on my cheek.

His hand rubs down my back to my ass and he rubs it, pushing my pelvis to his. I know what he wants, and he can have it.

I wrap my arms around him and pull him inside, closing the door with my bare foot. I reach up and push his jacket off his shoulders. He releases me but still kisses me, ever so gently. Oh what this man can do with his lips. I swear the guy can just fuck with his only his mouth. It’s such a turn-on. Soft, gentle, tongue always dancing around, and no wetness, just a soft kiss.

He lets his jacket fall to the floor and I unbutton his shirt and pull it out. I slide my hands over his shoulders and down his back. My breath quickens as I touch his skin- soft, with wiry muscles underneath. He just come from work, he smells like an office. I wonder what I smell like to him when he breaks the kiss, licks his lips to taste me and takes my hand and we walk to the couch.

My body is already screaming for release. I’m panting. I want him.

He sits on my couch and spreads his arms out. This is new I think to myself. Hmmmm. I walk to him and stand between his legs and slowly pull my tshirt off. I’m wearing my lacy black bra. He’s Sakarya Escort inspired me to start wearing this stuff again.

I unbutton my jeans and push them to the floor, tossing them aside with my foot. My panties aren’t as exciting I think, little shiny white ones. His eyes glaze over. I can tell he likes them.

I step back and take his shoes off. I know he likes them off when we… well, fuck. I set them aside. He’s such a neat person, amazing me that his jacket is in heap. His breath is rougher. He wants me. He always does. Since that first kiss in the bookstore, he’s wanted me. He said he was drawn to my energy. Two weeks of sex, exploring, touching and fucking makes you only want it more, I think.

I push his legs closed and lean over and kiss him. Oh, those lips will be the end of me. I straddle his hips and settle mine on his thighs. My hands caress his bare chest and I pull back to ask him silently, “Why the change?” His only response was to lay his head back and bare his throat to me. He wants me to explore. Oh yessss.

I lean down and caress his collarbone with my tongue. My sex throbs between my legs. I can feel his cock poking at my sex through his pants. My lust boils and my breath is ragged. I use my lips and tongue to travel up his neck to his jaw, crossing over to the other side of his neck, and back to his collarbone. My nipples are so hard in my bra, they ache with need. The need for him to suck on them. He pulls his head up and nuzzles my ear and whispers, “Deeper, Sakarya Escort Bayan let it go.” I groan and I realize what he means. He wants me to let my fears and inhibitions go and sink into the most primal of myself.

I whimper and sink my teeth into his shoulder- not hard but enough to taste flesh. My hands roam his chest, his nipples little hard bumps.

I feel him shiver under me and I whimper in response. I’m filled with lust for this man. I pull back and gently wipe the bruise I’ve left. He looks at it and smiles, and I kiss him hard. I can’t help it. I need him to respond.

His hands slide over my thighs and he pulls me to him, rubbing his cock on my sex. He needs it. I need him. His hands slide up my back and he unclasps my bra and I toss it away. He lets go of my mouth and buries his face in my breasts, tonguing them, and sucks my left nipple into his mouth, flicking the tip with his tongue. I cry out and grind my hips against his cock.

I hear his breathing change again. I reach down and unbutton his pants, pulling them down enough to pull his cock free. He shivers as my hand wraps around it. I pull it out and raise up on my knees and I groan in frustration as I realize my panties are still on. He let go of my breast and ripped them off. Oh, I gotta have him now! I push him in and I slide down his cock. I whimper and he whispers in my ear. “Yessssss.”

He grabs my hips and holds me there. My muscles grip him tight, he fills every part of my sex. I lean down Escort Sakarya to kiss him and he pulls back, and looks down at where we are joined. I grab his shoulders and look down. So fucking sexy! His hands knead the flesh over my hips and I move slowly, raising myself up and sliding back down. I’m so wet, so completely ready, he slides in so easy. I can feel his cock throbbing and I can’t take anymore. I grab his shoulders and start sliding up and down on him. He grabs my hips tighter and helps guide me.

I moan and whimper his name. My lips find his and it’s all I need. My arms circle his neck as my hips bounce hard on his and my sex grips his cock so damn tight. I’m so close. I can’t believe how undeniably sexual he is. He let me explore him all the while guiding the way.

“I… need…,” I pant through his kisses. Hard, commanding ones, full of lust, need, desire.

“I know,” he murmurs against my lips and slides his thumb over my clit and rubs it. His other hand moves to the back of my neck.

“Give it to me,” he commands and mashes my clit with his thumb.

“Yesssssss!” Is the only thing I can say as I grip his shoulders and shake as I climax so hard it steals my breath. I cum hard and deep, all over his cock, his body. My body explodes and I groan, giving him my lust.

He kisses me deeply and I feel him push into me, his cock exploding inside my sex. His breath turns ragged and his kiss violent as he empties his body into mine. He releases my clit and holds my hips down as he both ride the shared orgasm. His kiss softens and I whimper into his mouth. My body still shaking uncontrollably.

He kisses my lips gently and lays his head on my breasts. I can barely raise my arms to hold him to me. Which is what he wanted. My total satisfaction given to him. And I did, willingly.

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